Aspers Willy Hill added game

Headed 2 Aspers on Sat for the £75 Willy Hill added £1500 game and a great turnout of 134 runners with a 12k stack new it would be a great game. Still heaard people complaining it takes 2 long -jeez wot they want anutha game of bingo!
Got 2 the break with 13k very little happened apart from this hand I wasnt involved in. Imi in cutoff rases bb flats flop 732 bb ch Imi bets bb rases Imi shoves with K7 bb tables 22 turn 7 river K live poka is fixed.
After break I get KK in late pos raise Imi bb reraise I reraise to 6k givin him an option 2 shove and he thinks 4 about 3 secs and ships in. I call and he has 99 upto 26k.
Moved 2 new table get JJ utg raises I rerase to 6k Buzz ships in utg allin too I fold they both have KK. Next lap utg raises again I have QQ raise to 6k, he goes allin I call he has AK nd K on river back to 12k.
Now im lookin 4 a spot 2 get them in it comes when Buzz raises again and hes bein raising light so Im allin with A10 in sb he calls with 66 10 on the river and back in the game.Then I get AA raise and Elsacat moves allin my mind freezes and Samj dealing says "do u wanna count?" I say yes wtf I then say Im sorry call call call but its too late Ive done sumthing I hate done 2 me a horrible slowroll. I apologise again and cant explain my brainfreeze and thanks 2 Elsacat for takin it so well.
I hit quad aces now upto 36k. Anutha new table lose the min with 88 then I get JJ in the bb seat 3 raises and hes only played 1 hand upto now and that was QQ only other time Ive played with him was in cash and he played about 2 hands in 1 hour!So I flat call and see the flop of 10 9 3 I check to him he insta shoves for 12k which looked quite weak so I ask him if I fold will he show me he says no but doesnt look comfy so I call he shows KQ and misses and now upto 56k.
Win anutha small pot then anutha table change sit tight, win a couple of blinds then get AA utg raises seat 6 ships allin I call utg folds he has QQ. No Q and now upto 124k
Anutha new table now down to 2 tables and its pretty uneventful tickin along pickin up the blinds and make the ft with 130k avg is 130k with blinds 4-8k.
2 players out the 1st 2 hands Lucky is 1 of them her AK runnin into AQ Q on river and shes gone. Well played and unlucky.
So 8 left and I get KK utg raise 19k John Littlewood an Aspers reg moves allin with AQ A on turn and now down to 36k.
Wait 4 hand or a spot dont get 1 so in bb call raise blind he has AJ me K9 hit my 9 and bak upto 77k. Then Im on button and ship all with A5 Ridla calls with QQ 1st card Ace and now on 159k. Next big pot is when young lad raises which he has done alot from 2 tables down Paul Gardner in the sb calls so I squeeze allin young lad tanks for ages then folds Paul insta folds showin AJ young kid says he has AK phew.
Now on 235k and look down at AA in sb Paul raises to 37k on button I reraise to 90k he goes allin this time I insta call he has 1010 and a big fat ugly 10 on turn and its goodnite. nee wonder hes called goldenballs. Great game and cant wait till next months.
My internet grind is still goin well $600 startin roll now upto $7k from Jan 4th.

Keep on smiling stumpy

Calling bad

Aspers it is on Saturday and their £75 5k plus 5k Deep Stack with 2k on time bonus so 12k starting stack and 45 min blinds. Going to be a 16 hour jobbie this but added pulling power is the £1500 being added by Will Hill Poker to anyone with an online account with them.
Its a whos who of local poker and 130 max runners kick it off which levels out at 139 with the alternates they have so nice pot on offer. Hills money is put into your online account should you cash in that.
Very good strong starting table with only one weak player on and me of course! Win a few n lose a few and then raise from BB to limped sb who comes along. KJrag flop and I continue bet his ck for him to call. 9 turn and cb again to dwelled call and 8 on river sees him ck raise all in showing me an 8.
Limp utg when looking hes going to raise and seat 3 comes along with limp and I raise it up with AdKd. utg calls the raise but seat 3 then 3 bets the raise and after long tank I decide to fold which tbh later I really regreted as he was doing this alot in later pots and I wish I had shipped it in there with my 1st stack. Made worse not long last hand before break as I call to see a flop after utg raise with JhQh and flop comes JsQs4c in 3 way pot. 1st guy bets 700 and I flat for original raiser to re pop to 2200. 1st guy tanks and folds (44 he said )and with 2900 behind me the original utg raise puts me having him AA KK so I ship for snap call and hes sitting JJ. No miracle Q and Im crippled to 5k.
Not much happened for me after break and never hit any flops in hands I entered so eventually to 3 way limped pot I ship raggy Ace on sb and button with stack calls with Q7 and river 7 sends me home early.
Better then than 12/14 hours later just short of cash I suppose and never got going at all tbh in what imo was a cracking game and field.

Followed the progress of the game at home online on forum with updates and was feeling it for SamJ who me and Cardguard had staked in on 60/40 deal so when hes sitting 270k with 12 left we deffo looking good for decent pay out but he loses race with AK for 70k pot then bubbles shipping in with KK into AA ouch so sick.

Our NPF football bet syndicate shipped few hundred with 4 from 7 correct scores and Im playing Poker Millions later for the 10 way syndicate on NPF. One time !!!!

Millions tilt after involvement with AcKc 3 handed. Stars deliver K rag rag with other 2 in having AK n AA so big hit and then try to shift weak raiser when shipping with A10 but calls with his 77 and early night for me. Cash in the $250k for $20 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in yo yo game losing one pot KK v A8 to go in top 20 mid way and chip stack was up n down like a prostitutes knickers all game,

Roll on Vegas Wednesday to get away from this poker mullarkey !!!!!!!

Does your job affect your poker prowess?

I have always worked in a job where the demands are more physical rather than mental. I recently changed careers and I now work in a more mentally challenging role and wondered if this is having an adverse effect on my poker performances.
When I first started out playing poker I was working on a production line and the thinking involved was minimal because my job was so repetitive. So, I'd get home, log on to a particular site with a fresh mind and play decent, profitable poker. Since I started my new job where I have to continually solve problems, overcome objections and basically play cat and mouse all day with potential customers, I have found that when I get home I'm exhausted mentally.
We all know that poker is a mental game so do you feel that because I'm wearing myself out mentally eight hours a day that my concentration and ability to assess certain decisions is becoming harder and harder?
You hear the top line pros on TV say how emotionally draining tournaments are because of the massive hours they need to concentrate and focus in order to continually make the right assessments and decisions in order to play their "A" game. In my opinion I think that my poker game is suffering because of the type of job I do. Who shares this opinion? If you have a mentally demanding job do you play better more solid poker when you have had a day or two off work when you have a fresh mind? Have you been in the same situation as myself and changed from a physical job and changed to a more mentally challenging one and noticed a difference in your poker results or decision making?
There's no other logic I can think of that would change me from a half decent player who has a decent knowledge of the game and know whats right and wrong in certain situations to a bad, more tilty, emotional player who can't seem to concentrate and make what I would call easy calls/folds etc for more than an hour or two at best. I could take the easy way out and kid myself into thinking I'm just on a downswing and getting unlucky over and over but deep down I know that just isn't true. I'm playing bad, I know it, but don't seem to know why. It would be interesting to find out what type of job all you bloggers have and what kind of effect it has on you when playing poker on evenings after a tough day at work.

Vegas bound!

One more week and Im back out in Vegas for my sons 21st birthday treat for 10 days with the whole family minus the dog of course! Be interesting to see what he makes of it on his 1st visit and how long it takes for him to be totally pissed off from being asked for I.D. Dont know what the tournies will be like this time of year as have only ever been to Vegas during WSOP which as expected is manic and so so busy. Have a feeling with credit crunch and the special offers being touted about that Vegas is suffering like anywhere
Playing nothing online not that I have much anyway and played couple of games last week live. 60 odd runners for the Grosvenor Freezeout and a £2000 guaranteed pot so excellent value for £20. Crack was very very good but not as amusing as the cards I was being dealt. Myself and lad next to me had running joke as if I didnt have the 2 of clubs then he had it. Made worse by the dealer who seemed to be dealing himself a premium pair every other hand. Amazed I grind it out to final table and even get into a position to win 5 left but bust out 4th which gives a decent profit and a good night out.
Similar sort of game on Tuesday night at Circus with another £2000 guaranteed pot and 60 odd runners and going very well before running QQ into AA 2nd last hand before break which does serious damage but grind it back then win couple of flips and well back in it 2 tables out. Raise with 10 10 to face ship by really solid player ( Mrs Stumpy ) and make bad call tbh to see KK. Get to final table with not the stack I should of had and eventually after raise by huge chip leader in front of me I ship in with AJ for Mrs Stumpy to ship after me and chip leader makes it 3 way.
She has QQ and he has 99 and the QQ takes it all. 6th place for 4/1 on my money and guarantees me another plus month on the live games Ive played.
Saturday sees a superb value game at Aspers where its their £75 D/C Freezeout with 10k stack plus 2k for being on time, 40 min clock and £1500 ADDED by Will Hill. Last game in August for me and be nice to ship this one.

Could you ever face sitting in a busy street doing ya "business" for all to see?

Heres a feature public toilet somewhere in Houston Texas, yes only the USA of course and a lady going in to use it.

Now that you've seen the outside view,
take a look at the inside view...

It's made entirely of one-way glass!

No one can see you from the outside, but when
you are inside it's like sitting in a clear
glass box!

Now would you... COULD YOU....???


Went 2 Corfu last week, got to airport no queue at check in, plane on time, had sum food, nice seats on plane no kids anywhere,


Arrive slightly early and suitcases are some of the 1st through and off to pick hire car up


At car hire place Im 3rd in line and the 1st guy is dropping car off 5 hours hate so Hertz charge him £380 for being late and the next guy is 12 hours late and hes missed his flight home and charged as well. Me next and its sign here Mr Newton, theres ya keys and away we go


Drop the bags at the apartment then down to the pool bar where we have been going for the last 8 years. Burger n chips, 4 pints, 3 cocktails, 2 vodkas and 2 shots OK weve had enough and are going to bed – how much we owe ya mate? John the barman says Russ who we met last year has left you £10 for some drinks off the bill


Company and weather is magnificent


Then decide last couple of days to play some 5 a side football with the lads. Pick the ball up and glide past 1 then another and after nut megging the 3rd player I blast a shot goalwards and then boom!!! A noise like a gunshot and my knee ligaments ping like tennis racket strings!!!


Dumbest bloke on Earth ??

Received this today from Stumpy which tickled my fancy

My friends, I give you..


This picture is real and was taken by a Transportation Supervisor for a

company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber. When he saw it

in the parking lot of IHOP, he went to buy a camera to take pictures.

The car is still running, as can be witnessed by the exhaust.

The driver finally came back after the police were called,

and was found crouched behind the rear of the car, attempting

to cut the twine around the load! Luckily, the police stopped him

and had the load removed. The materials were loaded at Home Depot.

Their store manager said they made the customer sign a waiver.

While the plywood and 2X4s are fairly obvious, what you can't see

is the back seat, which contains -- are you ready for this? --

10 bags of concrete @ 80 lbs. each!

They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs. Both back tires exploded,

the wheels bent and the rear shocks were driven through the floorboard.

A deffo Poker experience!!

Needed alift to some of the drab games Ive been playing in and to be honest something to enjoy playing so decided to investigate this pub poker scene across at the Jolly Miller Pub in Gateshead which prominent Radgie and NPF member Koyte runs.
Bit of "Radgie v Dobba" baiting been going on lately with Mr E and Cardguard taking down the last 3 weeks so unknown to us Radgie number 2 Koyte had put out pleads to his team mates to try and attend in their attempt to stop the Dobba domination. Unknown to him me & Cardguard had something ourselves up our sleeves.

Pub was busy when we got there and quite a few new faces were there to normal with PJB Aces n his Mrs Valley High, Quietman, Gimac and Knerrard all rallying to Koytes pleads but we were also out in force with me, Cardguard, Mr E and Jimmy Chipmunk all in attendance.
Getting a drink at the bar and get introduced to the world famous blogger UKGatsby who then ends up on my table to my right. Have a bit piss take with Koyte as I don a mask we use of him in video stuff we do and Cardguard does his Looseman impression.

Poker starts and looks good tbh with proppa poker tables and tournament director on a huge projector screen and nice ceramic chips ta boot. Its £10 to enter, £5 re buy for 1st 3 levels and then a rebuy & top up option for a tenner which creates a great prize pool. Pie chips n mushy peas at the break what more could you ask for?

Thing that did make me laugh was the "tab/piss break" after each level consisting of 5 mins.
What can I say about the poker???? Lets just say its an experience well worth seeing at closehand. Some amazing calls, bets, shoves etc which to be honest makes it a great night with the banter fantastic and the one line classics being heard all around the tables.
My fav of the night from local character "Barmy Brian" to a lovely guy who is wheelchair bound called Stevey and has absolutely no idea whatsoever how to play but its also obvious he loves it. Brian says to him as he pushes all in, " Im obviously ganna get one caller at least from "FISHY STEVE IRONSIDE" I nearly fell off my stool and then his Ace 10 push was met by Ironsides Ace 7 which duly made the 2 pair with the 7 on the river.
Ukgatsby was also on my table fresh from his sign up at the local weight watchers club and taking full advantage before starting his diet. Strange though Ive never seen anyone do a diet of pints of Vodka & Coke and then down 4 bottles of white wine with Koytes young daughter. ( Beth drank him under the table by the way )
Blinds late on get absolutely unreal and I luckily make final table before shipping out 6th for a small profit weeeeeeeeeeeee and then have to endure Mr Gatsby trying to wreck the place as he stumbled about like smashing tables and knocking peoples drinks over as he slurred on players shoulders. Lol just piss tekking Paul!!!

Heres a pic of me trying to stop Gatsby from falling over anymore.

Totally dominated the Radgies again as Knerrard was their only player to be able to hold his head up for a decent joint 8th place finish and PJB Aces musta broke the bank the amount of re buys he had as he desperately tried to prevent Koytes blushes.
Dobbas continued to dominate as we finished Mr E 10th, Jimmy Chipmunk joint 8th Me 6th and Cardguard 3rd.

Great nights fun and entertainment and value for money and if anyone out there needs something to do on Thursday nights then get ya self down the Miller.

bad or good month

Hi all ,

Been a very slow month for me in the poker , played live tournament twice due to work and played 1 dealers choice and 1 normal cash. Both tourneys I got dumped out of in the 20s and the dc and cash game I came out a little up , about £150.

Never played any online for about a month also so last night had a night off and I deceded to play some poker stars , wow what a mistake that was. 4 mtts and out after 1 hr in each of them. Playing stupid suited connectors too early , but a couple of big hands crushed my stack in the first place , KK vs JJ , AK vs A5 , QQ vs 33 , but hey thats poker lol.

On the topside , Ive been wanting a new car for about a year , Ive put 80k on my car in 4yrs due to my job and its not running as good as I would like it , so I goes over to my Mams house on Saturday and she says to me have you got a car yet? , to which i reply No , she says liar and hands me the keys to a car she bought for me . ( love ya mam ) , Not just any but one of my fav cars that she knew i loved.

So all in all not a bad month for me. :)

Hoping next month will be able to play live more , gl all at the tables.

Week of wrong decisions!

Shit week on the poker front with 3 games played. Having back problems and being in pain makes me like a reet miserable old moaning twat. Stupid things bugging me and its deffo down to being in this pain.

Tuesday game and good table including Stumpy n Omamaha ( new clean cut look)
Extra interest when me Stumpy n Omahaha have a side bet on the greyhounds featured on TV which Stumpy romps home with after only 2 races (fml)
Poker was going OK then allowed to limp in late with Ace rag to flop 2 pair. Pot size bet gets one customer and when he check raises all in on turn its looking like a set as I dont think this guys risking all his chips here the way he plays but like the donk way Im playing at the mo I eventually call and he flips 53 for the straight and I dont fill up. So annoyed with myself AGAIN for making a losing call and next hand I ship in to a raise holding AhKh but his QQ holds and early night for me

Friday night Grosvenor and never get going again especially after bluffing away my 1st stack. Lose a couple of races after break and very short eventually getting it in JJ v KQ snap and he flops the K.

After watching what was described as football ( West Brom v Toon) or what I would describe as 2 shite teams I take in the Saturday Freezeout at Grosvenor. Disappointing field to be honest but alot of newbies in the field. Good table apart from a drunk on my right who couldnt miss and after every hand repeated that he was drunk and sorry for his play. Fuck me mate we wernt that un observant. The lad is actually a very good player.
Very card dead and everytime I tried to play position the BB woke up with big hands so my stack was withered away. Lose most of stack after raising early position JJ for BB to ship and my call is faced with the mighty AA. 1200 chips left with an average of 9k isnt looking good and so tempted to ship Q9s next hand but refrain.
Eventually double up then double up then double up and with 13 left Im actually sitting very pretty and probably 3rd or 4th in chips with the big chip leader at end of my table.
Very helpful guy had called my JJ ship with 9h6h so when I pick up AA on his BB I make standard 3xBB raise being 100% sure he stays in but the sb chip leader joins and he folds.
Flop 3cKhQh and I bet pot after his check to which he calls. Another heart on the turn and its check check. Another rag 2 river and he checks to me which Im happy to check considering his stack size and how many left yet after thinking the hand through I decide to bet out 6k. "ALL IN" he says WTF you fkn donkey I think, why did I bet but after going through the hand again Im still convinced Im ahead as the river 2 surely hasnt helped him and I say I can only put you 222 or KQ that beats me and I make the call. Fuck my stupid donkey life call as he flips 7h5h and Im gone in a game I should of been cruising to final table in. So so annoyed at yet another game Ive played like a total dickhead in and must get my self back together again as I got no one to blame but myself at mo. Not even looking forward to games so its either give it a break for couple of weeks or try n play through it. cant even decide which will be better.

trying to stay positive laters TD.

indecent proposals

alreet Stumpy here,

Only 1 live game last week at Stanleys £30 Tuesday game was on the same table as Teamdobb and Omahaha, well I think it was him as he looked very nice with his new haircut,I says 2 him why u get the ya haircut, Teamdobb says I bet ya mam told ya to get it cut he said YUP she did, who says yungins of 2day dont do as there told!
Scooped a tenner off Dobba nd Omahaha as the dogs were on the telly at Walthamstow and we had a 3 race bet and it was over in 2 races - EASY MONEY lol.
Onto the poker I was going along nicely till I raised a limper with AJ and got called off seat 5 and limper called flop is J107 I bet 2400 into 3500 pot seat 5 calls limper folds Q on turn he only has 3k left so I put him allin and he shows QQ whoops then I get AJ ss now so ship it and called off AQ Goodnite from me.
Mrs stumpy comes 5th her JJ no good v AA for £150.
Played dc at Grosvenor on Wednesday and had a good laff but lost £120. Its a good game with good group a lads . Then Thursday play Aspers and dont think I won a hand yuk.
Still running good in my sng grind started with 600 Jan 1st now upto $6480.Went to my nieces wedding had a good day at Saltburn, Rushpool Hall very nice place had nice food and a good drink. Was there from 130pm till late and when I was leaving sayin goodbye to my brothers mother in law I says " are u stoppin here 2nite?" she says "yes u can stop in my room if you want," I says "I dont think Mrs stumpy would be pleased" ,she says "Youve never lived till youve slept with me!" all this said in front of her granddaughters who were horrified!!!Hey Ive still got it with the ladies lol,
by the way shes 70!!!!

keep on smiling. stumpy

Being faithful!!

I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me ... It was her beautiful younger sister.

My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down when she was near me, and I always got more than a nice view. It had to be deliberate. Because she never did it when she was near anyone else.

One day her 'little' sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome.
She told me that she wanted me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister.

Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word.

She said, 'I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me.'

I was stunned and frozen in shock as I watched her go up the stairs. I stood there for a moment, then turned and made a beeline straight to the front door. I opened the door, and headed straight towards my car.

Lo and behold, my entire future family was standing outside, all clapping!

With tears in his eyes, my father-in-law hugged me and said, 'We are very happy that you have passed our little test. We couldn't ask for a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family.'

And the moral of this story is:

Always keep your condoms in your car.

How many winners?

A recent thread at the NPF featured discussion as to how many winning players there actually was. Think it was common assumption that figure was around the 5/10% mark so thought it was interesting this information provided by Juicey Oranges Peter Smithson as to actual facts and figures. May shock a few of you out there as it did me.

I've got no axe to grind here. Just curious. I remembered that I'd seen something on sharkscope and it linked to this:

What fraction of online poker players are winners?
Posted by theStatistician - Posted on June 28th, 2009
Tagged: fraction giocodigitale liesdamnliesandstatistics merge winning players One of the common - and more amusing - threads I see on many of the internet forums is discussions about what fraction of online tournament players are profitable. One of the most frequent guesses i see is 5%. Often someone will then post that SharkScope has in its FAQ that 1/3rd of usernames are winners. The person will who suggested 5% will then immediately claim our numbers must be wrong.

Why they think we would get this wrong I have no idea - but for psychological reasons players seem to want to believe the number of winners is small. The losers want to feel more justified in showing that they haven't won any money because its extremely hard to do so, and presumably the winning players want to feel that their accomplishment is even more special.

So what are the exact numbers? Based on our entire database 26% of players are winners. If you exclude rake, then the number is more like 33% of players are making money against other players.

The fraction is also surprisingly constant for the different tournament variants, for example if you filter for just heads up games, the percentage of profitable players is still exactly 26%.

The number varies somewhat by network, but not as much as you might think. For example take a look at the table below which is the fraction of winners for all players who have played at least 100 games:

Network % Profitable Players
Merge 44%
Cereus 39%
B2B 33%
Cake 32%
Party 32% 31%
Everest 31%
Sky 31%
PKR 30% 29%
IPN 28%
SvenskaSpel 27%
PokerStars 27%
Pacific 27%
PokerClub 26%
Betfair 25%
Ongame 25%
FullTilt 25%
iPoker 24%
CryptoLogic 23%
Peoples 22%


Times are changing, starting to see the light!

Hi Bloggers.

Just thought I'd quickly update you all on my recent goings on.

Since the introduction to the blog I must say things are changing fast for me.

I've since went from Pet Taxi Driver to Call Centre worker. Just as funny but in a different kind of way.

When you're trying to sell BT to customers who don't want to come back it can be hard, if not totally demoralising at times.

I spoke to an old lady yesterday and asked if she was the decision maker in the household to which she replies "NO, MY HUSBAND DOES ALL THE COOKING" will give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about. The odd Pet Taxi tale will follow soon but I just haven't the time right now.

Anyway, on to Poker. As some of you will know I was playing full time in between jobs.

I've always mucked around on various sites in the past but always been a regular on UB.

I had the great pleasure of stating UB was a site I'd never been broke on since my first deposit in October 2003. That status has now changed. I went broke last week after withdrawals for various reasons as well as passing dollars to friends for cash and left myself short for the games I regularly wanted to play. End result: Brokeville!!!!

I've always had complaints and issues with UB but tolerated them because the site has always been profitable for me as well as building up a few long lasting on-line friendships. That has now changed, I won't be reloading or playing the site any more. I can still chat to aforementioned friends on MSN without the hassle of having to play the site anymore.

I spoke to a few NPF friends recently and they kept telling me to "reload" I'm a stubborn twat and refuse to do this, (my intention when I made that first deposit in 2003 of $44 was to quit if I ever went broke) this mindset kept me sensible with my roll and avoided the ole "play any level I want, go broke, then say "fuck it" I'll reload).

I played a few more live games recently and I'm starting to enjoy live poker more and don't see it as boring and too time consuming for what is a very poor return regarding hourly rate compared to on-line.

My outlook has changed now, It's not all about the money, I'm starting to have fun with it and actually find I'm starting to get back to my "A" game.

I played our once a month private tourney with friends last Saturday (£30 freeze) bubbled obviously but felt I played well considering I was smashed after about a dozen bottle of Magners.

Sat down at the cash game with the lads that had already been eliminated with £40 and ran it up to around £165. Good night, had fun and a few quid in my back pocket.

Sunday, travelled through to Aspers for the Will Hill freeroll. 123 runners. 20 payed. I managed to cash in 6th for £90. Played well throughout the day, although some of the players and plays were pretty awful. I picked my spots well and got my chips in ahead I'd say 95% of the time but cards dried up at the FT made a few plays and got re raised and/or shipped on and finished 6th.

I got home, assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that it was possibly because I relaxed and wasn't just playing for the money that I had actually played better than I have been.

Also, the cash for £90 wasn't paid cash in hand but gets payed into my newly opened Will Hill account so I can now play on-line again (albeit on a site I fucking hate) without reloading.

See you all at the tables soon, live as well as the virtual felt.

So, to sum up, I'm again employed, I have no financial pressures, I'm playing carefree, playing for the crack poker, relaxing and getting somewhere to my former self to boot.

Watch this space, the Cow's got his appetite back whilst having "FUN"

Hope to post up some nice results and fun tales soon.

I've seen the light.

PS: Thanks DC, sometimes a little chat goes a long way.


Intergrity and security of playing online. Is it really random?

One post on the NPF yesterday prompted me search back for this thread I posted ages ago and thought I'd throw it up on here too for opinions.

You see this in every game on the internet: is this shit really random?

Two concepts are really face to face here.

a)The beats seem so frequent and obvious that the randomness of internet poker software is questioned.

b)Beats like those happen also live but we play so many more hands online that they seem to happen more frequently online.So, how can we come up with an answer to the question? Lets look at a few things before committing to one or the other:Regular players (lets say >10 hours per week) are so used to seeing humoungous bad beats that they can actually see them coming right when the flop or turn hits.

Here's an example: You have AA, someone shoves on you preflop with JT, you call and the flop is A-8-3...when the K hits the turn, everyone, including you is expecting the Q on the river. Another one? KK vs 77 allin preflop...flop is 5-6-8...everyone knows that KK is now doomed...for sure the str8 will hit.Now, is that to say that the software is not a real random generator and actually favors the underdog in a hand? Not quite ready to say yes.

Lets look at a bit of probability analysis. Lets take the crushing 2-outer bad beat where your big pair gets beat by a smaller pair hitting a set. Lets not take into account preflop bets. Either you both limped or a raise was called, basically, you're both waiting to see a flop. Or, another situation which will pretty much have the same result, you have AA or KK with a flop of obviously smaller cards like T-3-2 rainbow...most people will go all the way with it anyways.So, if the donk needs to hit a 2 outer on you after the flop (like if he has 99), you are a 92-8 favorite.

Which means if you both go allin at that point, he'll sukout on you once every 11.5 hands on average. But lets not forget one thing...if you both go allin preflop...he'll sukout on you once every five hands!!!

Now, lets consider that playing one table online will give you about 60hands per hour...2 tables=120h/h...3 tables 180h/h, see that the old 2 outer can happen a lot of times!I don't think more than 25-30 hands per hour is realistic when you play live. So, if you're like me and play 3 tables at once on average, you will see 6 times more hands live....therefore 6 times more beats online than live! And you also have to consider the fact that people generally play like donks a lot more online. Whether its because they dont have to face a table or real people looking at them like an idiot or because people tend to think a lot less about the hands online, the fact is, people generally play worse online.

So put that all together and it's totally normal to think that awful beats happen so often online.

So, lets take my situation. On a normal week, lets say I play 20 150 hands per hour. That's 3000 hands per week. That's a 100 to 120 hours of live play!!! So basically, at 3000 hands per week, you'll see 2 outers, 1 outers, runner runner, runner runner runner runner crap veryyyyy often.

So is that what clouds our judgment and lets us think that the software is not totally random? I think so.One more argument...its human nature (and a good line from the best poker movie of all time, Rounders) that you'll remember with incredible accuracy the outstanding beats of your career.

Do you remember how many hands you've won with AA? Don't think so....but you'll remember quite well if you busted out of a tourney when your AA got cracked by the donk who called your allin preflop with his 66 and hit his set.

Another thing is that most people feel compelled to play a big pot when they get AA. If you have JJ and you see over cards on the will slow you down. But obviously, with AA...there never are any over cards! And you think the pot is supposed to be yours no matter what. So many times have I seen people just shove their AA on any flop following a raise...not even thinking of what the other player might have. I've done it quite often in the past myself. I think I'm cured of that now. So, just to show you that people get burned by the way they play the hand also.So, all that to say that I actually believe the software to be random. Even if I'll often write in the chat that I saw the 1 outer come from a mile away.

Anyone agree with me?????????

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