March review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played Aspers £50 f/o 120 runners 1k added and with 13 left I had a 136k and get kk utg and raise jgeek ships for 100k and i make the call and he has aces ffs down to 36k blinds 4k-8k i then ship with kq,87,jj twice aq,ak and im back upto 95k without a showdown then mrmagoogle raises utg and i ship with qq he has me covered and he tables aces omg he flops an ace but the turn is a q but no miracle river and i head home with £125 for 11th place such a cruel game at times.

live = 9mtts 5 cashes + £1,257

live cash = 3 sessions +£294

online mtts +$2000

online sngos - $335

horses + $600

A nice profit for the month and really happy im running ok again.

Samj has started to show some profit after a few sessions at my house, i watched him play 2 small losing sessions and tried to give him a few tips but he was a bit sceptical so i said step aside and i will play 12 and if i dont cash in 6 from 12 i will run round the garden stark naked about 2hrs later ive cashed in 8 from 12 and im running round the house shouting whos the daddy, with clothes still on tho lol.He took the tips onboard and i have watched his sessions since then and he has played so well with very few mistakes all he has to do now is put the volume in and he can make a nice little wage.

keep on smiling stumpy


Amatay said...

nice results mate. your link is bk in fave fishays btw :)

randall bly said...

This blog at blogspot is very good. Hope you are getting a lot of traffic.

stumpy said...