Mad Super Busy

Alreet Stumpy here,

Well its been awhile since Ive blogged its cos Ive been mad super busy lol.I invested into a new venture and didnt expect to put as much time into it as I envisaged. On the plus side im making more money out of it, but im either driving trains,helping the sngo stable or playing poker add the new venture in and it all adds upto MAD SUPER BUSY.

I played the UKIPT and lasted about 6hrs when I reshoved 16k when av was 19k over shorty allin and get called by big stack behind so it was jj me shorty 99 v ak and i came last.Congrats to Dave Knight who finished 4th and Alex Joblin who chopped for the most money hup but ended off finishing 2nd.

$19 to $10k challenge

Because ive been super mad busy i havent played as much as i expected but im going in the right direction current roll is $922

sngo stable

The current crop of players are a joy to work with and are slowly getting to grips with the sngo strategy i use.They are very enthusiastic which makes me want to do loads of work with them so hopefully its a win win situation and by the end of the 6 months they will all be crushing.

live poker

Havent played much over the last 3 months but had my fair share of fts and made a decent profit at cash.

A special mention to Dan Trett who for a few years wasnt getting the results his game deserved but this year hes finally getting the results after taking down the ukipt hi roller hes moved to oz and took down 2 mtts in Sydney KUTGW DAN and hope to see you in Vegas next year?

Finally a mention to The Cardguard Kid please please get well soon, I got to know steve properly when i went to vegas with him,sensh and gaz walker and had amazing time and great laugh.A great guy and hopefully he makes a full recovery very very soon.

keep on smiling stumpy

Cardguard needs you

Yo readers,

Its been a long time but lots of good and bad stuff happening in life and lost alot of the desire to blog.

Its took a huge reason for me to post here again and none more so than the sad sad news of my big pal and poker buddy and fellow Dobba Steve " Cardguard Kid " Wills. Guy went into a coma with kidney failure and a bleed on his brain was found. He was in a coma for nearly 2 weeks and finally came around and all looked promising then he falls and breaks his hip in hospital and also his recovery is going to be a far longer harder road than 1st thought. Hes got certain problems but teh buig fella has been strong all his life with what its thrown at him and also hes one hell of a fighter and the type of guy you would want alongside you when things are bad.

Fellow Dobba Craig " Mr Entertainment" Foggo has put this thread at the NPF for all and Id appreciate any help and support any readers out there can offer. A card or a call isnt alot to ask and can mean so much to one of the best genuine giuys on this earth


Dave " Teamdobb" Collins

p.s To the guy moaning in the comments about his crazy golf picture being used in our Vegas report without a link I say this:


Ups & Downs

Alreet Stumpy here,
Here are my stats from June
Live mtts = even
online mtts= won $1014
online sngos = loss $47

We had are ups and downs along the way but in the end we made a nice profit and hopefully we all learned alot one way or another.The next batch of players has already started and already they are showing alot of promise.We will have 6 players which is about the right amount so we can give them enough training.

Hardly playing live at mo but had a nice ft at gentings when mrs stumpy, craig newton and me all made the ft weeeee.Had a nice game of dealers choice at the g last month with julian,aryan,mags,gimac,sensh and nemisis and joined later by knerrad,mulhuzz and lecpet it was really enjoyable night a few beers, good crack ,and winning about £300 hopefully get another night sorted soon.

Im trying to turn $19 to $10k playing sngos and hopefully when roll is big enough i can add some mtts sessions my roll is currently on $462 so a decent start but along way to go.
Really looking forward to the ukipt at newcastle last year never really got a stack going so hopefully this year i can have a deep run.

 My nephew Rob Newton is a young pro cricketer playing for Northampton and this year hes finally getting a good run in the team and hes taking his chance well, yesterday he scored his 2nd 100 for the season after a couple of swashbuckling 50s,hopefully he will finish the season well and you never know one day he might play for England.

July stats
live mtts = loss £30
online mtts =loss $409
online sngos =win $326
live cash =win £600
staking =win $1400
keep on smiling stumpy

May Stats & Vegas 2012 WSOP

Alreet Stumpy here,

Ive got some catching up to do as I was really busy pre Vegas and didnt have time to post Mays figures so here they are

Live mtts - +£350
Online mtts - $1100
online sngs - $90
weight - even
horses -even
Only decent score was 5th in Genting monthly £50 game for £500 55 v ak aipf

My Vegas Trip

Day 1
Mr & Mrs Stumpy arrived in Vegas at 4pm and we were determined to go straight into Vegas timezone we had an early chinese and we were in bed by 7pm LOL.

Day 2

We hit the shops bigtime taking in 3 shopping malls and after Mrs S had bought everyone a present she decided on getting xmas presents as well!Was really pleased to sit down and have a rest in the 7pm Aria $125 buyin game, finally finished 8th 88 v 99 aipf.
Knerrad and Teamdobb arrived without luggage but in good heart.

Day 3+4

Binions 1k buyin 98 runners:
We picked this game thinking it would be a soft 1k event, as it happened it was full of online sickos and decent live pros.I ran and played pretty well until the ft when there was 8 left the button raised I 3bet he 4bet I 5 bet overshoved with aq and he finds a call with a10 flop 10109 turn 8 river 10 and after the chip count we both have exactly 312k when the average was 300k. Ive never been so gutted!, everytime I make a ft with decent money uptop ive had some terrible beats and to be honest I still havent recovered.
We went for a couple of coronas then upto the Rio to reg for the wsop 1500 event then had a nice steak at the outback restaurant and finished off by playing the Aria 7pm $125 mtt but no one cashed.

Day 5
We chilled round the pool then met up with my cousin Amy and new hubby Phil, whos wedding we were at the day before we left for Vegas.We had a meal in the Hardrock Cafe then wandered down to watch the Bellagio fountains.

Day 6

The day had come that I was dreading, the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon id promised Mrs S that I would do it but im scared of heights and I was shitting myself tbh.We got picked up and arrived at the Maverick base at the airport and introduced to the pilot, we then jumped in the helicopter and made our way to the Grand Canyon it was a strange feeling because it felt like we were hardly moving but we were going 145mph.We flew into the Canyon and landed on a cliff edge about 200 metres above the Colorado River and supped champagne and had some nibbles, took some pics then we headed back passing over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before flying over the strip and landing back at the airport.AWESOME.
On the night time we went to the Cirque de Soleil Beatles love show at the mirage and it was amazing,its a combination of gymnastics,ballet,acrobatics and acting all set to the beatles music all set on a circular stage with the cast entering from everywhichway you looked.A great day.

Day 7

$1500 WSOP Event
Met up with knerrad and arrived at the rio just in time for brekkie. I find my table and get off to a great start, and then add 4k to my starting stack after each level, im really happy with my table and running well until we get the table move, ive got 18kish av is 11k.I arrive at next table to be welcomed by two drunks who are playing really strange example I raise mp with 77 drunk bb calls flop 998 i cbet he flats turn q chch rvr 2 chch he has qq!We get to the last level of the night and I have 14ish bbs 400 left 297 pay and I shove a9 otb sb tank calls 99 i flop a fd but brick it.At least i didnt get a badbeat this time that made me feel better.............
We all played the golden nuggett $135 mtt 220 runners I got off to a good start but coudnt keep it up and went out so me and juicy went upto the Aria and played there $125 game and at the break I had 32k when the av was 11k until I lose qq v a7 aipf then kk v aj aipf 1st card k sigh then a7 v 1010 when I was short.I headed back to the Nugget as Kaz and DC were still in near the money so I joined Mark Trett on the rail, we get the coronas in and had some great crack, unluckily Kaz runs her 77 into AA flops a 7 but turns an ace, well done on your 1st vegas cash.We then rail teamdobb really hard until his headsup play lets him down and he finishes 2nd for over 3k was really pleased for him as hes been trying really hard to change his game and ive been brutally honest with him about his exit hands lately which must of helped as he played great with no mistakes.Thanks to Mark it was really great night with some brilliant crack and we all went to bed happy with a little % of Teamdobb in our pocket.

Day 9

Rest and recuperation round the pool until we get a phone call off Dan Trett tp play crazy golf at Circus Circus its doubles Mr &Mrs Stumpy v Juicy Oranges Knerrad v Dan Trett and Teamdobb,Knerrad holes in 1 on the 1st and burns up the 1st 9 but its still tight with only 1 shot in it until Teamdobb holes in one and Knerrads falls to peices when Dan gets the luckiest hole in one ive ever seen he hits it sideways it bounces off the side and lands in the rollercoaster that roars above our head as we all stand there laughing it roars back around and see the ball tumble slowly down, it bounces off Teamdobbs poundland glasses smashing them in two but the ball goes round the edge of the hole 4 times and hangs on the lip and eventually drops in when a group of americans trample by like a herd of elephants.Teamdobb holed in one at the last to win by 1 shot from Mr & Mrs Stumpy with Juicy and Knerrad last.Juicy me and Kaz had a few beers at Planet Hollywood and waited for the others who were going to get changed before dining in Changs when they arrived back we had a great meal in Changs which we ended off getting for free as Juicy kindly offered to pay so we span up the $135 with the help of Dan on the blackjack and Kazs number 6 on the roulette.We ended the night watching a band in one of the bars they had a request box and Juicy asked for Crocodile Shoes by Jimmy Nail, never did get to hear that one ahh well it was a great day.

Day 10

We met up in the sports bar in the Monte Carlo and had a bite to eat and a few beers while watching England win the footy and q for the quarters then we went back so Kaz could pack then met up with Dan and Mark Trett,Knerrad and Teamdobb to go on a dinner cruise organised by Dan on Lake Mead, we had a lovely meal with champagne as we cruised upto the Hoover Dam, a really romantic evening unless you were with 4 other blokes sigh.thanks to Dan for organising this it was a great night.

Day 11

We left Vegas vowing to be back next year to finally win something big.
Thanks to Teamdobb,Knerrad,Juicyoranges,Mark and Dan Trett for the great company in Vegas x

Keep on Smiling

Sng Final Stats and Thoughts.

Hello again everyone.

After almost a 6 month sng stake backed by the Dobba's I thought I'd throw up the stats, wins, learns and fails.

For anyone that doesn't know I agreed originally to play a minimum of 50 18 man sng's a week for 6 months.

I'll keep things short cos you might think its war and peace written by KQ4EVA.

During the 6 month period I've made a costant profit averaging just under $1 profit per game and when you consider the stakes I was playing was $3.50's with a max payout of around $33 I think this is a decent rate even though varience kicked in late on and it dropped to around 65 cents per game. There has (of course) been ups and downs during this time but overall I'd say the return is resonable overall.

Key Points:

Personal problems got in the way of volume and I dropped behind and actually didn't complete the 6 months falling a few weeks short after agreeing with DC that we could call it a day. I'd like to have played more in this time but things happen that are unavoidable and Poker is a passtime/hobby that can be put on hold.

I actually tinkered with both the 18's and 27's for the first few hundred games and found that I was profiting more from the 27's and then concentrated on them more.

I also added in the odd 45 90 and 180 on occasions to fill a set when the 27's were slow in filling up.

I actually made a decent profit from all of these but near the end of the stake after speaking to Gaz and DC I cut these out and concentrated solely on the 27's.

So, as the graph shows I played a total of 780 games with a profit of $498 minus a $27 loss from a mtt session agreed by DC one Sunday as a change and treat. That left $471 profit with $30 in bonuses released making a total profit of $501.

Personal Wins: Playing to a set strategy set out by Peter even though the early stages are boring as fuck.

For the first 4 months of the stake sticking to volume set out and other than personal problems I'm 100% sure I would have met the required volume.

Not playing while drinking which was an absolute nightmare but I did it even though it was torture as I get bored very easily and can't relax.

Personal Learns:

I learned that I can be disciplined when I want to be in sticking to a schedule and strategy aswell BR Management even though these are things I practiced successfully in the past but hadn't done for quite some time. I sort of re-learned in a way, if you like.

I fucking hate sngs even though they are simple and filled with numpties.

With 27 mans taking around 2 hours to complete don't start a session unless I know I can be arsed to sit there for at least 4 or 5 hours if I want to complete a decent session.

Personal fails:

There was reasons for fails but they were still fails.

I didn't hit volume.

I just fell short of the 6 months.

I didn't stick to plying to 18 mans which I'd originally agreed even though I think it worked out better for the stake and for me personally.

I would have liked to have made more profit for both myself and backers but didn't hit what I had targeted.


I'd like to say a big thanks to Peter, Dave and Gary for the opportunity to take part in this. I must say the couple of sessions spent at Bannisters were invaluable as the lads were great and the rail from the lads at times was very much appreciated.

In hindsight I think 6 months is too long and feel that in future if the lads were offering this kind of stake to anyone I'd say 3 months is about right for this.

Anyone looking to do this type of thing in future give me a shout if you have any questions about my personal experience but, I'd say give it a shot it's a good way to gain/re-gain discipline in all ares of the game.

Thanks again lads.


Vegas 2012 NPF Crazy Golf Championships

Sitting playing at Genting last night and Dan Trett says to me nice post on Vegas Dave but you didnt mention naything about the crazy golf day. OMG was my reaction, how the fook did I forget about that so here goes with what happened.

As a group we tried as much as possible to mix stuff up rather than just playing poker so when Dan Trett suggested a game of crazy golf everyone soon agreed lets get it on and headed off down to Circus Circus where they had an indoor course which is part of the huge indoor fun fair complex. !st time Ive actually been into Circus Circus as had heard nothing but bad reports about it and its condition of being somewhat a dump but was very pleasantly surprised when I entered as to the facilities and ammenities that the hotel offered. A huge place with a huge choice of stuff to do especially geared towards family groups.

Everyone met up at the entrance to the Fun Fair complex and we soon found the crazy golf course and paid our $5 entry fee. We were provided with state of the art putters and a handful of multi coloured golf balls and decided that we would make it a doubles competition with best score from the pairing being the team score. Teams were chosen by simply blindly throwing the balls down the 1st hole and whichever balls were closest to each other then that was your partner. Pairings worked out as such:

Teamdobb & Dan Trett
Juicey Oranges & Knerrad
Stumpy & Mrs Stumpy

Good even mix I thought on seeing how the teams had paired and the contest got off to a flyer when Knerrad holed in one at the 1st hole then proceeded to basically keep his partner off the score card as he consistently holed for 2 and at the 1st 9 holes had a very impressive looking score card of nothing below a 2. Myself and Dan dovetailed well and stayed in touch by simply complimenting each other by coming in when the other struggled. On the Stumpy team well Mrs Stumpy was certainly holding her own and probably just nudging the best score between her and Peter.

If crazy golf courses were marked for how tough they were then this one was way up there with lots of tricky holes and each hole had the potential of wrecking your card and after a quick team chat myself and Dan agreed to now go for the jugular and try and apply the pressure as we knew Knerrad wouldnt be able to cope with it. Sure enough as I sunk a hole in one at the 12th we could see the change in Knerrad and he was obviously visibly shaken which got even worse as Dan expertly read the line on the 13th to make it back to back hole in ones for the Dobba Trett combo. With weak knees and nervous hands Knerrad then had a nightmare 5 on the 14th to open the floodgates as Juicey was unable to come in with a helpful score and we knew then that we had nudged ahead and had no intentions of letting the lead slip. As had previously proceeded we kept dovetailing our scores with nothing less than a 2 and coming to the 18th we just had to hold our nerve.

The last hole featured a rather strange up hill thin strip which you had to putt your ball into a non retreavable cup BUT if you missed either left or right then you also lost your ball down the side channel. As such it was decided that if you missed the main lijne and went down the side then you would be allocated with a 5 on your card. Game over basically as with being 1st up I nailed my putt down the middle for an ace but fair do to the other teams as between them each team carded a hole in one. High fives from me and Dan Trett as when the scores were totted up we had taken down the NPF Vegas World Crazy Golf Championship by one shot from Juicey & Knerrad with The Stumpys a further shot behind.

As long as we can keep the Hetton Mob out of this next year then me & Dan could easily hold onto to our crowns for years to come!!!

Vegas 2012

7th visit to Vegas but 1st visit without Mrs with me. She decided she didn’t fancy it which is rather understandable as a lot of the time Im playing poker and shes filling in time and theres only so much shopping and sun bathing you can do.
Travelled across with Knerrard29 from the NPF, the 10th best online poker player from Newcastle apparently as published by pocket fives and as his pennies could manage it we travelled British Airways World Economy which is equivalent to Virgin Premium Economy. Darren only agreed to this extravagance as we did get an unreal cheap deal at Ballys which basically cost us only £20 per night each for a very good quality room. Darren gives a new meaning to conservative which proves handy when calculating restaurant bills as he has a built in running total calculator obviously brought on from his multi table ability he has built up over the years.

Travel got off to a bad start as our flight from Newcastle to Heathrow was over an hour late which meant our connection to Vegas was very tight and ended up us being the last 2 passengers to get on plane. My doubts as to our cases being on the plane were soon realised on landing as they were still back in London and didn’t arrive till the following day. Being a smelly tramp for a day or 2 didn’t bother me although the wiff from my socks did start to come through after the 2nd day.

Met up with Mr & Mrs Stumpy and played the 7.00 Aria game. Standard stuff trying to maintain a certain BB level which I achieved until I pick up AA and get nice double up at crucial stage of game. Sitting pretty comfy now and close to the cash I pick up AA again in the BB. Russian guy limps in and I put a decent raise in which he calls. Flop comes K high which I lead quite strong into and he jams his rather large stack all in which I happily call and he flips over KJ. The board pairs on turn to block his 2 pair chance but the case K comes on river to take me out for what would have been a chip leader pot with 18 left and 15 paid

Following day is the 1st of our main games and myself Stumpy and Knerrard take in the Binnions Classic series $1000 Main event. Im expecting a not too difficult field tbh but am shocked when 75 of the 95 runners are well known pros and online wiz kids. Tournie ends up being probably the toughest field Ive ever played in with every pot entered being totally tested with by some top quality poker players. Get myself into a decent position mid way by turning the nut straight and getting fully paid then getting trapped by AA guy when I jam over his re raise when Im holding the nut flush draw with AJ hearts to get there on the river for a very nice pot. Get 3 bet a lot out of pots which is the norm with these type of guys and dribble chips before busting out 28th with a re shove holding 2nd pair and flush draw which was probably a mistake considering my stack size at time and guy made a good tank call with rag Ace which held. Knerrard bust just short of money but Stumpy made final table which was great achievement in this quality field but got desperately unlucky 8 left when guy decided his Ace 10 to Stumpys 4 bet jam was good and proceeded to make quad tens against Stumpys AK for chip leader pot. Don’t normally see the little fella too disappointed in any poker beat he takes but knew from his reactions this one hurt more than most with him being so close to a very nice top prize of over 30k. Few coronas later and we soon had him back smiling again.
WSOP Seniors Event next up for me and a new world record set here with over 4000 runners. Pretty aggressive starting table for me and with a 3000 stack theres not much room for error especially with people making open raises to 250 and 450 with blinds at 25/25. My Seniors lasted for the total of 70 minutes after losing with 10 10, AK twice on K high boards, KQ on K high board and killer hand KK v AJ which smashed the flop. Wasn’t too disappointed tbh as not a lot I could do or avoid and moved onto the following day with the Golden Nugget Seniors Event.

Just short of 500 runners in this and a decent stack to start with and 40 min blind levels. Built my stack very nicely and found some great spots so moved along at nice pace and never in any trouble whatsoever. Field whittled down nicely as we moved through the levels and before long we were down to only 100 runners and Im nicely placed with just above average stack and feeling very confident when our table breaks to go to 10 tables and 1st hand on new table Im straight into the BB looking down at K2.  Guy in pos 2 limps in and everyone else folds to me and we see a flop of K 10 2. I check and he fires ¾ pot and I jam all in which he snaps me off with KQ. Looking good to go twice average here at great time of game. My hand looks even better when turn brings the case King to give me house with Kings & twos but this is short lived when the river brings a killer Queen to give him a bigger house and Im out feeling pretty gutted and sorry for myself.
Caesars Seniors is next on the agenda and not really in the mood for the long haul past over 700 runners which is made even worse with a horrible table draw. Table is full of very aggressive and capable players which is pretty unusual in Seniors Events as you do normally get lots of positions and good situations to pick up easy chips but this table was totally different to the norm. Although the starting stack is good the 30 min levels soon fly by and this game plays likes a turbo event with big jumps in the blind levels and a very aggressive ante structure. Cant remember my exit hand but sure it was pretty standard stuff although must admit the Canadian guy on my left basically owned my arse in several pots and consistently damaged my stack as I tried to stay in touch.

Play another Aria 7.00 game with no luck then we return downtown to Binnions to take in another of their series games and go deep in that without cash but Dan Trett makes final table and at one stage with 8 left had over ½ the chips in play before getting very unlucky twice when holding QQ to shorter stack shoves which got there. He eventually went out 4th place after being the only player it seemed there not content to ladder and went totally for the win.

Return downtown again the following day as to be honest the games were great value, probably just the right length of time and reasonably softish fields compared to others. Took in the Golden Nugget Series this time and a field of nearly 300 runners in the great surroundings of their Grand Hall. Anyone who hasn’t played here then it’s a must thing to do when visiting over the WSOP period.
Never really got going at all early levels but hung in and it wasn’t until about level 6 or 7 when things turned for me. Cant remember much about crucial hands but by 3 tables out I had a decent stack to play with and then had great table move alongside Mark Trett. We had about the same stacks and Mark used his excellent negotiation skills to swop 10% in each other which we then upped to 20%. Mrs Stumpy then was moved to our table and we were all sat next to each which was very nice and cosy until they moved me to another table. My 20% in Mark soon disappeared as he missed me that much he donked out soon as I moved. Blind on blind he raised A9 for guy to shove on him which he snapped off. Guys 9 10 looked proppa sick until he binked a river 10 and mark was left to rail me and his 20% investment. Last couple of tables I was picking up chips pretty easy tbh and final table went very smoothly as we soon got down to 6. Refused plenty requests for deals as I wasn’t interested in chopping with certain players left and eventually got heads up with one of only 2 people I would of chopped with. He had 4/1 chip lead so we played on as the woman who went out 3rd took ages to leave the table and hands were dealt as she dithered on before we could discuss any possible chop. I pick up A7 in BB and jam over his limp which he snaps off with 99 and holds. Just short of $3500 not too bad and freerolls me for the trip although the $5500 for 1st would have been nicer. Had to laugh at Mark Tretts comment leaving when he turns around to me and says “ You need to work on your heads up play Davey” Stumpy replies “ We havnt got to that page yet”!
Mrs Stumpy went out for a min cash around the 20 mark getting it in with 77 v AA. She flopped a 7 but oppo rivered the Ace

Played one more Aria and one more Golden Nugget after that but had had enough by then. Final game at Aria late on Phil Helmuth and a Chinese couple were given a table in the tournament area where we were and they were playing a private game of Chinese Poker. I resisted the urge and provocation from Knerrad as he wanted me to stand behind with a board saying WANKET so he could get a picture. I just didn’t fancy being ejected and barred from one of my favourite hotels and cardrooms in Las Vegas.
Great crowd of people this year with Dan & Mark Trett, Mr & Mrs Stumpy, Juicey Oranges and my room mate and butler Knerrard who without fail brought me a cup of coffee in bed every morning and made sure I took my tablets last thing at night and 1st thing in the morning. We finished the trip off nicely with a cruise and meal on a paddle boat across Lake Meade.

Favourite eating place ended up being Changs Chinese Restaurant in Planet Hollywood where we ate 3 times. Great atmosphere with great food at value prices. Interesting meal on 2nd visit when we all went and Juicey Oranges tried to pick up the tab paying on his card. After lots of objections and with $130 lying on the table it was decided as juicey wouldn’t take the cash to go for spin up on roulette and blackjack. $70 was given to Dan Trett the Blackjack Master and boom one hit was doubled to $140. I took charge of the remaining $60 for roulette and after getting some numbers off people we hit $10 on 4, 6, 8, 24, 28, 29. Booom in came Mrs Stumpys 6 and after cashing in Juicey got his meal bill refunded and we all got a free night from the proceeds.
We tried this once more at the Nugget when having $20 excess from the kitty after breakfast and I suggested putting the $20 on lucky number 6 at the 1st break of the tournament we were playing. I eventually added $5 to this and decided to hit 4,6,8,24,29. Headed over to the nearest roulette table at the break but the ball was already in motion so unable to get 5 numbers placed and as always number 6 popped in. Moved onto another table and got our bet on for the ball to pop into the slot between 24 & 29. Fun while it lasted and would have been surreal to have stuck with $20 on number 6 and to see it come in.

Bit of breakfast taking Darren to Gran Lux Café in Palazzo followed by a spot of shopping and bit of cash before we made the long journey home arriving at a chaotic Heathrow with seemingly massive customs problems before eventually sneaking under some barriers and getting through quicker than we should of to UK Connections weighed down by the bags of presents Mark Trett was carrying for his family.
Great trip with great people and roll on next year

May be next time?

Another month drifts by and at least a few things to write about although find it very difficult these days to motivate myself to actually blog stuff. Must be turning into an old git!!!
Still playing very very limited pokers but did play couple of decent games over last few weeks. Take in the Friday night £100 game as part of the Gala May Festival weekend and travel down to Stockton. Attraction was the £10k guaranteed pot on 80 runners so obv very disappointed when the pot falls short with only 72 runners. Pretty tough starting table tbh with some very capable locals but chip along nicely until last hand before 1st break when shortie on the button ships his stack in looking for dup or a re entry and I make the call from BB with 77 v his Q8 off. He obv smashes the flop and turn and takes away my profitable chips of the 1st 2 hours.
After the break I go through 2 horrible levels and start to dribble chips in my attempt to stay in touch with my stack as the turbo element of comp starts to kick in. Eventually with about 30 players left Im shoving my last 12 bigs in with 66 from the cut off and the BB wakes up with 10s.
Driving back home I decide to make a short detour to Genting in town and play a couple of hours cash. Place is pretty busy when I arrive and although the one main cash table is full and a table Id of liked to have been sat at it but its not long before they open table 2 and some good characters sit down for a lively and interesting 1st hour. Im playing atc early doors but soon drop a buy in as lose with 3 sets an obv lower end house I shud fold and a flush over flush. Decide to top up to a max Im going to lose for the night but it aint long before I lose another decent pot leaving me very short and pick up 10 10 which gets one Chinese guy Ill play atc as well to come along. He calls my raise and Ive already decided Im jamming any flop which comes Jack high. He snap calls but I turn a set and he angrly folds his hand after obv hitting his Jack. Being in a bit of a naughty mood now and wanting to try and chip up or bust I seem to upset this Chinese lad when I 3 bet him twice which deffo is building up for car crash hand to happen. Eventually when pretty low again I limp early position with 77 and with a few others coming along the Chinese lad does his statuatory button raise and I put my last £38 into the pot which he angrily tank calls. Dealer puts 4 over cards down so Im looking pretty sick so after bit of joke with him about this the Chinese lad gets very very annoyed demanding I show my cards. I tell him one pair but he starts being really nasty to me so I give him some verbals back thrown in with a few cocks and swear words about him being a prick for the small pot antics hes displaying and put my 77 on the table. He proceeds to slam his AJ on the table calling me a fish etc as I retaliate with a few choice words as I leave the table waving my goodbyes. Fun and games but hey ho.

Next stop and game is the Genting Poker Series Leg being held at Edinburgh which Ive been looking forward to for ages. Get qualified pretty cheap enough online and travel up with fellow Dobba Xenocode who also gets in cheap. A lot of lads travelling up from Newcastle and I also see a lot of old faces from a few years back in Kev Bloor, John Loopster Littler and Dom Kay which is always nice as you do tend to lose touch.
Very good starting table taking everything into consideration which consists of a lady qualifier, couple of Balla internet wiz kids, guy I know from Newcastle, couple of local Jocks who were good crack and the well known Karl Morenholz from the famous Hit Squad. With an hour clock and 25k stack its not a sprint but as norm some people still think it is in their attempt to accumulate quick chips. Get to the break having not played many hands mainly because I had pretty much garbage and catch the convo from the 2 balla internet lads near the bar of them liking the table because all the good players are to their left and all the nits are sitting to their right. Im in their nit category which is always my aim and shortly after the break I have a fun hand where I raise 44 mid pos and find one caller. Flop comes AQQ and after caller checks he folds to my c bet and balla lad asks to see one card. Tell him to pick one and he turns over the 4 clubs and we get a convo of can I be moved into your other group of players please from your convo break which he at least found very amusing.

Works out well for me later on as Im 3 bet twice by these lads but unfortunately for them Im holding big hands and they fold to my 4 bets. Big problem I find these days is my concentration and stamina which is obviously age related so decide to have a few drinks to help me enjoy the grind more. Deffo works and makes the time pass better. We get table broken and I get moved to a totally different dynamic table and also some very nice stacks sitting around it. By now Im totally settled in with a few pints under my belt and pick up nice pots and spots to keep my stack moving along on a fairly tough table. Eventually we end the day and Im bagging 95k which is above average and Im coming back for day 2 in a healthy position.

Healthy was not how I returned as despite all good intentions me and Gaz were sidetracked by the bad influences of a few other NPF lads and we end up playing a few table games and a few more drinks we stagger outside and its daylight. Feeling proppa rough when we unbag for day 2 but very happy with my table and my position on table. Once again chip along nicely before I get my big double up.
Folded round to blind on blind and guy limps in and I raise holding Ace 9 which he snap calls. Flop comes AK9 with 2 hearts, he checks I bet and he calls. Turn brings the pay day card of 9s and he surprisingly leads strong. Happy days and after few moans about catching another 9 I make the sigh call. River rag and he announces those lovely words of ALL IN and tables Ace 4. TYVM gg wpul. Im now very comfy and very much starting to enjoy myself despite my body still suffering from the hangover shakes.
Next table break and getting to the meaty end of day 2 now I get moved onto table 2. Some very nice stacks here but also some very nice players. Within the next hour Ive got Barney Boatman as my cut off, Paul Jackson as my button, aggro Chinese lad on my right and Joe Beevers on my left so very interesting spot.

Some great table banter flowing especially from Paul Jackson and Barney Boatman as they proceeded to establish the old men always have it mentality to the others at the table. Down to the bubble of 43 players and quickest bubble ever lasts one hand as JJ runs into KK on other table. I then loose Joe Beevers on my left in massive pot to aggro Chinese lad when Joes top pair flush draw combo of K9ss is outkicked by Ace 9.
Despite the quality of the table Id been very comfy despite couple of raise folds Id had to make but then couple of mistakes which eventually I think cost me. Id 3 bet this Scottish guy at bot end of table who had earlier 3 bet me off hand and when I raise 55 to his BB I had big feeling he would jam atc and had made my mind up to call if he did. He duly obliged and bottled the call when I got the count and folded but was gutted when he proudly flips over 85 off!!!

I then flat 99 in position to aggro Scotch lad which was big mistake and we see flop of 10c3c7s. He c bets and I 3 bet to 52k. He insta jams on me and Im convinced hes playing the flush draw with something like A8 KJ type of hands but I fold again and he shows me the 8c sighhhhhhhh.
I then pick up KK utg and find a caller from the sb of Paul Jackson. The A 10 6 flop is all over his calling range but cbet his check which he quickly calls. Turn brings Q which gives me hope and I decide to still bet his check which he insta flats again. Know Im beat now unless I pick up the miracle card but rag river sees us check check it and he flips over Ace 10 for flopped top top. Puts me shortish now but try to not let the hand effect me when few hands later Paul Jackson raises into my sb and I jam AQ which he snaps JJ. I flop the Q to hold and get back to just over 20 bigs.
Exit hand isn’t far away when down to 3 tables and early position raise is flatted by Chinese guy on my right and I decide AQ is good enough in this spot unless initial raiser has a monsta my jam should get through. The raiser snap calls and Chinese guy folds as expected and Im up against AK. Flop smacks me in the face with AQ10 for happy days but its short lived as dealer puts K there on turn and Im out in 19th for £865. Very fine lines in these and my mistakes were deffo punished hard but overall quite happy with how I played.
End up watching a lot of final table on the Sunday on live stream and delighted that Paul Jackson finished top 2 as he seemed a quality bloke and his play on the final table was some the best poker Ive ever watched with hardly a wrong decision made and some superb folds and calls in really tough spots for huge pots.
Superbly ran tournament by Genting and superb venue. The efforts Genting are putting into poker within the UK is nothing short of amazing and is now being widely recognised by so many and hopefully they are getting the rewards back they rightly deserve for their efforts. Got £200 out of me on Black Jack and roulette anyway so its deffo working!!!!

Next stop is Vegas and fly out 11th June taking in 5 lovely Seniors Events and kick off my games on the 12th June with a £1000 Binnions event which Stumpy and my room mate are also playing. Full Trett poker brother Mark & Dan also hitting the bright lights as well with us, should be fun!!!!

Staking moving into the last month for the 5 lads left with some decent results from most of them although been a long haul for all of them and proves how tough it really is to make any money these days in these games. Efforts of all have been top notch though and wont be long before we see the final results.

Finally outside of Poker the next couple of weeks will see a big change at the Collins household as my son Scott takes the big step of moving out of the comforts of the family household and setting up his own place. Nice place hes moving into at the other end of the same estate and Im sure the move will see a big change in his way he handles his life and another big step in growing up although Ill now need to find a new gardener to cut the lawns, an extra job in the tea time walking of the dog and fuck knows what will happen if the TV goes wrong as I don’t even know how to work the remote!!! Im sure it’s the right move for him although I also know it will effect my Mrs more than she realises even though shes got a new couple of settees out of it.

Reet that’s it for this month and next month is hopefully full of Vegas run good news and that big pay day us poker players dream of.

Be lucky!!

Been hard work

Alreet stumpy here,
Pokers a tough game when all you do is lose and thats what happened in April online or live just couldnt win a thing. On top of this I lost on the betting to cap of my worst month for along time so its time to regroup and work hard and get my poker mojo back.
I played the GUKPT £500 event at Stockton, made day2 but eventually went out when I reshoved with AQ v 66 1st card 6 sigh. I really enjoyed it and cant speak highly enough of the cardroom and staff.
The hyper turbo sngos i made a small profit after rake but they wernt really my cup of tea so its prolly back to the normal sngos on stars.
Had another dtd staking sweat when my son Craig went really deep in the dtd grand prix when he was one of the chipleaders with about 50 left but he lost a big pot with kk v 45 on a flop of 366 he barrels flop turns a brick bet again and then river 7 oppo goes allin craig folds and oppo shows the 45 yuk he never really recovered and went out about 35th.
live mtts -£648
online mtts -$1600
online sngos +$50
horses -$500
live staking -£200
weight +2
keep on smiling stumpy

Nowt queerer than folk

OK just past 1/2 way in our staking deal with various people from the 9 players we took on in January and a mixed bunch its certainly turned out.

Reasons for applying to be staked and play for us were all very different and as such the way different players have handled and conducted themselves has also been very different. Its been a huge learning curve for us and to be honest nothing really surprises me with how other people are but they certainly dont handle themselves like myself and the other 2 stakers involved.

Weve had one player go on super tilt after holding a very decent roll which was very disappointing as the main reason he applied to play for us was to try and prevent this happening as hes done it regular with his own money and by playing with our money and for people that I know he fully respects he thought it would help him kerb this reaction to any bad downswing he experienced. Unfortunately that bad downswing occured and he was unable to handle his natural tilt off crazy session which involved playing crazy buy in games chasing to recover his bankroll losses. At least he partly recovered his senses and stopped before going busto and shipped us our monies back with a small profit for the time involved.

Most disappointing for us has been having to inform 3 players that we wanted to end their deals mainly because they seemed ignorant of the rules and terms of the deal and seemed to think they could play any games they wanted without getting the necessary permission. They also totally ignored several requests for reports as to their roll progress when requested and seemed to take the impression this wasnt an important part of the deal they were playing on. As such we ended their stakes and over 2 weeks after informing them we have still not received the roll balances which simply says alot about them and how they have treated the stake although we have received part payments from 2. One player involved was actually telling us lies as they continually messsed us about after the stake was ended. Disappointed to say but says alot about that person and the life they lead.

Quite ironic to the above paragragh but the players who are doing the best are the players who are sticking to the guidelines we set out, the game selections chosen and the bankroll guidance we gave them. They have also been the most informative with stats and progress and seems are getting the full value back in return. Not huge sums involved although one player in particular has vastly increased their starting roll but games he is playing do have tendancy for large swings but in general the remaining players are all showing profit and nice stats and shaped graphs to go with it which means good progress being made.

Will we take on new players? Well yes of course BUT we certainly have learnt some valuable lessons and will be much more stricter in player selection and in player account access required before parting with our money and backing others.

Played the Poker Player Magazine Tour game this weekend with another blank return for the efforts. Decent field of 120ish and very good starting table that included some very capable locals and doing OK until given table move. Get moved to table which had a constant flow of players that were getting busted and slowly dribbled away chips in an attempt to accumulate them. Any draw I had didnt come and I continued to leak chips especially in a hand I defended my BB with mediocre holding to only flop the flush draw and turn the straight draw as well only to blank the river sigh......
I eventually shipped over an early raiser with 99 only to find he had AA and goodnight from me.

I then entered the side event as was only a small field but the value was in a £330 added GUKPT seat. Chipped up nicely and made it past the end of the re buy period with well above average stack. My progress soon came to an abrubt end shortly after the break when after an utg limper I raise mid pos with 77 for the limper to be only player to come along. Lovely flop of Q27 rainbow and my bet is called to turn of 9s. He checks again and Im rather surprised when he ships all in over my turn bet which I call. Big sigh from me when he flips over 99 and Im drawing to only one out.
Never mind always next week and deffo due summit soon

Be lucky


£7 million for new gaff?

Anyone got nearly £7 million for a new house?

This place is up for sale in one of the North Easts most affluent ares of Darras Hall where alot of the footballers and wealthy people live.

Pretty awesome property and even more spectacular when you see it in real life. Take a butchers around the 360 degree interactive tour of room by room at this linkHouse for Sale. Amazing finish and design with one of the most spectacular staircases and hallways Ive ever seen.

Pokers & stuff

Nothing much to report tbh as hardly played. Went to Tenerife for week over Easter for a break and some sun with Mrs C and although its nice to get away for some rays and a nice hotel I was glad to get back tbh as Tenerife simply did nowt for me this time. Nice enough area where we were and hotel was fine but summit about place just didnt do it for me. Weather was ok ish but flights were bit cattle truck ish and nowt much happening around the bars and hotels. Had good day when the Mags thrashed Swansea away as pub I was in was full of Welsh guys who whinged their tits off at getting magged over by Cisse with 2 quality goals.
Havnt played anything local but made my mind up to play the GUKPT Main Event at Stockton so looked to get in on the cheap and was going to travel down for the live sat but then noticed they had an online sat on same night with 6 guaranteed seats. Decide to have pop at that as much easier than couple of hours round trip and a hopefully late night. £85 entry made 20 runners and with over £1k overlay 3 hours later I had cruised a main seat.

Travel down with Stumpy as he decides to buy in and forecast about 80 runner turn out wasnt far away. Very comfy 1st table before I get moved next to Stumpy despite losing with 2 of the 3 sets I make. Get ul not to get paid more with some nice flopped hands but made nice steady progress and very active and involved.
New table is totally diff dynamics and lucky to get couple of decent bluffs through for meaty pots which included getting guy to fold KK after he raised pre flop but found an AQQ board not to his liking. My 88 in pos just scared him away. After being in some interesting pots with same young Asian guy he calls my 10 10 raise oop. He check raises a 556 flop but flats my 4 bet. Another heart comes on turn and I lead less than 1/2 pot with no intention of folding if he shoves and sure enough he puts them all in. Convinced Im still ahead but if Im wrong my stack is totally fkd to less than 8k. I make the call and tells me hes got pair with flush draw. His pair is the 6 with the heart draw and the Q spades gives me meaty pot and nice stack.
Get moved tables late on to live stream table and take down some nice un contested pots to finish day 6th in chips on over 125k

Day 2 and re draw puts me on pretty tough table imo and not best of position table wise and 1st 2 levels and 2 hours were total agony. Dealt total gutter shit cards and any time I made a move light I walked into big hands. I was probably getting frustrated at not being involved enough and then get ul defending my blind with 45hh that makes bottom end straight but button guy had raised with 86ss and made top straight. I then made couple of bad mistakes that cost me badly. I call table short stack shove from my BB with Ace 10 and his 9s hold. Guy went on super run after that and was eventual winner. I then make bad mistake last hand before break by putting wrong chips in and overbet which Im priced in to call short stack shove and my A8cc is dominated and crushed by AJ which held.
Im table shorty now with 28k but get it back up to over 80k before dribbling chips away and some bad luck. Eventually go out when Alan Peers the guy that won raises early position and I ship over his raise with poket tens which he snaps off with AKhh. Off we go the races and its all low cards but turn brings another heart and river the 5 hts to give him flush which tbh I didnt see at 1st. 5th big pot he had rivered the win when behind and no surprise he went onto win although imo he did seem to be in total charge of the final table that I watched quite abit of on the live stream. Out in 17th and bit disappointed in how I played day 2.

Followed the progress of alot of lads that had made the trip down to DTD for the UKIPT leg guaranteed at a staggering £1 million and hats off to Jamie Dale, Neil " Buzz" Harvey and Keith " Ridla" Ridly who all went deep and some decentish cash especially Keith who finished in top 20 for over £6k going out AK over AQ with sick rvr Q. Wp to them but special mention to the nearly fairytale win from Ian " Macmonster" Senior who ended up 8th for well over £20k,
Met Ian and his lovely wife as members of the UK Sharks forum who attended every NPF Team Challenge game. Lovely guy and lovely genuine couple but was shocked to hear his wife has passed away with cancer during this year. Guy played totally fearless in probably the biggest tournie he had ever played in and became the peoples favourite in who they wanted to win before eventually exiting in a cooler hand of QQ v KK.

Playing the Poker Player Tour game this weekend at G Newcastle which has a capped field of 120 runners with pretty turbo ish structure and then wont be long before its Vegas time again.

Off over there 11th June till 21st June and got a possible maximum of 5 Seniors Events to play this visit which Im really looking forward to. Ill put more exact details about these closer to the time.

For those that dont know my business sells Ironwork parts to fabrication companies and most of our products we import from the Far East. Well we had a delivery of a container load this week but were pretty Shocked when we pulled the doors open to find a cat had been locked inside it and had starved to death during the 6 weeks it had been inside. Not a pretty sight tbh and we had to inform the enviromental health authority about it. The smell inside the container was pretty awful apparently. Well done Dreamdobb on sorting it all out and so glad it was on my day off.

Stay happy and watch out for stray pussies


At least Mrs Stumpy got her garden done

Alreet Stumpy here

March ended with me pretty tilted, it started with a couple of the stakees doing some crazy stuff, then I backed Brian Ridleys horse Union Island I had $20 on at 7-1 but I had another £20 to go on. Just before the off my lappy froze and I didnt get it on Sigh it romped in tho weee. then I play some hyper sngos. Halfway thro 1st sesh lappyfroze again and then stupidly decided to play another sesh and it froze again which proly cost me a few. $200 Im now steaming and decide to go and take it out of the garden cutting all the bushes down but after 30 mins Im nearly passing out and Mrs Stumpy wants to go to Genting to get her live fix. Its the tuesday £20 + £20 game and with 15 left I have 60k and playing really well until this happens.
All are aipf 22 v 107 ,ak v 44 and qq v kq and Im out in 12th shortly after ffs.

I wake up the next day and realise i have to finish the garden sigh. I hate gardening but I crack on until the phone ring and its work. Apparently I had agreed to work for a colleague and theyve had to cancel a Middlesboro train because I hadnt turned up, whoops.
So I go in to finish the rest of the job but the company gets fined about £1kish for the cancellation and I get the piss ripped out of me from everyone at work.I finish the garden in the next few days so at least Mrs Stumpy was happy tho she had been asking me to do it for the last 5 years.


I went into the last day about $200 down so I decided to watch it on channel 4 to change my luck and before racing t mcoy gave 3 tips for the day Syncronised,Cloudy Lane and Attaglance so I put a £10 trixie on willy hill and scooped £1891 for the double.


Hardley played online in March I had 1 ft 6th in 30r on willyhill and and a couple of other deep runs but no joy
Live only played 5 times and played well but ran shit near the fts.

Sng Hyper Turbos

My starting roll was $130 as I started at $5 level and was going quite well. I was upto $592 so I started playing $10s and $20s but had 2 seshes when lappy froze which cost me about $300. Ended up a small profit for the month. Im going to give it another month and hopefully start crushing

live mtts - £239
live cash +£54
online mtts -$270
online sngos + $222
horses +£1800
live staking - £160
weight -2lbs

keep smiling Stumpy


Hi all, Cowhead here.
Just a quick update for backers and readers.
Ive played a bit more this last couple of weeks trying to increase my volume as I was barely meeting the minimum for the Dobba Dolla stable. I would still like to get a few more sessions in where I can as its going alright and the av profit per game is decent.
Last update:
Sngs Played: 453
Profit/Loss: + $376
Sngs Played: 578
Profit/Loss + $608
Bumped the av profit per game over $1 which I think isnt too shabby considering I'm mainly playing 27 man $3.50 games.
Other than that I went to DTD at the weekend for the 150 deepstack and got cooler/crippled after only a few hours in with 65dd v 34xx board played out 6x 5x 2d Td 9s and finished off when I shoved my remaining 9bbs a few hands later with KK after 4 limps and my shove the first limper calls with AK and spikes an Ace on the turn.
Had a wander round, had a bite to eat and re-enter and exit hand not long after is AQcc all in on a flop of Qx 9c 2c against 98xx and the fucking mong spikes 9 on the turn and I brick clubs on river to bust out again.
Really dissapointed with the weekend as I only decided to go late on Friday and to bust out twice the way I did just made it all the worse especially as I didnt come across anyone who looked remotely decent.
Thats all for now, Im gonna forget live for now as it does my head in anyway. The travelling makes it even worse when youve played or ran bad.
So about halfway through the online stake and Im happy with progress/profit, just need to ramp up the volume for the next 3 months and see where we're at then.
Thanks for reading.

Sngs! FML!

Hello All, Cowhead here.
Just thought Id write a little update about the sng staking from the fellow Dobba lads.
I started for the lads on the 22nd of January and agreed to play a minimum of 50 sngs a week in the 18 mans on Stars starting at the $3.50's.
I went across to Bannisters that morning to spend some time with Stumpy and really got to grips with the basics of sngs again. A lot of the stuff Peter was saying I knew about as I used to play a tonne back in the day on UB but what I was missing from when I've been playing over the last couple of years (yes years lol) is self control, discipline and simply playing these very simply and strategically. tight early and loosen up late and really get back to grips with how to play bubbles effectively.
Anyway, this Sunday will be 9 weeks in and I'm doing ok.
I'm on track with the number of games I have to play (JUST). I really would have liked to have played about double what I have but there's been some things I've had to deal with away from poker which have been my main concern over the last month or so but deffo looking to ramp it up a bit in the coming weeks. I have to admit I also haven't had the urge to play because these are so monotonous that they do my head in but I'll live with that for what I want out of this.
I've been looking at the games I've played (453)so far and the boys have been pretty cool in letting me tinker in the 9's and 27's as sometimes I haven't enough time to play the 18's and sometimes when I've had sessions I like to mix in the 27's because they pay more.
The second picture above shows a breakdown of the games and I'm actually just turning a profit in the 18's but 27 stats are way better. There's also a few 6 and 9 mans and also played 5 x 90 mans which I've accidentally regged for while loading up my tables and showing profit in those too.
The top picture is my number of games overall and the two other samples are my last 2 sessions. I've stuck those stats in there just simply to show that even at these stakes and small fields these can be ridiculously swingy short term.
Anyway, that's all for now. I hope to keep this updated regularly to inspire and motivate myself to play more in the coming weeks/months.

I feel so old

Alreet Stumpy here,

I went to my mates stag do up in Edinburgh it was a great laff but I feel so old as we went up on the 9.50 and planned to come back at 9pm the last train, well 3 of us got the 5pm back to Newcastle I was totally knackered and couldnt drink another drop, I slept all the way back and then played the genting £50 f/o drinking tea, I was cl with 5 left until I run kdjd into ak then kq into aj to finish 5th for £350.

Ive been busy with the training days trying to get all the players to a decent standard theres only a couple who are down at the moment hopefully we can get these back in profit and our aim is to finish the 6 months with all players in profit.The hardest for people to understand is the way the sngos work. All I get from the players is "im running so bad" even when there winning lol.

The reason for this is they are getting the chips in ahead most of the time but in some cases not massively ahead so u feel you are running bad but as long as you hold enough of the time you will win in the long run if you can except this and the beats the easier it becomes.

Hardley been able to play many online mtts this month but had 2 more fts but just small cashes to go with my $2.5k scoop on willy hill earlier in the month. Still cant win a penny on stars.

I started playing some hyper turbo sngs on ongame I got a good r/b deal nd a bonus to work off so going to give it a go for 2 months to see if the efforts worth it. Got off to a canny start and im winning which is a bonus as I think u can make a decent amount just by breaking even.

Went to a football retirement doo on Saturday for Peter Reynolds who was chairman of the footy team I played for then managed, it was great to see all the old players after the game there was a race night and the horses had the real names on lol well after picking or remembering what won the races I was 4 from 5 and £40 up the last race you had to bid for a horse and if the horse wins you get a Peter Beardsly signed boot in a display case so I bid and get the winner lol id actually backed the winner when the race was actually run it was a great night and alot of money made for charity.

Feb results

live mtts = +£1810

live cash +£360

online mtts = +$2,200

online cash = - $200

horses = -$400

live staking = -£55

weight = 0

keep on smiling Stumpy.

Dobba returns & The Wedding

Finger out and time to post summit at “Stumpys Blog” !!!!

For someone that over blogged Im rather shocked to realise the last time I blogged was way back in October 2011 basically leaving Stumpy to carry the flag and keep readers in touch with whats happening at Teamdobbs.

Whats been happening and why no posts? Simply put I cudnt be arsed and on the poker front there hasn’t been that much to write about as I havnt been playing hardly at all. Online is my normal non existent bit of sng stuff to keep some sort of interest then a few weeks ago Stumpy throws me a few ideas about possible staking of a player from the NPF known as Machine which we agree a 6 month deal on, we invest some decent money in Andy “KQ4EVA” Blair and then soon after that myself Stumpy & Xenocode combine to form a group of players to stake for a wide cross section of Sngs on another 6 month deal which ends up as 9 players under the “Dobba Dolla” umbrella.

What do we offer them? Well basically we give them a workable bankroll with a guarantee of continued support for the 6 month period backed up with advice and detailed coaching sessions mainly from Stumpy at my premises. Over the agreed time we 100% fully expect that each player will prove profitable by simply good man management and BRM plus by sticking to the basic strategy Stumpy teaches them then they should all have a decent return for their time & efforts. So far so good with virtually every player in profit and some excellent input as well from Xenocode especially with 2 players we have put under his wing doing very well. No matter which format of SNG the player chooses to play we feel we can give them good advice & support and plug mainly basic leaks players tend to pick up my simply bashing on themselves.

Live poker has been basically non existent for me as finding it really difficult to find the enthusiasm to play even once per week. When I have played Ive felt Ive played very well in patches but then run bad in big hands which cost me or take a standard bad beat which never recover from. Due something very soon and feel it coming so hoping it may be in something nice and juicey like maybe the Genting £25k guaranteed game coming up 25th March which Ive entered into.

Booked Las Vegas for 2012 with one slight difference to normal, my Mrs aint coming this year. Shes decided she don’t fancy another trip to the poker mecca of the world so Im off there sharing with Knerrad and a few others which include Mr & Mrs Stumpy and the Tretts from Full Trett Poker fame…… beware those security guys from Bills Gambling Saloon!!! Flying out 11th June until the 21st on good old British Airways and thanks the Chris Leckie for sorting our flights out in World Eco Class but boooooo to British Airways who want £30 to pre book the seat of your choice. Fk that Ill take the chance we get seated together.

OK and now to the main part of this post and to whats been keeping the Collins family occupied over the last few months……. My daughters wedding.

Over 2 years ago since her fiancé proposed to her when she was successful in getting a job in Dubai and then they emigrated there to work & live the big day arrived. They had decided to get married in Thailand and chose a small resort in Koi Samui. Organising weddings are a huge thing and very stressful so my message to my daughter was get on with what you want but you sort it, shes a very good organisor by the way and very thorough when shes doing stuff.

We travelled over to Dubai 1st and stayed a couple of days there before flying into Bangkok then from there into Koi Samui.

Nearly 40 people made up the wedding party which is incredible when you think about it with ½ from the Uk and the other ½ their friends from Dubai making the long trip and expense it takes to be part of their very special day. As it happens the whole wedding party group were awesome with a lot of new friendships made but one slight hiccup that marred proceeding was Davids Mam took ill on the plane from Dubai to Bangkok which steadily got worse and eventually she was admitted into hospital in Koi Samui diagonosed with Bronchittus which was later changed to influenza. She ended up in hospital for 4 days and missed the actual wedding and the best that could be done was a live stream was set up and she was able to watch the ceremony from her hospital bed on a lap top.

Stag night was eventful as Samoui wasn’t really ready for 16 blokes in full fancy dress and it caused a lot of interest from locals & tourists around town. Fun night had by all with a 16 stone rugby playing Amy Winehouse double attracting a lot of attention and even one of the lads enjoyed a nice quiet game of pool with one of local “ ladies” or is it laddies!????

The resort we were at was very private and ran by an English guy and attention to detail was amazing as well as an amazing location away from a lot of the hussle bussle from the main resort. A perfect choice to be honest especially for a wedding.

And so to the wedding day. There was to be 2 cermonies with a traditional Thai wedding followed by a more traditional Western wedding.

Feature of the Thai wedding was to be the entrance that was kept secret from all the guests and that was once seated then the bride & groom arrived along the beach on an Elephant. Entrance was pretty amazing and shocked most of the guests.

Into my posh togs now and my job of giving my daughter away at the Western wedding.

A pretty nervous and emotional time but I kept myself together well imo and a very proud dad handed Natalie over to her soon to be husband. Ceremony was fantastic and then after getting stuck into plenty of wine the day flowed into the reception again on the beach and night time disco n dancing.

Speeches etc seemed to go well and about just before midnight the over indulgence in the wine seemed to take its toil and I hit a brick wall knowing I needed my bed badly. The night time featured fire dancers, blazing lanterns we all released on the beach and a firework display which was quite simply amazing. Deffo a day to remember and a holiday of a lifetime for many. Some absolutely fantastic pictures all over facebook and some lovely remarks and comments about how much people enjoyed the wedding and the holiday.

Quite impressed with Thailand although it’s a long haul but a beautiful place where we were. Coming back we flew on the Emirates new A380 airbus from Bangkok to Dubai which was absolutely amazing and the best plane Ive been on by miles.

Arrive back to the cold of the UK and looking forward to the warmer months ahead and hopefully some success on the felt which is long overdue but Im convinced its just around the corner so watch this space

Be lucky and Ill try n keep my next update sooner rather than later