Ups & Downs!!!

Certainly been a strange last few weeks and if Im being honest with myself I should of took a week or two from playing but Ive been just playing through although basically going through the motions. Few of the last live games Ive been trying hard to focus but orbit after orbit of crap and seeing shocking plays getting stacked off time n time again has had me thinking why bother.
Circus £75 game on Saturday with £500 added and get tough table butI know most of them very well and have good idea of their games. Play very few hands early doors not through choice but get to break just above average. Early exit after break when over raising with AsKs for particular reason and get the BB single caller who has had all his chips in 3 times prior and all behind. Flop come 2h5h8d and its ck ck. ac turn and ckd to me I pot bet for BB to announce all in leaving me 2k behind if I lose. I make call and he flips AhQh. Im even dealing myself and rvr 6h for his flush. Next orbit still pissed off I ship my last in mid with Jd10d and BB flush player picks up QQ for early exit for me.
Tuesday its the Circus £50 plus £500 added and an amazing 145 runners turn out and after losing a couple of decent pots decide when BB squeezes to 5 limpers me included utg AsJs that hes at it or max has mid pair and prepared to race him due to nature & structure of game he flips AK. J 1st card out gives me hope as he groans out loud but K follows next cards and Im home in time to catch the end of the News at Ten.
Then tonight I decide for a change to play an online MTT. 5 mins to start I reg in on IPoker for the £10k guaranteed and this happens 1st hand of the game

I really dont understand what goes through their brains at time. Facts of hand on flop are 88.37% v 9.52% v 2.1%. Classic online poker and no wonder I gave up on it ages ago.

ON A BRIGHT NOTE weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Theres a few blogs I follow closely and noticed the other day Dominic Kay was offering some % in a shootout tournie in London and decided to have a little 10% dabble for £60. I have had some nice little returns on various players Ive staked into especially some local young lads myself and Cardguard rate highly and this was no different with Dom taking down 3rd place for a nice little earner of £4000 giving me £400 return for my £60. Cheers DOm pleasure doing business with ya!!!!

$500 to $1500 challenge on NPF is now a week old and the 4 lads are struggling tbh with the roller coaster ride they will deffo experience during the month of October.
Follow their progress which is proving fascinating at $500 to $1500


Dom said...

Transfer sent via stars mate.

Be lucky.


TEAMDOBB said...

received n1 although they wont let me withdraw it lololol