Where do I go from here!

Alreet Stumpy here,

After full tilt closure Im at a bit of a loss of how to carry on. Ive been playing stars mtts but the fields are huge and you could go for months without a decent bink so Ive been playing some sitngos to hopefully pay for my mtts with mixed results so far but hopefully even out at a +2 per sngo profit.Had quite a few sessions of plo 50-1 cash 6 max and made about 700 so far did a little bit of reading up and tweaked a few things in my game not sure if this has helped or just ran good but will prolly find out in the next month. Next blog will prolly start with online cash never again blah blah.

MTTS - Looks like I might retry ipoker it seems to be the only site I can have about 10 decent payout mtts on the go in a session apart from stars I just dont like the software.

SNGOS - After Gaz won me enough to pay for my hols this year I stopped grinding them but I think im going to try and play a 100 a week to keep my roll ticking over will do this on stars.

PLO CASH - Going to carry on and play these when I havent got time for sngo sessions and hopefully keep improving and winning !

HORSES -Well after saying i was giving up until jumps started again, i seen a horse win at york and marked it down as a potential group horse then i see its in the big sprint handicap off top weight so put a 100 e/w on it and it romped home at 8-1 its called hoofit and i think it might be running at york next week in the big sprint race upped in class but i still think its improving and might lump on again.So sorry Soaps you are still the worst sports betting blogger lol.

Good news finally booked our hols going to Majorca for 9 nights on the 11th of September with Teamdobb and Sandra, 5 nights sunbathing eating and drinking and the rest of the hols hopefully grinding out a ft in the Majorcan open which is part of the Spanish Poker tour weeeee cant wait.

July results

live mtts - £ 242 9 played

live cash - even 4 sessions

online mtts -$ 425 played 51

online sngos +$94 played 57

online cash +$200 about 5 hours

staking +$3900 boom boom bomba

horses +$600 hoof it then lost a bit since sigh

Thats the plan now so lets see if i can crush keep on smiling stumpy


Amatay said...

sign upto Poker Encore on ipoker m8. ill sort u with a gd deal ;)

Patrick Leonard said...

Hi mate, apds here..

You should have a look at some of the Euro sites for good MTT's.

Ongame - Really good tourneis every night, 5r, 11r gets 1000 max runners and you get lots of chips. The 6max comps you get 5k starting and the players are awful.

They have $108's every day and at least 50 $10 SNG satalites into these.

I[poker you have a really nice 10 1r1a with around 600 runners which is 17.5k gauranteed, then yiu have a $30 and a $20 which gets around 800 runners maximum and decent gaurantees, on Sudnays they have their equivalent of the Sunday Million (200k gauranteed) which is 10k starting, 15m blinds and lots of eurotards spewing.

stumpy said...

still waiting for this good deal amatay send me details on here or npf cheers thx

cheers pads im trying ipoker at the mo 1st 2 days went well thx for the info

Anonymous said...

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