Week of wrong decisions!

Shit week on the poker front with 3 games played. Having back problems and being in pain makes me like a reet miserable old moaning twat. Stupid things bugging me and its deffo down to being in this pain.

Tuesday game and good table including Stumpy n Omamaha ( new clean cut look)
Extra interest when me Stumpy n Omahaha have a side bet on the greyhounds featured on TV which Stumpy romps home with after only 2 races (fml)
Poker was going OK then allowed to limp in late with Ace rag to flop 2 pair. Pot size bet gets one customer and when he check raises all in on turn its looking like a set as I dont think this guys risking all his chips here the way he plays but like the donk way Im playing at the mo I eventually call and he flips 53 for the straight and I dont fill up. So annoyed with myself AGAIN for making a losing call and next hand I ship in to a raise holding AhKh but his QQ holds and early night for me

Friday night Grosvenor and never get going again especially after bluffing away my 1st stack. Lose a couple of races after break and very short eventually getting it in JJ v KQ snap and he flops the K.

After watching what was described as football ( West Brom v Toon) or what I would describe as 2 shite teams I take in the Saturday Freezeout at Grosvenor. Disappointing field to be honest but alot of newbies in the field. Good table apart from a drunk on my right who couldnt miss and after every hand repeated that he was drunk and sorry for his play. Fuck me mate we wernt that un observant. The lad is actually a very good player.
Very card dead and everytime I tried to play position the BB woke up with big hands so my stack was withered away. Lose most of stack after raising early position JJ for BB to ship and my call is faced with the mighty AA. 1200 chips left with an average of 9k isnt looking good and so tempted to ship Q9s next hand but refrain.
Eventually double up then double up then double up and with 13 left Im actually sitting very pretty and probably 3rd or 4th in chips with the big chip leader at end of my table.
Very helpful guy had called my JJ ship with 9h6h so when I pick up AA on his BB I make standard 3xBB raise being 100% sure he stays in but the sb chip leader joins and he folds.
Flop 3cKhQh and I bet pot after his check to which he calls. Another heart on the turn and its check check. Another rag 2 river and he checks to me which Im happy to check considering his stack size and how many left yet after thinking the hand through I decide to bet out 6k. "ALL IN" he says WTF you fkn donkey I think, why did I bet but after going through the hand again Im still convinced Im ahead as the river 2 surely hasnt helped him and I say I can only put you 222 or KQ that beats me and I make the call. Fuck my stupid donkey life call as he flips 7h5h and Im gone in a game I should of been cruising to final table in. So so annoyed at yet another game Ive played like a total dickhead in and must get my self back together again as I got no one to blame but myself at mo. Not even looking forward to games so its either give it a break for couple of weeks or try n play through it. cant even decide which will be better.

trying to stay positive laters TD.


cowhead72 said...

The good thing is Dave, is that you know you're making mistakes for whatever reasons. I'm sure you'll get through this phase and be back to killing tourneys soon.

I'd say it's time to worry when you make bad decisions and either don't care or don't know that you are.

Keep plugging mate.