Hi kids,

Few changes in the ridiculous life of a drunken gambler. Decided in April I was sick of pissing around, was ill over christmas, and realised I was living out of routine rather than enjoyment and ended up having a pretty tormented couple of months quitting my poker (feb-april) doing nothing but drinking myself into oblivion, no difference I hear you say- but without the poker, which has kind of been my excuse for everything but also what stops me getting totally mcnally'ied.

Decided in April, i wanted a job and routine, and as an incentive, banned myself from drinking totally until I got a job; feeling there was far too much scope for drinking sitting around, and have never been the type to just have a couple. Had an interview in June for a pharmaceutical company; Quantum Specials in Burnopfield, and got a proper job for the first time in my life at 24. My expectation was that Id do it for 3-6 months and realise why I played poker in the first place and get me back on track, but the routine and stability, aswell as learning something a bit different is something Im enjoying, and for the moment have no intention of quitting.

For the last 3-4 months, Ive been mainly working. Played poker a few times with limited enjoyment live. Luckboxed $2200 playing cash online on friday night, played awfully and was completely outta my depth at a level I used to own. Looks like tough going to find my place in poker these days, obvious the newness is gone as have alot of the mystique of the game, and have pretty much decided to pick and choose when I play to a certain circumstance, eg champs or when I know alot of ppl i know will be there.

Cant really complain about my luck atm, while playing on Friday night got one of those 20p's without a date on, in my change on my takeaway, he doesnt know how bad a beat he got tbh, if i had of answered the door I would have said keep the change.

Looking forward too the champs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 31st of October. Was a great weekend last time and am delighted Ive chose now to get back involved in poker. The games are always brilliant and guarantee some of the biggest characters on the NE scene.

Im not in Teamdobbs anymore apparently, cruelly dropped for missing training I think. Dropping ya star is never good for a team imo ;). Seriously missed so much stuff and hope to make it up to a few ppl for my absence.

Until I can think of something else to say, I leave you with my favourite word


Much love dobbas



TEAMDOBB said...

nice post and always welcome here

theres a team game in November and always a place for ya

mag1892 said...

be great to catch up with ya phil , at champs and team game.

roscopiko said...

Wanting and enjoying a job mbn.....you sick fkr lol.

Nice post btw.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Nice post but you need to put a calender in your tardis m8 :)