Coach Driver Stumpy

Alreet stumpy here,
Had my knee op today. Went well and Doc said there maybe no need for 2nd op so fingers crossed and hope to get back to work in 4-6 weeks, especially cos Im on half pay haha.
On Saturday was flying in $10 rebuy Miniftops PLO on Tilt and bigstacks in $10rebuy, and $20rebuy on Stars then the curse of this year struck again in $10 rebuy. I reship a raise nd flatter with AK just b4 money only for flatter to call with 88 for his tourney life 80k pot wen av 20k and I brick,then itm in 20 aipf AQ v A5 and 5 on rivr for $150ish in the middle of all this I had 80k stack in PLO Ftops when avg was 18k. Im bb with AA double sooted small blind raises I reraise and he calls flop 10 4 3 cbet he calls turn 3 ck ck river 10 he shows 10 for his 2 outer,thing is he was terrible nd if I bet turn he calls for sure,then 1 round later bb AA double sooted again and small blind donk raises I reraise and he calls obv flop 963 I bet he calls turn 10h giving me nut fd he bets min I call rvr brick and he pots it cant beat nothing so fold,down to 18kish then cling on till in the money,then the next 5 hands go from 8k to 112k,tripled up then rased KKQJ 1 caller flop K66 ck ck turn A ck ck rvr Q I ship rvr he calls with 10 J weeee,then limp in AAKQ ds get raised and shortish stak goes allin I reship and get to 112k and back above avg,then cant remember how many left round about 50 out of 4600 runnrs I think when I get KKxx double suited I raise and get reraised by active player so call 2 ship flop,flop AKx I ship he calls with AA! rvr K wow and right back in it, down to 16 players and shipped with nothing about 5 times to stay init and scrape to ft with 600k when blinds were 100k -200k and Im utg with 2345 so ship it in get 2 callers flop KJ5 all diamonds 1 guy ships with top 2 no diamond turn 5 weeeeeee rvr he hits str8 oh well $1604 for 9th was 31k up top 1 day 1 day.

Mentioned in the last post about training Spoona ,Samj and now Sensh on sngos, all young lads off the NPF these are the sharkscopes since I started helping,still some work to do but doing well.

keep on smiling



mag1892 said...

hope all goes well with work etc m8 , and congrats with the poker . nice post :)

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

Great news about the knee m8 !!!
Loadsa time to Get ya fittness back for the next 5aside game :)

*sewell leaves himself wideopen.. roll on more michelin man pics

Anonymous said...

maybe you can get samj good enough to be able to pay people back thx very much

stumpy said...

maybe if ya leave ya name he mite think about it