Jimmy C on tour

Howdy all sorry i mean hello all,

As the title suggests i am on my holidays visiting my dad in Houston there are no casinos but there is a private club the other side of town about 55 miles away(fook me Houston is a big place)

We saddled up the horses(sorry) and headed over there for a $20 rebuy and when i arrive i am not surprised to see that its an illegal club with more cameras and buzz in entry points than fort knox,60+ runners start,2.5k starting chips and 1k for $20 thereafter.

Looking around the table and if anyone has seen 'the king of the hill' you will get an excellent idea of the people i was playing with...awesome..2nd hand in and i call a small raise in bb with 69d to see a flop of A53 all diamonds raiser shoves with AK no diamonds i tank and then reluctantly call and 2 others call with Kd and Qd and they miss so great start,i play 3 more hands before the break and win all 3 without showdown and i'm sitting pretty with the the chip lead at the break.

Now this is where it gets interesting as you can top up 2k for $20 anything up to $100 so players with 1k can now have 11k it boosts the pot very nicely but brings me right back to the pack as i was only prepared to spend another $40 bringing my total to $60,i must give a mention to the valet who was bloody gorgeous with a cracking pair of tits and nice arse who showed them off lovely with her tight jeans and low cut tight t-shirt and the way some of these yanks were playing it was obvious they were going in to see her and not the poker!

I dont want to bore you with the details(to be honest i cant remember any more hands) but a few hours later i was on the final table and so was my dad with a decent stack to and we were both going well until some crazy women shoves 40 bb from an early poz with AJo and gets looked up by my dad with JJ and just like back home the A flops and its bye bye dad.3 left and we decide to chop it for $960 each which seems a bit light as there should have been a hell of a lot more money in pot but as the club takes from the overall pool then its obvious they are taking a rather large slice but hey ho a wins a win and i will def be going back for another tourny on boxing day.

Before i go i must tell you of this hand at the cash table involving my dad with him holding Kd9d flop Qd6d9h turn 9c and all the money goes in about $900 all told the villain tables AQo and river Qh yuk gg dad :)

Have a very merry Xmas all and an even merrier new year

David s

Finally back to the online grind.

Hello all.

It's happened, I finally decided to make a deposit and play some online poker.
I've been out of action, give or take a few games here and there for about 6 months now and saw the thread on the NPF about the NCOPS so decided to throw $110 on Full Tilt and play a few.

That was Last Wednesday, I've had only 4 sessions playing including a 4th place bubble in NCOP #3 (OBVIOUSLY).

Aside from that I have basically been playing sngs. 6 max,9 man, 45 man and 90 mans.
I started well in my first session and found I'm actually enjoyed it. (good sign)
Buy ins: $57, money made: $153 I made $97 first session almost doubling my roll.

Second session:
Buy ins: $82.50, Money made: $109, profit: $26.50 (again enjoyed it)

Third session:
Buy ins $61.25 Money made: $73, profit $12.75 (3 sessions in a row enjoying it? no way!)

Fourth session:
Played the NCOP#4 PLO $15+1.50. Basically donked out fo the tourney committing the ultimate PLO cardinal sin overplaying AAXX so deceided to switch off laptop.
Buy in: $16.50 Money made: $0 profit: -$16.50.

Fifth session: Decided to play a few mtts aswell as sngs. Went deep in the $11 superstack 10k guaranteed finishing 81st from 2117 for $32.81 which was nice but the demons got hold of me, a reason Ive avoided playing for such a long time. I got pissed on bottles of Stella and half a bottle of Vodka. Stumpy was railing and chatting to me on Msn and asking "do you usually play like this when I went into Pissed-Super Aggro mode,lol. This tactic actually worked mid to late in the tourney as I had the weakest table ever but the hands I did lose were decent size pots so for all the stealing I did I didnt end up building my stack as much as I should have. Then the inevitable, I get unlucky on my exit hand and could/should have folded on the turn but the drink and tiredness had kicked right in and I gambled when I wouldnt usually.
8 hour session and breaking even which I should have been happy about in a way but I got pissed-super-aggro-fuck this! head on totally ignoring and saying "Fuck BRM!" and decided to play some sngs.

Played 14 sngs ranging from $5 to $55+5.

Total buy ins including mtts $$336 Money made: $359 profit $23.

Total Buy ins so far: $553 Money made: $694 profit: $141.

So, all in all pretty good first 6 days back. Learnt (another) lesson last night despite turning a profit that drunk poker is losing poker. Sample size for my start is still tiny but a profitable start is a good one in anyones book inspite of the time Ive been away, but the main thing is I'm actually enjoying the grind. I decided to post this up here in order to keep myself in check and possibly inspire me to keep a cool head and stick to strict BR management which, to be perfectly honest I haven't done so far but, I plan on doing from now on. $250 roll is enough for me now to play $2-$5 games comfortably and see how I go.

I'll try to keep up a log and let you all know how I'm doing. (New Rule number 1: self control and patience and to stop saying "FUCK THIS!") or it's back to the Taxi's.


Still limping but winning!!!!

alreet Stumpy here,

Just thought I would catch up on the last two weeks starting with Aspers on Fri 11th Dec when me ,Mrs Stumpy and Teamdobb was joined by Looseman to sample a few coronas and beat the big field,Teamdobb made the ft but was 1st out in 9th shipping AQc mid to find KK waiting for him in the BB.
Played £5/£5 dc,with me n Teamdobb going halfers again £100 each and soon had that upto £730 until I misplayed a hand versus Geremi the Newcastle footballer who was a complete fish when he 1st started playing but hes alot better now and it took me back down to £330, so only a small profit on the night.

The next day was the league final at Circus 60 players sat down to play for the 4k pot,I started as one of the shorter stacks as I only finished 7th in league with 7.5k. The nightly winners got 20k so had some work to do!got my stack up to 13k at the break by playin AA bit looser than usual and hitting a few hands, peaked at 28k when there was 15 left when I got 77 raising and it was Alis bigblind who was to short to pass and he called with j10 and ob Ali hits when does he not and Im down to 11k. Somehow grind my ss to ft when Im forced to push 64 utg only for Fatpants to look me up with AQ and Im out. I get £100 plus another £37 as swapped 20% with Samj who finished 5th.Would like to thank all the staff at Circus for all the hard work they put into the cardroom cant praise them enough tbh.

Next game was the staff bounty game at Circus and was a total right off for me nd Mrs stumpy. I dumped me chips off to Mrmagoogle when I knew he hit trip Qs when I had KK and Mrs Stumpy had KK v Alis 88 aipf ob 8 and it was an early night for the Stumpys weeeee.

Then it was back to Aspers on Friday night just me and Mrs Stumpy this time and we both made ft Mrs Stumpy 10th me 9th so sick but still a small profit.

Then on Saturday night we went to the 1st NPF xmas party we had a great night and was a good turnout despite the weather

My online sngo grind has hit the buffers on full tilt but luckily ive had 2 more fts on Pokerstars in the same mtt that I chopped for $2.5k. Ive since finished 5th for $585 and 3rd for $1800.I will do my online grind write up early in the New Year and my goals for next year.

Had my mri scan results and Ive snapped my cruciate ligaments and torn my cartiliage so just waiting for operation date,Physio says recovery time might be as long as 6 months ,Ive already been off 4 months now and I will go on half pay after 6 months so Im goin to have to bink a few more of those mtts to make my wages up.

Merry Xmas all from Stumpy

Would you watch Pet Taxi if it was on TV?

Hi bloggers.
Iv'e been really busy lately what with work etc so haven't had the time to post anything recently.
However, Iv'e been getting opinions from various sources about the quality of the Pet Taxi tales posted earlier this year and do you think it's good enough to make it onto TV?
My question to all of you that read the posts is what did you think of it? Was it a read that gave you a little laugh and that was it, or do you think it would be something you would sit down and watch if it was shown on TV?
I have just e-mailed a TV executive about how these sort of things get from being just "stories" to being aired on TV. It looks like I need to get the help of a script writer first of all and transform it from "STORIES" into a "script" which I'm told costs money.
Looking for a broader opinion of the possibilites of this becoming a TV show from anyone who read them. Is it a pipedream or do you think this could work?
All feedback, (good or bad) is appreciated lads and lasses.

A quiet weekend of poker

Alreet Stumpy here,

Went to Circus on Sat for the £75 game was a total waste of time never got going and ended when Im allin with a6 v a7 no help and Im off to Aspers for there £30 f/o

Sit down and dont recognise any one except the dealer mac which is the norm now as Aspers mtts is full of newbies the standard of play was awful,1st winning hand I have 52 sb flop 542 I ck raise the 2 limpers 100 to 500 1 caller turn ace i bet 500 he calls 10 rvr i bet 500 nd he call with ks8s missed fd yup he called with k high.

Kept chipping up by raising the weak limpers and c-betting the flops,un till guy shoves 10bbs with a7 v my ak cruise to ft from there pinch the blinds to maintain the stack till 7 left and i get aj shove allin and bigstack says out loud "oh no i keep wasting my chips doubling people up i hope no 1 rerases me" they all fold ob and he flips AA wot a tool so 7th for £90 and near break even day.

Sunday and its back to Circus for smoggies npf online league game we have the Geek,Cardguard,Looseman,Smoggie,me,Roscopiko,COGB,Sensation.Teamdobb.and PJB Aces.

Sensation sets out straight away to wipe the field out which backfires bigstyle when he bites the dust early obv,then Rosco goes next then its me when Looseman raises from button and Smoggie flats i ship with 88 and Smoggie calls with ak, k on turn and i bite the dust,the geek goes on 2 beat the cgk headsup nice 1 glen wp. a big thankyou too Smoggie who has ran the league and organised the live final table which was great craic.

When i got knocked out i was straight onto the cash tables as they were full of pub players who had been knocked out of there tourney, plus the Ridla who I always run like god against lol nd Gaz Walker the sensations skipper.The rest were larry the limpers so I decide 2 play crazy for a while to hopefully get paid off down the line which worked nicely picking up pots with nothing and also getting paid off on the rvr when board read 1073 a a I had a8 Ridla calls with bottom pair lol.

Then I pick up AA twice in a short space of time and lose the min with both 1st one hit flush on turn with 10 6 and 2nd time guy calls with 2nd pair and hits runner runner straight so much for setting the table up to pay me off sik,then the Ridla raises i call with AJ, flop J 10 rag he bets out but doesnt look comfy so I put him on mid pair I call turn K he bets again river Q gives me straight to A, I ck but cant see me getting anymore money but the hero the Ridla decides bet £22 on the river I ship and he folds for £26 more.Then I get my revenge on the 106 hero when he limps again I try 2 too isolate with Qs10s get 1 more caller flop AKJ 2 spades weeeeee I bet £10 on flop 106 hero calls ob ace,turn k bet £25 insta call then rvr 5 bet £35 on rvr he calls aq now up about £150.

In the meantime enter £20+£20 tourney and buyin my son Craig whos just turned 18 and already had a few fts plus somehow Samj got £40 out of me so he could play!The cash table was too good to leave so decide to sit out and and stay at cash table,until i pop over and play 3 hands in tourney hit trip 2s and add 3k too my stack head back too cash table and dont go back too tourney till blinds 200-400.
Notice samj has bigstack so good chance of roi but Craig struggling, I get nice dup when pub player limps utg Im sb with AQ off decide 2 limp also , flop Q rag rag 2hrts I bet out and utg calls put him on kq turn rag I bet he calls rvr heart I ck 2 call any bet he ships allin which threw me a bit I tank call he shows qj and im upto 28k,next decent pot Chipmunk goes allin after 2 limpers I call with 1010 v daves AQ he bricks and now on 40kish,then c/o rases my bb i rerase with kk he instaships 17k i call he has 77 no help and now on 60kish,then my 1st mistake button rases my bb i have a7 i rerase dont no why as hes pretty solid and rarely at it doh he has QQ no help and back too 40kish from there maintained my stack with steals

In the meantime Samj busted his bigstack the donk lol ,but Craig goes on massive heater, young lady min rases his blind he calls with 8h4h flop a62hearts and they get it allin lady a5 no hs and he goes to 70kish then few hands later Joe Peel minrases his blind by mistake ,didnt realise blinds were up and Craig calls with 9h2hs flop AJ8 all hearts,Joes allin with A8 no help and Craigs now got 160kish,we eventually get down too 4 handed when I ship A10 into Gladys KQ 1st card Ace but glad hits flush on rvr,Im out for £185. Craig does 3 way chop (thats my boy) for £425 each.A really enjoyable and profitable weekend even after the corona bill and Samj(one day Sam one day lol )

keep on smiling stumpy

General Update

Why hasnt the blog picture been changed FFS me and stumpy carry you lot to victory (hes only ickle aswell) and I havent even got a pic with me in the team photo on the right of the blog; omgz I run bad.

Anyway; on the poker front; made a couple of FTs at Circus but nothing special and find recalling hands boring. Back on the slippery slope of roulette after owning grovna 10p touchbet for around 2K in the last few days; oh to be able to quit while ahead.

Won 700 dollars from that daft stake thing azimut started; where i small cashed and spun 19 bucks progressively to around 700; and this has taken over from my proper games elsewhere as its so much more fun at this level and dont really need the stress or hassle of playing the kind of games I do on party.

Ill post again when I actually win at poker again (probably win when Im sober; hence ya may have to wait a while)

Much love


Women F******g Drivers

i hate women drivers

as some of you know I'm a delivery driver for a local Chinese takeaway , i do about 30.000 local miles a year , so in that many miles Ive seen a awful lot of things that drivers get up to , especially the women , don't get me wrong we've all seen some pretty amazing stuff , but Saturday night had to top mine off .

going to a delivery in hebburn from the low sima estate i go round a roundabout to be stopped halfway by an oncoming car , guess what it was a women driver the funny thing is she wound her window down and started effing and blinding at me , she soon stopped when the police car 2 cars behind me put its blue lights on lol , anyways gets to my delivery address and park round the back in car park , only gone about 2 Min's and i get back to the car park to hear crunch argh my new car , out jumps this women in her 30s who's the fuxxing idiot whose parked his car here , well Ive got to say i seen red , i told her that she must be fuxxing blind not to see a silver car with its sidelights left on to the left of her car , after about a min 4 guys appear saying I'm in the wrong cos i double parked ( must have been half of her inbred family ) to which i say how the hell is it my fault when I'm not even in the car.

getting nowhere i phone the police as the guys are just itching to smack me , so police turn up and shes still protesting her innocence , to which police women says to me i cant believe her shes hit a parked car , and she even says women drivers eh.

not much damage to my car just needs a new wing and damage to bumper , my insurance phoned me up on Monday and got me booked into a friendly garage and said they would contact the women's insurance company , gets phone call today off her company and they tell me they have instructed her to claim full liability ( even her insurance has had to tell her ) , so all in all sorted now , but god they are thick sometimes.

on the poker front only played once since teamgame , was at stanley's last thursday and ended up heads up against tubbs it was about 4pm and we just split with him taking the 20 points and £240 each.
gonna play this Thursday , but not much until Xmas as work is very busy.

gl all on the tables


Alrit Stumpy here,

Its been a busy week, starting with last saturday travelled to m,boro for the new £100 f/o,was doing well and down to 3 tables from a 120 runners when i get 88 raised and the biggest fish on the table called, he had been on my table most of the day and I know he likes his A rags and KQS so when the flop comes AK7 and he bets into me I insta fold and he shows me ace, now down to 24k and pik up AK, buzz ships in before me and I call he has JQ 1st card K weeee then QQ and im down too 2k allin next hand and out.then I sit down on the £5-£5 plo cash table with £200 me and DC go halfers and I come off with a £200 profitso just a small loss on the day.

Monday morning I have another losing session on full tilt its been 3 weeks of running bad so decide to have a go on pokerstars and buyin to a $33 mtt and few hours later im doing a 3 way deal for 2.5kish weeeeeeee so im staying on pokerstars until i start running bad.

This years online total now 12k. A hand from the stars mtt I was on the button with AQ raised sb calls bb calls flop AQJ 3 allins and the hands were sb QQ bb JJ me AQ mmm thanx stars.

Tuesday was at circus with Mrs Stumpy,my tourney was awful and ended when raised with A6 1 fishy caller flop AK5 i c-bet he calls turn Q i have a horrible feeling he has KQ but my only move is allin and he calls with KQ!
Mrs Stumpy gets another 4 way chop for £335 and this takes her into 3rd position in the league not bad as she has only been playing 1 1/2 years, I make £40 in cash and im still 8th in the league so it looks like we are both going to make the playoff.

Thursday I play aspers £30 f/o and finished 7th losing 65K in 2 hands,1st hand button ships for 32k sb ships 16k and I have A 10 bb i no im winning the button and the next 4 places pay similar money so i call button JQ ,sb 77, flop J73 and im last, shit! then next hand 77 allin called by QQ nd out for £80.

Saturday was at aspers for oneway poker £50 f/o and couldnt believe it got 200+ runners and got seat 1 and dealt for 7 1/2 hrs and was knackered when I got in, didnt get much all day and grinded my stack upto 28k av 45k and 45 back for the next day.there was 2 lads raising lite all day, I was waiting to catch them and Sunday I started picking up some hands,young lad raised again and I shipped on him with KK he folded next orbit he ships allin with 8-4 and i call with AA lol now i have playable stack and hang round 100k mark when all my raises get thro without any action till I push J-9 allin and bb calls with 22 and I brick it and finish 12th for £160, really pleased with the way im playing just need a break at the right time.
I met some of the lads from oneway poker and have to say they were canny craic and a nice bunch of lads.
Its been a busy but enjoyable and profitable week.

Keep on smiling,


Punch him in the Face

Heres a useful little site youre able to vent some anger on if theres anyone thats getting to you

One of the biggest hits at the moment is the favourite guy of the North East

Mike Ashley

Have fun !!!!

Getting better

Alrit stumpy here,

Its been a busy 3 weeks starting off with the forum champinship,a great 2 days of poker and some great craic.I built my stackup nicely till about 22 left out of 100 had 40k when Sean Mcguigan raised from the sb i have aj bb so i ship it in, Sean calls with 77 flops a set nd im down to 10k a few alins with atcs and we are down to 20 players nd back next day I have 13k.

Meet up with DC nd Scott for dinner nd have a laff before we set off for circus, dave is chip leader and i know how much he wants to win his own championships and if I cant win im hoping he does, well he bought Mr nd Mrs Stumpys dinner ye nah lol.

So day 2 I need a dup and Ridlas is in the bb and I tell him im pushing if its folded to me as I run so good v the Ridla,1st card is an ace so I ship nd take the blinds sos Ridla,then I win another pot now on 27k next hand DC raises I have ak sooted allin calls 77 1st card ace weeeeeeeeeee 3rd card 7 im out in 15th gutted but pleased the way I played and over the moon for DC who went onto win. Great weekend and a great result for DC nice 1 mate

Went to circus on the tuesday and chopped it 4 ways for £340 and some much needed points in the league im in 8th and top ten qualify so in with a chance, finished 12th last week just missing out on points so 2 weeks to go prolly need 1 more ft to make it.

14th november was the grosvener team game my debut for the dobbers,I was full of flu on arrival,risked a bottle of corona nd never looked back,deffo a flu killer haha,got off to a nice start with a dup from BobtheGob who cudnt fold aa on a 642 flop i had trip 2s.Bob didnt even make the buffet so plenty left for everyone, I work my stack upto 18k when I get aa I raise farmer dave 3 bets me nd hes priced in to call with aq so now comfy on 38kish but then get moved and totally card dead for ages but grind my way to final table.The ft i ship 1st hand with j 10 then dup with kk v the geeks j 10 then with 7 left we are told if me or philmc arent the next ones out we win the team game. So its fold for the win lol until a 3 way allin involving portanus a8 v gimac ad qd v Phil with qq flop comes 2 ds turn brick then rvr qd which gives gimac flush but gives Phil full house and we have won the team game and started jumping round like nutters with all the other dobbas who had stayed back to rail.It turned out to be a great event with 6 of the 8 teams from the forum.I went out 5th and samj went on 2 beat portanus headsup. The rail from 3 tables down was class,with the sensations, dobbas, radgies, northern lights, nd the cubs making it a great atmosphere.

My online grind came off the rails last month -$1200 worst month so far ran really bad and also had flu for 2 weeks and shudnt of played tbh, just hope it changes soon.

keep on smiling stumpy.

Some mutha fucka sickos around!!!

Just thought Id post up here some of the crap I have to put up with at work and highlights the fkn lunatics that are around. I get these calls quite regular tbh but have now involved the police to try n trace back the calls and get to the bottom of this. Could well be some extremist group that think companies are polluting the world and as such are threatening their families and killing them. Thats the only logical explanation I can come up with for this nutter.

call 1

This is another phone call we have received from the same person claiming we have sent information about investment opportunities in Global Warming. This time the guy is claiming to be Stephen Levington from Warwickshire County Council and is pretending to be normal at the start. He soon turns to his mother fucker abuse as normal.

call 2

And another one received a couple of hours after call 2

The mother fucker man calls back again who now wants to kill the Police.

call 3

Lose yet win!!!

Decide to make the trip down to Teeside Gala to take in their new monthly £100 game with £1000 added.
Travel down with fellow Dobbas Can Only Get Better & Stumpy joined by SamJ and get there in good time for registration. Had a max field of 120 and pre reg before 5.50 got you an added 1000 chips in a 9k stack. 1st 2 levels of 45 mins followed by 30 mins and a finish time of 4.30 was always doubtful taking into consideration the breaks and start times which was proved to be right. Game ends up chopped up 8 way with chip stack ratios and Chipmunk took away about £1400
As for me well I had bought COGB into the game on an agreed split so was double handed in and although for most of the game COGB looked in such a good position to make a decent cash he eventually bust out 12th with the main damage being done when his mid pos raise was shipped on and his call with 77 was outdrawn by the shiping AK.
I had started really well and had a very good table in that it was very passive and I was able to easy take down alot of pots and grow at a good pace. That was until this hand in level 2 of 50/100. I make it 400 with AA to get looked up by the BB. The flop of 248 rainbow was nice and i bet 800 after he checks it. Turn brings 6c giving 2 club board and after another ck I put in 2k to which he ships all in for over 9k. Ive probably got 10k behind and after bit of table talk n vibes coming back Im sure hes setted up so fold face up hoping he will also show his hand which he does............................. 99!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm well played!.
Wouldnt mind any comments for those that can be bovved to reply
Guy slow plays AA from the sb on me in 3 way pot and his set is too much for my 2 pair which does more damage. Eventually as blinds n antes are biting I ship my 9bbs with 66 to get looked up by the BB with AK who houses up.
Decent enough game with room for future improvement with excellent pot of £13100 and chops for Chipmunk, and 3 other NPFrs that included Avkid, Buzz n Lynne Beaumont

Put £100 into cash game with Samj who returns £160 and £100 into Stumpy for £5/£5 Omaha table and he ship out with £415 which covers the costs and a slight profit for the night. Totally wrecked leaving around 3.30am with final table about to start and fall asleep as soon as I get in car so apologise for bad snoring all the way home to the 3 lads in the car

edit: Play the Poker Stars millions for our NPF syndicate and get min cash for $315 going out around the 1000 left mark when shipping c/o with 55 for 40k n BB obv thinks Ive got A3 as he snaps with A4 to bink an Ace wp

Coral Masters Exclusive

Congratulations to NPF member Mark Trett in taking down the Corals Masters £10k Sponsored package that was played out last week.
Marks a very active and proud member of the NPF as you can see by his attire and came into our office to do an Exclusive one to one interview the day after his win.


Made the journey down to Blackpool to take part in the GUKPT Main Event for day 1b Friday and meet up with a few NPF ers including fellow Dobba Xenocode, Mullet, Graham, Madasawasp and Hitthehole Tom Middleton. Notice Xenocode has an absolute nightmare table but when I get my seat Im very happy with it although it does include Zach Ford and previous Champions winner Mike Ellis. I actually thought I was sat next to Steve Holden at 1st but was a guy called Jeff Hemmerman. Can I just say this guy was an absolute gentleman and was a pleasure to be in his company all day at the table. He was an ex pro footballer and played poker with a good solid game but with a great attitude and with respect to his fellow players at the table.

I was delighted to see he went very deep with a great 5th place finish getting it in AJ v KK for board to run out AJ10 K rag. was telling me he was lined up for a move to Everton but a bad knee injury last game of season ruined that only for Everton to then sign no other than Gary Lineker as his replacement.
As for me well although busting out 20 mins from end of day all in all I think I played some of my best poker of all year. Got stacked up to a peak of 35k at one stage mainly due to calling a raise from Zach Ford with 88 for flop of 6s7s8. My re raise to his bet was shipped on and my call held to his As3s which missed.
Got into a few hands with a young lad at table which eventually involved a big hit to my stack. After an early limp limp the young lad (Gary Orchard) put a 1000 chip in but did not say anything and when it got to me on the BB I was holding 10 10 with 4 in pot. I asked the young lad did he raise ( to see his reaction) and he said no just a flat call which the dealer then confirmed so i made it 1200 to play on 150/300 to hopefully take it down. Fold fold back to him who then 3 bets me which he had twice before. After thinking it through I decided to ship in having him well covered and he can only call with AA or KK imo. Snap call and I know im in trouble with him flipping KK. Nice limp!!! but he explained he made mistake putting his bet in and was meaning to raise which in hindsight I should of took my foot off the pedal and played the hand less aggressive. Back to the pack then and the task of regaining chips. Not long after that a hand occured which to the player involved basically changed his tournie with in the end was a bad play. New player comes to the table with decent stack 30/40k and after only 4 hands at the table on his BB he faces a raise to 1500 on 200/400 by the young lad who took my chips and a call by Mike Ellis who obv has a good hand as well. The new BB ( Gemal) then ships all in for young lad to move all in as awell. Mike Ellis folds and its AK v QQ. Mike folded 10 10.
Flop comes Q rag rag, 10 turn and Gemal up off seat and walking past the young lad says nice hand offering his handshake and as soon as they shake the JACK come booming down to give the AK the straight and basically cripples the young lad. he sort of went on tilt after that and bust out soon after.
I was on yo yo but making chips with very little yet unable to get that major double up i needed. Lost a few of the original starting line up of table and as we got later into the day I was finding it difficult to pick up a hand and started to lose track abit. Eventually with 20 mins of the day left I picked up AsJs in the BB and when Julian Thew made a standard raise I decided that was good enuff with only 8bbs left behind me shipped in for Julian to snap with QQ. No help and out.
Sometimes bust out of games and think should of done this or that but overall I was very pleased with how i played so no real disappointment. Decided not to stay over night and drove straight home getting back about 5.30am after getting a couple of hours snooze in a motorway services. Although Xenocode made day 2 I know he had struggled all day to get cards and eventually bust out early on day 2. Good news for Mullet though picking up £2200 for I think 18th spot and a few quid back for me holding 5% in him.

Saturday night was a team game organised by the Grosvenor whose cardroom of late has been somewhat empty. Ends up with 8 teams entered with 6 of these made up from the forum teams that have evolved. Obvious big bragging rights here and the game turned into a virtual NPF event and in typical NPF style the last 2 tables in were manic.
Dobbas were looking massive with 9 left from our 10 with 30 left and top 20 scoring. A quick succession of exits left only 3 of us in the points with COGB, Stumpy and Phlmc flying the flag. I had been flying but got too involved with AcKc holding having to fold to guy Im sure had QQ or JJ min and folded to re raise of my cb on a 779 board. Not long after that I ship to a raise by Samj with me holding AJ on my BB and he eventually calls showing KJ. was looking safe but we all know Samj rarely misses and sure enough he rivers the K to take me out.
Last 2 tables and especially the final table were awesome with a huge rail and patter n crack were unreal as anyone of 4 teams could still win it.Ill be honest in that basically Loosemans Radgie team blew it but gotta take ya hats off to our 3 lads left with COGB getting vital points busting just short of the final table and to Stumpy n Phlmc who grinded the short stacks they had into a winning team position with 4th n 5th place finishes giving Teamdobbs the Champions spot and the bragging rights to go with it weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ship it here.


Hey kids,

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, dobbas take down the grovna team game- finally we won one of these.

Been a while so Ill start a bit further back. The champs, drank the night before and caned it as soon as I got there; played awful, less said about my disgraceful state throughout the night the better- shameful and a shambles tbh.

Errr played a few games with little joy until teamdobbers rolled up to the grov for their team game. Piss poor starting table, couple of good local players with a few hero fish, happy with that. Made a few plays added a small bit to my stack then after the first break het moved. Got down to 6K from a start of 7K decided to make a move on durrrr wannabee and sealed a couple of ok pots, got moved had around 11K. First hand utg limper for 600 I make it three, the donkey of the costa family ships for 3600, with KQ to my AQ and makes a flush; down to 6K. Only player I had much respect for (couple of decent rocks but not my concern) to my right and went about nicking and outplaying horrendous radgies.

Got moved to dobbas table hes tanking it as are sewell and faetzie (local crackpot) on other tables for the dobbs. Nick the blinds a few hands then reraise dreamdobb (not a dobber) and he calls with AJ to my KK and it stands. I then get a sweet run of cards and tally up a good number of chips; would have had way more if id had been playing more regularly live. Let myself get short after going totally carddead. Ship all in on stumpys missus' BB and she snaps me with JJ to my K6, two 6s on the flop and a dobba celebration later and im back in business. Junior bomba of the sensationsships in my sb and i see an A and snap call knowing he has air. A5 vs Q6 and I spike the A to take down a tidy pot. We at this stage have 3 in the cash after having 9/30 and its really tight between 4/5 teams. Canonlygetbetter goes next and leaves just me and stumpy. Im on the hustle now to get off the shortstack and go for first but the bubble burst on a massive pot between two radgies and a small one for another radgie crippled previous. tut tut looseman an accountant and hadnt worked out that if he only had to survived a couple of places and they were basically nailed on to win.

Me and stumpy play a holding game on FT and it really starts to go our way as players fall. when a sensation falls we know they cant beat us as we already had a point over them and now had a further 3 to add. Our last threat is looses radgies with just gimac left but two scorers on the ft bubble. sewells pap raises utg and gimac shoves his shortstack; i look down at QQ and see it instantly as a spot to take him out and win the game with the added bonus of another player in the pot to take him out. flop is 10 10 x, cant remember if he flops the flush draw or makes it on the turn, river is a heart; but the Q of hearts; I just about treble up and a massive celebration ensues; after the tards on my team realise he hasnt got the winning hand.

Weve won and i inform stumpy im now gunning for him for the craic. In reality i wanna see a dobba ship it. stumpy is next gone and its just me two radgies with massive stacks and a good young player samj of the sensations (and their ever awesome rail). Hes let sewells dads unorthodox play tilt him abit and is the only player left I could really accept getting beat off. Sensations need to outlast one of the radgies for second so I set about smashing up the radgies abit. raise to 25K on smoggies BB and he insta reraise and tbh gives a woeful tell, and i snap allin he calls; I show AQ he show 10, 6cc and tries to explain his appalling play but its obvious he just did it coz his cards were suited. He obviously wins as shite play always gets rewarded and im out in 4th. Go off to gather myself and react as maturely as i can and shake all players remainings hand, but want out of the cardroom so i dont have to hear the excuses for the play, as I know ill say summit Ill regret (as ever).

Go back and cheers samj on as sensation rail has been matched only by dobbas and tbh the only two proper teams. He takes it down in a grudge match against sewells dad after a chop for the money.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, rail was awesome and the win was just simply great

Grosvenor team event.

Firstly, congrats to the lads for taking the team event down.

As always I enjoyed the crack and had a good time in general. I haven't posted or played for a while so it's good to post something nice however, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be playing at the moment. I knew this anyway but my performance today confirmed this.

I played awful all day, got lucky in level 2 to suckout a river when all in for a chop and things didn't get any better.

Without going into detail I later got myself into a situation with a team mate that a little observation would have prevented.

I should feel happy to be part of the winning team tonight but I don't. I contributed nothing and really must have a word with myself and sort things out.

Tonight should have been a night for celebration but my self loathing has taken over. I was that dissapointed with myself that I left straight after busting out and for that I apologise to the lads.

Well done lads on a great job cementing our place as the top NPF team and look forward to the next one, aslong as it's not anytime soon.

Weeeeeeeee ship the GUKPT

Been ill since last Friday when we did the music video and I blame it down to some paint fume poisoning after using wrong apint to paint the studio wall. Was so ill Tuesday I didnt go to work and cudnt even face going to Circus for my normal Tuesday night game.
Should of been going to Blackpool as well for the GUKPT but the way I feel was no way I could face that. Decide to fill some time in and end up playing a freeroll on Blue Square for a £1300 GUKPT Package and expect the normal donk out early doors but chugg along although never really getting any sort of decent stack. Bit of luck when aqueezing from my BB with Qs5s with 5 limpers and when called by 10 10 its looking curtains but runner runner gives me straight and then AA v KK puts me comfy.
Make ft and 2nd lowest stack with one guy going on a single handed rampage taking one after another out until I get heads up with him. Hands then fell into place for me before eventually taking it down and a very nice £1300 GUKPT package from Inside Poker

My 1st Poker Medal : )

Well been a while since i last posted, main reason i tend to "sing when I'm winning" and well, i ain't been winning at much lately !

Quick update.... Still effn jobless, 6 months now, longest I've been outta work since i was 16. Had a couple of days here and there and doing the odd thing to make ends meet but nothing full time. Still a couple of things in the pipe line so Xmas ain't cancelled just yet!!

Poker wise cant complain really. Haven't had much chance to play live due to lack of funds so most of my time has been spent "grinding" online . Think i have progressed slightly of late in terms of BRM with a big help being the challenge on the NPF, a lot of good came out of that imo for the average Joe like my self, but its very hard to stick to and very easy to slip up. Ran deep in a few MTT's chasing that big score but cant seem to get over that final hurdle, 13/2400- 27/6200 etc.. so close yet so far but feel its just round the corner so will stick with it for now.

Personally i prefer live poker much better, don't know if saying its easier is the right term but i definately feel more comfortable with it. Played the 500 added @ Circus a few weeks back (cheers Dad) and fared OK considering the shite i was getting dealt, got it in with AKs 3 tables out only to get looked up by 22 (???wtf) and bricked the board, sigh !

And onto one of my poker playing highlights, the recent NPF Championships. As everyone else i imagine, i was well hyped for this and sooo looking forward to it. By far the best atmospheres at these official NPF events and imo the poker comes second best to most. Got off to a great start with an early double up at the expense of the Radgie leader, the Looseman. Managed to build my stack upto the 60k mark with little effort after then. With an hour left of play on day 1, disaster struck ! Pads UTG+1 intends to raise but Mr Flushy (table dealer) calls a string bet so a call is declared, nxt to act, Dave Minchella flats too, folded round to my BB, i have Q3 spades :(
flop 2-3-10 Pads chks, (so im thinking big A, AK AQ etc) Dave then fires 3k, bout half the pot. OK, excuses time.... I've been playn now for nearing 9 hrs and my thought process just wasn't there, or what it was earlier on in the tourney. Without thinking i flat call, Pads mucks. Turn the killer Q. Minchella fires pot sized bet, and again without thinking i insta shipp it all in, get snapped called and he flips over 33 for the set, miss my Q on the river and i sink in to my chair thinking WTf have i just done ! I let the dealer count out my chips and shipp the necessary owed, he returns 3k back to me and gives Minchella the chip leader pot 90k+ :( , I'm sure he had some black ones hidden round the back, their stacks never look that big do they lol ! Chips in hand im ready to shipp ATC next hand and theres a fkn break called. FKN great i think, I've got 10 Min's to stu over what a pleb i am, just let me get out ov here! But I'm glad that break came, went to get some fresh air and a chat with some boys telling them my "badbeat" lol. Got some sound advice from Buzz and Milo, fk the ATC craic and wait for a K or better to get it in with. And that's exactly what i did, 5 double ups'ish later (with the best hand every time i must admit :) ) and im back upto the 40k + mark with an Av stack! , Crazy game at times no ?

Were now down to 24/25ish players left, and with only 20 coming back for day 2 I'm thinking this is going to be close. Manage to get some nice hands that enables me to scrap thru to the second day with the short stack.

Onto day 2, to I get dealt AJs early on in an EP and shipp it in looking for a double up. I get snapped of the rock that is Phil Buttler, (PJB Aces) with KK .FK, but i get lucky with the miracle ace on the river that cripples Phil but gives me a healthier stack to progress the Final Table.

Fair to say i was over the moon making the FT considering the caliber of players in the field. I started the FT with the second shortest stack. Gave up waiting for a hand after 30 mins of play and decide my K 10 of spades was pretty enough to shipp my last 5bb's ! Get looked up of AK and its busto in 8th, was kicking myself afterwards like, UTG+1 isnt the time or the place to be doing that with that hand! Oh well live and learn eh !!

Got my first poker medal for my efforts and sits proudly amongst my old football trophy's : )
Also scooped the star prize in the raffle too, the I-Pod nano, so all in all a great weekend and cant wait for the next one.

Next up for COGB is the team game this coming Saturday shortly followed by Smoggies Unofficial Live League Final, cant wait for both and hoping to improve on past results.

Well that's all for now, happy blogging guys !

Ooop nearly forget to mention the gaffer. Megga well done to Teamdobb for taking the Championship down. I know how much we wudda been wanting to win it and the guy thoroughly deserved it and tbh he demolished the final table with some great power poker

Peace, Paul :)


wow - here is a rarity a blog post from The card guard kid. in all honesty since we changed the look of the blog i had forgotten how to post and DC reminded me last week so thought id stick one in now.

Well where to start - i suppose firstly recent poker form has been roughly the same as ever - running terrible and some bad beats - but interweaved into this have been some ok results. chopped circus £75 on saturday for £700 and 2 final tables week before in circus for aboot £500 in total is not too bad as i only really play one live tourney a week now. Even managed to spin $50 up to $1769 on line - even though its so totally and obviously rigged, so not a bad month for me and added to this some nice roulette shippers with me new found roulette partner ' the sensation' , couple of good horse bets, one secent football bet and even a profit on gettting on lucy to go on x factor after she had sung her sing off song at 9.4/1 has made last 6 weeks very profitable.
Our football syndicate on the NPF has come close last few weeks with us getting 3 scores right and being one goal off in other games - so chin up boys we hit it big soon.
Ok the last month has been a busy one for me as the run up to the championships and the stuff after has seen me spend lots of time at ' Bannisters HQ' recording bits and pieces which are now all on the forum and also our best video to date is on the blog now. Gotta say the sensations that turned up were real pro's and made a really hard job look easy - now just to get them injected with some rhythm and they be good to go!!!
Talking of the championships - VERY WELL PLAYED DC. pleasure to watch for 2 days and so pleased a mate and fellow dobba took it down - well deserved imo. Honorable mentions to COGB for a great showing in final tabling, MAG1892 so so unlucky to be bubble boy for 2nd year in a row and stumpy for getting close - since becoming a dobba i watched his play more carefully and he is different class.
Have to say thanks to everyone for the nice comments and messages regarding the championships. I really really enjoy doing what i do and i hope it comes across in the way i try to entertain. Im sure im not to everyones taste but pleasing the majority will do fine for me. Its an easy job when ya like doing it. Bad mention for honourary dobba juicy oranges who took great delight in skinting the bookies this year - £700 taken in bets and £1200 paid oot - thanks mate gonna be a bad xmas in the CGK and DC hooses this year!!!!!!!
Ok onwards i have a little surprise in store for xmas and me and S2C will be working on something special and hope to get it on the forum by xmas eve - if it comes off be well worth waiting for.
reet typed oot now so laters
and dont forget if ya wanna know what else is going on ' WATCH THE NPF NEWS'

Our tribute to Stanley Circus casino

Mags NPF Champs

Only played live once in the last 6 weeks so I was really looking forward to this weekend for the most prestigious NPF tourney of the year, also meeting up with old and new members of the forum.

Day 1
Before game starts meet up with a few friends that I haven't seen in a while especially my good friend Philmc , who I haven't seen in a while due to work commitments , great to catch up with my fellow dobba's also Xenecode , cgk , Chipmunk , COGB , Stumpy , Teamdobb & never seen Cowhead but apparently he was getting drunk :).

the game . Gets a tough table table with some impressive players drawn on it , Roscopiko , Gottilt4 , Herbie and the very impressive Jon Lundy amongst others , tbh every table was pretty impressive with the cream of Newcastle playing this tourney.

As expected Jon Lundy was dominating in the first level , picking up on week plays and betting to get players off pots , then Roscopiko wakes up and starts getting involved in some juicey pots with Jon , was some very good play by these 2 in the first 2-3 levels , Steven the teacher was our first casualty , after limping into nearly every pot with the likes of 9 4 , j 3 and q 7 etc he limps into another pot with Lundy , flop was 9d 7d x stevn bets Jon re pops which Steven calls t is 4d Steven checks Jon bets river ah steven is allin Jon calls with jqd for flush Steven as js ? lol.

My first big decision of day comes when i get JJ utg+2 I raise pre to 1600 after a raise Jon calls who is to my immediate left and the Quietman goes allin for about 7.5k everyone else folds so back round to me , after thinking for about 3 mins I fold ( im thinking hes hardly played a hand and Jons still to act am I actully in front at best its gonna be race ) Jon calls and to my horror Quietman shows 99 and Jon shows 105 s , Jon hits a 10 to send Quietman to the rails , the table gets busy with a few players getting put on and leaving shortly afterwards with Roscopiko taking a few out , and also had a very good stack of chips .

Few hands later I pick up 10 10 on sb or button I raise to 2200 with about 6k left Jon repops allin , now hears my thinking , Ive seen him make that move loads of time with air , so Im hoping hes doing it again , and I call he says before I show nice call I got 99 u got 10 10 , very impressive call Mr Lundy , anyways my 10 10 holds ( phew )

Hand of the day upto now , Jon raises pre Herbie ( paul herbinston ) calls , flop 10x 4s 2s Jon bets Herbie flats turn As Jon bets Herbie flats r 10x Jon goes allin for about 9k Herbie thinks for about 30 seconds then calls and shows 10 10 for quads ( slow rolling git lol ) Jon shows q9s for 2nd nutflush and Jon exits and shakes everyone's hands ( respect )

few hands later few limper's then Ross raises and Herbie flats everyone else folds , flop is kx jx 9x , ross bets herbie flats turn qx putting a poss straight on the board , both check river is another jack to which gottilt4 ( chris waught ) says thats a brick to which ross bets 5k herbie goes in the tank then says allin to be called by ross , ross shows 99 for fh 9s over js herbie shows jk for fh js over ks , Ross looks shellshocked.

Few hands later Im on button and it limps around to me I call with 10js flop jx 6s 4x Rosco bets 1k ish I repop to 4k he repops another 5k on top Ive got 12k in front of me so I think Ross could be steaming and easily have air so I call the 5k , turn is qs to give me flush draw aswell , Ross gives me the eyes as its him to go I tell him im all in whatever he does , he checks I push he folds , he tells me next hand he had AJ i tell him what I had to him shaking his head at dissapointment in me :p ul ross m8.

ross then gets moved from our table , and its break time for buffet ( yum im starving ).
shortly after we break tables and i get moved to herbie hackets table , first hand utg i get akd i raise goes round to mr hackit and he shoves allin , i go in tank thinking ive still got half my chips if i lose so i call he shows ak for split, nothing much else in hands steal a couple of blinds in position , and i get moved again with 30 left and i manage to surive to 20 players with no hands at all , got 23.9 k with av chips at around 33k , but theres some huge stacks td got about 145k and a few others with 90 80 60 ks , so theres a few short stacks.

get to speak to a few guys phil, steve then head off home , giving the crisps boss ( gaz walker ) a lift cos hes been on the pop all day :)

day 2 arrives and im hoping i can get a quick double up on blinds of 1-2k with 200 antes , stting on my table stumpy benh, jimmy , graham , heribe hackit , teamdobbs , steveie brennan , and ridla sry can rember others names , few circuts pass with a couple of players making moves and stumpy doubles up , then ridla raises utg+2 gets to me, i got ak so i shove allin , he thinks for a while then calls with j10d ak holds up and i double up to about 32k , few more rounds and im bb jimmy utg +1 raises gets to me i got kk i shove he calls hes got ak , my hand holds and i double upto about 55-60k , we lose a few players stumpy , pjbaces etc .

gets to last 12 and cgk comes over and says other table has agreed to next 2 out gets their money back to which we agree , number 12 goes out and its bubble time nothing much going on except teamdobbs adding to his almighty stack with a few nice hands , some of the hands i folded preflop are 77utg 55utg and aqc to a raise then re-raise before it gets to me .

i then say to steve ( cgk )whos standing behind me ( compere ) this is where i went out last year , he replys not this year you wont , ( last year i bubbled with aa to hamids 55 to which i stormed off cursing my luck and breaking every speed limit set ) :P

im on sb and no callers i look down at 66 ben h is on bb and theres about 9k in pot so i shove , he looks down and instant calls ( opps ) hes got kk which hold , im left with about 6.7k , next hand im allin with 55 and there 5 callers lol lowest card is a 9 which sends me out again on the bubble for 2nd year running lol.

got to say 1 thing even though im dissapointed i cant change my exit hands with blinds at 2-4k.
i shakes everyones hands , and what a great set of people they are , and i draw out my number for the raffle prize and i win a coffe machine ( lol i only drink tea ) later i donate it back as i cant justify taking summit i wont use.

very good lineup for the ft with teamdobbs , fatpants , cogb , sean mcguigen , herbie hackit , herbie , ben h , stevie brennan , junior bomber and bgr.

i go for a gamble on the casino slots etc and wonder over to ft from time to time , plus we can hear cgks commentry all the time .

gets down to the last 2 players and i go over and see ben h move all in ( 150k ) and teamdobbs calls hes got 850k ben a3 td kj , jack hits flop and its all over for this year and the champion is dave ( teamdobbs ).:):)

got to say a few things though, firstly a massive thanks to cgk for the comparing he done it for 2 days while trying to play also , and what a smile he brought to everyones faces. ( respect )

scott / dave for organising this again .

scott for quality structure and also sitting there for nearly 2 days when he got bad beated with his AA going down to a straight aipf.

the casino staff jimmy , gary and all the dealers, it went so smooth. :)

and lastly to a well deserved winner and also one of the nicest guys around and im proud to say im a friend of his teamdobbs .

looking forward to the 14th when our team will be in action again at the grov .

roll on next year .

ps if i manage to get to the final 11 next year im going for a walk lol.

My NPF Championships

Funny old game this poker mullarkey. Ill be 1st one to admit pokerwise the last 2 month had been awful for me. Im normally very positive in my approach but had been totally not feeling the poker and knew it and even spoke to a few of my close friends about taking a couple of weeks off from playing but decided to try and play through it. Hardly play online at all now apart from the forum games and a nice little touch from the AWOP Vip club taking down a £500 UK Live event seat gave me a lift and also despite some bad beat exits in some local live games I did feel I had been playing well.

In the build up to the NPF Championships last years experiences certainly helped in the organisation side of things and although theres a lot of unseen things that most people don’t realise I certainly think everything went like clockwork and that’s a big big hats off to everyone concerned and the efforts they put in.

Personally I had decided to try and prepare properly for this game by limiting what I played and getting some proper sleep in so Id be alert & fresh for when Saturday arrived because obviously I so wanted to do well in this game for obvious reasons. Lol fk that I end up playing Tuesday at Circus going deep and then rail a few NPF ers online till the early hours most nights, get to bed at 2.30am on Friday to be up at 7.30am for dog walking then work in the morning till 12.00 and arrive at Circus at 1.30 to make sure all is sorted for what was going to be a fabulous weekend with a lot of fantastic people and some cracking poker players in a field that the NPF should be proud of. Had to be one of the best fields ever put together in any event in Newcastle this one.

Cardguard did what Cardguard does best and hes got everyone buzzing as we shuffle up and deal and the 2nd NPF Championship is away and running.
Happy with my table although a very tough starting table apart from the fact that its one of the old round tables and its on the outer edge of the room. Picked up hands early doors tbh and apart from a decent raise with AK being busted by 53 off from the big blind ( Brenos!) for not too many chips I made good progress helped when 88 sets up and a decent pot. 1st damage gets done when raising with 10 10 mid for Lozzy to ship all in costing me another 3k to look him up. He had lost big pot earlier to Chipmunk and when Chipmunk in the BB tanked thinking of calling I had decided to call if Chipmunk folded putting them both in big Ace ranges. My call was wrong as he flipped JJ which held and the early work was undone. Still kept reasonably active and then our table was broken taking me to my 2nd table. Apart from not having enough chips very happy with table especially seeing Faetzy & Ridla there who I always enjoy having on my table. It was a real grind here tbh made even worse when Tom”Hitthehole” Middleton joined the table holding a huge stack of chips which was always going to be bad news for small stacks like me.

Key hand coming up and one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Ive only got something like 5500 and make it 2500 to play. Reasons I play this = best hand Ive seen in about 5 orbits. Reason I don’t ship is I think my bet represented more strength by doing that to those left to play. Fold to sb Lozzy who caused me prior damage who ships his stack in followed by TxTrev who ships in. With only 3k behind although Im obviously totally fooked by at least one of them I simply cant pass and reluctantly put my last in knowing Im totally dominated and looking for a miracle. On ya backs and omg worse case scenario with AQ AK & my A10

This is where is was totally manic when with a lot of people around the table it was like a strange silence surrounded it when Faetzy starts screaming at Gary the dealer like a total lunatic “ come on Gary ya fkn c**t don’t ya know whos in this pot. It’s the fkn bloke that’s arranged most of this give him a fkn hand ya c**t” The flop came down like in slow motion tabling J27. “Come on dealer give him a fkn chance at least”screams Faetzy and the turn brings the 9 for a gutshot. Its at this time I joined in with Faetzy screaming at the dealer come ya fkr give him it give him it and bingo Ga ry flips over an 8 giving me the straight to the 10. We were up on the seats like total nutters cuddling each other with people pissing themselves laughing at our antics but simply highlighting as well what this game is all about. I now at last had some chips but not for long when my mid position raise with 99 was shipped on by Benh which I called for his QQ to have me crushed.

Back into danger terrority again and Middys aggression simply was non stop and being totally pissed out his head made him even more. Hbos also joined the table who is another non stop aggressive player and with a 3 way pot I ship my AK for Hbos to pay me off with A5d I think. Middy went to war on a few hands and lost a lot of chips before eventually busting out and Hbos did the same which if im brutally honest I was delighted about purely from a selfish point of view as they are such top top players .
I then went on a run of hands which held and got paid off so started to have a very healthy stack and we now down to only 21 players left when this hand happened which turned my whole tournament around on its head.
We were 6 handed and Scotty raised my BB utg+1 (standard raise tbh) and all fold to me looking down at AA. The famed hand of AK v KK came straight into my head tbh versus Scotty from a previous game and I was positive a ship was possible from him when 3 betting his raise. I remember staring at his hands and chips trying to look worried tbh. He then stacked them up twiddled the chip in his hands and shipped them all in over the line. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee call and up out of my seat as Scotty looked down totally gutted flipping KdJd. Win this and I know Im chip leader with 20 left into day 2. Flop comes down and I here Cardguard voice go into hype mode as 2 diamonds hit the flop. Fuck off ya twat Im thinking no way don’t fkn do it to me. Not sure what the turn was but when peeled off the river I could see it was black. Get in I thought and 143k chip leader going into day 2.

Thoughts were now were fook me I got great chance to take this down now lets go home, get some sleep and come back refreshed for tomorrow. WRONG!!!!!!
Get home tossing n turning all night and then with the dog going mad in the morning Im up at 7.00am taking him out and its absolutely pissing down. Was mint actually and may sound daft walking around the streets with a little white Bichon Frise getting soaked which made him look like a drownded rat at that time in the morning but it did make me wide awake. Got back in and had some brekkies then caught up with some stuff on forum and before I knew it Stumpy was on asking if I fancied having Sunday dinner before going over which me and Scott did. We even went to Can Only get Betters Mams pub obviously looking for discount but COGB was obviously hiding from us.

Kick off day 2 and Im surprised tbh how many people were back as the place was really busy with the Walkers Sensations out in force and in their normal vocal selves which made for a guaranteed cracking atmosphere.
Was active very early picking up chips with early casualties falling as well. Important hand early was I make raise mid position with 77 to Stumpys BB who ships all in and Stumpy aint a player Im wanting to double up cos he would be so dangerous but I decide to make the call and he flips big Ace over. 1st card out is the Ace diamonds but quickly followed by the 7 diamonds and a big danger is out.
Im raising Jc10c to be shipped on by small stack and call which makes straight on the river to cause another casualty and then fellow Dobba Mg1892 had the misfortune to ship 66 from sb into BB who wakes up with KK to get crippled and a few hands later he becomes the final table bubble boy for the 2nd year running. VUL Colin.

Final table and Im very happy with my seat position and the atmosphere was well typical NPF style noisy. Cracking crowd and away we went.
Had planned to simply take it as it came and had good knowledge on most of the players there. 1st to fall was Fat Fish Steve Brennan who had well impressed me at the two tables I had been with him with his fearless play and it seemed he was totally card dead at the final table making a move with KJ to walk into KK followed by Can Only Get better in 9th.
Was well pleased with how I used my stack size to 3 bet raisers off pots and I steadily grew my stack. Players dropped at a steady rate and BenH was only one who got anywhere near my stack size although he did lose a massive pot K10 ship by BGR to his KJ which rivered the 10 and if he had of won that maybe a diff game wudda been on. Quite ironic then he ships K4 making a move and I call out of sb with AQ and he doubles through with flop of KQJ before doubling again when K10 v KJ happens again with BGR but this time no 10.
3 handed I raise AJ into Jnr Bomber who ships KQ and my hand holds so heads up with a huge chip lead and tbh with all the respect in the world I think I had most people wanting only one person for the win for an unreal end to an absolutely fantastic weekend of poker.
Heads up lasted 4 hands as I raise with KJ for BenH to ship A3 and the Jack flop makes me the NPF Champion for 2009.

The actual game value is nothing in comparison to some of the tour games etc that go on like GUKPT & Coral but for me personally this meant so so much more in terms of prestige to be honest. I know the quality of that field over the weekend and I also know how much other players wanted that title. For me to be able to take it down simply ended an absolutely fabulous weekend and an experience Ill never forget.

People to thank:

Wow so so many.
Each and every member who played and made this game what it was
The planning and organisation of S2C which as normal was spot on and it all ran exactly as he predicted
The staff at Circus who were brilliant accepting a lot of stuff that simply other casinos wudnt allow making this event what it is
To BenH for being a worthy runner up especially coming through such a tough seat sat with Tom Middleton and Hamid to his right who would of scared the shit out of most.
To those that donated prizes and to Juicey Oranges who totally skint the bookies
To Spoona for the odd hand dealt of the bottom of the pack
To Phil Mcnally for proving that gravity does exist
To Junior Bomber and Pads who came back from their challenge disappointments to prove they actually can play this game.
To the Walkers Sensations who were absolutely magnificent over the full weekend and have something very special there in my opinion and in my opinion in Farmer Dave they have found an absolute diamond funny guy who kept so so many people laughing & entertained
To Dreamdobb who also added his piece of crazy humour and the sight of Mr Flushy trying to deal with handcuffs on was hilarious
To all that took the photographs which are superb and a special mention to Kiddha who volunterred to do day 2 live updates onto the forum which tbh were absolutely spot on and so accurate.
To Looseman for his support and donation of the trophies once again


Strange pattern though which I hope continues: Smoggie Unofficial Online leagues were won by Myself, Xenocode, Cardguard and PJB Aces.
NPF Champ 2008 Xenocode, NPF Champ 2009 Teamdobb

2010 NPF Champion The Cardguard Kid ?


Well Done mate!

Hello all,
this post has nothing to do with myself I would just like to congratulate Dave 'Teamdobb' Collins for his win in the Newcastle Poker Forum 2009 Championships.
There were 100 runners and I have to say it was the toughest field I have played in for a long time.I was on Daves table for the 1st 3 levels and it was a very tough table with Dave struggling from the offset so how he managed to be chip leader after 1st day god only knows but I'm sure we will hear his story on this blog very soon. Also well done to 'the invisible man-Can Only Get Better' for his final table appearance well played mate and Mr.Consistent Stumpy who just missed the final.
Mr. Cardguard done a sterling job on the mic all weekend and had us in stiches with his piss takes and one liners thank you very much sir.

Newcastle poker forum champion of 2009 David Collins weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

cant wait for next year, l8ters


Canny week from Chopper

Alrit Stumpy here!

The last few weeks have been very interesting in poker.

Online grind I was only $80 up which Ive put down to playing more MTT`S than usual, I have been getting decent stacks but I now go for big cash so Ive bombed out going for the win for small cashes.Ive also been following the lads in $500 -$1500 challenge which has distracted me. (it just shows you how a little thing like that can affect the grind) luckily got into a nice 5kEuro freeroll on interpoker with only 64 runners and finished 3rd winning $1065 wee i luv free money!

Live, I went to Aspers on Friday night, had a few coronas and finished 8th for £130 but also split a 20 man last longer bet for a further £70.

Tuesday night £30 FO I did a four way split for £345 ,plus Mrs Stumpy finished 5th £130, which hopefully sees her place in the league final at circus. I think I will need another final table to make final.

A great hand from Tuesday night was raise pre call flop KJ4 allin on flop JJ v K10 turn K river K Live pokers rigged.

A quick story from the last £50 game Carlo Citrone gets moved to the table and theres 4 limpers and he limps, I have a look round the table and he must see Im thinking of raising and he says "i dare you" I said "I Might" He said " I will give you £50 if you push allin", I insta push alin and they all fold. "Have i got to give you £50?"2Of course" so he passes me £50 note then he says "wow I didnt think you would take it," so I say "oh ok then", then offer it back to him thinking he will say no a bets a bet. Fuck me it was back in his pocket faster than Usain Bolt. I saw him later and say "If you get to final table Iwant it back", he says "ok", weee he final tabled. Next time i see him the question is "will he give it to me?"

Friday nite is Aspers corona nite, the idea of the nite is to enjoy the poker with a few bottles of my fav drink corona, last friday there was a big NPF turnout and it was a good laugh.

The highlight of the night was teamdobbs fast asleep on the table next to the final table, then waking up and shouted "go on Phill go on Stumpy" then he comes and sits next to me and Phil Mc whos return to live poker was a quick success, nice one Phil WP. The story of my nite was ran Ak into AA early on a flop of K43 which left me 1800 out of 4k stack, nursed it back to 6k then won a race AK v 1010 v young liam who I always run good against. Now things get a bit sketchy as the corona kicks in, I remember doubling up 44 vA5 then taking the same player out AQvA7. On the final table double up AAvQQ and then suggested chop with 5 left £460 each and 1 allin hand so the winner got £480 I scooped that also split a last longer bet which was quite funny, please read teamdobbs post for details.

Keep on Smiling



Feel the poker coming back last week or so after an awful spell when totally cudnt be arsed with the game. Alot going on at mo arranging the 2nd NPF Championship next weekend and if its anything last years Ill be well pleased.
Tuesday wasnt going to bother playing the normal Circus game but a last minute come on man by Stumpy and over I went. Wow so glad I went to be honest because had one of the best nights playing poker ever. Didnt win nowt but what a table I had which included Cardguard, Scotty, Bob the Gob, TxTrev, Joe Morris all from the forum and the amazing Faetzy who had me in hysterics all night. The night to me was all about the crack and having a really good laugh and although I had 3 sick beats which totally fooked me over it was a night where the laughs and crack completely were the real winners.
Played Friday at Aspers with 145 runners and bust out last hand before the break trying to triple up with A9 ship for KQ to come along for the ride and take me down. Played bit of cash and was going along very nice until original raiser called my re raise and on a flop of KQrag his AQ to my AK still called my 3 bet to his lead and turned the Q for a meaty pot so decided that was enough for me and went on the drink instead. A few hours later Im sitting in the vacant seat at the final table fast asleep waiting for my lift home Stumpy to chop it 4 ways with Phlmc.
Funny before they made final table in that Stumpy and 15 others had put £10 each in a sweep for last longer bet. 2 players were left and the other guy had denied a suggested chop by Stumpy. He then took down another big pot so obviously wasnt wanting to deal again. Final table was reached and suggested he offer a 90/70 to guy who was well chipped up. Im sure he didnt really understand what we meant before when asking him if he wanted to deal and when they made final 10 Stumpy goes up to him after looking at stacks and says " Ya wanna deal mate now on the last longer bet 90/70?"
His reply was "Aye mate no problem £80 quid each seems fine with me" lolololol
That Stumpy runs so good

Bit of good fortune on Wednesday. Simply dont play hardly anything now online apart from NPF games so was amazed to see I was in the Silver section of the AWOP VIP Club for a £500 seat to any UK Live game for winner. Only 8 players took their seats from 10 and one hour 45 minutes later I was the winner of a £500 seat. Not sure where Ill use it Im deffo going down to Blackpool for the GUKPT so will probs use it there.
On the Blackpool GUKPT subject theres a guy from there called Brian "Weebrick" Clark who actually won the main event last year and who is one of the nicest guys youll meet in the poker scene. Hes got a staking offer up on AWOP forum site which in my opinion is superb value at £50 per share. Have a look on there as I guarantee ya youll deffo get a great run for ya money with amazing value back on offer.

Hey Kids,

Time to blog again as you know I dont like it quiet :)

Played poker twice this week with varying fortunes. Started on monday (friday to tuesday off work) in the stanleys 10+10+10 game. Structure is 3K per buyin with a 1K bonus for being ontime. Discussing with my mates who I went with it was obvious that the value way to play it was to aim for 10K at the break min, if there was an opportunity, but no need to risk it when you could have 10K after break simply. Had 10,100 at the break, gambled a little at the end of rebuy period, didnt come off, so just got ready to play proper. After the break, had loads of small pairs, but never setted once, which meant I was bleeding chips to aggressive players. Maintained stack by shoving on weak limpers. EXIT hand- tightest guy in the world (nicknamed stanleys gloria by me and wills), guy with broken english (probably from sunderland) and SB (rank fish) all limp on my BB. Have 7K blinds are 400-800, A3off, consider pushin gbut Ive done it a lot and think Ill get snapped by A10, AJ etc.

Flop is AhKc3d (or similar)

Sure Im ahead as they wouldnt limp AK, AA, KK so I lead for 1700, called by matty in SB. I know he has A rag, as he'd drop a K against me. turn is 2 of clubs (which I love as he cant better 2 pair), I shove for 4500, he calls with A8 clubs, river is 9C, pretty harsh but the double up would have saw me comfortably back in and hope for that situation way more. Guy i share with religiously when we both pay whatever the situation, split heads up for just under 200 (pot was woeful) so in profit. Game was far too good for the buyin, too many chips, too slow a structure, and only finished 4:30am, with 39 runners- not a tourney Ill be in a hurry to play again- ever.

Played the aspers £20 quidda after dobbs told me to get myself down. starting chips 4K, blinds 45 mns x2, then 20mins.

Doubled up to around 8K, before break, really easy, and no real risks. Pottered around after break, making up to about 15K, then had a weird hand.

Trev brewis limps for 800, I have JJ so make it 3K, tight awful player in BB calls (only ever called to that point, soo poor) for 3K, of his 6K total. Flop is K99, I check he goes allin, cant really fold, he shows 10, 9......random.

Shipped with A10, got called by 77, and doubled up with river A, then squeezed table to move to close to 20K. Moved table, just played the normal, with very little in the way of hands. blinds 1-2K, chipleader gets moved to my table, he raises 8K over 2K blind on blind, I shove for 28K he folds, I show q2; dont want picked on with 2 tables left. 16 left, raised to 12K on 2-4K blinds, BB tanks and eventually puts 24K total in, I have to call, he has A8, me A7; hit a 7 and double up, yay me. He looked like I stole his sweets, not getting his A8 was basically a crap call to all intense purposes. Fell onto the final table with 49K.

Did nothing for 2 laps a couple out, and decided I was allin next time it was folded to me. cutoff 45, shipped insta call from BB, who showed down AJ, flop 678, weeeeeeeeee and doubled up.
A10 2 hands later, raised, same kid put the rest of his lot in (couldnt fold), showed JJ, river A!
(yes I am a donk, got lucky a few times throughout which is a neccessity in these tourneys, esp without cards as I was).

Chipleader or close too, Raised with JJ UTG, poor player ships in for less then my bet after bleeding away chips with negative play, shows Q10 (which was just random from the game), hits a flush, doubles up, which put me back in pack.

Few others go out, 5 left, blinds to 6000-12000, stumpy suggest a chop, everyone reluctantly agrees with a few negotiations- all get 460- stumps gets 480 after a run off, good day for the dobbs.

Couple of badbeats given and taken- my luck seemed that when I got unlucky, it wasnt for my life. Good tourney finishing at 3:30am despite 147 runners, will prob frequent this, as its alright for a laugh, and decent value.

Out for now, only poker this post, no griping


What a Shit Day :(

Hello all
just thought I would tell you all how shit a day I had yesterday,it started off with only 4 hours sleep the night before(not that bad really) then I went to the RVI hospital and was told by the specialist I had Multiple Sclerosis(knowhere near as bad as cancer) so I went home and had a power nap in readyiment(zero points in scrabble) for the £30 freezeout at circus.
The power nap turned into a full on snore fest and turned up not long before the break but long enough to add 1/3 to my stack.
Struggled for cards for a few levels after break but then the card rush came and I hit 100k for the final table which more or less stayed the same till this hand came with 6 left
blinds 3k/6k villain raises to 18k I look down at AsKs in sb and repop to 58k to let him know I had a premium I have a reputation as a rock so unless he has me fooked then he should fold..right?
Villain tanks and then goes all in for another 40k saying he was tired and flips Ad10s
10d2d3d flops followed by blank and Jd on river to give him nut flush and monster stack what a fooking donkey only been playing the game 30 years and has learnt nothing(ok that last bit was a bit bitter but hey ho I had a really shit day and no point in bottling things up)
I still had chips but went all in blind for the next 3 hands doubling up and all in for 18k with KhQh only for fellow dobba Stumpy to call me blind when he only had about 45k himself WTF! anyway he had 10 3 and hit the 3 to send me to the rail or home as the case may be.
I stopped off at tesco and bought a few dvd's and watched Lions for lambs starring Tom Cruise what a pile of doodoo a shit end to a shit day but wait I must have went on my pc otherwise I wouldnt be posting this would i so about 10 minutes ago I went on Facebook and noticed the friendship request i had sent Maria Demetriou had been rejected(ok I have never really met her apart from the time i was sitting next to her at the virgin festival at Aspers a couple of years ago and she put me out but you got to try...right?

Anyways fantastic news it is now a new day(thank fuck)

Laterz all

David Stephenson (not Jimmy)

Hi kids,

Few changes in the ridiculous life of a drunken gambler. Decided in April I was sick of pissing around, was ill over christmas, and realised I was living out of routine rather than enjoyment and ended up having a pretty tormented couple of months quitting my poker (feb-april) doing nothing but drinking myself into oblivion, no difference I hear you say- but without the poker, which has kind of been my excuse for everything but also what stops me getting totally mcnally'ied.

Decided in April, i wanted a job and routine, and as an incentive, banned myself from drinking totally until I got a job; feeling there was far too much scope for drinking sitting around, and have never been the type to just have a couple. Had an interview in June for a pharmaceutical company; Quantum Specials in Burnopfield, and got a proper job for the first time in my life at 24. My expectation was that Id do it for 3-6 months and realise why I played poker in the first place and get me back on track, but the routine and stability, aswell as learning something a bit different is something Im enjoying, and for the moment have no intention of quitting.

For the last 3-4 months, Ive been mainly working. Played poker a few times with limited enjoyment live. Luckboxed $2200 playing cash online on friday night, played awfully and was completely outta my depth at a level I used to own. Looks like tough going to find my place in poker these days, obvious the newness is gone as have alot of the mystique of the game, and have pretty much decided to pick and choose when I play to a certain circumstance, eg champs or when I know alot of ppl i know will be there.

Cant really complain about my luck atm, while playing on Friday night got one of those 20p's without a date on, in my change on my takeaway, he doesnt know how bad a beat he got tbh, if i had of answered the door I would have said keep the change.

Looking forward too the champs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 31st of October. Was a great weekend last time and am delighted Ive chose now to get back involved in poker. The games are always brilliant and guarantee some of the biggest characters on the NE scene.

Im not in Teamdobbs anymore apparently, cruelly dropped for missing training I think. Dropping ya star is never good for a team imo ;). Seriously missed so much stuff and hope to make it up to a few ppl for my absence.

Until I can think of something else to say, I leave you with my favourite word


Much love dobbas