Its back to normal after 2 weeks away and whilst looking forward to the weekend £200 3 monthly freezeout at the Grosvenor it was a surprise to get a call at work from no other than Mr JD JNR Devlin himself asking " You fancy a game tonight? " Not a one to turn down a game it was off to the Grosvenor for the friday £20 freezeout.
Grinding throught to the final table brought me face to face with yes you guessed JD with both of us reasonably stacked. Nothing too fancy until an UTG all in on my BB saw me look at AK. An instant call showdown revealed A10 from the raiser but the normal 10 landing on the flop held to take me out in 7th position. From there JD pushed it all the way in order to try n take down 1st place only to eventually finish 4th.
The £200 freeze out saw me on a very strong table which included a player called Paul Moss who recently finished 7th at the GUKPT Grand Final in London and another GUKPT player featured was Paul Gardner who was 2nd in the Blackpool leg. Played total solid with the exception of putting down top pair Q on board when sitting with AQ to an all in bet from Paul Moss. He showed 106 diamonds for bluff which shook me for a while for 2 reasons. Losing out on a good sized pot but mainly the opportunity of making a very strong player virtually broke.
The field was reduced to last 20 for the return on Sunday and sitting with 20k in chips had me in 15th place. 2 to my left was yes once again Mr JD Jnr Devlin with about 40k in chips.
A position raise 1st hand with kq saw me take down the pot and after an interesting hand when JD put down top pair on board after investing 1/2 his chips local player Peter Collins showed AK to his all in for a total bluff. Next hand saw me go out when my 4 X BB raise with AK was called and a flop of 9 10 J. Peter bet 6k which I called making me now committed to pot for a rag turn. Putting me all in brought another J on river with peter sitting with AJ.
Peter went on to finish runner up with congratulations to Gary Wilson Junior who was tipped by Gyposdog to win it.