Im just about to close down after having a totally shit day. Game after game Im in well ahead to be took out by incredible hits. Some of the worst calls and plays Ive seen online for ages getting rewarded and then they give them all away a few hands later. Suppose its the norm on some days and musnt moan cos at least Gyposdog won a 50 seater to boost his sharkie ROI and Kimberley scored for S2C2 on X factor exit but just before Im going to close down I decide to check out a linked blog site of Punterz who posts some very interesting stories, facts and info on his blog.
I post this link for you as published and highlighted by him with regards to Hacking into online poker and being able to see other players hole cards. OMG that guy was deffo playing against me today I reckon.
Have a look at this its scarey


Anonymous said...

Hi there TD,yer interesting stuff on the hacking,I did read a book a while back by a famous casino cheater,who in one chapter claimed he went round a mates who had bought some programe for 40g which revealed the hole cards on this site and he witnessed it in action.I cant see why anyone who could do this would bother playing anything other than high stakes cash games or big multis,so they can max there profit asap.So were safe at the low end,I will not go much higher than 30-50 sngs and rarley venture into decent cash games where collusion/teams could come into play,and if i ever see any1 with a unreal high roi on scope in the low stuff i will avoid/keep eye on them.

Be Lucky WWonga

TEAMDOBB said...

lol - how high has the roi gotta be?
after that qq jj rvr j beat and those words of advice from you at the table I stuck at it and won 3 in a row and a 2nd in 20 seater wooooooooooooo
still on course for them marriot burgers

Anonymous said...

collusion at the low end.
even collusion happens in the low stakes,a few months back i was aware of 2 players who were either the same person or 2 m8s playin together,some of the things they did to help each other like chip dumping etc were obvious and amuterish.But they werent makeing any profit they were so sht even as a team,so i carried on as normal keeping an eye for their little moves when nessecery,until they ganged up on me to bust me 4th 1 time.So that was the last straw i told the site to be aware of them and they said they will look in2 it.Anyway a few nights later there we all r again down to last 5-6 m8 1 has around 3800 on button m8 2 is down to 1320 in the bb of 200,player 1 calls the 200 i fold player 3 calls the 200,then m8 1 raises to 1200 sb folds then m8 2 in the bb goes allin last 1120 players 1 and 3 fold leaving m8 1 to call 120 for showdown in a pot of just under 3000,guess what he folded to m8 2 .I told them there and then that they were cheating fcks and this was enough evidence to put the nail in thier coffin,took down the tourney no. and emailed it off to 888.and they never played 2gether again although 1 player did play on his own 4 a while but must have got fed up as i would constantly abuse him 4 what he was and inform others of his past who would then often join in the insults,shame really bcause its 2 less fish in the sea,but i guess sometimes a sherrif has to try to keep the town in order.

TEAMDOBB said...
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TEAMDOBB said...

wd marshall wil. a mans gotta do wot a mans gotta do.
I enclose the absolute poker outcome result as posted on Punterz blogg. Interesting reading

Anonymous said...

Just a quick word,It really isnt in your or any good players interest to inform the mugs how stupid they are for playing/calling raises with sht suited cards rag ks aces etc,unless you see yourself as a teacher wanting to teach the world how to play solid player,a clenched teeth wp or 0 does,and wont dter such players continuing there sht style,no one ever told me such things, i read and watched the game 4 ages b4 playing,although i think i would have avioded the real sht cards regardless.And while i do enjoy a laugh with u and a few others, i dont really wont every1 being made aware of my good results id rather be called a lucky fish,althouh the sheriff 1 might sneak through un noticed.And im no saint the main reason im kind with the comments is sometimes a player you have been genoures with comments with, may not bluff your blinds so much at critical times,but in my earlier days i had to slaughter the suckout mugs,not any more next time i play them i want them to get all the chips in with me fav,and let the pokergods reward me in the long run,who knows if u keep reminding them how sht they r they might try to educate themselves or worse give up,for example in that game earlier with me u and fish hasimi as soon as u busted out i said what a bullshitter that dobbs was and that i may have played him a couple of times and knocked him out ,which is y he said i was good,and said he deserved to knock u out ,i then played a 'nice honest game'until finally getting the goods on turn and trap checking him in2 bluffing off his stack,and he ended up talkin like me and him were the buddys who knocked out the 'nasty, td.Finally use the notes 4 the stats on players and those things like plays sht suits etc cause once there r in with suits and hit top pair with no draw sht kicker they will normally pay u off nicley and when there is a draw chance you will proberly know there r on it by there quick calls etc so make it overly pricey.
turned in2 a long word b lucky ww