bad or good month

Hi all ,

Been a very slow month for me in the poker , played live tournament twice due to work and played 1 dealers choice and 1 normal cash. Both tourneys I got dumped out of in the 20s and the dc and cash game I came out a little up , about £150.

Never played any online for about a month also so last night had a night off and I deceded to play some poker stars , wow what a mistake that was. 4 mtts and out after 1 hr in each of them. Playing stupid suited connectors too early , but a couple of big hands crushed my stack in the first place , KK vs JJ , AK vs A5 , QQ vs 33 , but hey thats poker lol.

On the topside , Ive been wanting a new car for about a year , Ive put 80k on my car in 4yrs due to my job and its not running as good as I would like it , so I goes over to my Mams house on Saturday and she says to me have you got a car yet? , to which i reply No , she says liar and hands me the keys to a car she bought for me . ( love ya mam ) , Not just any but one of my fav cars that she knew i loved.

So all in all not a bad month for me. :)

Hoping next month will be able to play live more , gl all at the tables.


xenocode said...

n1 colin , lucky you :-))

TEAMDOBB said...

you never said what type?

surprises are always the best

mag1892 said...

cheers guy.

its a coupe se , full sports pack etc. :)

CanOnlyGetBetter (acesnext) said...

Vroooooooom !
N1 Col