Its congratulations to S2C2 young muldoon Scot Collins in winning the local pub ( The Fellsider) poker league. Played over 14 weeks the final was played out tonight with 11 players on the final table due to equal points between 10th n 11th place finishers. As normal the event was well supported and a special mention must be given to hosts Jan & Brian Povey and also Derek the king of organisation for all their efforts. In a tense finish it was a great reflection to the league placings that the top 2 were there at the last. The final hand saw George "" Gan on Ill see a flop " Willis call an all in by Scott with KK. Scotts A6 looked in danger till the flop of AQ3 hit the board. Turn and river were of no help to George and young Muldoon took down the crown.
The new league starts again on Tuesday 8th January 2008 at 7.45 with all new players welcome. Well run, great crack and atmosphere and even a free buffet. What moe can you ask for for a fiver.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Loose is good at last! Good mate and dont tell anyone ( my accountant) Eddie LOOSEMAN Constable finally cracked through the final 20 range and mid table final table finishes to take down a very nice tournie and winners cheque of £3780.00
Well done and Im sure theres alot more to follow.


Not much happening lately apart from Xmas coming up fast and countdown to getting away again to warmer climates. Off to Dubai for 2 weeks with the family for Xmas and New Year which Im really looking forward to. We had our Xmas day and dinner on Sunday and yes the hinting worked and on opening my presents a pair of Black Billabongs as previously featured were there for me to parade around in. Scotty C also got Harringtons 2 books which I look forward to reading.
Not much happening on poker front. Hardly playing much online and live scene has seen 2 mid place final table finishes, a bubble this week and 3 blanks. Theres a good Xmas programme of events over hols in Newcastle with Stanleys doing a couple of good deep stack tournies on the Saturdays with 4.00 start and Grosvenor start a decent Wednesday night £30/£30 1st week in New Year.
Special mention and congratulations to Rob Price ( Animal ) for his Aussie Millions success this week which sets him up for a super trip to the land of Aus, WELL DONE YA FISH !
Merry Xmas to all.


I have been recently watching various hands in the high stakes poker series where the minimum buy in is $500000.00 My favourite is this hand involving Jamie Gold and Sammy Farrhar which I dedicate to Rob Price. Some players can value money more than others and put hands down when they believe they are behind whereby at the top level it seems its only chips and the dollar is worthless. Easy come easy go it seems. The conversations during this hand is what appeals to me where although both players know what is there they continue to seek information all the way till the end. Despite what looks like a gentlemans agreement in the end in my opinion is not all what it appears.


A quick thank you to Peter Burgon from St Kitts for keeping his word and sending me the pictures he took after the main event. They included me and John Devlin with the better halves together with next years picture of us holding the winners cheque ( aye in my dreams ).

Thanks once again Peter. Peters web site is worth a visit at www.caribbeanpokerclassic2007.com


Its back to normal after 2 weeks away and whilst looking forward to the weekend £200 3 monthly freezeout at the Grosvenor it was a surprise to get a call at work from no other than Mr JD JNR Devlin himself asking " You fancy a game tonight? " Not a one to turn down a game it was off to the Grosvenor for the friday £20 freezeout.
Grinding throught to the final table brought me face to face with yes you guessed JD with both of us reasonably stacked. Nothing too fancy until an UTG all in on my BB saw me look at AK. An instant call showdown revealed A10 from the raiser but the normal 10 landing on the flop held to take me out in 7th position. From there JD pushed it all the way in order to try n take down 1st place only to eventually finish 4th.
The £200 freeze out saw me on a very strong table which included a player called Paul Moss who recently finished 7th at the GUKPT Grand Final in London and another GUKPT player featured was Paul Gardner who was 2nd in the Blackpool leg. Played total solid with the exception of putting down top pair Q on board when sitting with AQ to an all in bet from Paul Moss. He showed 106 diamonds for bluff which shook me for a while for 2 reasons. Losing out on a good sized pot but mainly the opportunity of making a very strong player virtually broke.
The field was reduced to last 20 for the return on Sunday and sitting with 20k in chips had me in 15th place. 2 to my left was yes once again Mr JD Jnr Devlin with about 40k in chips.
A position raise 1st hand with kq saw me take down the pot and after an interesting hand when JD put down top pair on board after investing 1/2 his chips local player Peter Collins showed AK to his all in for a total bluff. Next hand saw me go out when my 4 X BB raise with AK was called and a flop of 9 10 J. Peter bet 6k which I called making me now committed to pot for a rag turn. Putting me all in brought another J on river with peter sitting with AJ.
Peter went on to finish runner up with congratulations to Gary Wilson Junior who was tipped by Gyposdog to win it.


Now the jet lag n lack of sleep is wearing off I thought Id put down the 10 best good and bad experiences of the 2 week trip to the caribbean classic.


1; How the organisors and Crypto staff quickly sorted the very awkward situation when flight got cancelled.

2; Opportunity of getting to know better the people ive met before mainly in vegas at the WSOP.
Meeting some other very interesting characters which hopefully I can keep in touch with namely Lee n Mandy from Southampton, John Devlin ( single pic above ) & Leanne from Newcastle,
Johla from Norway, Johan from Denmark, Dave " Whitedog or shud i say Mad dog " from Dundee, the Mad Turk, Chrissy ex geordie, Andy, Ben and Mr & Mrs Suddes from Newcastle, Stuart the gentle giant jock from North Berwick, Peter mad irishman Burgon,Martin who was also from Southampton and a guy with his wife from Accrington
who plays under the table name of fish.

3; The experience of live play at an event like this is always invaluable but also the fact that you see how others approach these sort of events.

4; Playing one of the best golf courses Ive ever played and confirming Im still shit at golf.

5; Playing on the same table as Rolf Slotboom- the mans a legend. Check him out at www.rolfslotboom.com

6; 2 weeks in a quality hotel with the facilities they offer and the weather being as it was is always good.

7; Eating at Blu, The Royal Grille, and The Stone Wall Restaurants.

8; Discovering the brand name Billabong for quality beachwear products from the young trendy Danes.

9; The 2/1 exchange rate of dollar v pound making it easy also to work out clothes prices for Sandra.

10; The staff at the Marriot who were so helpfull especially when the missus had a bad fall and there help in also moving rooms.


1; The attitude and behaviour of some of the younger players who just get totally carried away with themselves.

2; The wanker Skandie pro who behaved like a little kid when his QQ was miles behind my AA yet had another player after him still to act.

3; The awful seats on XL and the poorest on board service Ive ever known together with the most annoying gay air steward Ive ever seen.

4; Animals readings of Golf Course yardage even though he still won the wonga.

5; Not taking me lap top.

6; Being there only 2 weeks instead of 3 or 4 or 5

7; Folding AA 2nd hand of 400 Freezeout like a pussy.

8; Being ripped off by jet2.com for flight back to newcastle on a 1/2 empty plane.

9; Not cashing in anything major and coming back in minus bankroll although still feel total trip cost was worth it.

10; Having to wait 12 months till next one.


The long trek home was interupted with the news "" TECHNICAL PROBLEM "" oops that means the planes bust in geordie lingo. After hours at the airport it was oops sorry but back to the hotel till the planes fixed. We eventually got away just after 4 in the afternoon the next day. It was into Gatwick 4.30 uk time and our connection up north at 8.30 Insurance claim to submit but it was all worth it! Roll on next year and a rumour it could be a cruise.
Saturday sees the 3month 200 freeze out over 2 days at the Grosvenor which is the best game in the North East outside of major tournaments. 10000 starting stack with 45 min blinds over 2 days. HOPE THAT JOHN DEVLIN DOESNT TURN UP SO WE GOT CHANCE TO WIN!


2 weeks of sun & poker and its all over. Main event winner Brian Jensen from Denmark pipping well known internet star THienry to the biggie. Must say the little romanian had handled himself all week like a true gentleman and big congrats to him. Last hand hes got his money in ahead with 2 pair A4 only for river to give the dane his flush. Sooooooooo close.
Big mention also for John Devlin from Newcastle who must have been the most consistent player here finishing 15th in main event , winning the 300 freeze out and even cashing well in the 500 freeze out. I look forward to meeting up with John next Saturday for the Grosvenor 2 day event freeze out starting the 8th December. Hes told me hes investing some of his hard earned dosh on a new singing and dancing lap top. P.S. Thanks for the meal m8y.
Nearly time to leave for airport so its adios and homeward bound. Met some great people here and look forward to keeping in touch with them. Its a small world.


Main event is now really deep and John Devlin from toon has just went out 15th for $13600. Killer hand just happened with him well stacked was a push with JJ to a raise and then call guy showed AQ. Flop Q then turn Q had John crippled in a 400k pot.
Still wd to him and a nice stack against his up coming wedding.