Hi all, Cowhead here.
Just a quick update for backers and readers.
Ive played a bit more this last couple of weeks trying to increase my volume as I was barely meeting the minimum for the Dobba Dolla stable. I would still like to get a few more sessions in where I can as its going alright and the av profit per game is decent.
Last update:
Sngs Played: 453
Profit/Loss: + $376
Sngs Played: 578
Profit/Loss + $608
Bumped the av profit per game over $1 which I think isnt too shabby considering I'm mainly playing 27 man $3.50 games.
Other than that I went to DTD at the weekend for the 150 deepstack and got cooler/crippled after only a few hours in with 65dd v 34xx board played out 6x 5x 2d Td 9s and finished off when I shoved my remaining 9bbs a few hands later with KK after 4 limps and my shove the first limper calls with AK and spikes an Ace on the turn.
Had a wander round, had a bite to eat and re-enter and exit hand not long after is AQcc all in on a flop of Qx 9c 2c against 98xx and the fucking mong spikes 9 on the turn and I brick clubs on river to bust out again.
Really dissapointed with the weekend as I only decided to go late on Friday and to bust out twice the way I did just made it all the worse especially as I didnt come across anyone who looked remotely decent.
Thats all for now, Im gonna forget live for now as it does my head in anyway. The travelling makes it even worse when youve played or ran bad.
So about halfway through the online stake and Im happy with progress/profit, just need to ramp up the volume for the next 3 months and see where we're at then.
Thanks for reading.