Hi Dobba watchers its been a while since my last blog so here is an update…..
Online sucks big time and its over now for me never again!!!!
Played the NPF William hill guaranteed $30 deep stack game and finished in the money $118 so was a happy soldier till I started playing 6 player $5 sit n goes and watched donk after donk as runner runner done me every time, however in the live games two back to back final tables has restored my faith in this game we love, 1st one was at Aspers £30 deep stack game on Thursday 40 odd runners and felt very comfortable with my table picking up a couple of nice pots early doors flopping sets with my limped pairs and made the final table with 35k however blinded down to 25k blinds 1k 2k we lose four players in successive hands and we are now three handed 3.15am and to be honest I was amazed at the passiveness of the table limp fold and the two players one an elderly lady and one Indian guy both with 200k between them seemed happy to fold as I took the initiative and played the aggressor building my stack up to 85k steeling the blinds and defending my own 3.40am they decide to chop although I agreed felt that another hour would see me take it down but work the next morning and Mrs E asleep on the settee in Aspers made the decision to chop £300 for £30 not bad nights work.
The 2nd final table was at the G Friday and good turnout with 60 runners although the 2k guarantee had been withdrawn sitting pretty 15 left with 65k when I pick up KQ on my bb I raised and get two callers flop comes q 4 2 rag board I bet 3k and 1st guy folds 2nd guy reraises I call turn is a four I bet out 5k he reraises again I call river is a rag and now no flush draw I check and he shoves for 21 k I sit and think he has a busted flush draw so tank then call and he flips over ace four off for the set, at this point I’m down to 14k and could have tilted quite easily but waited picked up A j shipped and doubled up work the stack back up to 50k and weee final table pick up AA utg and min raise bb calls flop comes 774 bb bets 6k I shove and he snap calls with 88 rivering his 8 to drop me two 14k I ship in with Q 10 suited run into KQ and its out in 5th for £96.00 enjoyed the games however work next morning is a killer,
Picture is the entrance to Disney Florida where we are off on Monday, this was supposed to be our Christmas holiday as we were going to do what the DOBBAS do and vacate these shores for Christmas however daughters pregnancy has put paid to that after we had booked it all up as she is due 1st week in January so it has had to be moved forward to Monday costing an absolute fortune to move.
Not going to whinge as need the break and 90 degrees in Orlando sounds better than 10 in England, so see you in a fortnight as the song goes....