Been a While Dobbas

HI DOBBA watchers, well as the title says its been a while so before chief Dobba kicks me into touch for not posting on the blog I thought I had better get my finger out and bring you up to date in the world of MR E. As some of you may know February 2010 saw me join Card Gaurd Kid`s company down in Bradford however as Steve has recently posted Black horse purchased the Bank of Scotland and as they do all there own recovery it wasn,t viable for myself to continue so me and Steve parted company in September of this year, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Steve for everything, if nothing else I learnt a lot obout corporate recovery and not forgetting 10.30am on radio 2 pop master of which you are the champ.

On the work front I managed to walk straight into another position with a finance house in Sunderland no mean feat in the current climate but the biggest challenge came when myself and Cardguard decided that we should take full advantage of Mrs Entertainment`s skills in the kitchen as her buffets are now legendary and find a premises to open "DAWNS DELI" after searching most of the north east we settled on 165 Kenton Road a small shop in the middle of a street of shops, not brilliant for parking but was a previous sandwich shop and had bags of potential, however being as synical as I am I done a bit of digging to find out why it was closed and why it had not reopened, it was closed by the previous occupent and moved into the back of the newsagents 2 doors away which is now closed as it turns out the owner was in ill health, So we decided to go for it and launch "Dawns Deli" as you can see from the video it took an awful lot of hard work and time and not forgetting the pennies to transform the premises from an absolute shit tip into a sparkling clean state of the art DELI, we opened the last week in November and thanks to the awful weather and snow the first two days trading wernt brilliant but we had stocked the shop and we had said we were opening if nothing else to let people know we werent going to be put off by a bit (lot) of snow. I,m delighted to say that since the opening the shop is going from strength to stength and we continue to move forward and have picked up some wonderful contracts with some great daily orders, The work and effort from Mrs Foggo should not go unrecognised Love you Dawn thanks for the long hours cooking cleaning and stocking the place xx.

I would also like to welcome our new additions to the DOBBAS KQ4EVA and FATFISH both excellent players in there own right and most importantly great crack should be a very successful year for the DOBBAS.

On the poker front to be fair havent realy played that much had ten days in Vegas in October and played a lot of cash $1 $2 no limit and out of 9 sessions only coming out on top 3 times however did hear the best line Ive ever heard at the felt, it came from an elderly American gentleman who was in a hand against a guy who was intent on chasing his flush all the way to the river the line was " EVEN A BLIND DOG WILL FIND THE SMELLY END OF A HORSES ASS EVENTUALY " pissed me self laughing, Gutted to become the official bubble boy in the recent NPF Championship taking the mantle off Mag however I was very happy with my game and to be fair the table move on day two was tough taking a short stack against the monster stacks was never going to be easy but hey ho thats poker and well done to Dc ,Scott and Circus for putting on another excellent event,

Been reading a lot on the forum of late regarding schedules and best live games ect ect, in my opinion there are two kinds of poker players those who play week in week out with a view to increasing their bank role and the social poker player who plays as a source of entertainment I think I sit on the middle of the two if thats possible I,l play the big games if circumstances allow (work ect ) but love nothing more than playing a friday or saturday game at one of the venues in town with a table full of characters buy ins and rakes ect is irrelavent as I consider that a nights entertainment. I think the casinos will continue to fight over what I consider to be a dwindling number of players unfotuanately.



Alreet Stumpy here,

Well the last couple of weeks have been so frustrating, played 4 live mtts,

1,aipf blinds 100-200 32k pot aa v qd7d and he hits flush!

2,bubbled £30 f/o sb ship 13bb a6 v aj

3,Smoggies live mtt £25 never really got going, out in 17th out of 25,was a really good laugh with some great people.

Went down to Circus for the £20£20 game, quite pissed by this time lose 1st buyin with 76 on 7 high flop v Dan Tretts KK then grind ss until I start dealing and shove 13bb with AQ and Quietman calls with 55 only trouble was I mucked my own cards whoops.

Online has been the most frustrating though, lost count at how many times Ive been in the last 50 out 2k +runners and either been coolered or had some idiot try to donk his chips to me and sucked out.

My two favs were:

1,blinds 4k 8k utg raises to 18k im utg +2 with kk rerraise to 48k he goes allin for 500k im on 450k and chip av is 200k I call and he has aq ob 1st card ace

2,Blinds 2.5k - 5k new guy to table limps utg 3 more limpers I limp button with 77 flop is 9h7c3h ch to me I bet 18k half pot utg limper calls turn js he chs and I ship 145k into 75k pot he thinks for 1 second and calls with j10 no hearts and hits 8 on the river.

I did have 1 ft in my favourite $33 f/o on Stars, finished 6th when I got it allin on a J high flop v AQ and he binked Q on turn for $600 and I also bubbled 10kg on fulltilt when the red pro on the button raising every chance he had until I reship him with A9 and he has AQ for $200.

Hoping my luck changes for the better soon.

keep on smiling Stumpy.

Dobbas sign a "Fish"

OK more news on the team side is that the Dobbas now offically have a FISH!!!! Yes thats correct that after last weeks signing of a "King" this week we have signed a Fish. Steve AKA "Fatfish" Brennan has been offically invited to join the Dobbas and will bring us up to full max quota that we need for events we may take part in.

Fatfish played for us in last years NPF Forum game and scored high but as like all the rest of the squad hes simply a quality lad. Has great sense of humour and has also became very much involved at the NPF with his witty posts and input there. Always a pleasure to be on his table although your always in for a hard time from him. A regular at DTD with decent results and Im sure the rest of the lads will be delighted at Steve agreeing to join us and look forward to his contributions here at the blog. Not sure if Steves a big writer but Im sure whatever he does put up will be well worth reading and make you laugh.

Welcome to the Dobbas Mr Fatfish Brennan


Just A quick tester really as never done any of this blogging before. Thanks to those who left comments on forum and or on TDS post on here. Nice to be welcomed officially to the team and blog and so on. I plan on making some posts but dont want to be one of those who says I will be updating my blog x times to only find they do one post every three months. So in short I will blog as I feel I have something that people may be interested to read, and I guess feedback will help me decide if I need to do more of it.

I suppose its like the forum in general , lurker and reader for a while, and then more and more confidence to go ahead and post. Well been a blog reader and lurker for sometime now and here I am making my very first blog post. Love Keiths comment btw - If I have already secured most long winded poster when a few words would have done, then oh well .... I hope u got to the end of at least some of my posts without nodding off.

A few things I may blog about, razz or mixed games generally, satelites ,180s and other strat stuff. Perhaps a little about a staking and coaching setup I am working within, some live tourney updates. I may even start one of those kind of challenge diaries but am concerned in so far as my point above If theres no posting, then its all a bit pointless, so maybe a little further down the line eh.

For now hello readers, pleased to be on board and a warm thankyou for TD for actually saying you know what welcome to the team fella. Does it have to be pink next year TD ??


Dobbas get a new King!!!!

Since being selected to play for the Dobbas at the NPF Team game earlier this year Andy KQ4EVA Blair has been building up his NPF presence and regular contributions there which is obviously well noticed and well received by many.
Came so close to taking down this years NPF Championships and in alot of peoples opinion ( mine included ) was the player most likely to win with his play both with or without cards during the final table. Been having alot of success both live and online and I think the time has now come to "officially" welcome him into the Dobbas and give him also the opportunity should he so wish to make his contribution here with his knowledge and writing abilty which is very very good. I trust all of our readers and followers of the blog will enjoy it.