Blank August

Alreet stumpy here,

Live i had no final tables in august which tbh i dont think has happened before ran deep in alot but got coolered or lost the key races.

Online started well on willy hill had a 4th in nlh superseries event for £370 and next night 8th for $80 then 2 losing sessions so ended the month £87 up ( super series result not shown on sharky )

MTTS on stars played 103 and down $769

SNGOS on stars played 163 and down $186 ran like shit so pleased to lose as little

Luckily my son craig finished 4th in a $10 turbo for $1369 which i got the lions share of, which saved the month. This seems to be the running theme this year, if i have a bad month i get saved by stakee weeeeeeeee.

Hopefully september the luck will turn and i can have a good month. On my hols now for 3 weeks so hopefully can have some nice wins.Going to majorca on sunday with mr and mrs teamdobb a week of eating drinking and sunbathing ended off by playing in the majorca open which dave played last year and said it was a great tourney so really looking forward to it.

My last day at work we had some problems with the train, we were waiting for another train to come in when this man comes upto me and says whats the problem so i told him the windscreen wiper fell off and the next train wont be long, he says thats the worst excuse hes ever heard.I said really what about leaves on the line or wrong type of snow surely those are worse?The look on his face was priceless.

keep on smiling stumpy