What a fright!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

Had 6 relaxing days on holiday relaxng round the pool thro the day and having a nice meal with a few drinks in the evening with Teamdobb and his wife Sandra then on the Friday me and Dave head off to play in the majorcan open 660 euro buyin which Mrs Stumpy bought me for my birthday and xmas present it was a really nice casino and the tourney was well run a couple of decent players on my 1st table but some really easy spots to get chips.
Started off ok then lost 3 times with jacks and then played 2 hands really bad and was down to 8k from 15k ss.Got moved tables just after Teamdobb got knocked out and shoved over a limper twice with a9 and then aj then shoved over bttn raise with a8 back up to 15k when i get 1010 raise 1 caller and see the flop of j104 r i bet tiny and he shoves with aj and im upto 30kish about average with about 25 left from the 70 runners,we are playing down to 20 runners to go to day2 then I lose with 66 after tabe donk calls my cbet with nothing and he hits his ace on the turn, then I raise with a10 and get reshipped i fold and he shows me ak, we are down to 21 players and i raise with 33 just then we lose a player and its the last hand of the night the bb goes allin I fold and he shows me QQ.
So got through to day 2 but with only 10bbs.We head back to the hotel its about 3.30am when we get back and ive only been asleep about 5 mins when Sandra wakes us up telling us Teamdobb is ill and is in the hotel lobby with the doctor.When we get there Daves been seen by the ambulance crew and they tell us hes had a heart attack hes rushed to hospital and straight into the theatre so me Mrs Stumpy and Sandra have a long worrying wait until about 9am when we get to see him in intensive care and im amazed and relieved to see him sitting up and quite chatty phew.

When we left him on Monday night he was in great form and just wanted to get home.See you when you get back take care.

I went back and played day 2 of the majorcan open 40 players left out of field of 130 got a shove through with a3 then im mid pos and looked at ace 2 when there was a big hand at other table and most of my table goes to look only the blinds are left so i shove again but small blind has aq and im out in 36th place.

Online ive had alot final tables and a lot of other deep runs, playing and running well just hope to have a few more before the end of the month to post a nice profit.

Live still running shit, no final tables this month so far got a change soon i hope.

Keep on smling stumpy.

Mallorca big shock!!!

Mallorca Shock

Took off to Mallorca with Sandra & Mr & Mrs Stumpy with one main intention of having a relaxing carefree chill out break.

Flight was spot on and slept most of way but faced over an hours wait in a queue to collect our car. Arrive at the hotel in Portal Nous village weve stayed at many times get booked into our rooms without a hitch.

Ist part of break goes totally as planned with days by the pool and nights enjoyed at some of the great restaurants in Portals.

Break takes a total tangent I didn’t expect when on the 16th September myself and Stumpy reg for the Mallorcan Poker Open Day 1A with 20 players from Day1A field going to the final day on Sunday 18th September. Tournie was pretty uneventful for me on a very straight forward table even though Id chipped up 1000 in 1st 2 levels. I then found AKcc in my BB and in a 5 way limped pot I make it 800 at 75/150 for mid position limper to jam for his stack of 6300. I make the call and he flips 44. Q 10 8 flop followed by Q turn giving me any J 10 8 A or K to win the pot but I blank it and my stack is seriously injured. Not as much as what was to follow later that evening which at the time I had absolutely no idea about.

I flop the world in another couple of hands but Im now on serious double up duty and looking for my right spot or hand to get it.

I then had my 1st signs things weren’t right with me when I began to get pains in my chest like heartburn and I was sweating heavily. I put it down to the heat of the room to be honest and made sure I took in plenty of water which did seem to do the trick but when I went out shoving Ace 10 ( 7 bbs ) into KQ that hit the turn I took a break outside to get some fresh air.

Pains had eased but I simply did not feel right but was hanging around railing Stumpy who made it through till the end of the day in true Dobba grind with very few hands to mention.

Drove back to hotel and half way back I was sweating up but nothing too serious.

Parked up at the car park and made my way to my room being about 4.00am but that’s when thing s took a big turn for the worse. Walking to my room along the corridor the pains were hrrific eft arm began to go weak and numb. My aim was to get into bed and relax and hope the pain would ease BUT I knew this was not right and after about 30mins and the pains getting worse I had to wake Sandra and tell her something was seriously wrong here with me. She tried to get me to lie back down and relax in bed but I knew then I needed urgent medical treatment and threw on some shorts and a Tee shirt and made my way back down to reception. Guy there must of thought I was a tourist drunk as when I asked him to get me a doctor his reaction at 1st was go back to your room Sir and Ill get the doctor to ring you. He soon realised I was in trouble and I lay down on the settees in the reception area. A few minutes later the doctor arrived and after a few basic checks he rang the local hospital and requested an ambulance. Those 5 / 10 mins of waiting for that ambulance to arrive seemed a lifetime with the pain building up in my chest and breathing was getter more shallow by the minute. Eventually they arrived and carried out an ECG on me which immediately showed a blockage in my main artery to my heart and they rushed me to the local clinic.

Doctor guy in ambulance was brilliant to be honest and explained everything that was going to happen which would be immediately. Must have been after 5.00am when we got to the hospital and the place was brand new and very high tech place.

I was rushed into the operating theatre, stripped naked and then a team of doctors & nurses appeared and began scrubbing up and preparing me for what needed doing. Main doctor spoke very broken English but did his utmost best to explain what was going to happen. Basically my main artery to my heart was blocked and they were going to insert a tube up through the artery in my arm across to the heart and then insert a stent in the artery to open it up. Basically like a balloon which they then inflate which allows the blood to renew its natural flow. Worst part of the whole episode was when they inflated the stent and I began shaking and shivering which I couldn’t control. One of weirdest feelings Ive had in life and not something I would like to repeat again.

I then spent the next 3 days on intensive care and the treatment and service of care was simply amazing in a truly amazing hospital of the highest standards. I was then transferred from IC to a cardiac ward but a private room once again with all mod cons.

Pretty scarey stuff not only for me but I assume also for my wife Sandra and Mr & Mrs Stumpy who have been absolutely brilliant keeping Mrs C as calm as she could be. Expect to be discharged from hospital after 5 or 6 days on this ward so probably Friday 23rd September but due to some health care law due to what has happened I am unable to fly for 21 days from when the incident happened. Got an apartment sorted out in Portals Nous village from some people we know which I can stay at

Sometimes you take a lot of stuff for granted but until something like this rears its head you never really appreciate how important life is and also what an incredible machine your body is. Lots to think over now about what to do in the near future and have no doubt Ill be giving a lot of important stuff my utmost attention.

Havnt read anything yet as Ive been without any internet but my son Scott has told me Ive been inundated with get well wishes which means a lot, so thanks all for that.

That’s it for now as I begin my recovery here with my feet up and hopefully the sun stays shining for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully see you all soon and Ill keep you all as best informed as I can as soon as I get some internet access when I get discharged.

p.s. must of watched and seen every goal in La Liga scored for the last 2 weeks 10 times each!!!!

edit: released 22nd September around 4.00 and finished 3rd of 5 in 18 holes at Fantasy Golf in Palma Nova which is the greatest crazy golf course in the world. From what nI understand now the 21 day flying rule we were told is total bollocks and Im waiting for a telephone call from my insurance company after they have spoke in detail with the doctor to let me know when I can fly home. Tbh I expect it to be possibly Monday,

Hopefuly cya soon

Blank August

Alreet stumpy here,

Live i had no final tables in august which tbh i dont think has happened before ran deep in alot but got coolered or lost the key races.

Online started well on willy hill had a 4th in nlh superseries event for £370 and next night 8th for $80 then 2 losing sessions so ended the month £87 up ( super series result not shown on sharky )

MTTS on stars played 103 and down $769

SNGOS on stars played 163 and down $186 ran like shit so pleased to lose as little

Luckily my son craig finished 4th in a $10 turbo for $1369 which i got the lions share of, which saved the month. This seems to be the running theme this year, if i have a bad month i get saved by stakee weeeeeeeee.

Hopefully september the luck will turn and i can have a good month. On my hols now for 3 weeks so hopefully can have some nice wins.Going to majorca on sunday with mr and mrs teamdobb a week of eating drinking and sunbathing ended off by playing in the majorca open which dave played last year and said it was a great tourney so really looking forward to it.

My last day at work we had some problems with the train, we were waiting for another train to come in when this man comes upto me and says whats the problem so i told him the windscreen wiper fell off and the next train wont be long, he says thats the worst excuse hes ever heard.I said really what about leaves on the line or wrong type of snow surely those are worse?The look on his face was priceless.

keep on smiling stumpy