Hey Kids,

Time to blog again as you know I dont like it quiet :)

Played poker twice this week with varying fortunes. Started on monday (friday to tuesday off work) in the stanleys 10+10+10 game. Structure is 3K per buyin with a 1K bonus for being ontime. Discussing with my mates who I went with it was obvious that the value way to play it was to aim for 10K at the break min, if there was an opportunity, but no need to risk it when you could have 10K after break simply. Had 10,100 at the break, gambled a little at the end of rebuy period, didnt come off, so just got ready to play proper. After the break, had loads of small pairs, but never setted once, which meant I was bleeding chips to aggressive players. Maintained stack by shoving on weak limpers. EXIT hand- tightest guy in the world (nicknamed stanleys gloria by me and wills), guy with broken english (probably from sunderland) and SB (rank fish) all limp on my BB. Have 7K blinds are 400-800, A3off, consider pushin gbut Ive done it a lot and think Ill get snapped by A10, AJ etc.

Flop is AhKc3d (or similar)

Sure Im ahead as they wouldnt limp AK, AA, KK so I lead for 1700, called by matty in SB. I know he has A rag, as he'd drop a K against me. turn is 2 of clubs (which I love as he cant better 2 pair), I shove for 4500, he calls with A8 clubs, river is 9C, pretty harsh but the double up would have saw me comfortably back in and hope for that situation way more. Guy i share with religiously when we both pay whatever the situation, split heads up for just under 200 (pot was woeful) so in profit. Game was far too good for the buyin, too many chips, too slow a structure, and only finished 4:30am, with 39 runners- not a tourney Ill be in a hurry to play again- ever.

Played the aspers £20 quidda after dobbs told me to get myself down. starting chips 4K, blinds 45 mns x2, then 20mins.

Doubled up to around 8K, before break, really easy, and no real risks. Pottered around after break, making up to about 15K, then had a weird hand.

Trev brewis limps for 800, I have JJ so make it 3K, tight awful player in BB calls (only ever called to that point, soo poor) for 3K, of his 6K total. Flop is K99, I check he goes allin, cant really fold, he shows 10, 9......random.

Shipped with A10, got called by 77, and doubled up with river A, then squeezed table to move to close to 20K. Moved table, just played the normal, with very little in the way of hands. blinds 1-2K, chipleader gets moved to my table, he raises 8K over 2K blind on blind, I shove for 28K he folds, I show q2; dont want picked on with 2 tables left. 16 left, raised to 12K on 2-4K blinds, BB tanks and eventually puts 24K total in, I have to call, he has A8, me A7; hit a 7 and double up, yay me. He looked like I stole his sweets, not getting his A8 was basically a crap call to all intense purposes. Fell onto the final table with 49K.

Did nothing for 2 laps a couple out, and decided I was allin next time it was folded to me. cutoff 45, shipped insta call from BB, who showed down AJ, flop 678, weeeeeeeeee and doubled up.
A10 2 hands later, raised, same kid put the rest of his lot in (couldnt fold), showed JJ, river A!
(yes I am a donk, got lucky a few times throughout which is a neccessity in these tourneys, esp without cards as I was).

Chipleader or close too, Raised with JJ UTG, poor player ships in for less then my bet after bleeding away chips with negative play, shows Q10 (which was just random from the game), hits a flush, doubles up, which put me back in pack.

Few others go out, 5 left, blinds to 6000-12000, stumpy suggest a chop, everyone reluctantly agrees with a few negotiations- all get 460- stumps gets 480 after a run off, good day for the dobbs.

Couple of badbeats given and taken- my luck seemed that when I got unlucky, it wasnt for my life. Good tourney finishing at 3:30am despite 147 runners, will prob frequent this, as its alright for a laugh, and decent value.

Out for now, only poker this post, no griping



stumpy said...

n1 phil wp nd agree not as much as a crapshoot i 4ght it was.until ft that is