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Poker Stars Blogger Championship Final and despite going low early doors (2k) patience paid off with hands eventually coing when needed.
Got into decent position and steady build going into later stages and surprised how quick the field thinned out.
blinds 500 nd 1000, wake up with AA, utg min raises to 2k "he's strong, I hope" folded round to me, hmm 7k bet! BB gets out the way utg calls for 5k more. flop comes JQK very dangours i think, whats my options! after very carefull diliberations I decide to push my remaining 35+k and look to take it down there and then, he insta calls and slow motion kicks in,shit , Im excpecting QQQ or KKK at the very best I can hope for AK, but he shows K 10 giving him top pair with the up and down straight draw, dodge one bullet on the turn, hold my breath and dodge another on the river, weeeeeeeeeeeee, now got 100k+ and sitting comfortably in the top ten overall
Decent finish of 22nd for $215 stars ticket with big damage hand being KQ raise which I hate from early position called by BB. Flop of 9JQ and 2 spades became hes on a flush draw and eventually all chips went in with him holding the business with K 10.
Bust soon after that shoving with K6 when getting low but overall pleased with result. Special mention to AcesNext, Gimac & Steve Holden for rail support

Official write up read like this at Poker Stars reports:

7:14pm--teamdobb eliminated in 22nd place

teamdobb made his last stand with Kh-6c and moved all in for 25,662, earning a call from TarHeel1641 with Ks-9h in the big blind. The flop was a disaster for teamdobb and utterly perfect for TarHeel1641, coming down Qh-Jh-Tc. Yep, that's a king-high straight, boys and girls. teamdobb was left only with outs to a chop, missing them when the turn and river came the 7s and the Jc to eliminate him in 22nd place.

For the detailed reports on this event they are well described at



Anonymous said...

yip, u played an excellent game TD, very unlky not to get a final table, pleasure to watch the master @ work. stick in there, it will come :)

Wildcat said...

Merry Xmas, and best of luck for 2008!