We won the Cup !!!!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

After my op on Monday felt a bit under the weather so I thought I would stay off the drink while me and Mrs Stumpy played in the 1st Cardguardcup Team ame at the Grosvenor. We were playing for a combined Northenlights/ Dobba team consisting of Mr & Mrs Cardguard,Mr & Mrs E,Mags,the Geek,Xenocode,Sean Mcguigan and Mr and Mrs Stumpy. When we arrived had a bit crack with Mags,Fatpants, and the Geek and stayed away from the bar. Got seated and had a canny starting table notables Fatfish guesting for Radgies,Koyte,Portanus,Gaz Walker,valet came and auto asked for corona once I got 1st 5 doon was ok lol,
Sat tight early won small pot with KK and at break was starting stack enjoyed superb buffet by the G returned well fed and ready but lost 2 small pots straight away and now under pressure with 5k then after a Gaz Walker raise I ship with JJ and he makes reluctant call with 55 and the double up I needed. Then I get a few raises through and pick up blinds and antes and shortly after pick up QQ and put small raise in only for Looseman to ship his ss with 66 and now Im sitting on about 30k.Then utg ships Nemisis , I have 1010 and reship Xenocode whose on my team has a hard decision with AK, does he risk shipping and losing and we probably cant win teamgame or fold and hope to double up in better spot. He folds and I win with 1010 but Xenocode would of won with Ace on flop. Wasnt his day as later after building stack back up he lost QQ v Irishandys 87 aipf then Ace 10 v Gaz Walkers AK blind on blind on the bubble, ul Xenocode well played. On the run up to the ft I take ss Micheal 152 out then call a ship from PjbAces with 99 v K10 and I hold to knock radgie Phil out who again played a blinder for his team. So down to the ft and after Mrs Stumpy good 16th place Mags Sean and Xenocode going deep we have points in the bag but the Sensations have 4 left and look nailed on for winning the team game.

We need all the Sensations to bite the dust and then I had to go on and win it prolly a 2000-1 shot.So the final table looked like this

seat 1 sean kane koytes radgies 67k

seat 2 portanus loosemans radgies 73k

seat 3 irishandy sensations 30k

seat 4 stumpy northern dobbas 93k

seat 5 mark graham thomas wilson 60k

seat 6 stephen salter sensations 31k

seat 7 alison little irish paddy mcaree koytes radgies 56k

seat 8 karl webber jnr geordie poker 134k

seat 9 gaz walker sensations 40k

seat 10 omahaha sensations 23k

1st hand of ft and Webber jnr takes some chips off Portanus next hand its folded to Portanus who double raises from button and I reship from bb Portanus finds the call with A8 v my 88. Ace on the river and Im down to 38k,then we have the 1st Sensation down. Salter allin v Irish paddy AJ v 1010,then next 1 to go was Irish Andy. Portanus min raises to 12k Andy small blind ship for 13k I have 10 7 and peel a flop for 7k more. Flop is 10 8 2 and I ship allin to win a nice little pot and also take out another Sensation. Andy played well all day and enjoyed his company as usual, one day you will run good lol. Then Omahaha finally plays a hand nit A8 v K8 and holds up,then shortly after Omahaha ships again only to be called by Portanus and Mark Graham AK v J 10 v Q 10 flop J10 7 turn 5 rivr J and Portanus takes 2 out!Then Webber jnr AA v Gaz Walker Q 7 commited in bb and we lose Gaz who played a great game for his team so we now have a chance if I come 2nd its a tie and if I win we win the team game. Next we lose Sean who pushes A8 into Portanus who calls nd hits flush with 10d8d, then the 2 bigstacks clash Webber jnr raise Portanus reraise Webber calls. Flop A65 2 diamonds Karl goes allin and Portanus calls. Karl KdQd and Portanus AQ no diamond and Karls out in 4th. So 3 left and Portanus has 450k and I have 45k and Alison has 35k. Alison dups AJ v 42 of Portanus then I get walk Alison ships again Q9 and Portanus calls with K2 which holds and Alison is out after playing a great game. Its headsup Portanus 550k me 50k,I dup AJ v KJ, then Port ships I call me K 10 v Q2 flop A38 turn Q rvr J and right back in it. Then I bluff a few back and get it in again with K9 v QJ and hold,then raise wth 42 called flop AQ8 c bet called turn 5 ck ck river 5 I bet 25k and Port folds. Then i raise with K6 called flop K94 I bet Port ships I call he has K2 so looking like a chop but 3 on turn Q rvr and I take it down. Now me 500k Port 100k and last hand I ship Q 10 called by 74 no help and I win and Team Northern Dobbas win teamgame from the Sensations by 1 point.
I love these team games a great laugh a few drinks and the atmosphere with all the railers from each teams cheering there mates on you just cant beat it.Great work by Cardguard,all the staff at the G and all the teams who took part and a special mention to Geordie poker team what a bunch of nutters. You helped create a great atmosphere round the ft with the Sensations as usual. Thanks to all my teammates who played a blinder and kept me going with there support

Coach Driver Stumpy

Alreet stumpy here,
Had my knee op today. Went well and Doc said there maybe no need for 2nd op so fingers crossed and hope to get back to work in 4-6 weeks, especially cos Im on half pay haha.
On Saturday was flying in $10 rebuy Miniftops PLO on Tilt and bigstacks in $10rebuy, and $20rebuy on Stars then the curse of this year struck again in $10 rebuy. I reship a raise nd flatter with AK just b4 money only for flatter to call with 88 for his tourney life 80k pot wen av 20k and I brick,then itm in 20 aipf AQ v A5 and 5 on rivr for $150ish in the middle of all this I had 80k stack in PLO Ftops when avg was 18k. Im bb with AA double sooted small blind raises I reraise and he calls flop 10 4 3 cbet he calls turn 3 ck ck river 10 he shows 10 for his 2 outer,thing is he was terrible nd if I bet turn he calls for sure,then 1 round later bb AA double sooted again and small blind donk raises I reraise and he calls obv flop 963 I bet he calls turn 10h giving me nut fd he bets min I call rvr brick and he pots it cant beat nothing so fold,down to 18kish then cling on till in the money,then the next 5 hands go from 8k to 112k,tripled up then rased KKQJ 1 caller flop K66 ck ck turn A ck ck rvr Q I ship rvr he calls with 10 J weeee,then limp in AAKQ ds get raised and shortish stak goes allin I reship and get to 112k and back above avg,then cant remember how many left round about 50 out of 4600 runnrs I think when I get KKxx double suited I raise and get reraised by active player so call 2 ship flop,flop AKx I ship he calls with AA! rvr K wow and right back in it, down to 16 players and shipped with nothing about 5 times to stay init and scrape to ft with 600k when blinds were 100k -200k and Im utg with 2345 so ship it in get 2 callers flop KJ5 all diamonds 1 guy ships with top 2 no diamond turn 5 weeeeeee rvr he hits str8 oh well $1604 for 9th was 31k up top 1 day 1 day.

Mentioned in the last post about training Spoona ,Samj and now Sensh on sngos, all young lads off the NPF these are the sharkscopes since I started helping,still some work to do but doing well.

keep on smiling


Alreet Stumpy here,

A few years back I trained my mate who had never played poker before on how to play sngos. It took about 2 months and he was winning player.So when Spoona said to me I just cant win at online poker I thought it was a good opportunity to try it again.

Strangley it has took a bit longer to train Spoona up as he has a good understanding for the game and some of the strategy in sngos goes against the grain i.e im never folding AQ pre when its passed to me in the cutoff wtf.Spoona has been passing on his training to Samj so Ive started helping Sam.

Last week we decide to have a live session at my house Spoona playing 9 mans and 45s and Sam 45s and me just watching them play, and from time to time they would ask for advice or verification on correct play.Spoona made a nice profit and Sam had a small loss but tbf he ran really bad.

Both are now winning sngo players but with a few more live sessions and if they can iron out their leaks they will crush.Since the 1st live session and sitting watching them play it has refocussed me and since then I have played about 10 sessions myself and had only 1 losing session and that was only -$20.Live I have played about 7mtts with 2 fts for a small loss but have made a nice profit on 6 live cash sessions.

Online mtts have been very frustrating lately getting bigstacks then either blowing them with bad moves or getting some terrible beats.I did get 1 ft on a £5k freeroll on interpoker finishing 5th for £375 freemoney is always nice haha.

When I played rugby me and my mate Adam would play tricks on each other, my fav was when I let my toenails grow and after the game would peel off my bigtoenail and put it in his bottle of bud. Later in the nite when we were pissed he took a drink and it perched lovely onto his top lip everybody was pissing themselves,then I went to the toilet and came back and finished my bud off a lot of the woman were nearly spewing as I necked my bud "whats up" I say, Adam just pissed in ya bottle of bud.thats y I drink corona now!.

keep on smiling