Nowt queerer than folk

OK just past 1/2 way in our staking deal with various people from the 9 players we took on in January and a mixed bunch its certainly turned out.

Reasons for applying to be staked and play for us were all very different and as such the way different players have handled and conducted themselves has also been very different. Its been a huge learning curve for us and to be honest nothing really surprises me with how other people are but they certainly dont handle themselves like myself and the other 2 stakers involved.

Weve had one player go on super tilt after holding a very decent roll which was very disappointing as the main reason he applied to play for us was to try and prevent this happening as hes done it regular with his own money and by playing with our money and for people that I know he fully respects he thought it would help him kerb this reaction to any bad downswing he experienced. Unfortunately that bad downswing occured and he was unable to handle his natural tilt off crazy session which involved playing crazy buy in games chasing to recover his bankroll losses. At least he partly recovered his senses and stopped before going busto and shipped us our monies back with a small profit for the time involved.

Most disappointing for us has been having to inform 3 players that we wanted to end their deals mainly because they seemed ignorant of the rules and terms of the deal and seemed to think they could play any games they wanted without getting the necessary permission. They also totally ignored several requests for reports as to their roll progress when requested and seemed to take the impression this wasnt an important part of the deal they were playing on. As such we ended their stakes and over 2 weeks after informing them we have still not received the roll balances which simply says alot about them and how they have treated the stake although we have received part payments from 2. One player involved was actually telling us lies as they continually messsed us about after the stake was ended. Disappointed to say but says alot about that person and the life they lead.

Quite ironic to the above paragragh but the players who are doing the best are the players who are sticking to the guidelines we set out, the game selections chosen and the bankroll guidance we gave them. They have also been the most informative with stats and progress and seems are getting the full value back in return. Not huge sums involved although one player in particular has vastly increased their starting roll but games he is playing do have tendancy for large swings but in general the remaining players are all showing profit and nice stats and shaped graphs to go with it which means good progress being made.

Will we take on new players? Well yes of course BUT we certainly have learnt some valuable lessons and will be much more stricter in player selection and in player account access required before parting with our money and backing others.

Played the Poker Player Magazine Tour game this weekend with another blank return for the efforts. Decent field of 120ish and very good starting table that included some very capable locals and doing OK until given table move. Get moved to table which had a constant flow of players that were getting busted and slowly dribbled away chips in an attempt to accumulate them. Any draw I had didnt come and I continued to leak chips especially in a hand I defended my BB with mediocre holding to only flop the flush draw and turn the straight draw as well only to blank the river sigh......
I eventually shipped over an early raiser with 99 only to find he had AA and goodnight from me.

I then entered the side event as was only a small field but the value was in a £330 added GUKPT seat. Chipped up nicely and made it past the end of the re buy period with well above average stack. My progress soon came to an abrubt end shortly after the break when after an utg limper I raise mid pos with 77 for the limper to be only player to come along. Lovely flop of Q27 rainbow and my bet is called to turn of 9s. He checks again and Im rather surprised when he ships all in over my turn bet which I call. Big sigh from me when he flips over 99 and Im drawing to only one out.
Never mind always next week and deffo due summit soon

Be lucky


£7 million for new gaff?

Anyone got nearly £7 million for a new house?

This place is up for sale in one of the North Easts most affluent ares of Darras Hall where alot of the footballers and wealthy people live.

Pretty awesome property and even more spectacular when you see it in real life. Take a butchers around the 360 degree interactive tour of room by room at this linkHouse for Sale. Amazing finish and design with one of the most spectacular staircases and hallways Ive ever seen.

Pokers & stuff

Nothing much to report tbh as hardly played. Went to Tenerife for week over Easter for a break and some sun with Mrs C and although its nice to get away for some rays and a nice hotel I was glad to get back tbh as Tenerife simply did nowt for me this time. Nice enough area where we were and hotel was fine but summit about place just didnt do it for me. Weather was ok ish but flights were bit cattle truck ish and nowt much happening around the bars and hotels. Had good day when the Mags thrashed Swansea away as pub I was in was full of Welsh guys who whinged their tits off at getting magged over by Cisse with 2 quality goals.
Havnt played anything local but made my mind up to play the GUKPT Main Event at Stockton so looked to get in on the cheap and was going to travel down for the live sat but then noticed they had an online sat on same night with 6 guaranteed seats. Decide to have pop at that as much easier than couple of hours round trip and a hopefully late night. £85 entry made 20 runners and with over £1k overlay 3 hours later I had cruised a main seat.

Travel down with Stumpy as he decides to buy in and forecast about 80 runner turn out wasnt far away. Very comfy 1st table before I get moved next to Stumpy despite losing with 2 of the 3 sets I make. Get ul not to get paid more with some nice flopped hands but made nice steady progress and very active and involved.
New table is totally diff dynamics and lucky to get couple of decent bluffs through for meaty pots which included getting guy to fold KK after he raised pre flop but found an AQQ board not to his liking. My 88 in pos just scared him away. After being in some interesting pots with same young Asian guy he calls my 10 10 raise oop. He check raises a 556 flop but flats my 4 bet. Another heart comes on turn and I lead less than 1/2 pot with no intention of folding if he shoves and sure enough he puts them all in. Convinced Im still ahead but if Im wrong my stack is totally fkd to less than 8k. I make the call and tells me hes got pair with flush draw. His pair is the 6 with the heart draw and the Q spades gives me meaty pot and nice stack.
Get moved tables late on to live stream table and take down some nice un contested pots to finish day 6th in chips on over 125k

Day 2 and re draw puts me on pretty tough table imo and not best of position table wise and 1st 2 levels and 2 hours were total agony. Dealt total gutter shit cards and any time I made a move light I walked into big hands. I was probably getting frustrated at not being involved enough and then get ul defending my blind with 45hh that makes bottom end straight but button guy had raised with 86ss and made top straight. I then made couple of bad mistakes that cost me badly. I call table short stack shove from my BB with Ace 10 and his 9s hold. Guy went on super run after that and was eventual winner. I then make bad mistake last hand before break by putting wrong chips in and overbet which Im priced in to call short stack shove and my A8cc is dominated and crushed by AJ which held.
Im table shorty now with 28k but get it back up to over 80k before dribbling chips away and some bad luck. Eventually go out when Alan Peers the guy that won raises early position and I ship over his raise with poket tens which he snaps off with AKhh. Off we go the races and its all low cards but turn brings another heart and river the 5 hts to give him flush which tbh I didnt see at 1st. 5th big pot he had rivered the win when behind and no surprise he went onto win although imo he did seem to be in total charge of the final table that I watched quite abit of on the live stream. Out in 17th and bit disappointed in how I played day 2.

Followed the progress of alot of lads that had made the trip down to DTD for the UKIPT leg guaranteed at a staggering £1 million and hats off to Jamie Dale, Neil " Buzz" Harvey and Keith " Ridla" Ridly who all went deep and some decentish cash especially Keith who finished in top 20 for over £6k going out AK over AQ with sick rvr Q. Wp to them but special mention to the nearly fairytale win from Ian " Macmonster" Senior who ended up 8th for well over £20k,
Met Ian and his lovely wife as members of the UK Sharks forum who attended every NPF Team Challenge game. Lovely guy and lovely genuine couple but was shocked to hear his wife has passed away with cancer during this year. Guy played totally fearless in probably the biggest tournie he had ever played in and became the peoples favourite in who they wanted to win before eventually exiting in a cooler hand of QQ v KK.

Playing the Poker Player Tour game this weekend at G Newcastle which has a capped field of 120 runners with pretty turbo ish structure and then wont be long before its Vegas time again.

Off over there 11th June till 21st June and got a possible maximum of 5 Seniors Events to play this visit which Im really looking forward to. Ill put more exact details about these closer to the time.

For those that dont know my business sells Ironwork parts to fabrication companies and most of our products we import from the Far East. Well we had a delivery of a container load this week but were pretty Shocked when we pulled the doors open to find a cat had been locked inside it and had starved to death during the 6 weeks it had been inside. Not a pretty sight tbh and we had to inform the enviromental health authority about it. The smell inside the container was pretty awful apparently. Well done Dreamdobb on sorting it all out and so glad it was on my day off.

Stay happy and watch out for stray pussies


At least Mrs Stumpy got her garden done

Alreet Stumpy here

March ended with me pretty tilted, it started with a couple of the stakees doing some crazy stuff, then I backed Brian Ridleys horse Union Island I had $20 on at 7-1 but I had another £20 to go on. Just before the off my lappy froze and I didnt get it on Sigh it romped in tho weee. then I play some hyper sngos. Halfway thro 1st sesh lappyfroze again and then stupidly decided to play another sesh and it froze again which proly cost me a few. $200 Im now steaming and decide to go and take it out of the garden cutting all the bushes down but after 30 mins Im nearly passing out and Mrs Stumpy wants to go to Genting to get her live fix. Its the tuesday £20 + £20 game and with 15 left I have 60k and playing really well until this happens.
All are aipf 22 v 107 ,ak v 44 and qq v kq and Im out in 12th shortly after ffs.

I wake up the next day and realise i have to finish the garden sigh. I hate gardening but I crack on until the phone ring and its work. Apparently I had agreed to work for a colleague and theyve had to cancel a Middlesboro train because I hadnt turned up, whoops.
So I go in to finish the rest of the job but the company gets fined about £1kish for the cancellation and I get the piss ripped out of me from everyone at work.I finish the garden in the next few days so at least Mrs Stumpy was happy tho she had been asking me to do it for the last 5 years.


I went into the last day about $200 down so I decided to watch it on channel 4 to change my luck and before racing t mcoy gave 3 tips for the day Syncronised,Cloudy Lane and Attaglance so I put a £10 trixie on willy hill and scooped £1891 for the double.


Hardley played online in March I had 1 ft 6th in 30r on willyhill and and a couple of other deep runs but no joy
Live only played 5 times and played well but ran shit near the fts.

Sng Hyper Turbos

My starting roll was $130 as I started at $5 level and was going quite well. I was upto $592 so I started playing $10s and $20s but had 2 seshes when lappy froze which cost me about $300. Ended up a small profit for the month. Im going to give it another month and hopefully start crushing

live mtts - £239
live cash +£54
online mtts -$270
online sngos + $222
horses +£1800
live staking - £160
weight -2lbs

keep smiling Stumpy


Hi all, Cowhead here.
Just a quick update for backers and readers.
Ive played a bit more this last couple of weeks trying to increase my volume as I was barely meeting the minimum for the Dobba Dolla stable. I would still like to get a few more sessions in where I can as its going alright and the av profit per game is decent.
Last update:
Sngs Played: 453
Profit/Loss: + $376
Sngs Played: 578
Profit/Loss + $608
Bumped the av profit per game over $1 which I think isnt too shabby considering I'm mainly playing 27 man $3.50 games.
Other than that I went to DTD at the weekend for the 150 deepstack and got cooler/crippled after only a few hours in with 65dd v 34xx board played out 6x 5x 2d Td 9s and finished off when I shoved my remaining 9bbs a few hands later with KK after 4 limps and my shove the first limper calls with AK and spikes an Ace on the turn.
Had a wander round, had a bite to eat and re-enter and exit hand not long after is AQcc all in on a flop of Qx 9c 2c against 98xx and the fucking mong spikes 9 on the turn and I brick clubs on river to bust out again.
Really dissapointed with the weekend as I only decided to go late on Friday and to bust out twice the way I did just made it all the worse especially as I didnt come across anyone who looked remotely decent.
Thats all for now, Im gonna forget live for now as it does my head in anyway. The travelling makes it even worse when youve played or ran bad.
So about halfway through the online stake and Im happy with progress/profit, just need to ramp up the volume for the next 3 months and see where we're at then.
Thanks for reading.