Calling bad

Aspers it is on Saturday and their £75 5k plus 5k Deep Stack with 2k on time bonus so 12k starting stack and 45 min blinds. Going to be a 16 hour jobbie this but added pulling power is the £1500 being added by Will Hill Poker to anyone with an online account with them.
Its a whos who of local poker and 130 max runners kick it off which levels out at 139 with the alternates they have so nice pot on offer. Hills money is put into your online account should you cash in that.
Very good strong starting table with only one weak player on and me of course! Win a few n lose a few and then raise from BB to limped sb who comes along. KJrag flop and I continue bet his ck for him to call. 9 turn and cb again to dwelled call and 8 on river sees him ck raise all in showing me an 8.
Limp utg when looking hes going to raise and seat 3 comes along with limp and I raise it up with AdKd. utg calls the raise but seat 3 then 3 bets the raise and after long tank I decide to fold which tbh later I really regreted as he was doing this alot in later pots and I wish I had shipped it in there with my 1st stack. Made worse not long last hand before break as I call to see a flop after utg raise with JhQh and flop comes JsQs4c in 3 way pot. 1st guy bets 700 and I flat for original raiser to re pop to 2200. 1st guy tanks and folds (44 he said )and with 2900 behind me the original utg raise puts me having him AA KK so I ship for snap call and hes sitting JJ. No miracle Q and Im crippled to 5k.
Not much happened for me after break and never hit any flops in hands I entered so eventually to 3 way limped pot I ship raggy Ace on sb and button with stack calls with Q7 and river 7 sends me home early.
Better then than 12/14 hours later just short of cash I suppose and never got going at all tbh in what imo was a cracking game and field.

Followed the progress of the game at home online on forum with updates and was feeling it for SamJ who me and Cardguard had staked in on 60/40 deal so when hes sitting 270k with 12 left we deffo looking good for decent pay out but he loses race with AK for 70k pot then bubbles shipping in with KK into AA ouch so sick.

Our NPF football bet syndicate shipped few hundred with 4 from 7 correct scores and Im playing Poker Millions later for the 10 way syndicate on NPF. One time !!!!

Millions tilt after involvement with AcKc 3 handed. Stars deliver K rag rag with other 2 in having AK n AA so big hit and then try to shift weak raiser when shipping with A10 but calls with his 77 and early night for me. Cash in the $250k for $20 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in yo yo game losing one pot KK v A8 to go in top 20 mid way and chip stack was up n down like a prostitutes knickers all game,

Roll on Vegas Wednesday to get away from this poker mullarkey !!!!!!!