how do yee play this MEGGA hand?

reet i need to start assessing how to play hands abit more so any advice feel free to post your thoughts. This is Karen33000 by the weay writing!
Played a hand at the weekend and go all my chips in to win it in cash but still wondered if I could have played it differently.

Im small blind. The guy in first position raises, everyone else passes and I have 33 so I call. The big blind calls as well.

Flop..... ace diamonds, 7 diamonds, 3 spades

I check, big blind checks, and the raiser bets out.

Summary Now on this should i come out betting? You see if I bet and that raiser has a pair he passes and if the big blind called with an ace he might not b very confident about his kicker. When I call with a pocket pair Im looking to win a big pot if hit trips.

So the raiser bets. Now should i flat call or raise because of the diamonds??

I decide to min re raise him after he bets pot. What do you guys think of that? i did it ebcause I want it to look like a "see where I am bet rather than "Look I have a hand!".

He just flat calls me.

Turn is nothing..... 9 hearts

So I think.... right what should I do. I decide to check and try to make it look like i think my ace kicker aint good.

Thing is when I do this if he had diamond draw i let him draw free when i have put alot in if he checks. He also may check because he aint sure... which means I have missed a round of betting on a big hand. Would you lot check or come out betting? would you bet big? Also I have done before a weird bet that gets mixed results what do you think of this. On turn in other hands with trips I have bet eg 4 dollars into a 140 dollar pot because Im hoping he thinks im trying to curb the betting on my diamond draw so he over bets the pot.

He anyway bets pot again so I know he must like his hand now so I raise him back and he goes all in. When i raise there would you bother re rasing him? After all he still has enough cash to pass his hand.

Anyway Im all in as river card comes. Its no diamond and it doesnt pair teh baord. I win the hand and he mucks it but Im left thinking if I got lucky played it wrong but still got paid because the player was crap?

Is Dobbsy INCH of newcastle???

this isnt Davey its Karen33000, i have lost my bloody password! this post is abit different from davey and Dobbsy moaning about their bad beats!! I divvent narr if you lot see around the toon sumone tagging "INCH" well I have a funny feeling it may be dobbsy deein this with Berlin Batsey holdin the ladders as he tries to get to those awkward spots to tag "INCH". I am sure i have seen them cans u do spray painting with in his big bench hoddies!
Here is an interesting site to look at. Go to the outdoor section which is probs the most interesting. The bloke is called banksy who sells all his stuff for megga bucks. I reckon its The Railman - Bazza in disguise to pay for all his buy ins.
I divvent narr about u lot but I was always a dab hand in the old art classes at skool. Beastieboy used to be a loner sitting on the ferry on his tod with his art book sketching away until the big boys came across and broke is HB pencils!

Check out the link below


Last few days have been pretty awful to be honest and I must admit alot of it is down to me. Ive went through alot of games where Ive been totally raped wit crazy calls, suckouts and bad play but overall im being totally honest with myself in that my head hasnt been on the job proppa. Ive also learnt the hard facts that if ya not totally in the right frame of mind then yill most certainly loose money.
Ive been given advice from a few people I respect as they mean it in my interests and I hope over the next days that will pay off.
Anyone going through a bad patch have alook at your own actions 1st, get advice from people you trust and respect ( thanks gypo and wil ) Then get back on with a postive attitude and right frame of mind and take that money from those fish out there.

North or South...?

You decide where you want to play poker.


Im just about to close down after having a totally shit day. Game after game Im in well ahead to be took out by incredible hits. Some of the worst calls and plays Ive seen online for ages getting rewarded and then they give them all away a few hands later. Suppose its the norm on some days and musnt moan cos at least Gyposdog won a 50 seater to boost his sharkie ROI and Kimberley scored for S2C2 on X factor exit but just before Im going to close down I decide to check out a linked blog site of Punterz who posts some very interesting stories, facts and info on his blog.
I post this link for you as published and highlighted by him with regards to Hacking into online poker and being able to see other players hole cards. OMG that guy was deffo playing against me today I reckon.
Have a look at this its scarey


HOOOORAYYYY! Last night saw the ice finally broken and I must post to say WD and CONGRATULATIONS to S2C2 who made his 1st live final table at the Grosvenor Casino Newcastle upon Tyne. From 70 players a respectable 7th place finish was achieved which also included some very brave all in bets when at bubble situation to reach that final 9. Wd buddy . Many more to follow I guess.
By the way for those that dont know S2C2 is the person that started me playing this crazy game a few years ago when I caught him playing online in his bedroom- MY SON - whose now 19. Roll on 21 and your 1st WSOP.
Waiting for him after me going out with about 30 left to the normal crazy call and suck out when well ahead at these events I decided to play cash ( dont know why cos I always loose ) £100 soon disappeared when my KK raise pre flop was re raised by young Chinese guy for £45 more which seen his A7 off suit hit to take down £100 plus pot then 3 hands later when on mini tilt I have 9d9h in 2nd pos. I call with another for sb to raise X3. We call to flop of 8h10hJh.SB goes all in his last 20 and I re raise all in for £65 for other limper to think hard and call.
SB shows AA no hearts Other limper shows Jd Qh. Turn is Jc River brings Qs to fill his Full House. Bye BYE GG WP. and the thought of ( why the fk do I play cash )


Just thought I would update on St Kitts target and mention a few players Ive come across at these low level tables. Im still on target for my $1500 and the Marriot burgers for the lads but have been amazed lately as to the higher standard of players I continually come across at these $10 tables and how tough these games have become. I previously mentioned the tool sharkscope which I use and although others have differing thoughts on this tool I think it gives you the sort of info you can pick up around the table when playing live as it gives you a bigger picture of the players youre up against. I have certainly seen the big advantages it gives you for online play. I also find it VERY VERY useful if someone at the table is giving you grief and bad chat for whatever reason. Normally a quick check of their stats always reveals their a losing player for which a quick fire back at them normally shuts them up cos they cant argue with you.
I played last night to find an old buddy of mine on a few tables against each other which was strange as he normally plays at a much higher stake and on diffrent sites. I must admit it was of the most enjoyable nights Ive had in a while because the crack was brilliant and I have total respect for his game so it helped me concentrate that much more for decent results. Hope he continues to play at the same tables the scandie geordie wot he is because it brought back gr8 memories of the good old days.
Finally I would like to mention a guy called WilWonga who Ive came across so many times on Pacific. Ive shown his stats in this post because in my opinion they are incredible but also Ive started chatting with him in games to find he is such a nice guy and very very down to earth with the obvious success he has yets plays with a total respect of others at the table. Far too many players you come across are stuck far too much up their own arses its unreal yet this guy is a pleasure to play with and against. I wish him continued success. I also found it amazing that he very rarely ventures to play live and hardly ever strays from his £10 tables to higher stakes. Its obvious he has his feet very much planted on the ground. GL M8 and WD.
A couple of other players to mention were Blirger and 7to1.

hoodys over buddys

I think its only fair to let you all know that my love for that jumper carrys on until this day, its actually my favourite work jumper and seems to keep me that little bit warmer than any other jumper on these cold and frosty mornings, its an affair thats still going strong and it will be a sad day when i eventually hand it on, so to here jamo talk about benchy with such a bitter toungue really boiled my piss.

Well i can remember when i was a newby around the casino and poker tables, me and deeiron used to sit at the bar and give people nicknames for our own savage amusement, i think we have a nickname for all the regulars, which i wont say here just now cos the captain still trying to get it through to me what i can and cant actually post but i promise folks im definately going to start throwing the shit before long. anyways karen33000 a.k.a. monty burns a.k.a. The Rentboy a.k.a. what the fuck you called karen33000 for in anycase you fucking creep? oh id honestly say karen33000 had more nicknames than any other, it was probley down to the way everyone used to piss themselves laughing at the way he used to have his arse sticking out of his jeans and that absolutely HIDIEOUS brown/green fleecey hoody bought from doon the quay, i honestly thought you were a skateborder until i had to change the tire on your car for you in the interval of a tourny. im more than willing to go to war over that jumper and unless you apologise i will start a weekly blog mentioning all them hissyfits ive witnessed you throw. Writeing this has reminded me of that buzz i used to get playin live but them days seem so far away now, its so slow and full of people who think they know more than they actually do, anyways best leave off there cos im in danger of going off on another little rant.

I Narr Wat Yee Got!

Just a little post from Karen33000 on Daveys profile cause Im shocking on computers and have forgottwn me password so signed in on his.!

Just wondered wat the general opinion on tells is from the crew?? I know the captain Davey is big into getting a "read" on people. Such as when that stupid woman at the grov is umming and arrhhing and Davey gaans haway man! and she starts kicking off Davey gaans " Oi PET I narrr how yee play man!".
I dont generally watch people to be honest, just because Im soft as shite and I dont want people starting on me and plus I cant be arsed to stare at their ugly mug! I do remember a famous incident wit Matto. We were playing on the infamous round table in the grov in cash, playin seven card stud. Matto gets a nine showin wit two 9s underneath and everyone is betting. Well matto starts rockin and shaking like there is no tomorrow! He is trying to raise Riaz but is struggling to get his 1 quid chips stuck together in typical grov style out of the famous troughs where u used to keep urs chips!.
I dont believe Gyposdog dobbsy reads people because he is too busy taking the piss out of some poor quiet kid who has just moved to the city to study when he is pist!
Matto just doesnt read people all he thinks is "I can push this guy off the hand, I will fire again", whilst looking at the roulette wheel to see if his numbers have hit!
Davey is the man who reads people and dominates McNally!
Beastieboy reckons he has tells on me but is just a pure nuts player.
So lads we got any tells on each other? apart from that Gyposdogs only wins when he wears that shit bench jumper!


Play our World Series of Poker 2007 game. See if you can get to the end and win!


Sound and Microsoft Powerpoint Required


I mentioned a very useful tool Sharkscope in a previous post but surely there is no bigger tool available than Google. Here are a few useful items I found while searching:





Next time you are playing a game of poker just remember this post and keep ya cards covered. Some people have bigger powers than others! Watch This.


For everyone without Microsoft Powerpoint, you can download a free viewer HERE

Another classic one liner

As a similar posting one liners at tables always amuse me. Im not a drinker and not one one for frequenting a local but when they started a poker league at our local pub I thought yes this could be of interest. The 1st few weeks were as normal an eye opener as to the levels people play at but also an eye opener as to the understanding that alot of people have. Most dont even understand basic rules and what beats what yet sit there telling others what and what not to do.
At the 3rd week of our league I was involved at a table with a guy who at first I thought was on drugs but on more research found him to be just abit slow. Q3 was a monsta to him and 2 pair was virtually unbeatable. I was in BB sitting with 64 off and checked to 4 callers. A flop of 664 made me smile and even more when after checking this guy bets 200 on 50 blind level and I call to leave me and him left in pot. Turn brings a 10 to which I check and he bets 500 to which I call. River is an ace and I have 1800 left to his 2700. I push all in and he calls. Turn of cards and im expecting to see him with an ace at least yet he shows 35. I say to him " why did u call? "
To which he replied: " I WAS TRYING TO BLUFF YOU " I said but you called? the classic reply of " so what you could of had nowt" never ceases to amaze me.

A friend of a friend

Just incase anyone needs anygear shifting then try my m8s place. Its not what you know its who you know.

If ya need any stuff dumping send me a message!

RE; keeping ya feet on the ground

teamdobbs i hope you dont think my ego has changed since i received my new porsche off pokerstars and i hope our friendship hasnt suffered since im now absolutely minted and look down my nose at these commoners in there astras,mondeos etc etc, well im off for a champagne and strawberry party with my new rich friends.

sir gyposdog multi specialist

Keeping ya feet on the ground

A big danger when playing poker is to get carried away with alot of the hype that surrounds the game. The emergence of poker on TV and the choice of games online has obviously progressed the game at a rapid pace but what must always be remembered is that for every winner there are at least 4 losers. The big winners are online sites and organised poker tournaments that dont just occasionaly win but win EVERY TIME.
At my 2nd wsop trip I was amazed at the amount of money loosely gambled and also the stories of losing amounts I was told. Now I must admit Im not exactly short of a few quid but I do strictly manage my poker bankroll and play at a level and a limit that I accept. To be honest if I was continually losing I would NOT play- simple as.
Trouble is I see alot of others get carried away with not only themselves and their self esteem and egos but their financial situation. In no time they are seriously in debt and chasing getting deeper and deeper. Be sensible and manage ya money correct and play at your right level to enjoy it.
Another thing very important is not to let this game get in between friendships which it easily can if not careful. Friends are so hard to find but you can play poker anywhere.

St Kitts target

Setting yourself targets in my opinion in poker is very important no matter what levels you play at. After 2 years of promising myself I have finally booked and am going to the Caribbean Classic Poker Tournament in St Kitts. 1st week will be spent seeing the island and relaxing soaking up the rays and facilities of the 5 star Marriot resort. The 2nd week is the CPC in which I will play the afternoon tournies and maybe a couple of satellites to try and get entry into the main event . I mite even still win a package in the MPP final on crypto 1st week in November for which they are giving 70 packages. ( Hope theve fixed their software malfunctions that seem to happen to me when I play on there )
Any way once I booked I needed something to aim for as playing multis for the CPC in my opinion and also after reading a posting by Azi was just not value for money. Ive been getting good success on Pacific and after a little bit of research on Sharkscope decided that low value stt of $10 and 20 seater $8 tournies suited me and also attracted alot of very bad players. Fishbowls galore just kept popping up.
I set myself a sensible target of $1200 to reach before St Kitts of the 19th November and as at todays date I am well pleased with my returns and want my arse kicking if I dont get it and maintain the 1200 for the trip. In fact if get to 1500 i will buy the rest of the lads a Special Marriot Burger they all talk about. ( yum yum ) Mite even buy Tom the travel agent one !

Classic one liner

Everyone has things that have been said around a poker table that sticks in their mind and Im no different.
Had been out to a function during an all day expenses paid with my accountant and ended up at Grosvenor on that night for rookies night at £3 quid entry rather the worse for the drink.
At the end of the table was a blonde girl with a bright pink fluffy jumper cut low revealing a huge pair of bazoomers. It was obvious she was a new player and appeared very nervous. I started talking to her trying to help her relax and it seemed to work as she even started talking back to me even though i was pissed.
Anyway it was early on in tournie with about 6 players in a pot with her on the big blind. A flop of 556 came to which she immediately pushed all in. Everyone folded to this to which i asked her " Wow big bet what did you have?" she turns over 55. Fk me i say why on earth did you bet and why so big? her classic reply was; I WAS WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE HITTING THE STRAIGHT !
The rest of the table burst into laughter to which i replied; Honey you must be the worst player at this table but by god you got the best pair of tits here.

Worked well for her actually as she then relaxed to enjoy herself and since then has became a very decent tournie player.

well what a good tourney that was, although very pissed off at coming 4th i really enjoyed the game. from start to finish i really felt the buzz of playing and just knew id cash, does everyone feel like that somedays? i hope so cos it feels good. ive been on a good run of late and i strongly believe its down to me being happy in all aspects in my life, no outside pressures,some really good things all came together lately and well lifes just bloody great at the minute but im a realist and know it doesnt last so while the goings good im going to enter some bigger tourneys, the next post might be a horror story but until then im just going to enjoy it and remember thats why we started playin this game in the first place

Game on !

The team challenge consisted of 10 tables of 8 with one player from each team at each table.
At the time cos we were nearly all pissed we had no idea as to the format of the competition. As it turned out the tables were to be played till there was 2 left on each table from which they went to 2 tables then last 10 went to final table with points at final table counting to eventual winners. Top 2 teams were to be paid.
Can be gr8 playing poker when ya pissed cos it takes any fear factors away and also you are totally relaxed and can enjoy it more.
Sitting at my table was Arron, one of the highly regarded Aspers team who think the sun shines out their arses but I do get on ok with him and quite enjoy his crack. Next to him was a grosvenor legend in Barry " The Rail " Smith. He got his name after someone put it on the league board cos he always goes out tournies early and stands watching on the rail. He was NOT amused when he saw that and went ballistic. Deep down hes a canny lad with a gambling problem but if ya want to know any scandal or wots been happening just ask " the rail "
Tuff cookie Graham who plays the big cash table was there and another couple of very tight players who I didnt know names of.
Into the tournie we kept on drinking and just got louder n louder. Confrontations kept happening with Barry & Arron with Barry keep sucking out on him. I didnt want Arron to go cos I was sharing his ipod with Tiesto blasting through my ears. Azi was 1st to fall for us with others slowly following. Eventually I hit a set to check raise to Arron with top pair who goes all in and its bye bye Arron. Me and the rail go through from our table with Jamesy Adam & Gypos making it 4 from Teamdobbs. We in wit chance looking at others through.
Azi and Gyposdog had started on the cocktails and they were flowing fast n furious.
A quick dance to the background music with red lipstick Christine and its down to last 2 tables.
Gypos falls soon and Adam goes out around the bubble mark with me n jamesy make it onto final table.
We just hammered the final table wit crack cos another team had 5 players there so it was virtually a certainty they would win. Me n Jamesy had to be 1st and 2nd to pip them and the state we were in that was impossible. Jamesy goes out 5th so Im left on me own wit 3 others from same team. One of them was fat Mark who wears crazy gear and looks like a reet dik head most of the time and thinks hes a proppa pro.
Into last 4 and Gypos comes over and sits just off the final table having abit crack wit me winding things up abit more- bearing in mind theres no chance now of us winning cos they got too many points now guaranteed.
Mark shouts to the poker room manager - " Candice can you get this person moved please , he shudnt be near final table " Red rag to the bull and Gypo goes ballistic calling him a big fat specky ........ and car park calls are made
Fk this and all in to get off table as theres no point now and dont want anymore of this shit wit Mr Fashinable Marky.
Teamdobbs cashs for 2nd and more cocktails are on order.

Karen33000 the introduction!

Well I thought initially I better start off saying how I know everyone. I used to see Dobbsy rolling around the casino all the time with a bottle of bud stuck in his hand. He used to get knocked oot the poker come play cash and even though he could hardly see the cards he would be winning about 300 quid wit the chips scattered all over the shop after screwing a few poor lads over on the river. Unfortunately more than often the beers would keep flowing and soon he was down and slagging off his mate batsey! Davey soon came along and on the face of it you think he is this sensible bloke and soon you realise after listening to his table crack he is the biggest little kid even the place…. This being shown when he wouldn’t let me and Adam leave grosevnor until we listened to lemar on his CD player and saw his world series of poker shades!
I know Azi the poker guru through the team event and davey. Great crack down ozzy road together. Loving the kebab shop owner story. Well I think he must have had a few too many shots down ozzy road as he was first out! We are expecting great things from this squad member mind! And I want a lift in his Porsche he is gonna win!
Matto is the degenerate gambler of the group. He used to be the biggest grinder in the grov until he couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. Me and matto go back ages now after he used to make me tilt wit his shakey hands playin seven card stud and playin 1 quid on number 18 on roulette and hittin! He has now changed his game to ultra aggressive wit his “ I can get him off his hand” banter all the time.
Beastieboy is the young up and coming talent of the group. Me and the beast have been mates since about 10yrs old. He grinds it out on the 2 dollar tourneys then blows his cash on a speculative horse race or the beers on a Saturday down carling academy! He was star performer in the team event until the break came before the semi final tables when he carried on drinking. All I remember is turning round and him leaning over his table saying “any one raise im going all in!”, whilst spilling his drink!

Last but not least

Matto became member automatic on recommnedation of James who had started hanging round with him after his bum pal Rias had disappeared back to Pakistan for un known reasons!

The final member came by a strange turn of events. Many weeks prior to team selection me n Gypos were on same table and this loud mouthed cockney geezer sits down who we had seen a few times at previous tournies. There was no doubt this guy cud play but by god he told everyone he could as well. He was like a John Motson of poker at the table plus he was very derogative of Gypos play giving the impression he didnt rate him. We nicknamed him Spurs and decided to beast him abit over the coming weeks but to give the guy his dues he grew on us with his sense of humour and his solid game but mainly deep down he knew we were good solid players (as Gypos was to proove to him at several final tables) wit good crack and he wanted to be pals with us. No problem we thought and selection onto Teamdobbs was decided.
Week before team challenge after me paying all the team in I turn up to make sure Spurs is ganna show as I hadnt seen him for a couple of weeks. "Gis ya mobile and home number just incase any FING turns up he says to me " Ooops alarm bells ring and sure enough at 4.00 on night of tournie the call comes through he cant make it and we now one short.
Most of us had arranged to meet early for happy hour in Jesmond at 5 bells and I decide to just show up there and am confident we pick up the player we need to make up team there or at casino. The snooker lads Dave & Andy were meeting us at 7 in the casino.
I get there just after 5 and James and Matto are there with this other guy Adam. Telling James we are one down cos the cockney aint showing its no probs cos Adam is solid they reckon and so the 8th member is found.
Azi follows into pub but hey summit not reet here ! "" Wheres Gypos "" I had assumed he be there 1st cos he luvs the crack and the drink but no sign? Give Gypo a ring Jamesy who after several attempts on his mobile gives up announcing wrong number. I must be one of the very few people in the UK that dont have a mobile and dont miss it yet at that time a mobile was needed. No one else had his number so it was left at that.
From 5 till 7 the drinks flowed with several hits on the freebie wheel giving maximum return for minimum outlay and we pile into 2 taxis for the short journey over to the Grosvenor.
Already half tanked now we ready for Team challenge and there waiting was Dave , Andy and an easily wound up Gyposdog. Not pleased at all i reckon cos im sure through some mis understanding he thought we must of been giving early meet a miss. After a bit of wind up Im sure he thought we had delibrately side stepped him but Mick NO WAY! When ya a m8 of mine that wud neva happen. An announcement on the tannoy wanted me and i drew our team number from the hat for the team game which was about to start. Teamdobbs was about to go into action for the 1st Time. Lol - we were loud from the start, 1/2 cut and after a quick hand slapping between us the tournie began.

berlin bates

well as i mentioned in the previous post, it was batesy who got me into this and after a couple of home games i was ready for the casino. he was a regular and seemed to know everyone, although, in my opinion half off them arseholes but ill keep that for another post. it took us 5 tournaments until i got my first taste of success and by some strange coincidence the first time i wasnt pissed mortal, i ground out a 4th for 160 quid. after that i started playing alot more regular without batesy as he had other commitments ha ha. so im in a tourny and 1 of the regulars (a right arsehole) turns to me and says ' you not fancy going to the world cup with batesy?' i cant due to work commitments i says. the WORLD CUP im thinking to myself he never said fuck all to me then i realised hed been filling everyone full of shite . then everyone on the table starts sayin how amazing it would be and what an awesome experience it would be, then it was wheres he staying? and how much he pay for the tickets? im thinking u lying little bastard u put me right on the spot here, i know fine well he watched the first game down the local with my cousin, so i just have to take the stance of 'well i havent seen him for ages' and ' we mix in different circles'. theres no way im going to blow him up not to a bunch off gossips and was just pleased when the banta changed to something else. well his crazy behaviour nearly went unscuppered until he went to the casino with a proper friend of his, old time school mates the lot anyways when his mate was knocked oot, the cardroom manager was asking him about batesys trip to the world cup,(god knows what hed been telling her) imagine his horror as he hears ' HERE BATESY YEE WERENT AT THE WORLD CUP YA WERE AT THE WAGON WITH ME YA LYING CUNT' ha ha ha i wish i was there to see your face, i know u only lasted 2 more hands but i bet they the longest 2 you ever had. that'll fucking teach ya BERLIN BATES

Famous Member !

As previously mentioned in a past post I used to gamble on football with a very good friend of mine. He was asked to play in the team challenge and as such became a member of Teamdobb.
Me and this guy go back along way. We met whilst playing in a golf society and he just loved to have a bet. Golf was no difference and we would always wager on various aspects of our rounds with playing partners. Golf trips were great for this with myself running a book on singles and teams although I was always wary of offering too big on this guy because 1; He was always a big danger off his inflated handicap and 2: He would always bet himself no matter what and 3: Hes such a shrewd guy.
The guy even made a huge contribution to my buisness when in its infancy as he was well into computors and he produced my 1st ever brochure for which I was always so thankful for. We often laugh at the memory of a hand held scanner nicking pictures from others peoples catalogues in his house at Heaton from which catalogue 1 was launched. We even had great fun doing magic tricks together on strangers when out on the piss.
Any way there was no stopping this guy when introduced to poker and as such in a very short time this guy was becoming a ledgend online and his desire to win and to win something big took him to levels way beyond what i would ever achieve.
The night he was rivered when in front with JJ for a 10k trip to St Kitts in the caribbean will never be forgotten only for him a few weeks later to achieve the result he craved for in winning that package to his 1st main event at the Caribbean Classic. An invite from him to go with him and on the way play golf with him at Nick Prices golf course had to be declined for reasons Id sooner skip. This achievement was then dwarfed the following year when he went on to achieve something most players can only dream of.
Most players would be satisfied to win a seat at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Not this guy- he won 6 seats online at Full Tilt earning the acolade of the most seats won in the world gaining him status, huge prize money, his seat at the WSOP, a suite at Caesars Palace Hotel and a stretch limo at his disposal. All this and the guy is a Teamdobb member. AZIMUT a proppa mate and a hell of a poker player.

Pot Black

Snooker and poker often mix and as a result of this 2 other members of teamdobbs were introduced. Break times in tournies was often the time when people with the same sense of humour and interests congregated waiting for the next level to start. During one of these times the snooker boys Dave and Andy began talking to us. Like previously said to be part of Teamdobbs you need to be a good lad and as such this was a double hit in that these 2 mates just slotted in. There was no hesitation when me n gyposdog had to select our team that they were to be part of it. Both players have sucess online and live.We shall be revealing their online names at a later date.