I Narr Wat Yee Got!

Just a little post from Karen33000 on Daveys profile cause Im shocking on computers and have forgottwn me password so signed in on his.!

Just wondered wat the general opinion on tells is from the crew?? I know the captain Davey is big into getting a "read" on people. Such as when that stupid woman at the grov is umming and arrhhing and Davey gaans haway man! and she starts kicking off Davey gaans " Oi PET I narrr how yee play man!".
I dont generally watch people to be honest, just because Im soft as shite and I dont want people starting on me and plus I cant be arsed to stare at their ugly mug! I do remember a famous incident wit Matto. We were playing on the infamous round table in the grov in cash, playin seven card stud. Matto gets a nine showin wit two 9s underneath and everyone is betting. Well matto starts rockin and shaking like there is no tomorrow! He is trying to raise Riaz but is struggling to get his 1 quid chips stuck together in typical grov style out of the famous troughs where u used to keep urs chips!.
I dont believe Gyposdog dobbsy reads people because he is too busy taking the piss out of some poor quiet kid who has just moved to the city to study when he is pist!
Matto just doesnt read people all he thinks is "I can push this guy off the hand, I will fire again", whilst looking at the roulette wheel to see if his numbers have hit!
Davey is the man who reads people and dominates McNally!
Beastieboy reckons he has tells on me but is just a pure nuts player.
So lads we got any tells on each other? apart from that Gyposdogs only wins when he wears that shit bench jumper!


TEAMDOBB said...

If gypos won only when he wore that bench jumper hed win every tournie he goes to!
Easiest person to read is Barry the Rail- hes always got shite.

TEAMDOBB said...

McNally here writing "I know wat you have all the time Davey aq, ak, qq,kk,aa"