Anutha week anutha dollar

Another week has past without the NPF being live and guess what........... the world doesnt stop as we wait for Scott to re open it to the many people who are requesting it be done. Being asked by alot of people when Im out whats happening and thats why I post here the facts that I know. All I know is the NPF will be re opened as a "private" poker community for the NPF members but as yet I have no idea as to any restrictions or guidleines to what that will consist of. The other info I have been told is that some new moderators will be appointed to take care of things and to give a more balanced and impartial view of any disagreements but because of the "private" set up being put in place then alot of the spam and crap we faced on a daily basis will disappear and also far less arguments and personal disagreements should not take place as much thus making the new NPF a far happier place. Also with the launch of another local forum then Im sure everybody should find a happy medium as to what they want and to what they wish to read. If ya dont like it then dont read it,,,,,,,,, simples. Trouble is though poker in general is so fkn boring that people simply love the controvery and bickering and bitching and thats a fact. the most interesting n viewed threads are where people are arguing looooooool. Happy days

Poker wise well not bad at all. Take in the new Circus Friday £50 game with £5 gtd pot and it attracts a decent 1st night field of just over 80 runners but also wanna have a few beers so the poker is secondary tbh and have a really good night eventually busting out with 20 odd left when blind on blind I ask the table rock not to limp from his sb which he kindly does so I shove my last 12bbs in with 63 off to be snapped off by him holding AJ. AJ flop sends me to the 50/£1 cash table where I sit bored out my head picking up total crap on a very spewy table unable to take advantage of alot of loose money. Leave only about £20 lighter but having had a canny night out.

Tuesday and its back to Circus for their 2nd offering of their monthly £100 & £10k Guaranteed game with £2k ADDED to the pot. Place is very busy and a final field of 136 runners giving £4520 for the winner and paying 14. Get an interesting 1st table which included Junior Bomber from the Sensations, UKIPT winner Gaz Walker and Jack Ellwoods twin brother who has a good track record to his name. Overall the whole field was very strong and a credit to the awareness that the Circus pokeroom staff have of putting on the games that players want. Simple fact is they understand their customers and the local market. Saying local but this game even attracted the normal large group of Teeside regulars but also a large group who had travelled down from Scotland.
Had decided early doors how I was going to play and approach this game and tbh it didnt change much throughout the tournie. Later stages of this game become very much shove poker and that never changes much so no real panic to have massive chip stack as very few players have more than 8-10 bbs at final table. Final table actually only had 2 players above 10 bbs.
Only get my cards in behind three times throughout the tournie. 1st time I shove getting low in unopened pot with 7h8h to be called by Gaz Walker with 55 and I hit 7 flop & turn. Next time is holding Q10 on my BB to be shoved on by a low stacked Rocky Gupta from Teeside. Decide to make the call as hes shoving so light the position he was in and he flips A4. I flop my Q and pretty much cruise to final table after that picking up a few good spots to shove steal from players despo to make cash.
Final table proved interesting and a bit unlucky for me in some respects. With 2 very low stacks on the table I fold 2 decent sized Ace hands to shoves of mid pairs which I would normally snap call but didnt really want to go out 10th or 9th as money went up quite good from 7th up. I then get AA in my BB and cant believe it when its all folded to me and next lap one lad gets tripled up with AA on his BB. I eventually shove Ace 10 to be snap called by 99 with same stack and I miss the world. Guy who takes me out eventually goes on to win the event after travelling down from Glasgow. Not bad anyway with £940 return and 10% each to Stumpy & Cameltoe who once again ran shit at a crucial stage going out to a river case King just short of the money.
£10k Result
Tuesday 24th £100 F/O £10k guarantee with minimum 2k added
Entries 136
Prize Pool £15,600
1) Chris Johnstone £4520 (Glasgow)
...2) Dom Mahoney £2810 (Teeside)
3) Owen Mcdowell £1830
4) Ben stokes £1400
5) Paul Nixon £1170
6) Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins £940
7) S Ng £780
8) John Nixon £620
9) Joward Martin £470
10) Ross Fernie £310
11) Greg doyle £230
12) Marie Ward £200
13) Paul richardson £160
14) Dave Heafield £160

Bit of form coming back it seems at just the right time with Vegas & the WSOP being only 3 weeks away for me.

Keep enjoying


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