May review & Running good

Alreet Stumpy here,

After my 3rd in the £200 link game for £2.9k i played 4 more live mtts in may
1,aspers £30 f/0 40 runners 4 way chop for £265
2,circus £100 f/o 136 runners finished about 40ish 88 v 99 aipf
3,circus £55 f/o 80 runners 8th £180 99 v ak aipf
4,circus £20 £20 50 runners 7th £120 aq v k3 aipf

Really happy with the way im playing and running long may it last.


sharkscope has me down as playing 24 sngos and 16 mtts for the month which im sure cant be right, mind you its only prolly missing maybe 1 mtt session as i was either at work or playing live or too knackered to play sigh work gets in the way of poker so much lol.

The ukipt rolls into the toon this month and really looking forward to this, hopefully do a gaz walker and scoop the loot.
Live mtts +£2,969 played 10

Live cash -£40 1 session

online mtts +$2,992

online sngos + $395

horses +$20

Another good month hopefully more of the same please

Keep on smiling stumpy


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Daniel Trett said...

Nice heater Peter, keep up the good work. ;-)

stumpy said...

thx kev nd dan