Just thought I would post a quick 1 before I hit chengs with cardguard and the gazmiester to celebrate the newyear.
The picture above is a memory of 1 of the few happy times i had this year spending time with friends in vegas,
however theres a couple missing of this pic steve and dawn and rob and niel.
any way Happy NEW YEAR ALL

Balcony in Dominican to Aspers Final

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee give up the pool bar and Miss Bikini competition to take part on the balcony in the Sunday Virgin Final for seat to Aspers and totally card dead for level after level until AA appears and holds and away we go. Big bit of luck at bubble position and pretty low pushing my sb A5 into AK BB but river straight and there we go.

Look to do better than my 18th of last year and qualified at 2nd attempt which Im delighted with.


As 2008 drew to a close my poker for the year finished well before new year due to hols. What has 2008 brought me?

Another profitable year (4th in a row) and although the figures are small they are true to the penny and not like alot of others who like most gamblers do is tell you about their wins but then get a sense of memory loss when the losses mount up. I have no hang ups at all at the controlled level I play at and also am not effected at all by the so called "big boys" who claim crazy figure amounts being won. All I say to them is good luck and long may it continue but be careful cos this game has that awful habit of kicking you hard between the legs and that hurts!!! If you win big sums then use that money wisely and dot be a mug by giving it all back to the game.

2008 Live Play brought in a profit of £2369.50 and considering these figures take into account some several large buy in tournaments which included Vegas WSOP CPC GUKPT Gala & Stanley Genting then making a profit is satisfying enough for me. Most of the profit was made from the local games and with one decent cash in the major games then a totally different profit would be showing. Closest came with a 13th placed finish in the £100k gtd at Star City Birmingham

2008 Online showed a profit of £2161.50 which to be honest is totally acceptable to be with the micro stakes I play at and the low amount of games I actually play. Won my $5k CPC package online but this was not taken into account in the figures as accounted for Cruise n Flight Costs

What of 2009

Want to see the continued growth and expansion of the Newcastle Poker Forum but personally will probably try and play more good quality live tournaments. I want 2009 to see me make my 1st major tournament final table which I know is close but for this ya gotta be in them to achieve this.
Hope the UK Forum Team game is a success and look forward immensley to my 4th WSOP especially my 2nd Seniors Event which I should be much better prepared for.
September sees my sons 21st birthday for which another Vegas visit is his long awaited reward and something I know he is really looking forward to, wudnt be fair if I didnt accompany him on his 1st visit now would it!!! and show him around.

To all the rest of the team especially, all NPF members, readers of this blog and all the poker people that know me I hope that 2009 brings you everything you want but most of all - BE HEALTHY AND BE HAPPY as its two of the most important things in life.

Blogger Champs

Poker Stars Blogger Championship Final and despite going low early doors (2k) patience paid off with hands eventually coing when needed.
Got into decent position and steady build going into later stages and surprised how quick the field thinned out.
blinds 500 nd 1000, wake up with AA, utg min raises to 2k "he's strong, I hope" folded round to me, hmm 7k bet! BB gets out the way utg calls for 5k more. flop comes JQK very dangours i think, whats my options! after very carefull diliberations I decide to push my remaining 35+k and look to take it down there and then, he insta calls and slow motion kicks in,shit , Im excpecting QQQ or KKK at the very best I can hope for AK, but he shows K 10 giving him top pair with the up and down straight draw, dodge one bullet on the turn, hold my breath and dodge another on the river, weeeeeeeeeeeee, now got 100k+ and sitting comfortably in the top ten overall
Decent finish of 22nd for $215 stars ticket with big damage hand being KQ raise which I hate from early position called by BB. Flop of 9JQ and 2 spades became hes on a flush draw and eventually all chips went in with him holding the business with K 10.
Bust soon after that shoving with K6 when getting low but overall pleased with result. Special mention to AcesNext, Gimac & Steve Holden for rail support

Official write up read like this at Poker Stars reports:

7:14pm--teamdobb eliminated in 22nd place

teamdobb made his last stand with Kh-6c and moved all in for 25,662, earning a call from TarHeel1641 with Ks-9h in the big blind. The flop was a disaster for teamdobb and utterly perfect for TarHeel1641, coming down Qh-Jh-Tc. Yep, that's a king-high straight, boys and girls. teamdobb was left only with outs to a chop, missing them when the turn and river came the 7s and the Jc to eliminate him in 22nd place.

For the detailed reports on this event they are well described at


Merry Christmas ALL

Just a Quick merrychristmas to all our Team members been a funny old year in some instances fairly tough, but hey we are alive and upright so shuffle up and deal and lets hope next year is a little kinder to everyone, although Ive been away from the live seen since my return from vegas (yes I`ve been away ) I played the monday game at the grov on my return i took it down but only 27 runners, also played the Team event at circus and i think the less said about that night the better, those who misbehaved had better hope the made Santas nice list and not the naughty one, and thats been it for me on the live seen, online managed to get heads up with teamdobb in a limit game on stars after a cock up but have to say realy enjoyed the game.
And thats about it for online poker cant win an argument but i,l keep go
going until I cash in the big one .

Heres to the New Year

Not been playing hardly any poker over the last few months and havnt been to Grosvenor for ages. Trying to build up my account on-line is such a struggle at the moment, the odd sit'n'go here, the odd cash game there, then the grinding of multi's where it takes hours and some donk sucks out on you just before making the money lol, i'm such a twisty git. The snooker league is taking up a lot of of my time as well as work but hopefully things will quieten down after new year and i can get back to playing live again, hope so anyway cos i miss the crack with so many people who i have made friends with through this stupid game.

Here's wishing all Teamdobbers and NPF'ers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

BIG 40

19 - 12 - 1968

a momentus date above as it was the day i came into the world. however this date 19 -12-2008 is one i would like to forget as it means, as you all know by now, i am 40 years old. brief history of my life to follow, but , as i have told phil mac and dc before, i am 3/4 of way through writing a book about my life so as to ensure more sales i shall not reveal too much in here!!!. lived in london till i was 18, moved to wakefied and lived with my nan and grandad, who i loved dearly and sadly neither are alive, for 2 years until i met my first wife and moved in with her. married to her until 2002 when i met dawn and made my way up country to gods land and integrated with the most radgy set of people you will ever meet(geordies). hand on heart best thing i ever did as you lot are the most friendly bunch of people i have ever had the pleasure to meet or know. had my own business for 13 years and have a nice life. got into poker in 1988 when i was 20 and have been playing ever since, although the game has moved on and evolved unbelievably since i started. in those days it was taboo to mention you played as if ya did everyone thought you were a degenerate gambler and i remember telling my mum and 2 days later i got a gamblers anonymus leaflet in the post!!!!!!!!!!!, now its come full circle as my mother(61 years old) can now be found playing on various on line sites spending her pension!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me poker is , and always has been, more about the social aspect than the money and thanks to the friendly nature of you northernors and the npf i have made many many great friends through this great game and for that i am very grateful. as my 40th birthday draws to a close i have been pondering things and thinking about the very few things i have not done that i would like to have done before this day. a list of which follows:

1, shagged kylie minogue - always thought it would happen and was sure when she sang ' i should be so lucky' she was thinking she should be so lucky to let me in her pants.

2, climbed mount everest - would have done this 5 years ago but when we arrived at base camp i checked and found my sleeping bag had a hole in it and the glass in my scooby doo thermos flask had broke so had to abandon the effort.

3, bungee jump - got to the top but the guy said that ' due to me being a fat bastard he was not sure the elastic would A) hold my weight and not snap and B) whether it would retract in time to stop me smashing my skull on the floor - so i decided to abandon that effort as well

4,stop smoking - although i suppose this is a technicality as i have never tried but hey all you smokers know that cigarette after a meal is better than sex

5, stop and think before i act - just look at forum this week for this to be explained. however in my defence i have always been this way and thats me. what ya see is what ya get. one thing i dont do is bullshit i shoot straight from the hip and i always say things the way i see them.

ok couple of thank yous;

firstly the obvious me dad, god rest his soul, for getting me mum steaming some time in march 1968 and doing the deed.

to my wife dawn - a complete geordie radgie who twists on 21 and is completely mad i love ya babes

to dc and scott - thanks for the forum. a place where an idiot like me can post all his thoughts and show himself to be a twat sometimes cheers boys

to Mr and mrs e - 2 true friends who me and dawn love loads and who are great company and fun to be with.

to phil mac - the oldest 20 odd year old i know and my bestest poker mate

and to everybody else ive had the pleasure to meet through poker you are all top people who enrich my life with their company.

jesus cgk going soppy better stop now as im welling up. been a great birthday and to be honest ive not felt down or depressed once - maybe im growing up at last god my mum will be proud.

roll on 2009 when hopefully teamdobbs representing the npf takes down the forum challange and me and dc take the poker world by storm on our mini monthly tour of the bigger games.

happy christmas to you all hope yous all have a great time and catch up with yous all soon



Cant resist this and as you all may know by now its Card Guards 40th birthday today and heres the before and afters

20 year old young Card Guard

The modern day 40 year old old radgie Card Guard


Dont bother mate!!!!

Looks like my non interest to play out 2008 is bearing the rewards it deserves. After Tuesday nights crap run of cards played an online Bronze VIP Club 10 seater final for £300 in winner takes all and dont know why I bothered. Fell asleep and woke up to the sound of Corras starting on the TV and the noise of "its your turn ya useless old git" as I look at the flashing Q2 and 30 mins later when very very comfy on a very passive table and comfy in chips play Ks10s from cut off and call a 3XBB raise from decent player to a flop of 10 high board. My bet is re raised to put me all in and knowing Im behind still make the call to see A 10 and the WP & UL in the chat box from him just doent ring home to me as I played hand like a shut ya eyes and hope player that looks for miracles- the type you find in most Poker Stars multi games.

Running out of games I intend playing and feeling better than I have the last few days I make the short drive down to Gala Teeside for their Xmas £200 Special Freeze Out. Probably about 8 NPF there which include Jimmy Chipmunk and Can Only Get Better and a final £14000 pot with 70 runners.
Level 2 and 1st break Im on a very comfy 17k from 7k starting stack mainly from guy getting married to top pair Jack after calling my AhQh raise all the way down with me turning the nut flush. Still OK at next break as we get down to about 30 plus players but as the antes kick in my cards just seem to get worse n worse and stack starts to dwindle. Raised out of a couple of pots pre flop by big bets when holding small pairs that hit and wudda been nice meaty pay offs but normal stuff then as I get to 9BBs I pick up AJ and change my mind about shoving and put in what was really a weak raise to one limper who makes it up for the 3k more needed. 339 board and I push after his check for my last 7k for him to call holding 7s9s which holds despite turn giving me flush draw with my 2 overs and Im really annoyed at myself as to how I played latter stages of this game especially my exit lap.

Talking about 339 boards Tuesday night when playing the Blogger game on Stars I was also watching Cardguard on another game who was going very well indeed when I saw this hand on his table. Big field standard multi game and there into the cash when mid position guy shoves all in for 75k and BB sitting with 100k about 40BBs insta calls and flips over 93. Yip 93 off and flop comes out 339. I simply dont get it tbh and it makes ya wonder.

Whats left well not alot. Last day at work today before Crimbo break and a couple of mad hours rushing round the Metro Centre trying to find something for the Mrs to open on Xmas morning which is officially tomorrow morning for my family ( Ill explain this in next post in couple of days as cant be arsed this morning)get my haircut and then Cardguards 40th Birthday bash at his favourite Chinese Eating House on Saturday night. Sunday night we drive down to Manchester before catching our flight to Dominican Republic on Monday morning and hopefully loads of sun, sand sea and whatever else all inclusive holidays bring ya.
Couple of games I would like to play online Sunday night which include the Blogger Final on Stars but not sure what Im going to do about these yet. May get one of the others to play em as my head just aint in it at the mo.



Who luvs ya baby!!!!

who do ya love?

1. Wait for the Lady to fully appear, then .....

2. Write Your NICK NAME in the 1st Line

3. Write Your FULL NAME in the 2nd Line

4. Then press the VISUALIZAR bar. Sit back and watch !!

Wrap up well and Merry Xmas


Its been a while but hears some plumbers crack

Well not posted for a while (probley cos i only sing when im winning) but been waiting for something positive to write about, tbh im still waiting :). As we all know i hav nt been working at all for about the last 6 months just pissing about playing poker thinking im loaded lol well hit the skids last week and cant get a job fkn depressing like, but one good thing is i got xmas out of the way when i was running well (fkn hell sound like fkn bluescouse).
Anyways what the fk am i on about there has been something good happening, my young poker prodigy "canonlygetbetter" has been running like god he even made it onto teamdobbs due to a family berievement for a team game at stanleys, which i must say was a real scream and i enjoyed it from start to finish with Mr E djing at idols beforehand had me in stitches, aparrantly it got abit shitty later on, not to surpriseing really as everyone had been over indulging allday, but great day all the same, well done stanleys.
Oh yes its the "pipefitters brawl" on the 19th also known as "blackeye friday" its when the whole pipefitting trade hits the toon have to much to drink and start telling each other how they really feel about each other lol, so think ill be there probley end up in pool of spew in a shop doorway fkn freezing me pods off like last year hee hee, then on the 20th ive got the kids at an xmas party at whickham club which is really a piss up for the fathers while the women entertain the kids through the lounge thats why i cant commit to going out on the night for ya birthday cgk sorry mate but this has been planned for a while hope all goes well. While im on hope you all have a merry xmas and happy new year.

Learn ta read ya dosey git!!!!

2nd last live game of the year at Circus for my normal £30 d/c F/O and numbers not bad considering the league is now finished with about 40 odd taking their seats. Get seat 1 and dealing but only lasts 1st level for me as we get a house dealer after that and a free pint comes my way for my services.
Omg 3rd pair rools it seems and some of the strangest plays Ive seen live for ages here, thought I was online at one time and guys pushing with garbage and worst is getting called with worse and then getting rewarded. Dodge the crazy gang and have nice steady build with 2 nicely timed bluffs against 1 of only 3 players at the table capable of folding to the board.
Table break up and 1/2 hour later Im nearly twice average and sitting pretty when with low 20 field left I raise mid with 10 10 for BB to say " Ill see a flop " AQ6 board aint what ya wanna see really but get to see the turn very cheap and eventually fold to river cheap bet again as he shows me 66 for flopped set. Pick up AA 2nd position and my raise meets the table low stack push with 66 and sb announce he passed a 6. Nice flop dealer as he gives her the last 6 then next lap my KK raise gets a call mid and a re raise from the BB and insta call to my shove with his AA.
3 hands and early bath head home.

OOOOOOO its WBCOOP on Poker Stars and just make the 12.00 k.o. which was way too late for young pup Gyposdog. Looks like the previous crazy gang have all joined in this as well with constant all in shoves on my table which eventually I get doubled up from so decent start. Quick look in lobby tells me 72 seats from 500 plus runner field so settle down helped along by chatting away with Cardguard on MSN whos following along whilst playing in another game there. Notice a few other bloggers I recognise with 2 at my table so cracks very good considering.
Bust through the 72 mark and what a donkey I am as give Stars no respect blaming the late hour and my tiredness for thinking its a seat only prizepool to Final and along with many others just push all in when qualified. READ THE DETAILS YOU FKN DONKEY with various prizes on offer but my push only gets the final seat and lose at least a step 2 ticket. Oh well better than bubbling I suppose and another late night it seems.

Places Freeroll Qualifiers - Prizes Awarded
1st WBCOOP Final seat + Sunday Majors Platinum Package*
2nd-9th WBCOOP Final seat + Sunday Majors Gold Package**
10th-27th WBCOOP Final seat + Step 3 Ticket
28th-45th WBCOOP Final seat + Step 2 Ticket
46th-72nd WBCOOP Final seat

PokerStars Tournament #124189659, No Limit Hold'emFreeroll Super Satellite559 playersTarget Tournament #170000000 72 tickets to the target tournament Tournament started
2008/12/16 19:00:00 ET
Dear teamdobb, You finished the tournament in 65th place.You qualified to play in Tournament #170000000 and are automatically registered for it. See Tournament #170000000 Lobby for further details. Congratulations!Thank you for participating.


Obviously not everyone likes X Factor so for those out htere heres something for you as well

Class weekend all round

Xmas party time and being such a nice boss I am its a 3 day Easyjet special to Benalmedena. Shock shock shock as Easyjet runs spot on time and the mini bus airport transfers are even there when we arrive. Surely there must be a problem when we arrive at the hotel and they keep us waiting for ages to get in our rooms but hey ho wrong again as its a nice Spanish welcome and within 15 minutes the 14 of us are all unpacked in a very nice hotel for what we paid and looking forward to a few drinkie poos.
One of the lads says" Thought I recognised this place- was here the other year with the lads" well done Mac your observation skills are spot on again and 200 yards away is a cracking Irish bar with an X Factor Final Special night on - weeeeeeeeee thats me sorted cos I love X Factor. Although this program has its fair share of critics you cant dispute that from time to time it throws out an incredible talent and Leonna Lewis is the obvious example of this and from the start of this years my moneys been riding on Alexandra at very tasty odds so as you can imagine this is where my interests are with a very nice profitable return for her winning. day before flying out I take the sensible step of laying part of my bet off and only a JLS win can stop another profitable X Factor series for me.
Into the boozer for 8.00 and front row seats as we all settle down and out she comes and her 1st song which only happens to be my wifes all time favourite Xmas Carol silent night has us all swaying and singing for a great start with the bog roll being handed round as dust was flying in the eyes.
2nd song and as far as Im concerned the total highlight of the series when she sings with Beyonce and absolutely nails it. beyonce
As we get to the decision of 3rd place I must admit I wasnt fully confident as the other 2 contestants had a huge young following so was relieved when she gets through to the heads up stage. I simply know she will totally nail this final Xmas special and she certainly did.
Result comes in and its a vote on talent and the public have rewarded the most talented contestant with the right result. A nice Xmas pressie for me and a healthy Betfair account.
Sunday afternoon and after a nice Sunday dinner we settle down and omg the Mags come up with a half decent performance and we take it down 3-0 against the Pompey
Sunday night down the Marina area and the Square of Benalmedena and its funny the deals ya can do when the bars are all despo for ya business and 14 Geordies are wandering around looking to spend. From 1/2 price drinks to free cocktails I say thanks very much and to the dosey Spanish guy on the till at Dutch bar - ya wanna learn to count mate or yill be bankrupt soon!!!
Great weekend had by all and even Easyjet obliged again on the way back.

Years coming to an end and to be honest I wont be playing much poker with probably 2 more live games this week Circus Tuesday and may play the £200 game on down at Gala Teeside with some of my freeroll Alexandra money. Be even less online poker although Im sure will take part in the Poker Stars Blogger games if not me then more than likely be Gyposdog. Got a 10 seater final Wednesday on Virgin through the AWOP VIP Club for a £300 seat to any live UK game and thats about it. Its then offskis on my hols on Sunday to the sunny climate of Domincan Republic with the family and 2 weeks total chill out. Re charge the old batteries and onwards into 2009.
Took down the Newcastle Poker Forum mini millions league last night which gives me a ticket into the Poker Millions on Stars but more so the satisfaction of coming through a really tough league against some very good players with consistent high placed performances.
2008 has been profitable again and Ill post my final year end stuff very soon.

Dressed as a Makem but battled away like a Magpie!!

A promise is a promise and I simply dont go back on my word so after our defeat by Teamtubbs at the weeked my personal bet with Tubbsy had to be honoured. No dosh involved here just pure n simple humiliation for the loser and unfortunately it had to be me.

What I hear you ask could be worse than losing money? SIMPLY the agreement that the loser would dress in opposition football colours and play the Tuesday night tournament at Circus in them. So offskis I go to Circus arriving as late as possible so I could have the least time possible sitting there looking like a total knob in the shitty Red n White of the Makems amongst quite a few hardened Black n Whites.

Weeeeeeee no Tubbsy there with the strip and its hey ho maybe my lucky day has arrived but surely not, no way could Tubbsy allow me to get let off the hook like this. Sit down 50 odd runners and brilliant table with crazy Laker (behind me in pic above) to my left so I know Im in for a good laff and Lynne Beaumont Betfred Ladies Champion on my right when early 1st level guy in early pos buts decent raise in and I decide to flat call it with JJ for Laker behind me to also call ( hes already trippled his stack the fkn luckbox) Dont really know the raising guy and flop of QJ rag 2 diamonds is very nice. Raiser bets out I decide to flat to miss anymore diamonds and Laker stays in. King of hearts gets check from raiser and I decide to push having him on AK for insat call behind me by laker and hes straighted with 9c10c grrrrrrrrrrr. Double chance so its a double whammy when after shouting chips please Gary I get a tap on the shoulder and theres Tubbsy grinning like a Cheshire cat and holding out proudly in my direction the most shittyist Red n White old Vaux Brewery Makem top and even a fkn scarf the cheeky bastard.
Stand up and announce sorry guys about this but its purely payment of a losing bet and on goes the top and on goes the scarf as well in a tie like manner.
Dont know what it was but I seemed to get the shakes everytime I had a drink from my Coke and then later coffee. I do hope the stains come out cos I wudnt want to have damaged his precious top!!!!
To be honest seeing my reflection through the windows I quite suit red n white I must admit.
Me N Betfred Ladies champion Lynne Beaumont

Table is great crack I must admit and get a double when I shove pre with QQ to Lynne Beaumonts decent raise and its the normal race against AK and I hold. Never really stacked but just kept plugging away and before long its last 2 tables and forum member Roscopiko joins the table to add to the constant table talk. Rosco was giving me some stick when I fold when down to 4bbs then immediate next hand double up through him with JJ so I give him all the KOTLS patter ( King of the low stack) which was funny as a few hands later hes crippled and asking advice from me from which he goes on a run seeing him very nicely stacked as we reach final table but unfortunately losing Laker on the way.

Final table although quite short for me as Im low stack was great crack again with some proppa characters there including fellow Dobba "Dont mess wi da Chipmunk to my right. I eventually call with JJ to Roscos decent raise and Im up against AK. Mr Flushy himself Ben was dealing and to the crys of keep em low ben it was shite all the way until GRRRRRRRRR Ben wanted me no more and flips over the river Ace and Im out in 8th place.

Great night and throughly enjoyed it despite the attire humilation but hey ho its Xmas and red n White is the seasonal colours anyway ho ho ho.

Here we come!!! when we get our reg number

Dont worry dont worry Poker Stars because after weeks of them pestering us and pleading with us to enter their Blogger Championship we have decided to play and fit their tournament into our busy schedule and adding the blog they wanted most of all( and if ya believe all that crap then ya need to visit ya doctors and get help)

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 385423

Rolled over by the Tubbys

2 debutants as we get together to take part in the Stanley Circus Team Event with 10 teams of 10 involved. Mr Entertainment is working till 6.30 at a well known stripper pub in town so most of us decide to meet up there and its an old haunt of my younger town trailing days and oh my god it hasnt changed since all that time ago, even the carpet is the same and was a task in itself to get to the bar and get away from it cos the floor was that sticky. Full of stripey jumper shell suit mob and even the Geordie Dansa was in so our rivals Teamtubbs must of felt well at home as we watched a couple of decent strippers and listened to radgie Mr E rip the piss out of everyone. S2C was well impressed Im sure with one of my old haunts!!!
Stripper 2 especially was very good and was a mini version of Pamela Anderson.
How much is a decent boob job these days?
Couple of more drinks at another pub then into Circus preparing to do battle.

Cracking turn out to be honest and a great atmosphere building although disappointed we kick off late which me n S2 know is gonna cause major problems later on as we had realised the structure put together was wrong and the early chip starting stacks were far too high and blind levels far too long for the type of competition it was.
Alot of banter had built up at the forum especially between us and Team Tubbs and I had even put well restricted betting odds up with us obviously very short favourites to add even more friction. Accepted an individual bet from one of their players of an even £100 to which team would finish highest.

100 players, 10 tables of ten with 3 players from each table going through to next round of 3 tables and then 3 from them 3 giving a final table of 9. Many ways to pick up bonus points and points awarded accordingly as each player was eliminated.
Very happy with my table and position on it although I know Im on one the toughest tables in the competition with some very good players. Play alot of pots 1st level trying to catch a biggy and slip just below the starting stack of 5k when I get AA in level 2 early position for my raise to be met by a re raise by guy to my left. Tell him Im not bluffing and Ive got a monsta mind speech and he says " Get ya chips in then" so I quickly accept his invitation and push em all in and with abit more speech play get him to call his stack off. Flips AK off weeeeeeeee and a nice double. My next BB the same guy pushes his last 700 over and Im looking at Kh10h. Tell him Im calling although I know Im behind but my Mrs told me she loved me with all her HEART before I left home and as such thats a good enuff reason to call through superstition alone. He flips KJ but his hopes are soon dashed when K 10 4 flops and he tells me to give his regards to my Mrs. Good humoured fun and all taken in the way it was meant.
With a decent stack now was pretty standard stg tactic stuff and a few blind rises later had 5 players left and take a nice pot holding AJ on an AA flop and get paid off by guy holding A5. Had Morlspin to my left and he was low stack of table and obviously going to push at his 1st opportunity and chose my BB to do it which I call with KhJh against his 10 6. He hits his 10 then goes on a golden run to give himself a healthy looking stack which then became chipstack leader of the table. Now just after this is when my problem came as our dealer nipped to the toilet for a piss and no other than team captain of TeamTubbs sits down offering to deal and gave some speech about only wanting to do it to give me total shite cards etc. Take down the 1st hand he deals so give him abit of small needle back but then following lap the sb Morlspin limps into my BB on 300/600 when Im holding Q4. Flop comes 44A rainbow and its ck ck. Think turn brought 9 and he checks so I bet 1200 and he pops it to 3600 and I shove for insta call. He turns over A 10 so hes drawing to 2 outs of the 2 last Aces weeeeee and Im basically through to the next round. Speech from Tubbs the dealer now and its " Fk me what a pleasure this would give me if I could deal a river Ace, can you imagine it"
OH my god you can guess whats coming and he peels off the Ace at the river and hes screaming his head off in joy as Im gone to the only guy at the table that had me covered. Gutted gutted gutted but hey ho way it goes and still have most of team going strong.
We eventually only get Mr E, Jimmy Chipmunk and Xenocode through to last 30 and to have any chance really now we need those 3 to final table it.
Jimmy Chipmunk who although pissed from being at a corporate invite at the match all day was in fine form and makes final table and the singing of "Dont mess wi da Chipmunk" to the music of another one bites the dust was hilarious but Xenocode falls at the bubble on his table so for any chance whatsoever we need Mr E through and his table was the last one running. Massive crowd around table and bubble situation when guy from Teamtubbs pushes raise from sb on his BB and Mr E shoves all in. Guy needs to call all his stack now to stay in and makes the call turning over K 10 weeeeeeeeeeee as Mr E flips AA. K flop and horror 10 on turn as Teamtubbs go crazy and poor Mr E looked totally drained as he had battled his way back from 2k to a position of actually winning the table.
Final table and Chipmunk went out 5th I think pushing with QQ and called by AK for K river and the story of our night it seemed.
Final table became a joke to be honest with alot of bad stuff that happened and arguments about certain etiquette and the points situation but eventually it was announced that the last 2 of the Jolly Miller team needed to be 1st n 2nd to prevent TeamTubbs from taking down the title. 1st & 2nd would get them a DRAWN result. Last 3 and they still had the chance to do it when its announced a chip count will decide the competition at the end of this level. Pure pressure last 12 minutes and with the clock ticking away and last hand dealt it cudnt of been called how this was going to end. Player one folds and player 2 announces all in for which player 3 from the Jolly Miller needs to call in order for them to tie the competiton and also whoever wins this hand will also win the individual prize as well of £300. He makes the call showing down KJ for other guy to turn over Ad4d. Crowd are all over the table and screaming at each other and the flop brings 2 diamonds. Turn brings a gutshot draw for the KJ and he needs the 10 but not the diamond of course.

RIVER 10 OMG the place was going crazy and ya just could not have written this in a book.

Tie for 1st place Teamtubbs and the Jolly Miller so well done to them and omg I now have to face at least a week at the forum and some big stick from Tubbsy. I even have to wear a Sunderland shirt now on Tuesday at Circus as part of our bet and banter we had going.
Oh well just have to grin n bear it I suppose and take it as a bad day at the office. Getting ya arse spanked aint that bad and Im sure we will have our revenge next time round.

Final word for Chipmunk- so pissed called off 75% of his stack with 33 thinking he had a straight yet still final tabled and finished 5th. Star of the night Jimmy and deffo a hit record with "Dont mess with da Chipmunk"

Hung like an Elephant!!!!

Last couple of pics from the CPC.

Met guy there called Peter "Stumpy" Newton with his wife and to be honest had a great laugh with them and they were excellent company. Heres a picture of him bragging to his missus about something in his cabin and a drunken session from the "Dog n Duck" pub onboard. Sitting in the pub after a few sherberts and I turn round to him and say: Yi na what Peter? Ive played against you for 3 years in Newcastle and always thought to myself what a miserable fucker you are!!! How wrong Ive been cos ya a great laugh.
Dont worry he says to me everyone else thinks that as well. Nice one mate we throughly enjoyed ya company

Pictured on the left is "Soaps" and yes we did it!!!!

WE GOT HIM SMILING!!!!! Nice one Mr & Mrs Suddes great company as well

What a small world it is!!!

Just shows what a small world it is. Whilst away in the CPC I noticed a guy there at the tables who after alot of his hands was making notes. Found this rather amusing and it was obvious from his T shirt he was doing it for his blog. I asked him if the notes were for a blog which he confirmed and during the CPC continually saw him scribbling away and was glad to see him make a final table where the note making continued.
Last couple of posts here and yip the guy from Denmark somehow has came across our blog and left a comment for a link up which i have duely agreed to. Small world I reckon and his sites worth a look at http://pokerbankrollblog.com/

P..S Hes the guy in the middle and you can see his note book in front of him and the guy on the right is a drunken English lad who to be honest was a proppa pain the arse at the tables, continually drunk and only interested in making a proppa nuisance of himself. Shame really because when you spoke to him when he was sober he was a "canny lad" as we Geordies say

Played the £50 £500 added 1st of the month at Circus last night and another great turnout of 102 runners taking everything into consideration.
The game was cruelty at its highest with the worst cards Ive been dealt in months and virtually impossible to even enter a pot never mind add to my dwindling stack.
Eventually have to push with Jc10c utg with only 4 BB left for Ah4h in the BB to make the call and Ace paid. Enjoyed the crack at least but total waste of 6 hours.

This Saturday sees the team together for 1st time in ages when we take on all comers in the Circus team event. 2 missing in Vegas Dave ( works Xmas do) and Karen3300 who seems to have lost his way abit and also has had the added sad news of a family bereavement.

2 newcomers stepping to help out are young S2C who should be suited by the structure and style of the competition and Aces Next the Poker Stars specialist who has been groomed by Gyposdog into a very useful performer and who is so hyped up the game its unreal. Whatever happens should be a great night out and the banter will be flying amongst the very tough teams battling out for the right of bragging rights of Circus team champions.

pulling my hair out

Well November was very busy , loads of work done on house so not much poker played.eventually moving in on 2nd Dec, but no internet connection which is a pisser , especially as all I get are lies from virgin media who seem to have employed 1/2 of India.

Only 4 live games which consisted of 2 bubbles and 2 donk outs, the most annoying and frustating 1 being the £500 game in Birmingham where I played perfect for 10 1/2 hours , then had a 20 minute brain ceasure and went from cruising on average chips with 65 players left to busting in 61st position,, fk sake was well pissed with myself and the way I played those final hands.

Anyway online Ive played all month, but again not as much as normall but I have managed to turn a reasonable profit .One thing I have relized, is pokerstars doesn,t suit me and after this year won,t be playing there much, if at all, might have a go at getting the $600 bonus on full tilt, first thing I gotta do is get my internet up and running.
Anyway up in court this month to sort out my divorce finances , so there might be a steady flow of staking requests develope next year LOL ( anyone know a good murderer)

FFks Im Back

Just a short post to say hey fucking ho Im back in blighty. Miserable cold weather and ignorant service at shops and english airport its so fucking great to be back. Vegas was a blast as ever and great fun with Mr and Mrs E. No massive wins but plenty of shopping and loads and loads of poker and laughs. Severly jet lagged and totally down at being back but soon get over that when we take down the Circus Team game. Full details of trip on forum but hey its great to be back - not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Month end but theres always someone worse off than you

November month end and figures show as follows;

Live = Loss of £265

Online = Profit of £105

Made cash in every local live tournament I played this month so gotta be pleased with that and currently leading the Circus Tuesday night league. Considering the quality and size of buy in games Ive played this month at CPC without cashing then got to be please with such a small loss.

Small profit online but also considering how few games Ive played Im also pleased to show small profit here.

To some the above figures may be scoffed at but sooner be like that and enjoying my poker than be like the following players discovered at Sharkscope!!!



if your sick of poker try this new sport..


A ship full of strange creatures!!!!!

As you all know Ive just returned from the CPC and was amazing the creatures that were seen onboard this floating shopping & leisure complex.

Heres a few of the ones I was able to get snaps of


A short sighted towel elephant looking for a bath


An oranged bodied, white headed Caribbean mint chocolate eating long armed rabbit


Some thought at 1st sight this was a Carribbean Red eyed spikey haired shark but on closer examination it turned out he was just a typical Waford Red Eyed Fishay


Last but not least the King of the Jungle was spotted devouring all the food avaialble in the dining room, the restaurant, and the Pizza Parlour. Constantly smiling and licking his lips and muttering very strange sounds of satisfaction



UK Forum Team Event


Newcastle Poker Forum are organising a 2 day event to be held at Newcastle Grosvenor Casino on 21st & 22nd February 2009

Maximum of 20 teams allowed from Forum or Poker organisations at a cost of £50 per person plus Casino reg fee which will probably be £5.

Teams to consist of 10 players

Teams to wear team shirts/polos of their organisation

Tournament structure and points will be confirmed at a later date.

Fully dealer dealt

Free buffet will be provided during the course of the game

Top 3 teams receive cash prizes with winners also receiving trophies.

Individual winner will also receive a trophy and top 10 in this category will receive a cash prize.

Places allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis and the receipt of a £50 booking fee.

Ive heard Platonic is putting team in for this event so we all playing for 2nd place it seems!!!

Back ta work!!!!

Tuesday slept in, Wednesday slept in, isnt it nice to be back at work after being on holiday!! Credit crunch, shitty weather, everyone doon in the dumps it seems and daft twat Chancellor solves the countrys problems by reducing VAT (lol) then putting it back on with petrol, beer n cigs. What a thick twat or are we the mugs?? I may even have to start earning less or will fall into his new tax brackets!!!

Anyway back to normal and Tuesday night is Circus night for me. 40 odd runners and quick look at league table see Im up to 2nd place. Early levels here always see some crazy plays and tonights no different.
Winner gets automatic place into final table shoot out end of December.Cant make it as Im away with works trip that weekend anyway but would like the satisfaction of winning it as I reckon the Tuesday night one is probably the hardest league to win.

Game yo yoed up and down for me building nice stack then losing it to straight chaser that hit when Im holding KKK but build it back up again till eventually getting to final table facing a couple of monsta stacks. I end up busting out in 4th which does take me top of the league but I do reckon I played some of my best poker for ages in this game.
Lost a big pot when 5 left which did main damage when my raise with KJ met with a shove which I was convinced was an attempt to steal my raise. Made correct call for him to flip 7s8s but he turns the 7. Way it goes but annoyed with same guy the previous hand when this happened and would appreciate any comments.

We have 5 players left on blinds of 3k/6k and Im in BB. Low stack guy utg pushes all in for 9k and Im obv making the 3k call holding 10h 2h and sb also wudda made the call but 2nd position guy makes it 18k to play so we fold. All in guy flips 94 off and raiser flips over Ace 5 or Ace 6. The 94 all in guy hits his 9 and its made worse with 10 2 on board. From this the 94 guy double doubled and when I was knocked out pushing 88 into KK he was probably joint chip leader.
My question is was the Ace rag raiser correct in how he played the Hand??? Comments appreciated thanks.

Over for another year!!!

Well thats the CPC over for another year as Im sat here in Miami Airport waiting for our flight back. Flight delayed so may as well get report started up now to kill some time.

Great trip again and as last year met some great new people and made more "poker" buddies. Mr & Mrs Soapy Suddes, Mr & Mrs Stumpy Newton, Mr & Mrs "Chop" , Azimut, Animal, Amatay to mention a few made it a great trip

The ship was awesome and the organisation and quality of everything concerned with the cruise was top drawer stuff. Pity the weather wasnt the best on return to Miami from Caribbean but suppose cant have it all.

Poker turnout was around numbers I expected and be interesting to see what happens next year with whats happening at Crypto. Hope this trip doesnt dissolve into nothing as its a great time of year to get away and chill and get some sun on ya back.

Brief Poker breakdown;

$250 Main Event Super Sat 1: Get into position to qualify with 16 seats up for grabs and sitting mid position with 20 left. Get involved in stupid hand when holding 33 raise into Michael Grecos BB for him to call. He checks flop of Q rag board and I total donk push for insta call with him holding KK. DONK DONK DONK move that I found hard to get out of my head.

$300 Event: Adding nice to stack but bust out 30 odd left when going card dead later stages and dropping too low pushing 99 and called by AK which hits

$400 Event; Decent start again but get crippled in level 3 when limp in with Js9s for sb to raise x 3 BB calls and I make up 3 way pot. Flop comes KQ10 which sb bets,BB calls, I raise, sb shoves, BB shoves and I make up 3 way meaty pot.
sb 10 10, BB KQ
Turn Q River K.

$250 Main Event Super Sat 2: Play low stack well till eventually couple of nice hands get paid off to put me comfy and have no intention of making same mistake as in sat 1 and take seat worth $2700 for main event.

$2500 Main Event:
Had really tuff end of table but got off to good start picking up 1/2 decent pot when playing 66 and flop 10 6 10 to pick up decent pot.

Killer hand near end of 2nd level playing 50/100 on my BB with 66.
Super rock tight Polish lady opens utg with 350 called by Hickson from NPF and I make up 3 way pot with 66 in my BB. Flop comes Qh6s3s
I check lady bets 1k Hickson makes it 2k I flat call and Polish Lady makes it 6k. Hickson moves all in and I tank. I had Polish woman on AA KK and Hickson on same top hands but because he had shoved I put him AQ with his hand range from playing him few times before.
Talking about a 30k pot here and I knew I was calling to give me the opportunity to have big stack early doors in a major competition. I make the call and Polish Lady folds KK for Hickson to show AsQs
Killer turn when 7s hits and no paired board cripples me to 350 chips.
Got back to 1400 and then 5 limp pot to my BB I push with AQ for 3 callers and guy makes house with 22.

Made small profit from sit n goes but still to make a final table at this event.

Special mention to Mark "Soaps" Suddes who flew the flag for the NPF and the North East by cashing in the $400 in 7th spot and made 6th place in the Main Event for a nice earner of $11k which even puts a smile on Brenos face with his 5% share. Trawled through all my pics taken of him and even the one when hes getting paid and cant find one with a smile. Ill post some pics up of trip as soon as sort them out.
Amatay also cashed in $400 going out on final tale 9th when pushing his low stack in with KK to get call by 10 10. River 10 cruel blow as wudda been back in running with the pot.

Final well done to British Airways who were brilliant imo after being used to Easyjet crap and Terminal 5 at Heathrow is awesome place.

1st day back and its dark, pissing down with rain and fkn freezing!!!! Welcome home as they say.

Poker gods crap on me as usual

Up to last Wednesday been hitting some good runs , 5 final tables in a row , then Thursday comes and im off to the grov , only 17 players , get up to about 15k in chips with 11 left , i gets qq on button guys who's has been extremely lucky all night raises ( which he had done with any ace ) so i re-raise to 8k he pushes me all in , he shows 10 10 then guy next to me says i folded a 10 , so im very happy , nope im not any more after flop he hits his 1 outer , and im off to play some cash , very good game in excellent company come out with what i went in with .

Tuesday my next night of poker as i work all weekend , after break with about 14k mac goes all in for about 6k on blinds of 200/400 , looks like he was on a steal , i look down at kk so call other guy folds his a8 after a lot of thinking ( lol ) mac has AA ouch , flop k 10 5 turn 8 river ace so mac hits his 1 outer , but im still in , 3 hands later im bb with no raise and jq s so i check , flop is jc qc 3s he checks i check ( in hindsight i should have raised ) turn is a ks , he raises i go all in ( 2 pair and flush draw ) he turns over ak river is another 3 , his 2 pair higher than mine ouch again.

Wednesday i go to stanley's, 2nd hand, seat 2 raises to 150 i look down at qq so i re-raise to 600 , guy after me re-raises to 1200 original raiser calls so do i , flop is 356 rainbow , everyone checks turn is a q ( lovely i think ) guys in seat 2 goes all in i call other guy folds , i turn over trip qs he turns over 4 2 ( seriously wtf ) board doesn't pair so i get my second chance chips of 4 k , get back to about 7.5 k and guy to my right raises to 800 on blinds of 100/200 i look down at 88 , guy 2 seats down re-raises to 1600 , guy to my right folds ( eh ) so i call , flop is k 8 5 i check he raises to 2.5k i go all in , he thinks for about 2 mins then calls , he turns over 99 guy to my right tells me he folded 9 10 suited , yes you've guessed it turn brings his 1 outer , and im off home for some dinner.

how many 1 outers are people gonna hit against me , :(
hope it turns round soon.

good luck to all the guys off on holidays .

thinking about buying a cat , so i can kick the fooker when someone hits their 1 outer lol.

IM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Nice leaving present

Decide to get one more live game in before starting the journey to Miami and make it my normal Tuesday visit to Circus for the £30 D/C Freezeout. Over 50 runners and nice to see fellow dobbas Mag1892 & Card Guard Kid there.
Awful cards and totally card dead and glad to see the break with something like my original starting stack although Mag1892 had a nice healthy stack at my table.Soon after the break and Card Guard joins our table so your always sure of banter and a noisy table.
Next break and both of us are pretty low and below average yet I have an interesting converstaion with him about last year when I play the same tournie before leaving for the CPC and chop it with Mr Entertainment. Wouldnt it be ironic if this happens again I say to him with us 2 doing the same.
Double up with AA v KK and a couple of uncontested raises to get me to my largest stack only for a 1/2 tilt guy to push with 99 and my AK call doesnt hit. Eventually we make final table and Im joined by both Mag1892 and Card Guard Kid there and we get sat next to each other.
Pick up KK early and with 2 limpers my raise gets rid and next hand my mid position raise also removes any others.
Card Guard loses massive pot as we get down to 6 left when he gets guy all in with KdQd against his KK only for guy to hit one of only 4 diamonds left at the river to cripple Card Guard. Mention to him dont tilt as well as a really low stack hanging on to move up the money and he says " Take some doing now for us to chop it"
I think you know whats coming as he gets himself back into game and down to 5 now.
I pick up KK in the BB and the sb limps into me. Make it 20k more and he shoves for about same stack as me. Insta call and oops hes slow played AA but hey ho the gods shine down and K flop is joined by quads at the river.
Get to 3 as we lose Mag1892 and eventually its me n Card Guard heads up and weve already decided we chopping 50/50 but as Circus are running nightly leagues we still play to enable points but are obviously going to just push 1st hand irrelevant of chip stacks.
All in with KJ and hes got 64 which flops open ender and a 4 at turn but K at river gives me top spot as we both are cheering at each card thats flipped.
Great crack, great fun and very good tournie and a very nice going away present of £440 each.

In Heathrow now waiting for flight to Miami and just had confirmation from Cryptologic that weve been granted media passes for the CPC and will be allowed to cover the event for the forum and beam back updates as we can.

about time

Been a strange 2 weeks , went to the grosvenor last 2 week on a Wednesday , fields about 50-60 ish and hit 2 final tables , played some decent poker till we get to 4 players left , and then the poker guards shit on me as usual and kick me out both times in 4th place but as people say shit happens.

so off i toddle last night to play the £50 game at stanley's , which has come far the best tourney in Newcastle , first hand im bb with j5d , 4 limper's so i check em ( would have folded lol ) and the flop puts 3 diamonds on the board , guy in midd position raises i re-raise and win the pot , now normally when i win the first pot it has good omens for me so i thought maybe just maybe this time baby , anyways bit up and down till the break , get back after the break hits a couple of big aces and steal the blinds and limper's tax , its now 400/800 im utg and look down at kk hmmm do i want a call , yes sure i do so i make it 3600 to go , gary wilson jnr goes allin for about 9k , which i was happy about he turns over 99 , yes u guesses it a 9 on the turn ( argh ) , so im down to 4.9 k , i thought as soon as theres 4 people in pot il call to maximise the pot , it happens there's 2 limper's i look down 46 s , i thought may as well go all in hopefully ive got live cards with 15k in middle with antes , anyways dom calls me with aq flop is 456 rag rag weeeeeeee , get nothing for 2 circuits and its now 1500/3000 600 antes , no callers im on button so i thought il steal here with j9off , shit dan whos on bb calls very quick ( gulp ) he shows 99 shit sry dan i was on a steal , any ways flop is 10 7 4 t k river 8 sry dan and i double upto about 28 k , i gets ak and raise 7k everyone folds , so now sitting with about 60k , player in bb goes allin for about 12k i look down 10 10 i call , he sows q9off flop 10 j 5 t 7 r 8 ow but i couldn't complain he was short stacked and i had 2 massive suckouts earlier .

down to 2 tables with some huge stacks , play super tight on a very aggressive table, gets 2 hands in about 1 hr , back upto about 60k , i look down at 55 3rd to act blinds are 3000/6000 antes 800 , so i raise to 23k Chinese girl on cutoff raises allin which she did quite a few times , hmmm what do i do im praying shes on a big ace so i call after a long time thinking , she has akh , 55 holds up and i double upto about 130k .

then 2 really bad beats phlmc goes allin utg for about 60k gets called phil ah k- caller aq flop qh 9h 5h t rag r rag phil out ( bad call by player who kept saying its a donk fest yes it is with the likes of you) , then comes the sickest beat , dan ( spilla ) goes allin for about 50k gets called by Chinese girl with the sry got to call remark , dan has 99 she has 10 4 off (wtf) flop 447 no further help , i looked at dan it looked like the world was gonna swallow him up , got to admit i felt for the guy , what a bad player she was , quite a few times she was allin with kq,44 , 44 etc some bad calls imo she didn't need to get involved with the stack she had , its now the bubble we agree to give £100 to whoever goes out , then we hear on other table its AA VS KK guy hits a k on the board ( sick ) , so its final table.

im sitting next to gary wilson ( no1 likes a student ) having some cany criac which keeps us out of trouble , 2 down with bad calls , i look down at 66 blinds are 6/12k antes 1k , im in cut off so i just limp and hope it looks like a monster gary folds sb calls bb checks , flop 57A checked all the way round turn 3 i check sb checks bb raises to 25k , now im thinking if i push he wont call unless he has 2 pair hes got to put me on a big A with the limp ( thats what im hoping ) so i go allin for about 100k , he fold showing A , he asks me what i had i tell him , he wasn't upset he said he couldn't call ( phew ) , few hands more and another one out and its down to 7 , utg raises to 25k folded round to me i look down at aq hmm now i know this guy was on a downturn so i thought just call and get out if needs be , guy in sb re-raises allin to 44.5k original raiser folds (?) i call he turns over 10 2 , i hit an A on flop and its down to 6 im now chip leader with about 250k , 2 hands later im utg and look down at AA i do what i normally do when blinds are huge and limp with them knowing that i will get raised , yes guys goes allin for 50ish k , i call and its down to 5 ,
sean mcguigan suggests a chop thers 5k in pot 1k each and its 4.45am , im chip leader and i agree with chop gary is low stacked to he agrees lol and then everyone else agrees , so we get 1k each and chip count reveals im big chip leader so i get the points.

some awful bad beats on the 2 tables i was sitting on , but final table calmed down and some great poker was played , very ul ( spilla and phlmc ) , and a great night ended with a very welcome 1k to help for pressies lol.

Best game in Town by far

Although not feeling up to a long night and feeling very tired due to some late nights its the best game in town on Tuesday 1st of the month at Circus with the £500 added £50 Freezeout and this established game now drags in over 120 runners so wheres this credit crunch stuff like?

Fellow dobba Jimmy Chipmunk on my table and very happy with table and my position on certain players.
Picked up some very nice early hands and get paid on most of them and alot by betting people off the pot or pre flop when holding good cards. 3 times I hit set and another time my A10 makes 2 pair at turn to beat an annoyed guy holding AJ who flat called all the way on flopped Ace board.
One guy seemed to be getting very agitated at my constant raising and eventually on his BB he calls my 4xBB raise with KJ. Was probably only time it wasnt a legitimate hand as Im holding J9 and flop comes down KJ9. He bets 1k and Ive got him AK all day and shove into him for his insta call for 10k pot. I make my house but so does he.

I then flop 2 pair with 8 10 on my bb but sb had J10 on the 8 10 J flop so more damage. Get abit back when guy makes it 1k from 1st position on 150/300 and Ive got AhKh on the button. Wasnt slowing down in way I had decided to play and push for around 8k only for BB and the agitated KJ to wake up with JJ and makes the call.

Flop is JK? with turn giving me heart flush draw but no saviour with 4d river and its an early bath for me. Might sound daft but I enjoyed the game in the short time I was there although proves again not to play when ya heads not up for it or ya not up for the game enough.

Thats it I reckon live before flying away on me jollies next Wednesday to Miami for 4days before the CPC sets sail on the 16th. Really looking forward to it and great time of year to get abit of sun on ya back and away from the miserable weather of the UK. Hope my son enjoys it as well as its his 1st major poker trip away.

Mr Entertainment & Card Guard off to Vegas as well so hope they have some luck and a great time. Should do fkn Mr E has done nowt but post about it everyday at the NPF. Have a great time lads ( and the Dawny wifeys )

Another Gatsby award for the Newcastle Poker Forum for website of the month ( its 3rd ) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Cheers Paul - when do we get the trophys?

Hooray hooray as at last the toon are playing with some passion and some shape and putting some performances together.

Finally megga well done to Soaps for his back to backs in the $55k and the $100k success on Poker Stars for a cool $22k win. His suitcase should be bulging on the cruise. Might even buy me a drink this year!!!

October Figures:

Online ( hardly played tbh) = £160 profit

Live = £2047 profit

Not quite in Soaps league but a profit is a profit


Well after two sell out concerts at the Rivington Barn Hotel down in Bolton it turned out to be a decent weekend.
Myself and the Band do this gig every Halloween and have done for the last 13 years, I personaly love it as i get to go to bolton grov and manchester g for some cash action,
however after a power cut during the support acts spot we were delayed going on stage so the cash game at the bolton grov didnt happen.
so saturday its off to the Trafford centre so mrs e can get her shopping fix, as always im watching the clock as i want to get to the G for a spot of dinner and a game of cards.
Now last year it was excellent, afternoon tourney and a couple of no limit tables so as you can imagine im looking forward to my poker fix.
we arrive at 5.00pm and theres a tourney in full swing but no cash, stick my name on the board with three others and its off to the restraunt for some bait,
Im thinking (hoping) that they will call my name as in any other civilised casino would do when they are seating the cash game NOT THE G .
We finnish dinner and i head over to the cardroom to find a full cash table in flow, so i ask at the desk whats the crack for a game ? only to be told you have to put your name down, REALY ? I then point out my name on the list only to be told sorry didnt see that ?????????
So have to leave at 8pm to get to the gig.
So no poker for me and no live game since last week.
Some strange goings on in the world of NPF bans and the like, seems to me some people just want attension and even post polls requesting it ?
In my opinion the forum is going from strength to strength and will have 500 members by christmas (some headache there sorting a team) but hats off to the people who gave birth to it.
Finally the £200 game at the grosvonor was a non event,there have been many posts on the forum with reasons however you dont need to be a genius to work it out, look in the papers on the tv on the radio people are losing there jobs prices are on the increase and christmas is coming the first to suffer in any recession is the leisure industry.
playing the $5 npf on stars tonight not to win £££££££££££££ just for the great crack

Unlucky 13th

Circus £100k guaranteed Birmingham
Set off early and easy trouble free run into Birmingham had us twiddling our thumbs abit arriving before 11.am as we cudnt book into hotel across the road from Casino until 3.00pm and the Casino didnt open till 12.
Massive casino and soon filled up and a 200 runner sell out it was with alternates waiting with eventual total runners of 217.

Not ganna go into in depth details but from the competitons point of view it was excellently ran. If I had to criticize anything at all it had maybe too many long breaks than necessary. Hopitality was excellent and service superb from the staff. The organisors also realised the structure needed tinkering with and did so accordingly to make it a better played game instead of it turning into a crapshoot at the later stages.

Key Hands

Was involved in alot of early hands and had added nicely to stack after guy tried to bluff me off hand and sb make up with 96h gave me 99J flop which got paid.
Key hand end of level 1 was KK in button and 4 limpers make it 300 to play and BB is only player that stays around. Flop brings JsQc4c and BB leads out for 1k which I make 3k for him to ask me for anutha 6k. Tells me not alot I can be beating and I show my binned KK. When guy got busted late on Saturday night he told me he had 44 for bottom set.
I get a nice double just before main break when my 10 10 takes out a low stack push with AK. Key hand late on in final session was my long dwell before calling a 4XBB bet when Im sitting with JJ. Flop of KQ5 and raiser checks so I bet 10k and he says "yip had you on AK or KK". That came to benefit the following day with same player.
End of day 1 and Im on 63k with an average of 40k mark. 2nd level of day 2 and I face a 4 bet raise from guy Ive just mentioned and I decide to push with JJ and certain he will fold to the shove. He chip counts and we have virtually same stack and announces call saying "I cant keep letting you push me off hands" Flips AQ and my hand holds up to put me bang in the competition now.
Down to 3 tables now and moved onto table next to Laker and eventually Laker getting low pushes his stack and with QQ its an insta call. Laker shows 79 and we joke before they deal the flop as he has this habit of sucking out on me time after time. Unreal when the dealer peels of 6 7 10 to give him the straight on the flop. 2 hands later Im moved again and then 2 laps later Im back to previous table with John Kalma to me left and Zahir Aslam opposite me. A very aggresive table and by far the more difficult between the remaining 2 left but Im sitting comfy to be honest and no way overawed by anyone there. Eventually the bubble nears and its so obvious the players who are panicking and being attacked and the low stack of everyone doubles up with AA then doubles through again making Mad Turk low stack now. He then shoves again and is obviously holding a monsta but gets a call from guy holding 10 10. He flips KK and must be thinking happy days as this virtually takes out the 10 10 guy but the poker gods decide against it turning the 10 and the bubble is burst.
As normally happens we quickly lose a few more and Ive added nicely to my stack taking guy out.
13 left and feeling very comfy when I look at JJ on button and make it 16k to play on 2k/4k 500 ante and Jon Kalma to my left who is chip leader and 3/1 over me obviously thinks Im at it and puts down a stack of black 5k chips which is putting me all in. I dont take long to call as Im putting him mid pair tbh and Im very confident Im ahead. He flips As10s and Im certain my hands ganna hold up mainly due to some of the crack I had with him about certain things. Flop is good 2 2 8 but wallop the turns brings the Ace of clubs and Im gone. That hand takes me 3rd or 4th in chips and Im virtually sure to get final table grrrrrrrr.
Great tournie and really enjoyed it, so close yet so far away picking up £2k for me troubles.

£500 added Tuesday night at Circus which is best game in Newcastle at mo then its off on our jollies to Miami and join up for the CPC Cruise from 16th - 23rd.

Mixed up month

Well funny old month , got new house so im happy about that , but the work is never ending and to top it off the fkn heating system fks up and its £1200 to sort it out , fk sake.Another birthday , so im 1 year closer to joining teamdobbs in the vets event at the wsop .

Well poker been thin this month and only played 1 live game since my NPF championship win , which was at aspers and the least said about it the better,,shit staff ,, shit valets ,shit game , shit craic,, wont be going back there in a hurry.

As for online well i have had my first ever losing month , which i am dissapointed about but i suppose it got to happen sometime.Just cuddn,t get a run going , had a bad start going $500 after 3 days, then it was a case of yo-yo-ing for the next 3 weeks until i pulled it all back to level this week , only fo me to lose $300 in last 2 days ,lol.
Have experienced this type of thing twice before , first time was when 888 launched new software last summer and thousands of donkeys invaded the site with free money to burn, the second time was when 888 launched the World Poker Crown Event and every lunatic in the world invaded trying to qualify for the biggest online event in europe, anyway this time they have started a new skin as Littlewood poker has merged with 888 , seems to be lots of new players and there all loosy goosy,s and the suckouts and bad beats have been crazy,actually its been pretty sick,,Hopefuly they lose there rolls quickly and it will be business as usuall..there my excuses anyway , sound good to me,otherwise a re-evaluation might have to take place from next month.
Anyway not to bad over all as i had a reasonable profit live and online loses were lessened by the fact i got $200 credited to my rakeback account for games played this month .

Looking forward to next month ,however because of the house my poker still wont be as normal , but will try and play a little more , and it all starts on 1 nov with a visit to Birmingham for the £500 event ,£100,000 guaranteed, going with a few others so hopefully some good news will follow , nice cash would sort me boiler oot.

How sick is this!!!

Took few days off from playing after the Teeside £100 & £200 and tbh had no interest at all in playing the main event after those 2 games. Will only play the main event next year.
Been busy looking for a new car for the wife after selling hers to the daughters boyfriend and decided I had to get this sorted over the weekend. Lined a few up to view but only thing was ganna have to put a few miles in to see them. Eventually after putting in a few hundred miles we decide the 1st one we saw when we started viewing was best by a mile and after quick haggle and £750 reduction the deal is done and she collects it next Monday. Funny how women love shopping yet end up buying the 1st one they saw, just like when shes in Metro Centre to be honest shopping for shoes!!

Saturday night I love - why? Cos its an Indian Take away and a few beers at my favourite Indian Restaurant followed by being strectched out recovering on the settee watching my favourite program THE X FACTOR!!!!!
You all may take the piss but I just love this program stretched oot on the settee watching the too and frow of this reality TV show.

I just love the whole show and sit there with me lap top connected up to Betfair Exchange and gamble gamble away. Have great record on these sort of things but Saturday was a loser night as Daniel defied the odds and out voted Scott with his sympathy song bringing tears to Louie Walshs eyes!!!!
2 horse race this in my opinion or should I say filly in Alexandra & Laura will walk it. Dianna is building up huge support but she just aint got the full package baby!! Ya heard it hear 1st.

This week consists of a few small forum games online and Ill play tonight in the £30 game down at Circus Casino as this game is building a nice little reputation and is by far the best attended game in town. Weekend and a few of us from the NPF are M6 bound to Birmingham and playing in the Stanley genting £500 $£100k guaranteed.

Finally, Saturday night I also followed live updates online of the Main Event at Teeside. One of our members was involved in this hand which has got to be one fkn sick way to go out of a £500 Tournament.

Guy who won the £100 side event raises it up and NPF member Richard Baker calls the raise with 66. Flop comes 6J6 and quadzilla baby for Richard to check and guy pushes all his stack in. Weeee Happy Xmas for Richard and guy flips QQ.


RIVER Q !!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG how fkn sick is that. Id be out being physically sick in the bogs if it was me and not play for at least a month.


Edit Update:

Circus £30 game and despite losing 4 races when ahead Im only a double up from having comfy stack when 15 left and woman who had mastered the art of sucking out on people bets 40k utg with blinds on 1500/3000. I make the call with JJ and she flips JQ!!!!!-- Yip you guessed it the Q turns and nite nite Josephine

Gala Teeside £200 Game And After The £100 Game Im Expecting A Higher Standard Game,
I Should Have Realised After The First Hand When Chemical Ridden Donkey In Seat 10 Calls Every Bet Down To The River With Bottom Pr And Takes The Pot.
Then Continued To Play Like An Ass In A Manner I Can Only Ever Remember Witnessing In The £3 Rebuy At The Grov.
Fuckin Disgraceful Standard Of Poker Right Across The Tables The Worst Call I Seen Was Short Stack On My Table Shoves All In 7000 with Kq Off To Be Called By The Donkey In Seat 10 With K6 Diamonds Rivers A Six Unbelievable!!
I Sit Tight And Manage A Double Up After The Break With A 10 Whe Guy Two Seats Away Says Call And Chucks Four Hundred In Not Realising I Had Shoved Card Room Manager Forces The Call And He Turns Over 92 Hearts He Flops A 9 But I River A 10 And Im Up To 10k In Chips,
Blinds And Antes Take Me Down To 7k And I Look Down To QQ Mid Position I Shove To Be Called By AA (oops) Flop 4h 4d 2h Turn 7 H (im Now Screaming For A Heart Or Queen And Get What Im Screaming For A Heart "The Ace Of Fucking Hearts" yes!!! Flush Weeeee Only To Be Reminded That A House Is Bigger Than The Flush Forgot All About The Paired Board In My Quest For A Flush.
Not Sure What Was Worse The Beat Or The Embarrasment Lol
Still The Games A Learning Curve And I Thought The £100 Game Was A Lot Better Than The £200 Game.
Casino Ok Ish But Dont Order A Coke £2 Or A Glass Of Milk £1 Or Milky Coffee £1 Or A Sarnie £3
G Is For Gala And G Is For Grosvonor In My Opinion G Stands For

Teeside report

Looked forward to this but in hindsight played the wrong events without doubt.

Played the £100 n £200 events back to back and really should of just played the main event.

Wednesday and a full house of 120 runners and plenty of alternates. Good table even the company of a fellow NPF er in Irishimi. Not much action but a couple of pots and increase my stack a little bit then near end of level 2 I totally cock it up. Pick up AA in 2nd position and throw in 4 chips wanting to make it 400 in blinds of 50/100 but in error cos Im a fking blind fkr its only 150 and dealer points out needs to be 200 which I oblige with the other 2 25 chips. 4 callers and board comes 893 and I bet it for Irishimi to single raise the bet. Danger bells ringing in my ears and after tanking decide to re raise him and see where I stand. I do this with intention of folding to further action and he pushes all in. HAVNT GOT A CLUE WHY but after big tank and think I convince myself and I dont know why now that hes got an overpair and call. Hes got 88 for his set and Im gone with no help. Didnt even feel bad cos I played hand like a donk and shoudda been an easy fold especially with who the player was as well.
Me n Cardguard are 25% so looks like long wait for me and set up forum on lap top and fire updates back for people online. Cardguard eventually busts out and as weve got Irishimi and Gottilt in our car we decide to stay and keep updating. As it goes we have alot of NPF members going well and get 4 onto final table. It then gets down to 4 left and weve got 3 of them in Irishimi, De Hammer and Full Tilt.
Full Tilt busts 4th, Irishimi goes 3rd and De Hammer 2nd so good results for the forum but Im totally knackered after getting home around 5.30am.

£200 event following night and its another full house with plenty alternates again.
Cardguard busts early doors and Im slowly but steadily adding to my stack on a very normal table which then gets broken up. Next table is very abc and my stacks the same when this gets broken up and down to approx last 1/2 of field. The structure these are played its the antes that kick in fast n hard and you simply cannot miss 2 or 3 laps without picking chips up or you get in bad trouble. This happens at my next table and when I got 8xBB left I pick up A10 in button folded round to me I push for BB who seemed a very angry Southerner with bad attitude but same stack size as me announce " Fk it Im bored I call"

He flips J5 off but its obvious whats going to happen and 5 hits the flop and another at the turn. Great call, nice hand mate and Im up and gone. Lets wrap it up Cardguard whos on the lap top for forum and at least I get to bed at a normal time.
De Hammer was going great guns at last info and I hope he takes it down.
Overall the games a very fast game due to the ante structure but the actual Tour itself is obviously very well supported and obviously priced correctly.
Was nice to meet Steve Holden there and hope he has more luck in main event than he did in the £100 n £200

Probably have weeks break from playing and going down to Birmingham next weekend with Xenocode to play in the Circus 100K event which should be good crack.