Learn ta read ya dosey git!!!!

2nd last live game of the year at Circus for my normal £30 d/c F/O and numbers not bad considering the league is now finished with about 40 odd taking their seats. Get seat 1 and dealing but only lasts 1st level for me as we get a house dealer after that and a free pint comes my way for my services.
Omg 3rd pair rools it seems and some of the strangest plays Ive seen live for ages here, thought I was online at one time and guys pushing with garbage and worst is getting called with worse and then getting rewarded. Dodge the crazy gang and have nice steady build with 2 nicely timed bluffs against 1 of only 3 players at the table capable of folding to the board.
Table break up and 1/2 hour later Im nearly twice average and sitting pretty when with low 20 field left I raise mid with 10 10 for BB to say " Ill see a flop " AQ6 board aint what ya wanna see really but get to see the turn very cheap and eventually fold to river cheap bet again as he shows me 66 for flopped set. Pick up AA 2nd position and my raise meets the table low stack push with 66 and sb announce he passed a 6. Nice flop dealer as he gives her the last 6 then next lap my KK raise gets a call mid and a re raise from the BB and insta call to my shove with his AA.
3 hands and early bath head home.

OOOOOOO its WBCOOP on Poker Stars and just make the 12.00 k.o. which was way too late for young pup Gyposdog. Looks like the previous crazy gang have all joined in this as well with constant all in shoves on my table which eventually I get doubled up from so decent start. Quick look in lobby tells me 72 seats from 500 plus runner field so settle down helped along by chatting away with Cardguard on MSN whos following along whilst playing in another game there. Notice a few other bloggers I recognise with 2 at my table so cracks very good considering.
Bust through the 72 mark and what a donkey I am as give Stars no respect blaming the late hour and my tiredness for thinking its a seat only prizepool to Final and along with many others just push all in when qualified. READ THE DETAILS YOU FKN DONKEY with various prizes on offer but my push only gets the final seat and lose at least a step 2 ticket. Oh well better than bubbling I suppose and another late night it seems.

Places Freeroll Qualifiers - Prizes Awarded
1st WBCOOP Final seat + Sunday Majors Platinum Package*
2nd-9th WBCOOP Final seat + Sunday Majors Gold Package**
10th-27th WBCOOP Final seat + Step 3 Ticket
28th-45th WBCOOP Final seat + Step 2 Ticket
46th-72nd WBCOOP Final seat

PokerStars Tournament #124189659, No Limit Hold'emFreeroll Super Satellite559 playersTarget Tournament #170000000 72 tickets to the target tournament Tournament started
2008/12/16 19:00:00 ET
Dear teamdobb, You finished the tournament in 65th place.You qualified to play in Tournament #170000000 and are automatically registered for it. See Tournament #170000000 Lobby for further details. Congratulations!Thank you for participating.