Anutha week anutha dollar

Another week has past without the NPF being live and guess what........... the world doesnt stop as we wait for Scott to re open it to the many people who are requesting it be done. Being asked by alot of people when Im out whats happening and thats why I post here the facts that I know. All I know is the NPF will be re opened as a "private" poker community for the NPF members but as yet I have no idea as to any restrictions or guidleines to what that will consist of. The other info I have been told is that some new moderators will be appointed to take care of things and to give a more balanced and impartial view of any disagreements but because of the "private" set up being put in place then alot of the spam and crap we faced on a daily basis will disappear and also far less arguments and personal disagreements should not take place as much thus making the new NPF a far happier place. Also with the launch of another local forum then Im sure everybody should find a happy medium as to what they want and to what they wish to read. If ya dont like it then dont read it,,,,,,,,, simples. Trouble is though poker in general is so fkn boring that people simply love the controvery and bickering and bitching and thats a fact. the most interesting n viewed threads are where people are arguing looooooool. Happy days

Poker wise well not bad at all. Take in the new Circus Friday £50 game with £5 gtd pot and it attracts a decent 1st night field of just over 80 runners but also wanna have a few beers so the poker is secondary tbh and have a really good night eventually busting out with 20 odd left when blind on blind I ask the table rock not to limp from his sb which he kindly does so I shove my last 12bbs in with 63 off to be snapped off by him holding AJ. AJ flop sends me to the 50/£1 cash table where I sit bored out my head picking up total crap on a very spewy table unable to take advantage of alot of loose money. Leave only about £20 lighter but having had a canny night out.

Tuesday and its back to Circus for their 2nd offering of their monthly £100 & £10k Guaranteed game with £2k ADDED to the pot. Place is very busy and a final field of 136 runners giving £4520 for the winner and paying 14. Get an interesting 1st table which included Junior Bomber from the Sensations, UKIPT winner Gaz Walker and Jack Ellwoods twin brother who has a good track record to his name. Overall the whole field was very strong and a credit to the awareness that the Circus pokeroom staff have of putting on the games that players want. Simple fact is they understand their customers and the local market. Saying local but this game even attracted the normal large group of Teeside regulars but also a large group who had travelled down from Scotland.
Had decided early doors how I was going to play and approach this game and tbh it didnt change much throughout the tournie. Later stages of this game become very much shove poker and that never changes much so no real panic to have massive chip stack as very few players have more than 8-10 bbs at final table. Final table actually only had 2 players above 10 bbs.
Only get my cards in behind three times throughout the tournie. 1st time I shove getting low in unopened pot with 7h8h to be called by Gaz Walker with 55 and I hit 7 flop & turn. Next time is holding Q10 on my BB to be shoved on by a low stacked Rocky Gupta from Teeside. Decide to make the call as hes shoving so light the position he was in and he flips A4. I flop my Q and pretty much cruise to final table after that picking up a few good spots to shove steal from players despo to make cash.
Final table proved interesting and a bit unlucky for me in some respects. With 2 very low stacks on the table I fold 2 decent sized Ace hands to shoves of mid pairs which I would normally snap call but didnt really want to go out 10th or 9th as money went up quite good from 7th up. I then get AA in my BB and cant believe it when its all folded to me and next lap one lad gets tripled up with AA on his BB. I eventually shove Ace 10 to be snap called by 99 with same stack and I miss the world. Guy who takes me out eventually goes on to win the event after travelling down from Glasgow. Not bad anyway with £940 return and 10% each to Stumpy & Cameltoe who once again ran shit at a crucial stage going out to a river case King just short of the money.
£10k Result
Tuesday 24th £100 F/O £10k guarantee with minimum 2k added
Entries 136
Prize Pool £15,600
1) Chris Johnstone £4520 (Glasgow)
...2) Dom Mahoney £2810 (Teeside)
3) Owen Mcdowell £1830
4) Ben stokes £1400
5) Paul Nixon £1170
6) Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins £940
7) S Ng £780
8) John Nixon £620
9) Joward Martin £470
10) Ross Fernie £310
11) Greg doyle £230
12) Marie Ward £200
13) Paul richardson £160
14) Dave Heafield £160

Bit of form coming back it seems at just the right time with Vegas & the WSOP being only 3 weeks away for me.

Keep enjoying

Last week & the future

Over a week now since we closed the NPF and thanks to all the messages that have been left here but also to the absolutely amazing Private Messages Ive had in my message box at NPF. Never really realised how the closure has effected so many true and genuine people. Most amazing was the 5 pms I had from people who were not prolific posting members on there but also people I have never ever even met before and the lovely things they said were very mcuh appreciated. Always nice to know your efforts and things you have done have helped and been appreciated by others.
Theres obviously the other side to this where some people have put some rather derogative comments and some have been a total surprise to me as theve always been really nice to me face to face and yet now wish to say hurtful and in most cases incorrect facts of how they saw things or how they perceived things to be. Such is life and tbh Im not that fussed as I know the efforts we put in there and I also know the true genuine people are the ones that count to me. Fake people are 2 a penny and change like the wind and have no chance of effecting or interupting my life now or in the future.

As to the future? Well to be honest myself and Scott have had alot of pressure from others to re open the NPF but on that decision its totally in Scotts ballpark and his decision alone. Whether that will happen is totally up to him and what he wants to do. Couple of members from the NPF have opened a poker forum to try and continue where we left off which is understandable and its already attracted a large part of the NPF membership so good luck to them on that. A small section have indicated everything that was wrong with the NPF so its now a great opportunity for them to prove those facts right at their new home. Only time will tell on that but Im my opinion theres only so much hand discussion and strategy you can handle as in reality Pokers a pretty simple basic game which others love to make complicated. Fun & enjoyment are 2 crucial parts of poker that many continue to forget and without that then people lose interest. Others have indicated they will or could have done or helped in stuff we did, well now is their big opportunity to put this to the test and see what they can give back to the local poker scene

Personally since the closure of the NPF Ive actually felt great and am now looking forward to my 6th visit to Las Vegas and my 5th WSOP. Have a bit of action left on my WSOP Staking if any blog readers are interested and if your not a local then Ill accept a Stars or Bank transfer to make it easier for you. The details and link for this are here WSOP Offer

Locally I played at the G Poker Festival on Wednesday in their £75 Freeze out with 2 added main event seats. Throughlly enjoyed the game and the crack and was great to see 2 old mates there in Azimut and Ned Pepper making the trip down from Hexham.
Made steady progress with my stack and won 3 or 4 flips to then move into a good position to final table. Make final table reasonably stacked and move into proppa dobba mode for the 1st part of the final table which pays off. Few go out and with only 7 getting paid my aim was that top 3 spot where the decent cash was plus also top 2 won main event seats for that weekend which were worth £220 each. Lose Stumpy in 7th place on the cash bubble and then its basically shove mode in position which I get through alot. Couple of times Im looked up and Ive got the goods and down to 4 handed I try to do a % swop deal for the main event seats that 2 of us are going to win but Apokerlypse comes up with the much better idea of leaving the prize money as it is but to give the seats to 3rd & 4th place which evened up the monies left much easier and myself Mags1892 and Nemisis quickly agree as we are all on very similar stacks. Nemisis goes out in 4th place and then I shove with JJ on mags raise and he makes the call with AQ and gets there giving me £620.00 plus a £200 seat for the weekend.

Main event and Im very happy with my table and get off to a good start and soon get chipped up which always makes things easier. Flop 2 pair with 8 10 and table maniac donates me his full stack when he makes his bottom end straight to my rivered full house and then a non believer jams my re raise on a Jack high board holding JK and my KK takes him out. I get up to over 70k with the average around 20k when I pick up AA and face a raise in front plus a call. I put a big raise in to keep the 2 callers and we go to a K 10 rag flop. Caller leads out for over 3k and I make it 10k for original raiser to ship all in which i call. He flips Kq and the 45k pot looks destined to take me up around the 100k mark until Adam the dealer puts down the case K on the river. Re group and get my stack back going in the right direction and sitting on over 60k with 2 hands left of the night. I raise mid position KQ with alot of tight players to cat behind so am confident of taking pot with no action but Dave heathfield calls nervously from the sb. Ace flop and he cks back to me and I cb for him to flat call. Should really close down here as dave is very likely to have a decent Ace the way he plays but I end up bluffing and end up 23k lighter when he flips over AdKd on the river.
Come back day 2 with just over 38k and once again chip up steady on a very ABC table tbh. Nearing the cash bubble and looking to stay active and after previously shoving over a few raises I shove agin to a button raiser with my AK and he tank calls his stack with 88. Im happy enough and pot will put me in good shape to go to final table with but I miss and go out just short of some cash. Had swopped 10% in stumpy and he went on to finish 3rd for nearly £3k so not a bad week all in all with just short of £1k in returns.
Really felt for Dave "Cameltoe" Atkinson who was so so ul losing QQ to AQ for big pot at crucial time and then busting with AA to QQ and AQ which cudnt hold as AQ made runner runner for straight.
Rest of night I had a "few" drinks with Stunpy & Gazmeister and then a meal in the restaurant and we cudnt stoop laffing at winding some of the G staff in the very nicest of way which they throughly enjoyed as well and took in the best of humour it was meant to be. having a laugh with good people whilst playing poker........... cant beat it



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maybe decided ?

Run good continues weeeee

Alreet Stumpy here,

After finally getting my internet sorted I realised it was my laptop that was the problem doh, so after pinching mrs Stumpys laptop I fire up a few mtts on tilt and ship the $10 547 runner for $2,110.10, then the next day I finished 4th in the $10 superstack 1128 runners for $919.60 a bit gutted with the 4th as I deffo made a mistake with 4 left, button raised and I 3 bet when I should just shipped allin, he still might of called but at least I would of played the hand right.The trouble is ive hardly played since then because of work and playing live in the Gs mini festival where I finished 7th in the £75 game, the bubble ffs! had a small saver with teamdobb who came back to form with a 3rd place nice one Dave,didnt play the next night so sent in my sub Samj to play the £100 game but no return from Sam sigh.

The main event was a £200 link game with sheffield with the g adding 4k wow, it ended off with about 90 runners and after day 1 five came up from sheffield to join the 20 left in newcastle.

My 1st table had Jon Lundy on who totally dominated the table and it was so much fun to watch him bamboozle a few on the table upto the point where this fish/novice open shoved with aj for 5.5k when blinds were 100 -200 I was in the big blind with ak and hold to get back to above the ss of 15k which was a releif as I had butchered a couple of hands.Then I win a couple of small pots off Jon when I called with 2nd pair on the flop and he gave up, then i called with A high on the flop and he gave up again he wouldnt of got me off 2nd pair but the ace high I might of folded.Then i go on a great run of cards

kk v qq aipf and I hold.

95 in the bb utg raises mid pos calls iImake it up flop q32 chchch turn 9 I ch utg bets near pot Icall putting him on fd rvr 5 I ch he bets near pot and I call he has missed fd weeeee upto 73k av 20k.

kk v aq I raise bb calls flop 10s10c2s I get ch raised allin for 22k more I call and he has aq off turn is ace ffs zsxdfvnde bollox down to 35k

a9 v kk Dave Heathfield raises mid pos calls I call button ad9d flop 109 2 Dave cbets small I call turn a chch river 7 ch and I bet 6k which Dave pays off with kk

kk v qq aipf this gets me back to 73k

Ended day 1 with 63k av 40kish

Day 2 25 players left and the deck smacked me in the face until the ft

Went from 63k to 203k without been allin

kk v?? raise flop k high 2 clubs c-bet called turn blank bet fold.

Dave Heathfield raised I flat button aq flop kq 7 dave cbet I call turn blank chch rvr q ch bet fold

aa v qq Dave raises again I 3bet he flats flop jhigh he donk leads 17k I have 55k behind and ship allin he tank folds qq.

kk v ak utg limps I raise bb he flats flop 1072 I cbet he calls turn 3 I bet he reraises I call river j i ch he chs shows ak.

Then its bubble abuse time and I pick up some easy chips on the bubble until this hand sb kd9d I raise the really tight bb defends flop q83 1diamond ch he bets 3k into 20k pot so i call turn and I ch he bets 6k i call and river is a diamond I bet 30k and he snap calls with qq lol.

FT was abit frustrating got off to good start when I flat raise with 1010 on button flop a22 chch turn 7 bet call river 4 he bets 3/4 pot and I call he tables 33.After this just maintain stack then when 4 left my raises get shipped on until3 left and im ss with 13 bbs I ship with 9d10d Hugh Frew calls with aj flop a 9 turn a 8 but river puts straight on the board for a chop very next hand ship with aq this time Hugh has ac4c flop 4q10 2 clubs and the club on the turn and I bite the dust in 3rd place for £2.9k.A quick mention to Dave Atkinson who lost qq v aq then aa v aq v qq to go out in about 15th also Teamdobb who lost ak v 88 in 12th wp ul.
Went for a meal with Gaz Robinson and Teamdobb it was a great laugh as we had been drinking since 4 and then Gaz and I went to Aspers for a drunken cash game finally got home at 7am.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.


Monday 9th May at approx 17.00 and myself and my son Scott make the decision to close down the Newcastle Poker Forum. Sad day for local poker and the local community we grew and developed but tbh not a very difficult decision for us to make. The forum had in our opinion went in a different direction to what we wanted and was becoming a total pain in the arse to run due to certain factors & elements. Dont get me wrong in that we achieved so much in the 3 years it has been running with the biggest main thing being the huge circle of friendships we created from all different types of people which also brought together friendships that may never have materialised without the NPF. We created unique games in an atmosphere we wanted poker to be played and added what we believed was how poker games should be played by seeing smiling faces and a social event based around a stupid game of cards we love to try and conquer. We also gave the local community a strong platform to vent their opinions which eventually moved casinos to sit up and listen and offer some of the best value games ever seen in the area and probaly some of the best value games anywhere in the UK coupled with giving them a large captive customer audience to freely market their games and services all free of charge

Why did we close it down ? Simple really in that we stopped enjoying doing it and it was beginning to effect our business, our personal and our family/home life. As such time to move on and I hope all those involved each took something positive away from the NPF and everything we did and Im sure alot of players locally are much better off for it
I d like to thank so many people as theres so many great people at the NPF but a few especially I would like to mention are as follows:

Scott my son for his foresight to see the need for the NPF and his dedication and hard work he put into it which most wont even be able to understand the amount involved.

Phil McNally who in the early days of the forum was a real driving force and took the forum in the direction we wanted as he was one of the very few people that fully understood our purpose and reasons for creating it

Mr Entertainment Craig Foggo who was always the life & soul of any party and always there for anything we asked for and someone I became very close friends with.

Stumpy who I got to know properly at the Caribbean Poker Cruise which then developed into a very strong friendship afters playing against him many times but not knowing him at all and someone I brought into the Dobbas to such great success

Looseman my accountant who contributed so much at the NPF and then developed a great squad of real true genuine people in the Radgies which included such huge characters like Koyte, Apokerlypse, and Smoggie who then devloped the very succesful Smoggie Online League on poker stars on Wednesdays

Dreamdobb who works for me and simply carried on his enthusiasm from when he played football for me into playing poker. Some great moments of daftness never to be forgotten there

To the many of the younger element who have been on msn to me and said their thanks Id like to say it was very much appreciated and know at least some actually do realise how much the NPF taught them about not just poker but about genuine people and true friends.

Last but not least has to be The Cardguard Kid who became a very good friend of mine but who simply gave his lot to the NPF and made me enjoy so much of what we did together because it was always fun and enjoyable to do. Myself & Scott take our hats off to you Steve Wills especially

April write up BOOOOOOM

Alreet stumpy here,

Well after cashing in 3 out of 4 fridays at the g i was in 2nd place for the player of the month and i was hoping to play all week to give myself the best chance to win.Well failed to get at all until the friday which was my last chance, nowt like putting the pressure on.Cant really remember much about friday so to cut it short i got to ft and i need to finish 5th or better to win player of the month, £550 seat to sheffield gukpt summer series with travel and accomadation so nice little prize we get down to 6 players and i suggest a 6 way chop for £510 each i took £500 im so kind lol which everyone is happy with booooooom king of the chops.

npf team championships 2011

Had a really good 1st table with everyone knocking the drinks back and enjoying the crack i built my stack upto a very healthy 22k at the 1st dinner break av 11k. hit trip 5s v ak on a a10 5 flop and got it aiotf then iso raised with 1010 v aj and held.Then i raised the buttn with a8 bb 3 bet small so i flatted and see a flop of q85 bb chs i ch turn 7 and bb goes allin for 5k thought it was either nuts or air so made the call and he tables ak and i hold.After the break i lost a couple of decent pots when i hit top 2 with aq on the turn unluckily this gave brett angel the flush i just ch called the rvr.This knocked me down to 18k which i stayed at for what seemed like an age until there was 33 left and play was finishing for the day once we got down to 30 players i get 2 shoves through and im on 22k when i pick up qq and raise get shipped on by kq, k on the flop and i hit the rail in 32nd place scoring some valuable points for the team.Went back on the sunday to cheer on gazmeister,cowhead,xenocode and cogb ship 1st place for the dobbers had a really good day drinking and watching the poker.Well done to cowhead who finished 4th and cogb who finished 2nd wpwp.

live mtts - +£2,020 +£550 +expenses for gukpt summer series seat at sheffield

live cash- -£100

online mtts -$854

online sngos -$75

horses- +$60

The horses in running betting was disapointing as i thought there was a 3 second delay from live pics to my telly but ive since been told its upto 7 secs which on the flat is a disaster so cant do it and have to wait to jumps starts again oh well it was fun while it lasted.

keep on smiling stumpy

Crushed it but got crushed

Massive congrats to all the squad for totally crushing the NPF UK Team Challenge even though my book on the event got totally crushed with my generous odds!!!

NPF Team Challenge report

Needing a break from poker until Vegas so dont expect to be playing much leading into that