pulling my hair out

Well November was very busy , loads of work done on house so not much poker played.eventually moving in on 2nd Dec, but no internet connection which is a pisser , especially as all I get are lies from virgin media who seem to have employed 1/2 of India.

Only 4 live games which consisted of 2 bubbles and 2 donk outs, the most annoying and frustating 1 being the £500 game in Birmingham where I played perfect for 10 1/2 hours , then had a 20 minute brain ceasure and went from cruising on average chips with 65 players left to busting in 61st position,, fk sake was well pissed with myself and the way I played those final hands.

Anyway online Ive played all month, but again not as much as normall but I have managed to turn a reasonable profit .One thing I have relized, is pokerstars doesn,t suit me and after this year won,t be playing there much, if at all, might have a go at getting the $600 bonus on full tilt, first thing I gotta do is get my internet up and running.
Anyway up in court this month to sort out my divorce finances , so there might be a steady flow of staking requests develope next year LOL ( anyone know a good murderer)


mag1892 said...

not a good month m8 , hang in there it gets better apparently.

TEAMDOBB said...

keep reading the babes of the month Gaz or this will take ya mind off things www.tube8.com