berlin bates

well as i mentioned in the previous post, it was batesy who got me into this and after a couple of home games i was ready for the casino. he was a regular and seemed to know everyone, although, in my opinion half off them arseholes but ill keep that for another post. it took us 5 tournaments until i got my first taste of success and by some strange coincidence the first time i wasnt pissed mortal, i ground out a 4th for 160 quid. after that i started playing alot more regular without batesy as he had other commitments ha ha. so im in a tourny and 1 of the regulars (a right arsehole) turns to me and says ' you not fancy going to the world cup with batesy?' i cant due to work commitments i says. the WORLD CUP im thinking to myself he never said fuck all to me then i realised hed been filling everyone full of shite . then everyone on the table starts sayin how amazing it would be and what an awesome experience it would be, then it was wheres he staying? and how much he pay for the tickets? im thinking u lying little bastard u put me right on the spot here, i know fine well he watched the first game down the local with my cousin, so i just have to take the stance of 'well i havent seen him for ages' and ' we mix in different circles'. theres no way im going to blow him up not to a bunch off gossips and was just pleased when the banta changed to something else. well his crazy behaviour nearly went unscuppered until he went to the casino with a proper friend of his, old time school mates the lot anyways when his mate was knocked oot, the cardroom manager was asking him about batesys trip to the world cup,(god knows what hed been telling her) imagine his horror as he hears ' HERE BATESY YEE WERENT AT THE WORLD CUP YA WERE AT THE WAGON WITH ME YA LYING CUNT' ha ha ha i wish i was there to see your face, i know u only lasted 2 more hands but i bet they the longest 2 you ever had. that'll fucking teach ya BERLIN BATES