Now the jet lag n lack of sleep is wearing off I thought Id put down the 10 best good and bad experiences of the 2 week trip to the caribbean classic.


1; How the organisors and Crypto staff quickly sorted the very awkward situation when flight got cancelled.

2; Opportunity of getting to know better the people ive met before mainly in vegas at the WSOP.
Meeting some other very interesting characters which hopefully I can keep in touch with namely Lee n Mandy from Southampton, John Devlin ( single pic above ) & Leanne from Newcastle,
Johla from Norway, Johan from Denmark, Dave " Whitedog or shud i say Mad dog " from Dundee, the Mad Turk, Chrissy ex geordie, Andy, Ben and Mr & Mrs Suddes from Newcastle, Stuart the gentle giant jock from North Berwick, Peter mad irishman Burgon,Martin who was also from Southampton and a guy with his wife from Accrington
who plays under the table name of fish.

3; The experience of live play at an event like this is always invaluable but also the fact that you see how others approach these sort of events.

4; Playing one of the best golf courses Ive ever played and confirming Im still shit at golf.

5; Playing on the same table as Rolf Slotboom- the mans a legend. Check him out at

6; 2 weeks in a quality hotel with the facilities they offer and the weather being as it was is always good.

7; Eating at Blu, The Royal Grille, and The Stone Wall Restaurants.

8; Discovering the brand name Billabong for quality beachwear products from the young trendy Danes.

9; The 2/1 exchange rate of dollar v pound making it easy also to work out clothes prices for Sandra.

10; The staff at the Marriot who were so helpfull especially when the missus had a bad fall and there help in also moving rooms.


1; The attitude and behaviour of some of the younger players who just get totally carried away with themselves.

2; The wanker Skandie pro who behaved like a little kid when his QQ was miles behind my AA yet had another player after him still to act.

3; The awful seats on XL and the poorest on board service Ive ever known together with the most annoying gay air steward Ive ever seen.

4; Animals readings of Golf Course yardage even though he still won the wonga.

5; Not taking me lap top.

6; Being there only 2 weeks instead of 3 or 4 or 5

7; Folding AA 2nd hand of 400 Freezeout like a pussy.

8; Being ripped off by for flight back to newcastle on a 1/2 empty plane.

9; Not cashing in anything major and coming back in minus bankroll although still feel total trip cost was worth it.

10; Having to wait 12 months till next one.