Does your job affect your poker prowess?

I have always worked in a job where the demands are more physical rather than mental. I recently changed careers and I now work in a more mentally challenging role and wondered if this is having an adverse effect on my poker performances.
When I first started out playing poker I was working on a production line and the thinking involved was minimal because my job was so repetitive. So, I'd get home, log on to a particular site with a fresh mind and play decent, profitable poker. Since I started my new job where I have to continually solve problems, overcome objections and basically play cat and mouse all day with potential customers, I have found that when I get home I'm exhausted mentally.
We all know that poker is a mental game so do you feel that because I'm wearing myself out mentally eight hours a day that my concentration and ability to assess certain decisions is becoming harder and harder?
You hear the top line pros on TV say how emotionally draining tournaments are because of the massive hours they need to concentrate and focus in order to continually make the right assessments and decisions in order to play their "A" game. In my opinion I think that my poker game is suffering because of the type of job I do. Who shares this opinion? If you have a mentally demanding job do you play better more solid poker when you have had a day or two off work when you have a fresh mind? Have you been in the same situation as myself and changed from a physical job and changed to a more mentally challenging one and noticed a difference in your poker results or decision making?
There's no other logic I can think of that would change me from a half decent player who has a decent knowledge of the game and know whats right and wrong in certain situations to a bad, more tilty, emotional player who can't seem to concentrate and make what I would call easy calls/folds etc for more than an hour or two at best. I could take the easy way out and kid myself into thinking I'm just on a downswing and getting unlucky over and over but deep down I know that just isn't true. I'm playing bad, I know it, but don't seem to know why. It would be interesting to find out what type of job all you bloggers have and what kind of effect it has on you when playing poker on evenings after a tough day at work.