Quiet night in and played the 2 multis I previously mentioned. Busted out within 1st hour on Ladbrokes when my QQ to JJ was ruined at the river with Jacks making up a flush. Played the 3k euro Gtd on Virgin with 450 runners paying top 40 and full of mad skandis late on and push push push. 42 left and sitting with only 5BB on my BB with Ah5c and guy pushes all in on button and I call the thief. Yip he shows 9d4d and flop gives me 2 pair with A52 flop but 3 drops in for a lovely straight for Dicky Turpin and its one off bubble finish and a fk fk fk mutter we all love to do.

Not to worry a decent month which ends as follows;

Live = £1586.00 profit

Online = £508.00 profit

Also have £250 invested in tournament that came out of online winnings during this month which is played next week.


With me off for a chill out weekend and no poker, me and S2 decided to play the Wednesday night £10 £10 £10 at Aspers looking for 6th final table in a row. Bad start when on arriving at 7.40 for 8.00 start theres a big queue at both entrances caused by only 1 receptionist being on and new members joining so blag my way in to get registered before tournie starts or you loose 500 chips if ya not seated from a starting stack of only 2500. Good job I did this or we would of lost chips as S2C just makes his seat at my table with not needing to queue for registration. Over 90 runners and I dont know what it is because Aspers has probably the best Poker room in Newcastle,is well ran, has alot of dealer dealt tables and alot of the best players but I just dont take to the place. 2X45 min levels and break time sees me n S2C OK chip wise and we take our add on. Bump into Graham "Morlspin" at the break and have a good bit crack about his coming trip to Prague. (GL m8 )
Couple of big stacks on our table go head to head soon after break when a large raise is called by Hamed who could be playing anything and a 2h5h8d flop is met by all in by original raiser and instant call by Hamed who shows 3h4h. The AK push holds until heart on river gives Hamed his flush and a monster stack which he continued to use and bossed the table.

Table break up and eventually down to last 2 tables without really hitting any highs Im in OK position. Down to 19 but now have Hamed in button position to me which aint where u want him. Sure enough constant raises until I get 88 on my blind and decide to push to his 5k raise knowing Im racing which he calls for the extra 9k showing AJ. Low card flop and 8d on turn gives me trips but board now shows 3 diamonds and there she is on the river another diamond giving Hamed runner runner for flush to his Jack.

5 minutes later and S2C follows me when his push with JJ walks into QQ.
Good night though although it bugged me to have to pay 4 quid for parking.
Will play a couple of multis tonight before packing for early morning flight probably something on W Hill and the team event thing on Ladbrokes.
Cyas next week if not before.


Havnt played much online last few days with one thing and another although Ive been keeping an eye on young Mr James Lewis on Betfair to make sure he dont donk off all his hard earned roll. Im off for a long weekend in Mallorca on Friday to see my mates place hes had renovated and to chill abit, eat abit and drink alot. So last night Im busy sorting out my lap top and all the crap its got on it when good old Will Hill caught my eye. Used to play most of my poker on there at one time so decided to have alook and see if there was anyone on I recognised. Yip 5 mins to $20 Head Hunter Gtd thing and theres Oranges on there and a few others I recognise. Check my account and wow I got a few hundred player points and over £50 still in there. Top 30 cash in Head Hunter game but never get going and yo yo abit. Get same table as Oranges for a while so best thing about game was the good crack n chat we had. I eventually bust out around the 60 mark when in button position I push with A9 to take out low stacked BB for his head but earlier limper in mid calls over 3/4 his stack with A10 and it holds. So $8 summit return say nite nite to Pete and offskis into the shower. 20 minutes later and feeling fresh its back to Will Hill and sign up for the 12.00 £20 NTX £2k Gtd and 100 runners. Late night Poker on Channel 4 helped me through the early stages and didnt seem too long before its last 2 tables. Get seated on left of Mrs Dests who did so well in St Kitts and although she doesnt know me she does know some of the lads I do. Had checked how many runners were left not so long back and she was bottom of the pile on 400 chips so was amazed to see her sitting there with about 15k I think. I can easy remember vital hands when Im playing live but struggle with this online. Top 10 paid and I do remember passing 3 or 4 marginal hands that hit at this time and 2 of them Dests takes down with nice pots. Its final table and good hands had been limited so Im convinced my buses would be along very soon. Players begin falling (Dests goes in 6th) and I get a lucky break to river a decent pot when dominated and then when last 4 my push with 10 10 faces AK and an AK board flops down but the magic 10 pops out on the river.
Last 3 was abit of a slog but I was convinced this was mine. Eventually got heads up but go out with my chips in ahead and good read on him with this hand:
Game #5578507203: NTX £2000 Special (ID6576415) £20+£2 - Hold'em NL (1500/3000) - 2008/02/27 - 03:53:09 (UK) Table "6576415 - 1" Seat 1 is the button.
Seat 1: Birdie22 (117128 in chips) Seat 6: Deeirun (82872 in chips) Birdie22: posts the ante 400 Deeirun: posts the ante 400 Birdie22: posts small blind 1500 Deeirun: posts big blind 3000
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Deeirun [Ah 8h] Birdie22: raises to 9000 Deeirun: calls 6000
----- FLOP ----- [8s 5s 3h]
Deeirun: checks Birdie22: bets 15000 Deeirun: raises to 30000 Birdie22: raises to 107728 and is all-in Deeirun: is all-in 43472 Returned uncalled bets 34,256 to Birdie22
----- TURN ----- [8s 5s 3h][2d] ----- RIVER ----- [8s 5s 3h 2d][7s] ----- SHOW DOWN -----
Birdie22: shows [9s Js] (A Flush, Jack high) Deeirun: shows [Ah 8h] (A Pair of Eights, Ace high)
Birdie22 collected 165744 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot 165744 Main pot 165744 Rake 0 Board [8s 5s 3h 2d 7s] Seat 1: Birdie22 (small blind) showed [9s Js] and won (165744) with A Flush, Jack high Seat 6: Deeirun (big blind) showed [Ah 8h] and lost with A Pair of Eights, Ace high

A link with Lady Dests and a £400 2nd thatll do for me and will round my February off nicely thank you very much.
One more game live I think in town before I get it on with Easyjet and nice figures to post for this month.
P.S. Im sure its John Devlins wedding night time bash this Saturday and if ya read this John & Leanne have a good night and hopefully see ya both when we get back from Mallorca.

Bankroll Update

This is Karen33000 writing on daveys account. The last two days have been very bad days for me, basically slipping back into my old routines of playing too high stakes, good knows why, just getting too greedy really. Gambling...such a horrible thing, u always want more cash and no matter what you have its never enough. I am going to be really strict and give constant update on what my bankroll stands at which will bore alot of people but its a way of keeping my discipline.


It was a really good month for me. Playing mostly 1 / 2 dollar 10 seater tables and also some 2 / 5 $ ten seater tables.

Profit for the January = £3600


It has been a very mixed month for myself. This has been due to at times me playing above my limits. At present to now here are my profits for the month so far.....

Profit for February (25th Feb) = £1300

March is going to be a very big month for myself just basically to try to keep myself in check as I am someone who... if i lose a tenner i will risk a grand to get it back. Stupid I know!


Friday night and offskis me n S2C go and choice is Grosvenor this week for their £20 Double Chance Freezeout 5k starting stack.It seemed busy and a field of 60 shuffled up and dealt. Very happy with table and I know alot of cheap chips are available from certain players there.Self dealt and a young nervous new player gets seat 1 and with no one else offering he trys his best which in all honesty was really frustrating to some at the table. Early doors in position I re raise a weak raise with 88 and push on a low flop but the guy calls with AJ and hits his Ace on the turn. 2nd chance stack early is unusual for me but soon double that through milking full house and a guy pushes with AQ when ive got bullets on the BB, happy days. I chance 10 10 in button to mid raise and guy pushes with AK and my pair holds. Nice stack at break and table breaks soon after to which I get moved to table full of chips. OOOOO S2c sitting opposite and he doing well also. Go card dead but patience kicks in and I sit tight eventually picking up KK in 2nd position but guy UTG pushes all with 66 and a nice addition to my stack is made. Add again soon after with QQ then lose a very big pot ul when my 75off on BB flops to 7s5s2h board. Guy pushes all in for decent amount who I know plays a massive range of hands. I call he shows flush draw and inside straight draw. Turn is safe but he rivers the flush with 8s.
Soon after I pick up another good pot with big pair and sitting very nice piled high.
S2C getting his BB attacked and makes bad mistake when he re raises all in on his BB with Ac10c to big raise from early position player but not enough to be able to get her off it. She turns her predicatable AK and its bye bye S2. 16 left and continue picking up decent hands and getting paid off infact I wish it had been a head hunter competition they were falling like skittles.
Chip leader on final table and its a good mixture there with entertaining crack from Craig Foggo to my right, a very aggressive Chinese guy with chip on his shoulder to my left and the lady who mugged my KK 2 weeks ago at the bottom corner.
Aggresive Chinese guy all in blind 1st hand and loses 1/2 his stack then same again next hand but bad beats guy. He eventually goes out when his QQ is called by Foggos Js9s and its runner runner for spade flush to an angry man who storms off to the payout rostrum. I take out push by low stack with K crap to my AJ. My cheap flop with K10 brings a 10 2 3 rainbow board and with 2 checks I bet 16k but lady who took me out 2 weeks ago with crap call announces all in for anutha 48K. I dont have her A 10 cos she always raises with any Ace like that and im sure she has 22 or 33 with her limp in so I fold and she shows same hand K 10. Get down to last 6 or 5 and she pushes early doors when getting low and I call with AcJc in BB to see her A8 not improve and revenge is sweet.
Solid consistent player called Rob goes out 4th when my mid pair takes out his AK.
So last 3 and Craig Foggo continues his amazing comeback (4k) and is well placed but soon is seriously damaged when young student guy takes down big pot and then Craig pushes all in on my BB with 66 and I have AK to which Ace hits 1st card.
Blinds are big now and not the time to go card dead but serious bad card dead I go and I actually fold 8 hands in a row they were that bad to either raises or all in shouts yet I was very convinced I was taking this down.
At last its the break I need when he unusually limps into my BB of 8 10 off and its flop of A 8 10. I check and he bets 12k which I re raise to 24k and he says ALL IN showing AK spades and I take down nice pot to put me just in front. Next hand Im JdJc in sb and I decide lets gamble and limp to which we see flop of 8910 all hearts. He bets min and I re raise him all in to which he calls instantly and shows Ah 9s.No help on turn and river 7 gives me straight and nice win WITH NO DEAL for £385. Other bonus is Grosvenor are doing promotion whereby all winners of multi tournaments between Feruary and March are being entered into a freeroll tournament called champion of champions for a seat to the Newcastle leg of the GUKPT for the winner and side event entry for the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. I certainly look forward to that on Sunday 4th May.
Quick mention on here for a friend of mine from down south who plays alot on Betfair who has donated an amazing $23k WSOPE package he won earlier back to Betfair to enable them to offer a $500 no registration fee entry MTT where all fees taken up to the £23k are donated to 3 charities of his choice. Any excess fees will be added to the player prize fund and distributed.
An amazing genuine donation which I fully understand and hope is very successful in rewarding 3 very good causes with much needed funds by a well supported tournament. Well done mate.


Sad news yesterday of the detention of "Gazza" for his own good maybe. Alot of people think that the be all and end all is money in this world we live in. Once again it proves theres far more important things like HEALTH. Without going too deep into things I suffered from stress and partial depression a few years ago which ended up with me in hospital as well. Only with the inner strength I had but also the full support I got from my family, true friends and my staff at work did I pull through and become a stronger person and able to handle the problems some just dont want to face up to.
Ive met Paul lots of times and a good friend of mine lived in his familys street and is still close to them.I just hope Paul gets the support he needs and comes out of this in good shape although he faces a tough battle.
Amazing how quick the text brigade latch on to these stories though. Within minutes of the announcemnet I received this text;
"Gazza sectioned under the mental health act. Hes been sent to an institution for retards with no chance of recovery. " Were all glad to welcome him back at the club quoted Kevin Keegan"
Good luck m8 and get well soon to a true Geordie and Football genius.

Keep Rolling on Lovers!

February rolls on for me and another final table at my local pub league brings a 3rd place finish where points count most towards main event final in a few weeks time. Thats 4 from 4 and well placed now in top 3 with virtual top 10 finish guaranteed. Lead from the start and only blind levels do me in when organisor ( no complaints) brings in 5 min levels when last 5 due to late start and its a raffle at end with "pretty girl" in white taking it down for 50 quid and 15 points but Im happy with 10 points, 20 quid and a 3rd place finish. Good profit for Feb guaranteed and a long weekend in Mallorca from 28th will set me up for March assault in a few good live events around town. Ive even been told theres poker on tap in new pub in Magalluf. Ive even won the caption competiton on AWOP for a cap n polo top lolol.
Good luck to Morlspin in his competition in Prague- use my 5% stake investment well ya fkr!


Thats it Im there. Virginity is gone and Ive booked my place at the Virgin Festival with a win on Blonde Forum Qualifier at Virgin poker. Been a really cheap entry for me but mostly looking forward to meeting alot of people you talk to online and putting the faces to the names. Its also a great value tournament to play in and from what I heard of last years was really well organised and great fun.

Good hands at right time helped of course. JJ facing raise when last 3 and I push all to see 66 from other guy and Jacks hold. Final hand I raise with Ah5H when Im 4/1chips in front and guy pushes all in with A9 off. Flop comes JJ3 turn is 5 and river is J. WP GG Tx.


Well ive been a naughty boy today, ive gone against everything ive ever said about gambling with credit cards but since i have no job and time on my hands i may aswell roll the dice one last time, so i loaded up pokerstars with my visa card.
Entered the $33 10k gtd and coasted it till about 40 from the cash when i was raped with aj v j6 river 6 and im gone, needless to say that hurt like fuck and i was furious with it all.
Entered $10 multi tourney straight after 587 runners, first hand was dealt 55 hit set on turn for him to hit his gut draw on river, half me stack down and pissed off but its still early so knuckle down time. Grind it out for two hours and manage to claw back to average chips. Nearing the bubble and things really slow i start stealing and then cant stop just no resistance at all.
In the money and still well stacked then seen a guy totally lose his marbles and go from chip leader to gone in three hands, what a nutcase (WSOPCHAMPION08) got involved in abit of a grudge match with the table tosspot DiskoDon, was gutted to see this charlatan get all the chips but it wasnt long till he got sent home crying his eyes out in 4th and it was down to the last three. Got rid of one more and its heads up. Played heads up for about 45 mins and nearly had him a few times must say he was a good player and very disciplined TFFS i think his name is, keep your eye out for him. Finished in 2nd for $877 so not bad but feel gutted i didnt get the win.
So i was obviously wrong about not gambling with credit cards, just do it, its easy gl at the tables


Quick update and its no good on the 2 multis when I bust out 101/528 in PokerBlog tournie when I call big pot all in at turn holding nut flush draw with AK, hit King but guy has AA covered up well.
Still a Virgin as well going out early 96/114 when my BB top pair Q with flush draw to 10 doesnt improve to guy hitting 2 pair. S2C also bites the dust when guy calls his all in when holding top 2 pair and hits runner runner for straight.
Oh well always next week to lose it.


A few years ago when I started playing online poker a couple of players used to really annoy me and a very good mate of mine. As such we sometimes used to track them down and play at the same tables mainly to annoy them and give them stick over the chat box. Both were well known players on Crypto and one especially seemed like a proppa wanker at the things he used to say and do so we decided to really do his head in and myself and my mate signed up for accounts on crypto under his table name with a slight difference. Mine was a small p in front and my mates was registered slightly different as well. We then set about sitting down at tables where he was and you can imagine how funny it looked with 3 players sitting there with virtually the exact same table name.We totally beasted him for weeks until we got chat banned and were unable to make the most from the situation we had created although we had such a laugh from the time we were able to give him grief. Funny how it worked out though because we later became very friendly talking on MSN and have since had 2 WSOP meet ups together in Vegas having a great time from 2 real characters within online poker.
Anyway last night I get a message from this guy asking me if I still got my p account on a particular network which I do. He wanted me to sit at a 25c/50c heads up table with him. This player by the way plays alot of high value heads up games and also decent value sit n go tables and is very well known on this particular site winning many previous leaderboard competitions. The reason he wanted to do this is because a few other players follow his games and sit in to watch and to also play this guy so it would totally baffle and do their heads in him sitting at a 25c/50c table.
Within a few minutes of sitting there a player who plays this guy had joined waiting list and was obviously watching us probaly baffled as to why this player was sitting at a 25c/50c/heads up table. We were just chatting away giving total shite to each other when this guy on list starts totally beasting me and telling other guy to leave so he could whip my arse. Lolololol being connected up on MSN we decide he going to leave and that im gonna play this guy but go all in straight away with my £25 sitting in front of me for 3 times provided that I win the 1st all in. My pal leaves and in comes this guy who immediately starts beasting me about what hes gonna do with all the normal crap. Max £25 load up in front and 1st hand Ive got A4 to which his raise to my blind gets the all in and call by him with A9 and my 4 hits lol. Next hand Im KQ and all in to which he calls with 66 and my Q hits the turn. Next hand hes all in straight away and I call with 10J to his A8 and spike my 10. Im totally in hysterics as you can imagine and his chat is getting worse n worse with the abuse. Change of tactics now I decide so I remove auto post and slow it rite down. Each hand is taking ages and majority I fold. He going off it but eventually I decide lets play this 45 hts to which I flop the nut straight and milk him for another buy in. Enuff is enuff I think and type in bye bye thanks for the game m8y and leave £100 richer but more so greatly entertained and amused.
Tonight gonna play a few of my normal 20 seaters on 888 but also a couple of multis as well. One is a freeroll $250 organised by Pokerblogs which should be a good laugh and also the weekily festival qualifier on Virgin for the Newcastle Event previously mentioned in past posts. Hope the luck of the poker gods shines down on me.


Been trying in vain to qualify online for Virgin festival last couple of weeks which is held at Aspers in Newcastle. One thing about this is the table banter and attitude of the players is A1 and Ive seen no shit being dished out in comments and beasting of plays, bad beats etc that you normally get in most tournaments. Be nice to actually meet the REAL faces behind the names so need that seat Poker Gods if ya reading.
After last weeks high of the £200 Freeze out it was back to earth and the normal week end game choice to decide on. My fav place to play is the Grosvenor mainly for the crack from the guys who get in there but Nooooooooo the card room has been "booked for private function" by a forum named W.A.S.S. this Friday & Saturday so elsewhere I looked. Choice between hectic push push for chips at Aspers 100 plus runner £20 Freeze Out which I cant ever remember enjoying when I played it or down to Stanleys Circus for the £15 Re-buy ( 90mins )
Easy choice of Stanleys but night gets off to bad start when I get there at 7.59 for advertised 8.00 start to find its actually 8.30 start from new schedule. Main cardroom manager Gary not there so another booooo and guy in charge seems to be struggling with computer. Late start but eventually 3 tables kick off which soon goes up to 4 as late comers join in. Good mix on my table with 1/2 new faces and 1/2 regulars.
Not the normal rush rush rush to get chips of re buy at our table and its a steady game. Guy to my right is the man on fire with continuous raises and everytime hes looked up by someone hes got the business- just one of those nights for him. Best hand was when American guy from Arizona working in Toon! to his right single raises his BB and its a 3 way pot. Jc10cKs flop keeps the 3 way action and turn of 10s brings even more. American is all in, other 2 call. Rvr is 7 clubs and all the remaining chips go in. Showdown to JJ from American for full house, one guy has Ac6c for nut flush and Big Stack to my right turns the beauty of 8C9C for staright flush and a VERY NICE POT SIR!
Happy at break with what I got and my early re buy and top up for an investment of £45 for the tournament.
Bit of grind after break but steady build till table break up to last 20. New table brings me in 3 to left of anotha monsta stack in front of lady dealing but others are average with most of chips on the other table. Eventually with blinds kicking in and a weak BB I put 1/2 my stack in with AsJs to get a re raise all in by super tight player who only plays big cards and BB also pushes all the rest of his stack in so its no going back time but I know Im in trouble and need suck oot.
Yip its AhQh to Mr Tite, KsQs to BB and my AsJs for very meaty pot at vital stage. Flop brings Ace 1st card with rag rag. The luverly Jd appears on the turn and a 10 on the river gives the lot to me and totally cripples Mr Super Tite.
Bully bully although 50% I got hands till I raise Mr Super Tite on BB and after long think he calls to show A8 which doesnt improve and 2 hands later Berlin Bates gets the bubble prize and its final table time.
Really good mix there with 2 monsta stacks and 2 really low ones.Taxi for low stack Rob Taylor 3rd hand pushes on his blind and another faller soon after. Lose a couple win a couple and its down to 5. Blinds are really kicking in now as they do and with 9d10d I decide to push from button having enough to still get people off hands. Im instant called from big stacked lady on BB and she shows down Adkd booooooo.
Flop comes 10 3 3 wooooooo turn 9 wooooooooooo lady luck is with me but killer river Ace hits to give her higher 2 pair and Im gone in 5th but still happy all in all and a just under triple up on my spend. Feb still looking good I just hope I lose my Virginity tonight or tomorrow for Aspers Virgin Festival entry.


Always a song u just cant stop singing or humming especially more with the advent of the ipod. Decision early this month.




We all play poker for our own reasons and at levels and standards we are comfortable with. The game has moved on at such a fast pace over the last 2 years its incredible and also with the glam and hype of televised tournaments and millionaire lifestyles of the selected few players featured so much on TV now its easy for some to get carried away living in fantasy land.I often wonder for each succesfull profitable poker player how many losing players are out there?
Anyway as I think I have previously posted early days, it was my son who was only 14 at the time who got me playing poker. Walked in one day with him playing poker online and that was it, within an hour I was signed up on Will Hill on play money.Oh how thankfull I am that although he is now 19 and still playing he at least understands the dangers of the game and plays well within his pocket and fully appreciates the value of money. Some might say they would guess where that comes from me being a reet tite git.It wasnt that long ago that he had this crazy idea he could make a fortune with a particular betting system on the horses and as such to nip this in the bud I explained to him it was a load of b*****ks and I would prove it to him. I gave him £500 one Saturday morning and told him 50/50 prove to me this works. Well before the end of racing the cash was gone and a very valuable lesson learnt by him which I know has stood him in good stance since.
Years before this I also had a minor problem with my daughter who was 14 at the time showing a possible addiction to slot machines. My answer to this was to sit her down and explain the dangers but its in one ear and out the other cos most kids of that age obviously know better. So I bought her a slot machine and put it in her room. You can play on that to your hearts content now and within 2 weeks the slot machine was redundant and stood in the garage and the urge to play on slots was cured.
Lucky for me I have 2 sensible kids but alot of people out there are not as fortunate.
We now come to the whole point of this post. Linked to this blog is a blog named 88% Concentration i.e. Bluescouse which within a year has had over 300000 hits. Hes a young lad from Wales called Ed Hollis who it seems is a total gambling addict and it tells of his incredible roller coaster ride he has been on over the last few years. It seems he has totally no value for money now and is like a poker Heroin addict unable to stop playing and control his bankroll within a safe level with a serious danger now of causing so much harm not only to himself but I would guess to his close family as well.To maybe understand this situation in more detail read this item from a writer on Gutshot called LuckyJim who has followed the roller coaster ride. Some of the forum stuff on Gutshot and the Hendon Mob site give more in depth details as to daily activities of the guy and the following he has. Theres also alot of example hands and pots shown as well.

If this post gets through to only one potential addict and helps them then it will have done its job.

I remember seeing groups of young players in St Kitts and at Vegas who you could see were attempting to "live the dream" yet concerned me as to their attitudes and total disrespect for other values that successful players need to achieve their goals.



What a difference a day makes eh! Saturday night saw the best game in Newcastle at the moment at the Grosvenor with their £200 Double Chance Freeze Out over 2 days which they hold every 3 months. A final field of 46 ( their lowest ever for this event)finally settled down to do battle and I was well pleased with my table which was full of regular faces. Lots of early action all over and our table was no different. With blinds of still 25/50 in 1st level Steve Laker was playing some aggresive poker and took down this nice pot. I limp UTG with JJ, Laker calls, sb calls and BB pumps it up to 350. I call and so do the other 2. Flop comes 8d9d3c to which original raiser checks so I put out 600 into 1400 pot. Laker announces raise to which I comment "wot a surprise" and puts it up to 2400 to play for next player to announce all in 5k and original raiser also calls. I put down my Jacks and Laker makes up 3 way all in.
Showdown and 1st guy all in turns 33 for set, original raiser shows QQ (no diamond)and Laker shows 10d Jd. No change on turn but Ad hits river to give Laker his flush and the very nice pot.
1st casualty was very early, on the apparently mad raising table when a decent raise was re raised all in and called. Original raise shows KK to AJ by re raiser and the Kings hold up.
Nothing worse in these events if ya constantly getting crap cards and cant play but to be honest I cudnt complain at what I was getting and felt I was well involved and playing a wide range of cards.Next 2 levels soon changed that though and it seemed I hardly played a hand and going into the last level I set myself a target of making 2nd day with at least 20k so needed a double up somewhere here.Funny the way it came when Im sitting with 7d3d on my BB and getting low. Its 3 limpers and probably the 1st hand that hadnt been raised for ages lets me see a flop of Q73. Out came the PKR wrist band I had been given by Karen33000 for our own private joke (Karen3300 on same table by the way) up I stand and in that PKR deep sounding voice announce " ALL IN" to which I get one caller showing QJ. My lickle 2 pair turn into diamond flush and I finish the 1st day on just under 20k very much the same as Jamesy (Karen33000) who had played two great hands to keep himself in contention. Not so one guy who called an all in with KK to then get another call and both other players show down AA that share the pot.
3.30 start on Sunday and I pick up nice hands early doors to get to position where at least I can play abit more. I hit a run of cards where I get 10 10 3 times and get well paid on them all twice forcing original raisers to fold and another hand when I make a House on the river to cause big stack damage to Dave "Poisson" Stephenson. Dave eventualy becomes the 1st casualty when his all in push on the sb with I think A9 was called by me on the BB with 88 that held up.
Karen33000 eventually went out ul 12th when his very low stack all in was called by me on my BB with Ace that hit 1st card. Final table of 9 was soon reached after this and I was taking 58k with me.
Blinds were 2/4 1st level of final table and I make a few chips with uncontested raises before guy to my right pushes all in with approx 20k which I call with JJ that holds to his AQ.
Soon last 7 and Gerry "PokerMillions" McNally goes out so ul when after saying to sb "have u limped in there Joe? and pumps it up to 12k" to which the sb calls. A flop of 456 rainbow is checked by the sb to which Gerry pushes all in for the rest of his stack and an instant call by sb. Gerry shows KK but sb Joe turns over 78 for nut straight on board.7th & 6th fell within a few hands of each other.
Not long after this with not much action happening a deal was mentioned with chip leader Joe saying he was happy to do equal deal but this would be the only time he would offer this. With one guy there from Yorkshire who wanted to be away for 40K gtd online at Will Hill and rest of us very similar chipped we agreed to equal 5 way deal giving us each £1549.00
Thanks to Candice and her crew for a well run competition and the Free Sunday Lunch. Cya all at next one in May the week end before the GUKPT hits the Toon I think.


4 of Teamdobbs were playing the Grosvenor Friday night £20 Double Chance Freezeout so off I goes with s2c2 to take our seats. Decent turn out around 66 I think and low and behold I get seated with Karen3300 & Beastieback from Teamdobbs and also Russ "The Suit". Jamesy (Karen33000) was kitted out in his slinky Red Adidas jacket and matching Black hat and to compliment his attire I slipped him my PKR Black terry towelling wrist sweat band. Jamesy got loaded with the dealer seat and the table kicked off fast and loud with some great banter, hands and fun all round. We were deffo the noisiest table. Played some solid stuff and picked up some interesting hands early doors that hit like flopped straights paying me off nicely. 12k at the break was very nice and soon after the break picked up another couple of decent pots to put me in a very handy position. Jamesy fell when after pushing in button position with K10 was called by the low stacked BB lady with K4 spades and yes she hits her flush leaving Jamesy wrecked and 3 hands later out he went.
Its table break up and I find myself table4 and the dreaded dealer seat 1. Steady build and win a couple of decent pots so looking really strong with decent stack. Only 2 others at table with more chips I remember.
Big stack Tracey makes it 2400 utg on blinds of 800 and I look down at KcKs. MMMMM be nice to have alot of her stack so knowing what she normally plays its an instant big Ace I reckon and flat call her raise so I can get away from hand should an ace hit.. BB joins for extra 1600 to a flop of js 9s 3c to which its check check by them and I decide the pot will do me so push the rest of my stack of another 15k into the middle. BB folds and after a little think she announces call. Ah and Kd she turns over but announces "SHIT" when she sees my hand and worse again when guy to left announces he had folded a rag ace. WTF she thought I had left me bemused abit but anyway perfect situation in my opinion and Im very happy. 10 turn gives her inside draw and I cant even blame the dealer cos it was me but F****** the miracle Ace pops out to make her pair and take the very meaty pot, chip lead for her and bye bye to me. Dont normally show any anger but Im sure I swore a little bit too loud despite shaking her hand and saying nice hand tongue in cheek.
Play satellite for £200 2 day game thats starts tomorrow? Naaaaaa lets go home S2c I decide Im gonna just pay in.

Quick mention and best wishes to John and Leanne who we met in St Kitts as they fly off this weekend to get married in Mexico. Hope the sunshines as nice as it was in caribbean and that everything goes off as planned. See ya both at night time bash ya having back home.


Im sure theres a market place for the new fashion items for Poker Addicts.

A GAMBLING addict shows off his new shoes – 40-STONE metal boots designed to stop him going out to play poker.

Lai Yingying’s wife had them made so he could not walk to his poker buddy’s home.

Cards nut Lai, of Xiamen City, China, said: “The shoes take 30 minutes to put on using a special set of bolts and screws.

"I don’t bother going anywhere in the evenings now.”

So no more heavy losses for him...


Was reading the amazing stuff today on the blog of Bluescouse which to be honest scared the fkn shit out of me as to how some youngsters these days just get so deep and carried away with this crazy game of poker we play and the hyped up glamour life that is supposed to be lived by the oh so selected few.Someone left a phrase on there about "Playing within your limits" which to me is the basic law of gambling.
As such after work saw a couple of online tournies I was looking forward to playing and for the heady outlay of a total of 10 euro played in a freeroll on Bluesquare for seats to the Walsall leg of the GUKPT and entered the qualifier on Virgin for the festival coming up in Aspers in Newcastle in April organised by AWOP.

A full quota on Bluesq of 500 saw me through 1/2 the field till 10 10 failed to JJ but the total enjoyable part of the night was in the AWOP Virgin Festival qualifier where 33 players started. From the off the table banter was brilliant and throughout the whole tournament I never saw anyone badmouth anyone else no matter what the beat or call was. Down to last 12 with 3 seats up for grabs but getting low I push with 55to face KK and its bye bye but the excitement continued in that S2c2 made the final table facing a few other well known local faces from Newcastle there and other well known forum voices. Some excellent plays and moves saw young S2 get to an excellent position moving into the last 6 well stacked but his button raise with AK saw an all in move by the BB with QQ hold up and stack damage he never really recovered from.
Last 4 was obviously very cat n mouse stuff with 2 big stacks there and eventually the low stack of S2c had to push with A6 off but found the big stacked BB sitting with AK. As most times in this position it always holds up then and its bubble for the young muldoon although I must admit a very impressive performance and bigger rewards are just around that corner Im sure. WD sir and very well played.

Quick mention and well played also to Gordon "GIMAC" on his performance in Ireland over last few days and his final table finish in the Omaha Event.Again wp and wd sir!


Listen to people talk about poker and all the normal phrases, bad beat stories and words like " variances" will come into the tale. I love that word variance- is it a poker word for loosing? I have also found if you dont play a site for awhile then when you return to it you always seem to win straight away.
After recovering from this man flu thing and not really playing a game online for over a week I registered for a freebie on Blue square for the GUKPT at Walsall out of online poker mag and when I logged into the site noticed I had $179.00 in my account.OOOO lets play a stg I thought and entered a $10 followed by another and another and yip 5 games in a row brought a 1st or 2nd position finish. ITS AS IF THEY LOAD IT UP FOR YOU TO WIN.The 2nd game I played this thought came into my head and as such I proceeded to play a mixture of ridiculous cards to see what happened and yes whatever I played seemed to hit and take down the pot. Just wondered if many others out there have had same similar experiences?
The run soon came to a shuddering halt when limping UTG with AA player 3 raised BB X 4 to get 2 other callers and a push all in by me to which they ALL called. Showdown was 10 10 to original raiser and AK std and AQ off to other 2. OOOOOOO nice but yip the magic 10 appeared on the turn and my glory run on Blue Square came to a shuddering stop.
Think Il give VC a try today!

Role on the Month of LOVE!

Eventually January ended with me tucked up in bed feeling sorry for me self. This explains my lack of activity on here during the last couple of weeks. Like alot of others I was struck down by "the man flu"
As such not alot of activity has taken place but hopefully the break will have done me the world of good.I was a bit pissed off with online games and the sick sick beats it dishes out although it evens it self out I suppose or so Im told.
End of Month figures were crap although considering the amount of games I played at least a small profit was made. I mainly play sit n go tables of low value $10 & $20 combined with $8 20 seaters and the odd very low value multi tournie.End of month showed a profit of $149.00 wooooooooo.
Live play was obviously disrupted by being ill but still managed a few final tables and my arrangement with Gyposdog (10%)gave me a profit of £60 wooooooooooo again.
This weekend sees the best live game in Newcastle at the Grosvenor over 2 days costing £200. 10000 starting stack and 45 min levelsalways attracts a good field and quality game.Be nice to cash in that to set up the month and pay for all the flowers required during February!
Give flowers and spread love- if ya not good then be lucky. ( The thoughts and words of Kevin Keegan)


What a week its been, got my brother sacked (kneejerk reaction) from work through a total misunderstanding, then i wrapped in (shit no wages lol) because of the way they treated him, total fucking incompetent firm with a handful of good fitters that struggle to hold it all together. I mean ffs who has a storeman as a gaffer? its just fundamentally wrong, you've got someone telling you what to do, who only two years ago was putting brackets up for the lads loooool, to be honest he a nice bloke but thats not the point, the vibe it sets stinks. My first day there i had to tear out a full floors worth of pipe and fittings because the draftsman (a sparky loooool) didnt know his flows from his returns lol (incompetance) then the cheeky cunts get on the lads back about the programme phhh try getting the gear there first before you come that shite. The job is a total doddle yet they make it so hard, they have as many gaffers (deadwood) on the job as fitters actually its more lol for a job that needs two gaffers one electrical one mechanical. The money they waste on that site is a fucking joke, they have two blokes up from leeds all they are is site police, think they just there to set a bad vibe eg; hiding on job spying on what time the lads come out from there bait eg; standing talking to the lads sayin they doing a great job then heard calling them incompetant when you get back in the office you slippery little snake you know who you are and so does everyone else. Its no wonder you cant get any fitters to come onto your books because ya a shite firm and fitters dont need that kind of shite at work. Yes i am a bit bitter about the whole thing but only because without me and my brother that poxy job would of been right in the shit. Oh and must give a BIG shout out to that rat bastard lagger who has to work in the game for another 30years at least and i have NO doubt we will meet again and next time ill leave you bleeding in the street, hiding in the gaffers office you fucking fairy. Have new job to start on 18th feb so all is not bad, until then i suppose im a poker pro lol. gl at the tables.