Vegas bound!

One more week and Im back out in Vegas for my sons 21st birthday treat for 10 days with the whole family minus the dog of course! Be interesting to see what he makes of it on his 1st visit and how long it takes for him to be totally pissed off from being asked for I.D. Dont know what the tournies will be like this time of year as have only ever been to Vegas during WSOP which as expected is manic and so so busy. Have a feeling with credit crunch and the special offers being touted about that Vegas is suffering like anywhere
Playing nothing online not that I have much anyway and played couple of games last week live. 60 odd runners for the Grosvenor Freezeout and a £2000 guaranteed pot so excellent value for £20. Crack was very very good but not as amusing as the cards I was being dealt. Myself and lad next to me had running joke as if I didnt have the 2 of clubs then he had it. Made worse by the dealer who seemed to be dealing himself a premium pair every other hand. Amazed I grind it out to final table and even get into a position to win 5 left but bust out 4th which gives a decent profit and a good night out.
Similar sort of game on Tuesday night at Circus with another £2000 guaranteed pot and 60 odd runners and going very well before running QQ into AA 2nd last hand before break which does serious damage but grind it back then win couple of flips and well back in it 2 tables out. Raise with 10 10 to face ship by really solid player ( Mrs Stumpy ) and make bad call tbh to see KK. Get to final table with not the stack I should of had and eventually after raise by huge chip leader in front of me I ship in with AJ for Mrs Stumpy to ship after me and chip leader makes it 3 way.
She has QQ and he has 99 and the QQ takes it all. 6th place for 4/1 on my money and guarantees me another plus month on the live games Ive played.
Saturday sees a superb value game at Aspers where its their £75 D/C Freezeout with 10k stack plus 2k for being on time, 40 min clock and £1500 ADDED by Will Hill. Last game in August for me and be nice to ship this one.

Could you ever face sitting in a busy street doing ya "business" for all to see?

Heres a feature public toilet somewhere in Houston Texas, yes only the USA of course and a lady going in to use it.

Now that you've seen the outside view,
take a look at the inside view...

It's made entirely of one-way glass!

No one can see you from the outside, but when
you are inside it's like sitting in a clear
glass box!

Now would you... COULD YOU....???


Amatay said...

Vegas agai? lucky bastard. gl and enjoy

roscopiko said...

Wp mr consistent

looks like you signed up the wrong stumpy tho - 3rd best in his house i hear

badcallthat said...

check out for a full tourny schedule all over the strip. I go 30.09.09 and cant wait

the wynn does a $300 daily with 30,000 stack and half an hour clock averagin 80 runners. mmmmmm

TEAMDOBB said...

tourney schedule site is awesome and sorted thanks

maybe see you wynns, venetian or caesars dont be shy