Started the month really looking forward to playing both online and live as there was a couple of games i was really looking forward too,( ukip notts + cgk cup).

Anyway playing live gets of to a bad start when i play ukipt and on a flop of A34 , im holding 33 (Happy days) all hell breaks loose and im pretty confident im ahead only for him to flip over 5-2 FML, and i miss my redraw . This guy was utg+1 , very loose calling stn but never in a million years did i have him on that hand.

CGK cup is a great event and i was part of the winning team last year so was hoping that teamdobbs took it down this year, we had a great chance and with a strong squad were always in control of the torny and cruised to victory, ( WHOOP) scooping a nice £220.

Play 3 other tornys at the "G" and final table 1 of them scooping £120 when i am cruelly rivered after a donk call and exit in 8th place. The second was a st8 forward AKvAQ when my opponent hits his Q (standard)

My final torny was quite a funny exit hand, when holding 33 ( again) flop comes 355 happy days, APOKERLYPSE was the pre flop aggressor and fires out a bet only for CGK to raise , i flat knowing he has an overpair , but i want apokerlypsis money in the pot also, he obliges and calls, turn is a fantastic 2 and CGK fires a big bet out and then im all in , apokerlypse folds and CGK flips over the expected overpair 88, HAPPY DAYS , untill the dealer flips over another 5 on the river, FML and Fk pocket 3,s.

The 2 main events were great and really enjoyed them and ended up making about £120 profit from playing live this month, nowt special , but always better than losing.

As for online, well i didnt play as much as i normally would but had a very productive month, firstly i made about $1400 from grinding and then at the end of the month i won Battle of the planets sng leaderboard , so was rewarded with a $700 prize of stars (happy days), so $2100 total ( £1300 ish) cant grumble.
I then decided to enter a £2 rebuy sattelite for ukipt manchester , i win this and get a seat into the £44 game which has 10 seats up for grabs, i manage to secure a seat along with another NPF player ( mrmcgoogle) For the grand total cost of £6.20

So a profit of around £1400 from playing a £500 seat to the ukip manchester and a couple of torny,s played which i really enjoyed, not bad , and really looking forward to next months grind both online and live.

Good luck at the tables, gaz.


stumpy said...

great stuff gaz, keep it up

roscopiko said...

fkn luckbox mbn ;)

roscopiko said...

fkn luckbox mbn ;)

ps do a ship at manc imo

colin.taylor said...

wp gaz , gd luck in manchester :)

mag1892 said...

wp gaz gd luck in manchester :)