A deffo Poker experience!!

Needed alift to some of the drab games Ive been playing in and to be honest something to enjoy playing so decided to investigate this pub poker scene across at the Jolly Miller Pub in Gateshead which prominent Radgie and NPF member Koyte runs.
Bit of "Radgie v Dobba" baiting been going on lately with Mr E and Cardguard taking down the last 3 weeks so unknown to us Radgie number 2 Koyte had put out pleads to his team mates to try and attend in their attempt to stop the Dobba domination. Unknown to him me & Cardguard had something ourselves up our sleeves.

Pub was busy when we got there and quite a few new faces were there to normal with PJB Aces n his Mrs Valley High, Quietman, Gimac and Knerrard all rallying to Koytes pleads but we were also out in force with me, Cardguard, Mr E and Jimmy Chipmunk all in attendance.
Getting a drink at the bar and get introduced to the world famous blogger UKGatsby who then ends up on my table to my right. Have a bit piss take with Koyte as I don a mask we use of him in video stuff we do and Cardguard does his Looseman impression.

Poker starts and looks good tbh with proppa poker tables and tournament director on a huge projector screen and nice ceramic chips ta boot. Its £10 to enter, £5 re buy for 1st 3 levels and then a rebuy & top up option for a tenner which creates a great prize pool. Pie chips n mushy peas at the break what more could you ask for?

Thing that did make me laugh was the "tab/piss break" after each level consisting of 5 mins.
What can I say about the poker???? Lets just say its an experience well worth seeing at closehand. Some amazing calls, bets, shoves etc which to be honest makes it a great night with the banter fantastic and the one line classics being heard all around the tables.
My fav of the night from local character "Barmy Brian" to a lovely guy who is wheelchair bound called Stevey and has absolutely no idea whatsoever how to play but its also obvious he loves it. Brian says to him as he pushes all in, " Im obviously ganna get one caller at least from "FISHY STEVE IRONSIDE" I nearly fell off my stool and then his Ace 10 push was met by Ironsides Ace 7 which duly made the 2 pair with the 7 on the river.
Ukgatsby was also on my table fresh from his sign up at the local weight watchers club and taking full advantage before starting his diet. Strange though Ive never seen anyone do a diet of pints of Vodka & Coke and then down 4 bottles of white wine with Koytes young daughter. ( Beth drank him under the table by the way )
Blinds late on get absolutely unreal and I luckily make final table before shipping out 6th for a small profit weeeeeeeeeeeee and then have to endure Mr Gatsby trying to wreck the place as he stumbled about like smashing tables and knocking peoples drinks over as he slurred on players shoulders. Lol just piss tekking Paul!!!

Heres a pic of me trying to stop Gatsby from falling over anymore.

Totally dominated the Radgies again as Knerrard was their only player to be able to hold his head up for a decent joint 8th place finish and PJB Aces musta broke the bank the amount of re buys he had as he desperately tried to prevent Koytes blushes.
Dobbas continued to dominate as we finished Mr E 10th, Jimmy Chipmunk joint 8th Me 6th and Cardguard 3rd.

Great nights fun and entertainment and value for money and if anyone out there needs something to do on Thursday nights then get ya self down the Miller.


koyte said...

pleased ya enjoyed it pal

Ukgatsby said...

harsh...but fair

Amatay said...

lol @ Gatsby's errr "diet"