Times are changing, starting to see the light!

Hi Bloggers.

Just thought I'd quickly update you all on my recent goings on.

Since the introduction to the blog I must say things are changing fast for me.

I've since went from Pet Taxi Driver to Call Centre worker. Just as funny but in a different kind of way.

When you're trying to sell BT to customers who don't want to come back it can be hard, if not totally demoralising at times.

I spoke to an old lady yesterday and asked if she was the decision maker in the household to which she replies "NO, MY HUSBAND DOES ALL THE COOKING" will give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about. The odd Pet Taxi tale will follow soon but I just haven't the time right now.

Anyway, on to Poker. As some of you will know I was playing full time in between jobs.

I've always mucked around on various sites in the past but always been a regular on UB.

I had the great pleasure of stating UB was a site I'd never been broke on since my first deposit in October 2003. That status has now changed. I went broke last week after withdrawals for various reasons as well as passing dollars to friends for cash and left myself short for the games I regularly wanted to play. End result: Brokeville!!!!

I've always had complaints and issues with UB but tolerated them because the site has always been profitable for me as well as building up a few long lasting on-line friendships. That has now changed, I won't be reloading or playing the site any more. I can still chat to aforementioned friends on MSN without the hassle of having to play the site anymore.

I spoke to a few NPF friends recently and they kept telling me to "reload" I'm a stubborn twat and refuse to do this, (my intention when I made that first deposit in 2003 of $44 was to quit if I ever went broke) this mindset kept me sensible with my roll and avoided the ole "play any level I want, go broke, then say "fuck it" I'll reload).

I played a few more live games recently and I'm starting to enjoy live poker more and don't see it as boring and too time consuming for what is a very poor return regarding hourly rate compared to on-line.

My outlook has changed now, It's not all about the money, I'm starting to have fun with it and actually find I'm starting to get back to my "A" game.

I played our once a month private tourney with friends last Saturday (£30 freeze) bubbled obviously but felt I played well considering I was smashed after about a dozen bottle of Magners.

Sat down at the cash game with the lads that had already been eliminated with £40 and ran it up to around £165. Good night, had fun and a few quid in my back pocket.

Sunday, travelled through to Aspers for the Will Hill freeroll. 123 runners. 20 payed. I managed to cash in 6th for £90. Played well throughout the day, although some of the players and plays were pretty awful. I picked my spots well and got my chips in ahead I'd say 95% of the time but cards dried up at the FT made a few plays and got re raised and/or shipped on and finished 6th.

I got home, assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that it was possibly because I relaxed and wasn't just playing for the money that I had actually played better than I have been.

Also, the cash for £90 wasn't paid cash in hand but gets payed into my newly opened Will Hill account so I can now play on-line again (albeit on a site I fucking hate) without reloading.

See you all at the tables soon, live as well as the virtual felt.

So, to sum up, I'm again employed, I have no financial pressures, I'm playing carefree, playing for the crack poker, relaxing and getting somewhere to my former self to boot.

Watch this space, the Cow's got his appetite back whilst having "FUN"

Hope to post up some nice results and fun tales soon.

I've seen the light.

PS: Thanks DC, sometimes a little chat goes a long way.



TEAMDOBB said...

lololol always here to help mate, my pleasure

CanOnlyGetBetter (acesnext) said...

""the Cow's got his appetite back whilst having "FUN""

Thats the name of the game i suppose, glad u enjoying again !


your posts are becoming a must read, i read clarkson in the sun every week its a must read as he makes me cry with laughter and your storys are compelling, you realy should consider a book.keep it going