Main event is now really deep and John Devlin from toon has just went out 15th for $13600. Killer hand just happened with him well stacked was a push with JJ to a raise and then call guy showed AQ. Flop Q then turn Q had John crippled in a 400k pot.
Still wd to him and a nice stack against his up coming wedding.


kel said...

well done john love kel xxxxxxxxxxxx

kelly said...

eeeeeeeeeeee our john ....your the star....been rooting for you as has everyone love ya loads n cant wait to hear the patta love your kid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

TEAMDOBB said...

see bloggs do come in handy at times and google works wonders. glad to be of assistance kelly!

kelly said...

cheers for getting messages to john....and thanks teamdobbs.....kel x

jdjnr888 said...

thanx for all yours and sandra's support and good crack!! look forward to seeing you's soon!!!!!!

p.s. id guess you's were delayed as
we seen your plane knackered on the runway when we left antiga!!!!!!! unlucky x

haway teamdobbs!!!!