indecent proposals

alreet Stumpy here,

Only 1 live game last week at Stanleys £30 Tuesday game was on the same table as Teamdobb and Omahaha, well I think it was him as he looked very nice with his new haircut,I says 2 him why u get the ya haircut, Teamdobb says I bet ya mam told ya to get it cut he said YUP she did, who says yungins of 2day dont do as there told!
Scooped a tenner off Dobba nd Omahaha as the dogs were on the telly at Walthamstow and we had a 3 race bet and it was over in 2 races - EASY MONEY lol.
Onto the poker I was going along nicely till I raised a limper with AJ and got called off seat 5 and limper called flop is J107 I bet 2400 into 3500 pot seat 5 calls limper folds Q on turn he only has 3k left so I put him allin and he shows QQ whoops then I get AJ ss now so ship it and called off AQ Goodnite from me.
Mrs stumpy comes 5th her JJ no good v AA for £150.
Played dc at Grosvenor on Wednesday and had a good laff but lost £120. Its a good game with good group a lads . Then Thursday play Aspers and dont think I won a hand yuk.
Still running good in my sng grind started with 600 Jan 1st now upto $6480.Went to my nieces wedding had a good day at Saltburn, Rushpool Hall very nice place had nice food and a good drink. Was there from 130pm till late and when I was leaving sayin goodbye to my brothers mother in law I says " are u stoppin here 2nite?" she says "yes u can stop in my room if you want," I says "I dont think Mrs stumpy would be pleased" ,she says "Youve never lived till youve slept with me!" all this said in front of her granddaughters who were horrified!!!Hey Ive still got it with the ladies lol,
by the way shes 70!!!!

keep on smiling. stumpy


TEAMDOBB said...

she musta heard aboot ya elephants trunk!!!!

Ridla said...

Only played live once Stumpy..? once per day do you mean?