I have been recently watching various hands in the high stakes poker series where the minimum buy in is $500000.00 My favourite is this hand involving Jamie Gold and Sammy Farrhar which I dedicate to Rob Price. Some players can value money more than others and put hands down when they believe they are behind whereby at the top level it seems its only chips and the dollar is worthless. Easy come easy go it seems. The conversations during this hand is what appeals to me where although both players know what is there they continue to seek information all the way till the end. Despite what looks like a gentlemans agreement in the end in my opinion is not all what it appears.


Anonymous said...

WOW nice post

Shame spoilt boy Gold can't keep his mouth shut even tho he know's he is wrong. He's got to have the last word too!

Great blod teamdobbs

TEAMDOBB said...

well thank you. dont stay annonymous man leave ya name.

Ukgatsby said...

gl gl