Lickle bit of run good

Alreet stumpy here,

As I touched on in my last post I won the 8.5kg on full tilt for $2,291,I got the little bit of run good just b4 the ft when I reshipped a button raise with 88 only to be called by jj a nice 8 on the flop and I went to the ft with a canny stack.On the ft I was raisng every chance I got only for the cl to 3 bet me constantly so I decided to gamble and keep raising hoping to pick up a hand which did eventually happen after I had lost 200k in chips lol.Raised again this time with aces and the chipleader overshoves with a9 and I dup to the near cl and from there I get to hup v the cl who had kept 3 betting me and totally owned him headsup.Like to thank all the NPF who were on the rail, some of the crack was so funny and makes the win more enjoyable.

Live this month so far played 7 times and had 4 cashes including doing a 2 way chop with Rosi in the £50 f/o at circus had a great first table with a very aggro lady who when raised c bet 100% then kept barreling with or without a hand so when she raised I just flatted with ak and the flop was ak3 and she shoved allin I called and she tables kq wow ty.I chip up nicely from there until she gets moved to my tableafter rebuying back in, mmmm she raises from a 16k stack and I flat with 44 flop j74 and she bets flop I flat turn is a 10 and she asks me how much I have left 10.6k and she bets 10.6k weeeeee she tables kk and bricks the river and im upto 30kish, we get down to 2 tables from 64 runners and I raise kk utg the button flats who had been really tight upto now folding 1010 twice when he really should of called anyhow flop was 863r I cbet and he flats turn is a 6 and I bet 7k and he makes it 14k with the history of him been really tight I should of put him on a flopped set and turned house but for some reason I felt I was ahead and moved allin for 13k more to him he hummed and haahed for a bit and then says I cant fold now and tables qh10h wtf hes drawing dead weeee what a gift.I get to the ft with a decent stack and my son craig "big stumpy" newton is the chip leader who I have bought in for 50% plus buyin back, is cl and bullying the final table raising nearly everyhand he knocks a few out and I knock a couple out and we are down to 4 players he has 270k I have 210k and Rosi andTtom has about 100k each when I propose a deal of £800 each for me and Craig and £600 for the other two not a bad deal considering 2nd prize was £790 but Craig was having none of it and wanted to plYfor the win, fair enough so we carried on tillttom finished 4th and then Rosi dup thro Craig twice kk v 66 then 88 v aq and I took craigs last 40k whenIi hit a straight flush and Craig got £490 for 3rd, me and Rosi split for 1k each as we were just about level in chips.

Also finished

11th in £55 f/o circus for £110

3rd in £20 £20 circus for 280

6th in £20 £20 g for £228

So not a bad month upto now and hopefully finish it with some more cashes.

Training and backing Sam "longstringofpiss" James also known to most as Samj to play sngos and the plan is for him to play as many sngos a week either $10 9s or $10 45s to get a roll together to go on his own, he started off slowly as its hard to get his head round the sngo strategy after he has been playing mtts for ages but I think hes getting there,hopefully he will run ok and win me some money and show himself he can make money longterm at poker,all he needs to do is get his head down and griiiiiiiind.

Back to work next week, I went to see the specailist and he says I have arthritus in my knee and if I exercise regular it might last 15years before I need a knee replacement if I dont exercise it regular it could be as little as 5 years,so Im getting myself an exercise bike to make it last as long as possible.

keep on smiling, stumpy

Running bad but weeeeeeeeeeee biggest win!!

Alreet stumpy here,

The run bad continues online and live, usually in the past its been one or another, three fookin months of contant outdraws and coolers but dont feel sorry for me, haha as if you would, as i had 10% of gaz "papa shippa" walker who very kindy shipped the ukipt at dtd for 94k which beats my biggest ever cash of 8.5k when he shipped me 9.4k.Last year gaz was my roommate at vegas and is a cracking lad and good company and his poker game has improved so much over the last few years so when he asked me to back him i snapped his hand off no problem.Well done gaz amazing result wpwp.

The cardguard cup=15 teams of 10 mainly from the npf and a few from hetton, as defending champ i was hoping for another deep run to help the dobbas win the cgc,Got off to a good start then lost a pot with kk to go back to ss then utg ss shipped and i called with 66 he tables 93 and binks a 9 then i get moved tables and i ship 3 hands in row with a8,kq,and aq, i get called by qq but i hit my ace for a much needed dup.then i pick off a shorty with kk v aj and we are down to 4 tables and in the points i grinded my way down to the ft bubble when stevie "wannayear" sensation raises and i ship and hes priced in to call with q4 v my 88 4 on the flop and 4 on the river ouch.The dobbas won the team prize with 6 of are team getting deep into the points with fatfish getting to the final table.dobba phlmac who was able to play at the last minute for a misfit team went onto win the event wp phil.It was an awesome day and ive never seen so many pissed poker players in my life hopefully next year we make it the hatrick.

Horses betting in running-Made a very small profit this month mainly due to laying 1 horse and backing the 2nd fav lost $350 on the 1 race so really pleased to claw this back and make a small profit of $80 for the month.

Circus £50 game- Got off to a great start until i lost a 20k pot which still left me with 10k 1k over ss then i got a lucky dup with a10 v kk which got me back into the game until i shove jh10h from the button with 10bbs and mac calls with aq a j on the flop but an ace on the turn seals my fate nd i get £110 for 11th place.

When i started writing this blog post i was playing a few mtts and i actually won the $5 $8.5g on fulltilt winning $2,291.38 hopefully this is the start of the run good.

Had 3 goes to qualify for the manchester ukipt finished 12th when 9 1k packages ak v 99 aipf then 19 left utg raises i ship with aa and bttn calls with kq??and hits the flush ffs.Then going well in the last one i played, well above av and 3bet player he calls flop 10 43 and we get it allin on the flop and he had called 3 bet with 33 sigh.

end of month stats

live mtts =-£150

live cash =+ £90 1 session

online mtts = - $180

online sngos = -$ 160

horses = +$80

staking = + £9,350

Running so bad

been a while since i last posted ,

since first week in Jan Ive been running so bad online but hardly played live , hopefully just a spell that everyone go's through , just only problem it seems to last forever lol.

last 4 live tourneys Ive played up till team game , Ive had pocket 10s beat by pocket 4s down to last 16 players , then £ 50 game i had jj go down to 88 , then with ak call Allin to a 54 hits straight , never mind always next 1 lol.

team game and I'm totally card dead , make a few blind steals to keep my head above water , then i get ak and its Allin vs kq , weee i hold for a chip double and i then get moved tables as their is only 45 left , im going well with a fellow dobba xenocode sitting to my left and we get into the points , then it happens again , first hand i call allin with akd vs j6 he hits 2 pair , then 3 hands later I'm utg with kk i raise andrizu calls with ak and hits his ace on the river gg me , but with 6 dobba's making the points we win .

play the £50 game on Tuesday and im on table with mac , Craig (his son ) and Sean mcguigan amongst others , 3rd hand in and the table donk who a few players were talking about before the game ( you know who you are ;P ) decides to call a raise by Sean on 25/50 guy to my left reraises sean makes it up and then donk calls , flop is 8c6c6s Sean bets donk calls guy to my left raises allin , Sean calls donk calls , guy to my left shows akcc Sean qq donk q6 no help with the rest and we lose 2 players (omg) , donk is now playing every hand next to go is mac ( apokelypse ) he doesn't show what hes got but on a board of 10 9 6 10 x the donk shows 108 off , few hands later its my turn , blinds are 100/200 i get 1010 on bb and i raise to 750 2 others call including donk , flop q108 rainbow , i check donk bets i reraise he goes Allin i got about 15k so i call hoping he has aq but knowing he has j9 , yes i was right j9 what a bellend he is , anyways im out and hes got about 60k in chips when we have 20 mins before first break lol .

so off i go on tilt to the roulette table with my £150 get down to about £40 and then i start hitting , 15mins later I'm up 1k weeeeee , so i head over to cash table and start with £100 , really good laugh with the likes of camel toe , andrizu , nemesis amongst others about 12 o'clock i see the donk again standing behind 1 of his mates at our table , i say still in ? he says no ( hahahaha ) donk , anyways about 1.30am i get up and I'm £270 up so pretty good night so far lol.

I'm hovering around the roulette but decide to play on the machines , im up and down for the next 4 hrs , and then mac ( apocalypse )comes over to tell me he won on chip count , got to say hes been playing awesome this year with a few big wins at aspers the g and hear ( wp m8) , so i head off home with money in my pocket for once :).

decide to play Thursday night in the g and im totally card dead again all way through first 5 levels , then i get kk and everyone folds lol , get back to av a little later when im Allin with my a7 to get snapped by a10 and i hit a flush omg doesn't happen to me :P , get to final table and after 3hrs of playing we decide to do a 5 way chop with most of us with similar stacks , but with blinds of 3k/6k , and the chip leader with 15 bbs we all get £350 each not bad for £30.

just hoping new month new goals ( play more live and online ) and also still sticking to my diet and training daily , 2ND week in January i was 17st8lbs , I'm now 15st 6 , i want to get to 12st 6 hopefully by July.

hope this post makes some sense , as ive only had 2 hrs sleep :p

gl at the tables all. :)


Started the month really looking forward to playing both online and live as there was a couple of games i was really looking forward too,( ukip notts + cgk cup).

Anyway playing live gets of to a bad start when i play ukipt and on a flop of A34 , im holding 33 (Happy days) all hell breaks loose and im pretty confident im ahead only for him to flip over 5-2 FML, and i miss my redraw . This guy was utg+1 , very loose calling stn but never in a million years did i have him on that hand.

CGK cup is a great event and i was part of the winning team last year so was hoping that teamdobbs took it down this year, we had a great chance and with a strong squad were always in control of the torny and cruised to victory, ( WHOOP) scooping a nice £220.

Play 3 other tornys at the "G" and final table 1 of them scooping £120 when i am cruelly rivered after a donk call and exit in 8th place. The second was a st8 forward AKvAQ when my opponent hits his Q (standard)

My final torny was quite a funny exit hand, when holding 33 ( again) flop comes 355 happy days, APOKERLYPSE was the pre flop aggressor and fires out a bet only for CGK to raise , i flat knowing he has an overpair , but i want apokerlypsis money in the pot also, he obliges and calls, turn is a fantastic 2 and CGK fires a big bet out and then im all in , apokerlypse folds and CGK flips over the expected overpair 88, HAPPY DAYS , untill the dealer flips over another 5 on the river, FML and Fk pocket 3,s.

The 2 main events were great and really enjoyed them and ended up making about £120 profit from playing live this month, nowt special , but always better than losing.

As for online, well i didnt play as much as i normally would but had a very productive month, firstly i made about $1400 from grinding and then at the end of the month i won Battle of the planets sng leaderboard , so was rewarded with a $700 prize of stars (happy days), so $2100 total ( £1300 ish) cant grumble.
I then decided to enter a £2 rebuy sattelite for ukipt manchester , i win this and get a seat into the £44 game which has 10 seats up for grabs, i manage to secure a seat along with another NPF player ( mrmcgoogle) For the grand total cost of £6.20

So a profit of around £1400 from playing a £500 seat to the ukip manchester and a couple of torny,s played which i really enjoyed, not bad , and really looking forward to next months grind both online and live.

Good luck at the tables, gaz.