Alreet Stumpy here,

Well the last couple of weeks have been so frustrating, played 4 live mtts,

1,aipf blinds 100-200 32k pot aa v qd7d and he hits flush!

2,bubbled £30 f/o sb ship 13bb a6 v aj

3,Smoggies live mtt £25 never really got going, out in 17th out of 25,was a really good laugh with some great people.

Went down to Circus for the £20£20 game, quite pissed by this time lose 1st buyin with 76 on 7 high flop v Dan Tretts KK then grind ss until I start dealing and shove 13bb with AQ and Quietman calls with 55 only trouble was I mucked my own cards whoops.

Online has been the most frustrating though, lost count at how many times Ive been in the last 50 out 2k +runners and either been coolered or had some idiot try to donk his chips to me and sucked out.

My two favs were:

1,blinds 4k 8k utg raises to 18k im utg +2 with kk rerraise to 48k he goes allin for 500k im on 450k and chip av is 200k I call and he has aq ob 1st card ace

2,Blinds 2.5k - 5k new guy to table limps utg 3 more limpers I limp button with 77 flop is 9h7c3h ch to me I bet 18k half pot utg limper calls turn js he chs and I ship 145k into 75k pot he thinks for 1 second and calls with j10 no hearts and hits 8 on the river.

I did have 1 ft in my favourite $33 f/o on Stars, finished 6th when I got it allin on a J high flop v AQ and he binked Q on turn for $600 and I also bubbled 10kg on fulltilt when the red pro on the button raising every chance he had until I reship him with A9 and he has AQ for $200.

Hoping my luck changes for the better soon.

keep on smiling Stumpy.


mag1892 said...

your gonna win big soon m8.