Whole lot of Pizza fun!!!

Alreet stumpy here,
Had a good run in the gs friday night game this month played it 4 times so far and cashed in 3, 6th for £170 then did a 5 way chop for £560 then last friday won it for £790 we did a deal 5 left where we closed up the prize money. At the moment in sitting in 2nd for the player of the month and the prize is a £500 gukpt seat so im going to try and play as many times as i can this week to see if i can win the seat. samj is currently about £50 ahead of me so its all to play for.

online my volume and play has been pretty shit as i havent felt great. I think I had sinisitus and also my internet connection as been playing up but all excuses really just need to get my head down and grind tbh.

Played the apat game at aspers after bluffing half me stack off i went out with this hand. Villain raises im bb and call with as3s flop is 633 i ch raise his 500 cbet to 1100 he flats turn is ace i ch and he jams with 86 ob i call and the river is a 6 ffs.
Play a bit cash on same table as juniorbomba and it was so soft, ob we both lose a little when the donks keep getting there but we had a good laugh.Then i walk down to the g to meet mrs stumpy whos just finished work to play in the £10 rebuy chip up pretty easily until i lose kk v 77 aipf for 28k when av 11k then i lose jj v k10 rebuild back upto 11k until 2 limpers blinds 400-800 i ship with 99 and they both call with a3 and kj wtf ob never winning that ship my last 2k with a8 and lose to a 10.

Hit the cash table which is always fun at the g lost a couple of pots and was about £50 down when this happened ive been suprised by some of the replys at the NPF see what you think.
Pizza Hand

NPF team game next saturday and sunday so looking forward to that if i get my time off work fingers crossed.

keep on smiling stumpy

March review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played Aspers £50 f/o 120 runners 1k added and with 13 left I had a 136k and get kk utg and raise jgeek ships for 100k and i make the call and he has aces ffs down to 36k blinds 4k-8k i then ship with kq,87,jj twice aq,ak and im back upto 95k without a showdown then mrmagoogle raises utg and i ship with qq he has me covered and he tables aces omg he flops an ace but the turn is a q but no miracle river and i head home with £125 for 11th place such a cruel game at times.

live = 9mtts 5 cashes + £1,257

live cash = 3 sessions +£294

online mtts +$2000

online sngos - $335

horses + $600

A nice profit for the month and really happy im running ok again.

Samj has started to show some profit after a few sessions at my house, i watched him play 2 small losing sessions and tried to give him a few tips but he was a bit sceptical so i said step aside and i will play 12 and if i dont cash in 6 from 12 i will run round the garden stark naked about 2hrs later ive cashed in 8 from 12 and im running round the house shouting whos the daddy, with clothes still on tho lol.He took the tips onboard and i have watched his sessions since then and he has played so well with very few mistakes all he has to do now is put the volume in and he can make a nice little wage.

keep on smiling stumpy

In need of some motivation

Well after a nice end to last month it was enevatible that stars was gonna flick my doomswitch and they didnt dissapoint. Started the month with 7 losing days out of 8 played so when the UKIPT Manchester arrived it was a pleasant break from the virtual.

Was really looking forward to ths game and after 3 days hard slog i was rewarded with 26th place and a nice return of £1450 , which was cool as i sattelited in for £6.20 (happy days).
Obviously happy with my return but still dissapionted i didnt go further as i felt so comfortable and felt i was playing pretty good , with about 30 players left i had 275k in chips and the average was about 310K so was right in there with a chance but a run of really bad cards , then getting 3 bet twice after blind steal raises and having to fold meant i couldn,t really afford to waste many chips.
Unfortunately i then called a shorty,s all in and got rivered losing 100k pot and the rest was history when i exit with good old AJvKK in an unorthadox played hand by my opponents. Great experiance these events , unfortunately dont think i can play any more this year.

So i get back home and notice stars have a reload bonus, so decide to deposit $600 and grind the 25% bonus. I grind away and soon i have made back my losses and actually finish the month just over $600 in profit, but although im winning i just cant get into the games , in fact the only reason im playing is because i want to grind the bonus.
I didnt even play enough games to make goldstar which i have not done before other than when i have been away on holiday and havn,t played, and with only 1 live game played i really need some motivation to get me interested in playing .

Feels strange especially when im making money, but im in need of some sort of challenge, something to get my teeth into, get interested in, so anybody reading this can forward all ideas my way please as im a little lost at what to try.

Anyway overall another good month money wise , just hope April brings new motivation, may play a few more live games . good luck at the tables.