Hung like an Elephant!!!!

Last couple of pics from the CPC.

Met guy there called Peter "Stumpy" Newton with his wife and to be honest had a great laugh with them and they were excellent company. Heres a picture of him bragging to his missus about something in his cabin and a drunken session from the "Dog n Duck" pub onboard. Sitting in the pub after a few sherberts and I turn round to him and say: Yi na what Peter? Ive played against you for 3 years in Newcastle and always thought to myself what a miserable fucker you are!!! How wrong Ive been cos ya a great laugh.
Dont worry he says to me everyone else thinks that as well. Nice one mate we throughly enjoyed ya company

Pictured on the left is "Soaps" and yes we did it!!!!

WE GOT HIM SMILING!!!!! Nice one Mr & Mrs Suddes great company as well


Poker play the Soap way said...

i think you have used some software to paint my smile on :)

Brenos said...

LOL @ both pics :-D