Vegas 2012 NPF Crazy Golf Championships

Sitting playing at Genting last night and Dan Trett says to me nice post on Vegas Dave but you didnt mention naything about the crazy golf day. OMG was my reaction, how the fook did I forget about that so here goes with what happened.

As a group we tried as much as possible to mix stuff up rather than just playing poker so when Dan Trett suggested a game of crazy golf everyone soon agreed lets get it on and headed off down to Circus Circus where they had an indoor course which is part of the huge indoor fun fair complex. !st time Ive actually been into Circus Circus as had heard nothing but bad reports about it and its condition of being somewhat a dump but was very pleasantly surprised when I entered as to the facilities and ammenities that the hotel offered. A huge place with a huge choice of stuff to do especially geared towards family groups.

Everyone met up at the entrance to the Fun Fair complex and we soon found the crazy golf course and paid our $5 entry fee. We were provided with state of the art putters and a handful of multi coloured golf balls and decided that we would make it a doubles competition with best score from the pairing being the team score. Teams were chosen by simply blindly throwing the balls down the 1st hole and whichever balls were closest to each other then that was your partner. Pairings worked out as such:

Teamdobb & Dan Trett
Juicey Oranges & Knerrad
Stumpy & Mrs Stumpy

Good even mix I thought on seeing how the teams had paired and the contest got off to a flyer when Knerrad holed in one at the 1st hole then proceeded to basically keep his partner off the score card as he consistently holed for 2 and at the 1st 9 holes had a very impressive looking score card of nothing below a 2. Myself and Dan dovetailed well and stayed in touch by simply complimenting each other by coming in when the other struggled. On the Stumpy team well Mrs Stumpy was certainly holding her own and probably just nudging the best score between her and Peter.

If crazy golf courses were marked for how tough they were then this one was way up there with lots of tricky holes and each hole had the potential of wrecking your card and after a quick team chat myself and Dan agreed to now go for the jugular and try and apply the pressure as we knew Knerrad wouldnt be able to cope with it. Sure enough as I sunk a hole in one at the 12th we could see the change in Knerrad and he was obviously visibly shaken which got even worse as Dan expertly read the line on the 13th to make it back to back hole in ones for the Dobba Trett combo. With weak knees and nervous hands Knerrad then had a nightmare 5 on the 14th to open the floodgates as Juicey was unable to come in with a helpful score and we knew then that we had nudged ahead and had no intentions of letting the lead slip. As had previously proceeded we kept dovetailing our scores with nothing less than a 2 and coming to the 18th we just had to hold our nerve.

The last hole featured a rather strange up hill thin strip which you had to putt your ball into a non retreavable cup BUT if you missed either left or right then you also lost your ball down the side channel. As such it was decided that if you missed the main lijne and went down the side then you would be allocated with a 5 on your card. Game over basically as with being 1st up I nailed my putt down the middle for an ace but fair do to the other teams as between them each team carded a hole in one. High fives from me and Dan Trett as when the scores were totted up we had taken down the NPF Vegas World Crazy Golf Championship by one shot from Juicey & Knerrad with The Stumpys a further shot behind.

As long as we can keep the Hetton Mob out of this next year then me & Dan could easily hold onto to our crowns for years to come!!!


Richard Gottfried said...

Hello there.

Interesting Blog Post on your Crazy Golfing in Las Vegas, glad you enjoyed your trip to Circus Circus.

I thought it was odd though that you have used two photos of me playing at the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings, England and at Circus Circus in your report, but have not asked for permission to use the photos, nor given a credit and link to the source (my blog).

I would appreciate it if you would please explain the use of the photos?

Thank you,