Month ends as it started

Glad to see the back of May and roll on June with lots of live action in store and hopefully a new run of cards that hold up.
Blackpool Team Event, Grosvenor Team Event, Vegas WSOP then Virgin festival at Nottingham brings a brilliant month of Poker for me, lets hope I can get a result somewhere along the line.

May has ended on low with bubble finish at Grosvenor Head Hunter after making good call on BB with AQ to a K7 stealer only for K to flop. Then home to 2 buy in dumps when KK is hit by flopped set of 9 and JJ into QQ on rag flop.
Not to worry can only get better I hope.

Funny situation in that game at Grosvenor. I was dealing and mid way through was 2 way pot on a A25 rainbow flop. Turn brought 10 and river the 3. 1st guy bets 1/2 pot and other guy single raises back to which he calls. Showdown and its Q4 to K4 for split pot but!!!! guy with K4 trys to claim pot saying;
"MY KICKER IS BIGGER THAN HIS! and he was deadly serious.

Was funny explaining to guy we hadnt invented 6 card Texas Holdem yet! and he eventually understood.

Mays figures as follows;

Live Games (which included 3 events at GUKPT)= £686 LOSS

Online (3rd place in 3k gtd saved me ) = £117 PROFIT + CPC Final Seat $275

1st losing month in last 6

Hooooooooray a change of luck!!!!!

At last after a run of horrors I decided after reading Soaps blog to give Will Hill a go and see what was on offer for the Caribbean Poker Classic which me & the missus enjoyed sooooo much last year.

Entered the $40 satellite to the final for next week and woooooo hoooooo take it down not so much the prize but to give me that very important thing we all need- CONFIDENCE!!!!

Roll on next week.

Welcome Newbies!!!

Alreet its Karen33000 writing here. Just a quick post as I have just got back from a long train journey back doon South. We have had three major abramovichesq signings over the last week. Yee probs seen them on the back page of the daily mirror but I will just clarify. We managed to poach a young and up and coming player ripping up the online world from the toon called Mr Entertainment. He is gonna be up there with Gyposdog after I caught a quick word with him in the Grov friday in which he was quick to say he will not be able to get to Osbournes until 5pm!! aint had a 5pm start for years!
Our other new signing is another local adopted Geordie lad but who comes with a flair background of all the diff cash games goin on around Yorkshire. He has done megga in the Grov comps when ever I go. I reckon he likes a drink so he shud be megga down Osbournes. He is similar to Matto and at times is very loosey goosey but brilliant with it.
Finally last but not least is Jimmy Chipmunk who betta have his taxi parked up on team event neet cos theres nee way hes ganna be able to drive.

Welcome to the team lads!!

Excellent day for the Card Guard Kid

Apart from disappointment of finishing 14th in the festival qualifier (all in with kk against 10 10 for a 16000 pot!! 10 on river) had yet another brilliant day on the Virgin poker site.
Won 3 10 euro 30 seat sit and gos, 5 15 euro 5 seat sit and gos, came 3rd in the stupid 5 euro turbo 100 starting chips, won $465 on $0.50/$1 omaha hi lo cash table, $378 on same stakes hold em and placed either 2nd or 3rd in another 7 sit and gos. Am up today an incredible £1365 today and my account balance from initial deposit of 50 pounds is now £1723, think I have found my perfect site and having played on many many online sites I can honestly say that so far this is by far the best for lack of bad beats, I can only recall 3 bad beats in 16 hours of play which in my book is fantastic.

All bodes well cos im a great believer in form in poker and at moment my form is cracking so roll on team event " go on the team dobbs ".

Mrs Card Guard has just reminded me she won a 20 euro sit and go and 2nd in a 15 euro sit and go and that I had to mention it which in fact reminds me we only argue now about who's go it is on the computer. What was life like before poker, someone help cos I cant remember.

Anyway will post any more successes or loses in due course but bye for now. TCGK

$10000.00 Challenge

Check out the latest entry at for a very interesting article on a young guy on a mission to make $10k in a month.
Live web cam available on his quest and as such took the opportunity of some FREE advertising

To be honest really looks like Brenos from the back imo!!!

Many more options in Vegas

Not be long now before Im offskis for my 3rd visit to Vegas and my 3rd visit to the World Series of Poker. Last 2 years have been for the main event period of the series but this year its a different time for our visit. Have decided to go a month earlier and hopefully the weather will be at least a little bit less extreme than last year when to be honest the temperatures were just plain ridiculous. Just walking down the street was painful and like someone blasting a hot air blower direct into your face.Even just lying around the pool was painful and not recommended and its part of my holiday I really enjoy just crashing around the pool.

In the past Ill be honest in that Ive never given any thought as to what Im actually going to do or which tournaments Im going to play in. We just arrive and I meet up with some mates who are there and then just decide on a daily basis where n what we going to play.

This year Ive decided to have a different approach to it and try to put together some sort of schedule to enable me to plan my holiday and visit better and as such hopefully enjoy it better.

On trawling through the net I got some good info from Sunny Chatta and decided on these 5 venues to play some poker at and as such I enclose their Poker Schedules over the WSOP period of time for anyone else going out there. What I didnt realise is that places like Binnions & Golden Nugget actually do a near carbon copy of the WSOP schedule but at a fraction of the entry cost giving normal bankroll guys the opportunity to play in a similar structured competition and the opportunity to pick up a very nice pay day if lucky enough for a very moderate outlay. Hope its of interest.

Rio & the WSOP
Caesars Palace



Golden Nugget

Ill post my choices where Ive decided to play laters but do intend on playing at least once in each venue during my stay and my World series Choice will be event 42 Over 50s Bracelet Event over 3 days.

P.S. Tickets, passport, money!! especially passport as they may not believe that Im actually over 50!!!


Cant believe I let Foggo beat me to the punch but hey I have heard he is quick at everything.
Well invited into Teamdobbs, what can i say, an honour, priviledge, surprise, emotional- no - about time I say how many more hints could I have dropped. No seriously its an honour to be invited in and I hope I can contribute to the team in a positive way. First job i think is to get Foggo to loosen up a bit aces and kings dont come along too often!!!!!

Think most of you know me quite well and if I was to describe myself in a few words it would be a humerous idiot who can play a little bit. Been playing poker for 15 years and the game has totally changed since I started playing and that is one of the many aspects I love about the game, you always have to adapt and change your style to cope with these changes. Too many poker stories and bad beats in my career to bore anyone with them on here.

Been to Vegas a fair few times now and have to say once you get used to the American style of play I think its quite easy to win over there. Last Nov me and my wife Dawn went at same time as Mr and Mrs Foggo and we met up and had a fantastic time. Away from poker you are never quite sure if you will get on with someone but we had a blast and are returning this year for another jolly beano just to say Craig " i got ace king i got ace king".

Well must dash work to do but here is to my first post and many more to follow.

Roll on 14th June when Teamdobbs will aim to go one better than last year and take down the team crown

TEAM DOBBS AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it took some time and a lot of crawling no begging, but hey ! check out the new boy.

Firstly let me say what an honour it is to be selected to join the North East's poker elite and represent Team Dobbs.

Mr Entertainment is the name and I have been playing for three years now, no limit holdem is my game although i did once sit at a cash table (dealers choice) and lost a lot of pennies as I thought it was all holdem (should have realised when i got dealt 7 cards and no flop something was a miss) but that's the price you pay for alcohol.

Anyway hi to you all !.

I first met Dave when I came back from Vegas three years ago when I stumbled into the grosvenor to watch the final of the then grosvenor festival had absolutely no idea of the game or how to play (SAVE IT !! I KNOW (still doesn`t ) but we hit it off and I just kept bumping into him at the live games in the city and he has watched my game develop and I now challenge his crown of king of the short heres a quick brief on my poker highs and lows.......................

Best Experience ......... playing live in Vegas the Nuggett - Binnions -Venetian - MGM - Excalibur Paris and Treasure island, absolutely unbelievable, the home of poker, if you haven't yet been put it on the list

Best result .......... 3rd in the £200 freeze out September 2007

Worst beat ........ flopped a straight with 6 3 suited in a cash game (big blind) there was a straddle to £4 flat called, straddle raised to £10 pre flop 8 callers so i call for the value and flop the straight 4 5 2 i check, mid position bet s £20 guy next to him calls it folds to me and i push all in thinking I'm happy with whats in the pot original bet folds and the next guy sits for an age then calls with JJ the guy to his right (original bet who has just folded) says " Ive just folded JJ !" YEP YOU GUESSED IT RUNNER RUNNER 2S FOR THE FULL HOUSE SICK

So I will be adding my thoughts and experiences in the wonderful world of poker and trying to find the answers to the following ..........

Why do players say these things ?????

1, " I think I'm behind but i`l call anyway"

2, "have you got an ace ?"

3, "if i call will you raise?"

4, "this is my favorite hand !" and then promptly folds ( that's my favourite )


Well that's all for now folks I promise you laughs and Entertainment all the way and shooting from the lip as always.

I`l be at either circus or the grov tonight, haven`t decided yet but going to have a pint or three its been a tough week at work so see you about!


you don't have to panic about blogging first Ive done it for you !!

l m a o

Need a break!

Been tough last few days and I deffo need a Poker break as Im running so bad and not got right head on.
Monday donked 3 buy ins on cash away at micro and busted in 2 multis with sicko beats early doors.
Busted when in decent shape of final table at pub league on Tuesday.
Wednesday played satellite for 100k final with 10 seats up for grabs which became an early chip shove and bust out 17 left. Never really in it to be fair.
Same night play the WSOP final with 12K package up for grabs that I satted into and going along nicely in top 4 helped by calling in sb with A10 to a 3X raise which brought board of ace high and then 10 on turn to which nice well known guy decides to push all in with 99 and its tvm. All to no use as a couple of levels later Im crippled when my utg decent raise with KK is met by an all in from the 99 guy and can anyone put these down at this stage? I go with him and yip hes got the bullets and Im down to just over 1k. Double up next hand with AQ but soon after gamble with up n down st and flush draw which misses and Im crippled and go out soon after.
At least I doubled up a buy in on micro cash then switched off.

Had been watching champions league final during all this and couldnt believe it when soon after the end I receive this picture from a mate by email- lololol who thinks these up so quick!

He had £150 on Chelsea to win Cup as well at 2.3 UL P!

Oh well roll on tomorrow.

On a good note at least the hard work put in at the GUKPT especially by S2C for the Newcastle Poker Forum certainly seems to have paid off and the response after this event both in content and active members is simply amazing. I deffo look forward to the progress this makes and especially look forward to the 1st Forum live championship we are going to organise as soon as membership reaches the set target.

Stuff to look forward to coming up fast are a few decent live games around town, 3 or 4 qualified multis online for decent stuff, my last chance early June on freebie satellite for Main Event in WSOP which cant be bad with 1 in 13 chance of seat, the team events at Blackpool G 7th June and then the following weekend at Grosvenor Newcastle. Following day its off to Vegas and the "old gits" bracelet event on the 23rd June plus my normal few multis in Caesars & Venetian deep stack maybe.On arriving back on the 27th June its across to Nottingham and the next Virgin Poker Festival at the Dusk till Dawn venue in Nottingham. Cant be bad I suppose just need to start running good maybe.

Final 3 take their places

7 into 3 wont go and as such difficult decisions had to be made. The final team selection for the new Teamdobbs line up had to be made and after a members meeting to discuss the 7 candidates put forward the following decision was made.

The new Teamdobbs line up at Grosvenor on 14th June 2008 for the team event will be as follows:

Teamdobb DC
Gyposdog MC
Karen33000 aka Teamdobbs on Betfair JL
Beastie AS
Snooker Boy Harris DH
Matto No Fold MF
Jimmy Chipmunk DS
Mr Entertainment CF
The Card Guard Kid SW

Lets hope the new line up can go one step further than last years 2nd place and take down the game. Team will be meeting up at usual venue in Jesmond at 5.00 to discuss tactics and strategy but mainly to spin that wheel and take down plenty 1/2 price or free rounds drinks!

New members also can now post onto this blog and their access codes to gain entry will be sent to them by e mail. Look out for maybe introductions and new content from the new members.

The format of the competition as I understand it at the moment is £30 entry plus registration fee with 9 teams of 9 players.
Last 2 standing from each table move to last 2 tables wherby its straight knockout with final 10 taking their seats at the final table. Points apply to last 18 players and the team with the most points take down the top prize with runners up also receiving cash. I think an individual winners prize will also be on offer.

Its all over

Grosvenor regular Ganesh Rao battled his way through a top class field of 189 runners in leg 5 of the GUPKT tour at Grosvenor Newcastle to take down 1st place and a prize of £57175.00.

Ganesh also wins seat in the £3,000 Grand Final plus a seat in December’s Champion of Champion’s event. Ganesh can regularly be seen in the local freeze out tournaments in the Grosvenor and more often on the cash tables.

Ganesh from Sheffield is a doctor who now lives in Newcastle and has became an adopted Geordie and a gentleman with it may I say. As we were covering the event with live updates for the Newcastle Poker forum I know he fully appreciated our support there with him and also his small group of friends who railed him the whole time giving their vocal support.

The 2 hour heads up battle with Manchesters Ian Farrel was ended in the early hours when Ians 52 all in attempted steal was met by Ganeshs JJ to keep the Blue Square Trophy on home turf.

Other local players to give special mention to were Johnny "The Greek" Stamatelopolous and Lynne Beaumont who finished in the cash and highlighted in the full result given below.

The result in full

Place Player Prize GUKPT
1st Ganesh Rao £57,175

2nd Ian Farrell £33,075
3rd James Akenhead £23,625
4th Mark Dalimore £16,075
5th David Allan £12,275
6th Fraser McIntyre £9,450
7th Mike Hill £7,550
8th Alan Vinnicombe £5,675
9th Cheryl Routledge £4,725
10th Joey Lovelady £2,825
11th Dara O'Kearny £2,350
12th Adam Clarke £2,350
13th Rob Sherwood £2,350
14th Mike Williams £1,900
15th Robert Price £1,900
16th Peter Linton £1,900
17th Lynne Beaumont £1,900
18th John Stamatelopolous £1,900

Moving on now and Wednesday will see the namimg of the new Teamdobbs for the forth coming Team event at Grosvneor on the 14th June. 3 new members being invited in so watch this space for their names!!
Existing members taking their seats again are:

Karen33000 aka Teamdobbs on Betfair
Dave Snooker Harris

Such a cruel game!

Day 2 of main event of GUKPT and although no playing involvement from me Im there helping S2C providing live update reports for the forum with special interest in my guest for the weekend Pete "Oranges" Smithson who had reached the last 60.As it got closer to the cash the play obviously slowed and became very intense.Despite a couple of previous low stacks putting their chips in which survived eventually it came down to my mate to push in button which received a very fast call so it was obvious the caller was strong and as I looked I just hoped that Pete wasnt on a push steal from position.
The guy turns over AQ and Pete slowly displays A K woooooooooo come on m8 one time Im thinking, knowing this even gets him right back into the competition.
The AQ guy will be crippled losing this and the raggy flop is even better. Turn makes it stronger again as possible flush discounts a Q to Petes same suited Ace giving the guy only 2 outs now. You know whats coming and boom there she is and it seems its always the fkn river like online. Picture shows Pete smiling but fk knows how after 2 days of slog against tough opposition its bubble and fk all to take home.Actually making the money would of been great but more so the last 18 of this competition would of been such an achievement for him. Best thing I can say is you held ya self well afterwards in such circumstances and should be very proud of that as well because I know many players would have found that so difficult to take in the circumstances it happened.Well played mate but such a fking cruel game at times this mad game of poker we play.
Exit can also been seen here:

Once again hats off to S2C whose live coverage of local players during the event for the forum was top drawer stuff.

Poker Gods out to lunch!

Totally different turn out to Day1A and the place is buzzing with a totally different atmosphere when I take my seat at table 8 seat 6. The table that started was:
Table Eight.........
Seat One - Paul Hambleton
Seat Two - Cheryl Routledge
Seat Three - Michaela Johnson
Seat Four - Sami Yusuf
Seat Five - Sunny Chattha
Seat Six - Laurence Houghton
Seat Seven - "Teamdobb"
Seat Eight - Chris Bruce
Seat Nine - Ali Mallu
Seat Ten - G Purwell

Players 45689 10 seemed very well known by many and 1st 3 hands were raised by seat 10 taking down 3 of those pots. Early casualty when BB Cheryl calls a 350 raise and on a 542 flop with raise then re raise all in its 55 Cheryl to AA seat 10 and out he went. Who will fill this seat? lol soon find out when John "Skalie" Kalmar 5th in last years WSOP main event sits down opposite.
Certainly an action table with plenty meaty pots happening with to be honest poor hands and alot of bluffing and check raising going on but when shown down Im surprised at what they are holding.
Holding KcQc and an Ac10c flop costs me 1000 looking for the glory that never came then a damage hand and the Queens that seem to haunt me alot.
Im BB with Q6 and amazed its folded round to sb who limps in so we see flop of Q7Q and ck to me so I make token 100 bet which is called. Turn is 10 and guy bets 250 which I happily call putting him on that 10 with him having me hopefully on the 7. River brings 3 which he bets 2000. Bearing in mind this guy had been very aggresive previous and took down some pots with 2nd n 3rd pairs with overs on board I read the bet as a bluff to take down the pot and after dwelling a while I make the call and he turns QdKd.
Get through level 3 taking odd small pot when the KQ guy to my right gets busted set over set to Kalmar 33 v 99 on A93 flop and local lad Davey Knight gets seated next to me. Im totally settled now and over my stack damage and having Davey to my right makes me even more comfortable as we get on quite well. He took down monsta pot on a A109 flop with 10 10 and seat 5 totally bluffed off his chips leaving himself with only 1700 chips left from a previous very healthy looking stack.
2 hands later he pushes all in on my BB with 3 limpers before him and after thought I decide I want to race him so push with small pocket pair which does the job getting rid of the rest and he shows KQ. safe flop safe turn bang Q on river!
Now Im megga low with just less than 2k then pick up QcQs next lap on my BB with Kalmar rasing ahead of me showing down AdQd. My QQ holds then amazingly next lap and last hand before dinner break I look down at same QcQs in sb to one limper and I make it 1200 to play but BB immediately comes over top pushing all in for 8k and its showdown me and him. Crazy buts it identical hands from previous when he shows down AdQd. Its looking good but bang out comes that Ace at the river and my GUKPT main event debut is over far too soon and Im left totally gutted to be honest whilst eating my dinner with others obviously trying to put brave face on.
Lessons learnt no doubt but its a fine line at times and not a nice game when things dont go for you.
Decide to play the £100 side event and from a 60 max entry plus 20 odd alternates get really lively table. Table included a few regular locals plus Jonathan Butters & the guy that won the London leg of the GUKPT main event. Get down to last 20 odd but go low in chips calling a 3 X BB raise with suited AQ and flopping Ace which I check raise him all in and hes got AK. Build my small stack up when mid pair pushes hold twice and another double up Im back in it. Pick up Q10 in BB to 4 limp pot and flop comes Q 10 9. I push and Butters with big stack long study says to me "this could be the sickest call" but makes it. Shows down J7 and turn brings 9 with river the 8 and his straight.

Beam me up Scotty please.

Once again can I thank all those that took shares in me, it was genuinely appreciated but just gutted abit I didnt give you all a longer run for ya money.

Another good mate Kev "Azimut" Moore battled long hard without ever getting stacked eventually going out late evening with all in call with zillions of outs that never came. At least he had the benefit of being sat next to event character Paul "Giddy Up sausage" who entertained the crowd with his loud antics.

Think Ill just help S2C with the live update stuff at Newcastle Poker Forum for which hes been doing a megga job on for the last 2 days and with quite a few locals still left in today and tomorrow could be a couple of very interesting days.
Special mention to Pete Smithson, a good friend of mine whos up staying with me during this and still going well in the main event. Would totally make my week for him to cash and the thought of him making final table would be awesome! Good luck Pete and take it down for party time!!!!!

Here we go!!

After spending yesterday at the opening day1 A of the GUKPT at Grosvenor Newcastle doing live updates for Newcastle Poker Forum today its my turn to enter the arena.
Really looking forward to it although I have absolutely no illusions as to how difficult this could be.
Easy to see yesterday the quality of the field and the intensity of the play throughout a gruelling 9 hours of play.

My aim is to enjoy it, give 100% effort, get some more knowledge and poker experience and do my utmost best for the support I have received from supporters willing to put their hands in their pockets and support my entry.

Progress can be followed at Newcastle forum live updates throughout the day.

Toodle pip for now and hope to maybe add something laters.

Live Tournament Updates on the Newcastle Poker Forum

Decent Practice Round

GUKPT kicked off with the £200 freeze out and a very strong field of 118 runners took their seats. Gonna keep this really short as Ive just got in and want my bed.
Comfy all tournie to be honest and enuff in front till moved when 30 ish left and table I get moved to I go ultra card dead and with running ante of 100 and blinds expensive just cant afford that to happen. Eventually on my 3k BB I face an all in raise from mid position with me looking at J8 and probably only 3bb behind so hope Im live and in they go. 10 10 is shown and flop of QJrag looks good, turn safe but river 10 takes me down but at least they went to fellow local and active forum member Tom "1_Fish" who was looking good with decent strong stack and only 17 left.

Good warm up for main event which I take my seat in on Friday day 1B.

Good news came through for the Newcastle Forum in that we have been invited by GUKPT to offer coverage if we wanted of the event and as such are going to cover the best we can concentraing on local players progress and any other relevant local news.
For up to date reports just click at forum link on right hand side of blog main page.

Reet bed for me , wanna be fresh for morra.

GUKPT Countdown

The 5th leg of the 2008 GUKPT takes place at the Grosvenor casino in Newcastle next week from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th May. The five day poker festival gets underway with a £200 NL Hold’em freezeout on Wednesday.

The other side events will run in tandem with the 4-day £1,000 main event, which starts at 2pm on Thursday. Marc Goodwin will be looking follow up his win in Manchester with another strong showing while runner up Nik Persaud will be looking to become the first player to make four GUKPT main event final tables. These two now head the tour’s leaderboard, but Brighton winner Julian Thew is not far behind in third place. Last year’s Newcastle winner Maz Nawab will also be looking to book his first GUKPT main event final table of 2008 and the field is sure to be full of many top UK players. Lets hope a few of the local talent make good showings. I think S2c is going to try and keep track of the local players and post updates at the local Poker Forum for the North East.

Festival Schedule

Date Buy In Tournament Start Time Length
14/05/2008 £200 + £20 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
15/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 1a of 3
15/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
16/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 1b of 3
16/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
17/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 2 of 3
17/05/2008 £300 + £30 NL Hold'em Freezeout 6pm 2 day event
18/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 3 of 3
18/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Rebuy 4pm 1 day event

Eat Your Heart Out

At last year’s Newcastle event, the main talking point during the festival was the buffet.
Head chef David Tate has gave assurances that this year’s fare will be equally mouth-watering.

Buy In early

The capacity for the main event is lower than usual, with just 240 seats available over two starting days, so players are advised to buy in earlier than usual to avoid disappointment. Players can buy in from any Grosvenor or G casino in the UK. Please contact the cash desk of the Grosvenor Casino in Newcastle for any enquiries relating to buying into the main event or any of the side events taking place during the festival week.

Im playing the £200 opening event on the Wednesday and then day 1B on the Friday.

As you may recall I have sold shares in myself at £10 per share paying out 75% on any returns. As a thank you for the shareholders and the support they have shown I have decided to actually pay out 100% to them on any return I may be fortunate to get. A full list of the shareholders is shown below and any remaining shareholders who have yet to pay can you please get in contact with me please to arrange this. Leave a comment at this post and as the blogg is moderated by myself then rest assured that any private numbers or contact details will not be publically shown.
Also any late interest in buying last share then leave a comment.


Ed C Robson Laidler 2 shares £20 paid
Pirus Scouse Security 10 shares £100 paid
Lee Clifford Betfair 2 shares £20
Pete "Oranges" Smithson Howard Financial Services 5 shares £50 paid
Steve " Ill get ya the money back" Wills 10 shares £100
James "Stockbroker" Lewis 5 shares @ £50 paid
Jan Povey Fellsider Chief Lady 1 share £10 paid
Brian Povey Fellsider Chief Guy 1 share £10 paid
Mick "MPC Plumbing Services"10shares £100 paid
Soaps "Master Poker Guru" 4 shares £40 paid
Dreamdobb of DC Iron Parts 2 shares £20 paid
Paul "Mr Man Utd" Fenwick 2 shares £20 paid
Graham "Punters Lounge" Morl 5 shares £50 paid
S2C "Ebay Enterprises" 5 shares £50 paid
John "JDJNR" Devlin 2 shares £20 paid
Steve " Wildcard" Scott 1 share £10
Nat "HSBC" 2 shares £10 paid

Total of 69 shares

Special thanks to Pirus for coming in late with an extra £50.

Running Bad

Missed my usual Poker in Pub League to play at Stanley Circus for the 1st added prize fund game in town which was sure to attract a good field and I take my hat of to Gary the cardroom manager there for showing such initiative.
65 runners shuffle up & deal with a pot of £3750 up for grabs and a very strong field assembled. Im seat 1 and dealing well giving myself some nice hands including a flopped house with 10 10 and a player pays me off with him having a set of 3. Just before break lose a decent hand and a sign of things to come when I call a pre flop single raise with As9s to my BB. KJrag flop with 2 spades and raiser fires continuation but its ck ck at turn and when 7d hits river I bet 2k into middle. Long think on K J 7 10 3 board before he calls with 22. Mmmmm bad check at turn obviously!!

Steady away after break 22k with avergage stacks at 17k and new player comes to my left and thats where my trouble began. All fold to my sb I make it 2k on 400bb with AJ and get call. Flop of KK10 gets 2k bet from him and I fold to his shown A10. Next lap my sb with 2 limpers I have KK and make it 4k to play and same guy calls others fold. Flop brings A K rag board and I put 4k in which he calls. Turn card is anutha rag but 2 hearts on board. Shudda fired heavy but only put anutha 4k in and get the call. River brings 3rd heart and he puts 6k in and sure enough he has flush with A8.
Next hand in button I have QQ. Low stack at top of table puts his 3k in blind and mines goes in but called by same guy to my left. He has AK low stack 8 10 and 3rd card out is the Ace. Au revoir with the old boom boom boom hit.

Micro cash after going so well has been suffering last few days mainly due to my over aggressive play and lack of discipline. Oh well hopefuly can put this right over next few days although I reckon Ill not be playing much online due to other things I need to sorty out before next weeks busy schedule and the GUKPT. Got a mate coming up staying with us from Manchester and hes gonna play maybe couple of side events at GUKPT I think. Be nice to see him again as I aint seen him since last November in St Kitts.

In 3 games at Virgin tonight and 2nd place in forum league game when site crashes apparently problems with full network- what a nightmare.

Karen33000 Monthly Figures for April

Well I have eventually managed to work out my figures for April to roughly 100 quid. Its been a disappointing month to be honest with me been up and doon more than Gyposdog to the bog after a Friday night on the beers and a curry in Gatseheeed.
The months figures didnt help when I was mortal with Beastie in London and I lost so much money mortal playing cards which didnt help matters!!

Profit / Loss for April = £ 600 Loss

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Christening of baby Sam (daughters boyfriends sisters boy)went off well, the only trouble was the reception after did as well and maybe one beer too many took me to Grosvenor for Champions Tournament not quite in the right frame of mind!
Good turn out of 50 runners and around the 2nd level damage was done when 2 hands of mine both caught flush draws at the flop and then straight draws at the turn and I never really recovered from that.
Moved tables to a more lively one getting sat next to Mrs Entertainment Dawn with Mr Entertainment Craig just around the corner. No excuses but had stonking headache and push on Craigs blind 1/2 my stack with AJ to which after long thoughts and banter he folds AQ (omg Craig) Couple of hands later I push with 55 and JJ is next to me with KK next to him lololol. Board gives me chance and turn gives me up & down straight draw but Ace on river and Kings hold.Paid into the £200 opener for GUKPT and looks like day 1B for main event.

Getting home I decide to stick to previous 2 nights and play the 3K guaranteed Deep Stack which ends up with a few hundred runners bearing in mind Ive got the added bonus of if I reach final table ( 3rd in row ) I get entry into special bonus 10 seater for a very nice prize fund. Things start well when early doors my raise with QQ finds a caller and the board of AQ3 is tasty. My bet is called and I push on the turn and bingo its a call and he shows the monsta of A4. Thanks very much.
Not alot after that but grind it down to the last 2 tables and double up when pushing with straight n flush draw that hits. Back in it now but hit dead patch again when down to 10BB and 17 left gets folded round to me on sb with JJ. BB had been always aggresive and always raised any limp or weak bet so I decide to put em all in. Instant call showing A8 and yip you guessed it the river ACE came sailing in.
So close yet so far away.

Micro cash and lose 3 buy ins to combination of lose play and very very poor calls by opponents in key hands, maybe due to the image I had created. Oh well cant win everytime. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

One more needed!

Load up 2 games after quick profit from micro cash games and choose to play an under layed WSOP satellite worth 275 euro to a/c and also the Euro 3k Deep Stack gtd multi as played in previous night. Played these the last couple of nights as good practice for GUKPT coming up in couple of weeks.
Get heads up in satellite with Foxy from AWOP after playing alot of raise poker and its over quick when he obviouly has top pair n pushing and Ive got straight and flush draw that dont make up. Couldnt of lost to a nicer guy anyway!

Had been building nice and steady during this in the Deep Stack 3k and eventually slog it through to the final table where Im 7th or 8th. Soon lose a couple and before long Im 4th of 5 and AK on BB. The sb had pushed several times before and when he raises again I put them and him all in to which hes got KQ and happy days. Pot would take me virtually neck neck chip leader but he spikes the Q on river.
Gutter but I flop quads on a big blind with 10 2 then double up with AK v AQ against same KQ player. 4 left and chip leader apparently clicked call instead of fold and his A6 off is up against his nearest stack who has AK suited and the river 6 is a cruel exit for a solid player. Last 3 and with monsta stacked chip leader I could do with the other guys chips to even things up abit. Eventually get them and its heads up but 3/1 down. Bully tactics against me then get KQ suited and my raise is called to a flop of 224. Cant have any of that and I take chance to push n steal but get called and guy has 24 lololol. Bye bye wp gg ul. To be fair the winner had played solid throughout and got alot of stick for his A6 suckout but in my opinion played good poker throughout and I do actually believe he did press wrong button on his call.
So a nice 600 euro plus return but just also realised if I make final table on my next entry then thats 3 in a row and that gives an entry into special final table tournament of 10 with 10th place guaranteed 250 euro and the winner a cool 3500 euro.

Right zzzzzzz time as at a christening in morning then Grosvenor for 3.00 ko in Tournament for past months winners and a chance of free seat into GUKPT.

Been some good threads lately on Newcastle Poker forum especially by Looseman and we will soon be organising our 1st live game locally for registered members. See details there if anyones interested. Laters and get registered on forum.

Canny Couple of Days

It was off to Grosvenor Thursday night and a meet up with Karlos and my good m8 Azimut who I hadnt seen since last November. Night got of to bad start when for wotever reason a mad late rush saw 20 odd runners increase to nearly 80 in the last few minutes before shuffle up n deal time and a strange re draw and re seat by the cardroom staff. Would of preferred my 1st drawn seat but to be honest I fancied the cash game and so did Azi n Karlos.
Was doing very nicely as it happens until I decide to try and bluff what seemed a very nervous player off a pot. I had flat called on button with 3s4s and the nervous BB made it another 300 to play which I duly obliged. Flop came AK rag 2 diamonds and he bets 600 which I make it 1800. I mis read him as I was convinced he didnt have the Ace and more likely KQ or mid pair.He thought for ages then calls and when the 4d hits I push all in to represent the flush. He took an age and another player was talking to him all the time giving me no worries of a call but eventually in went all his chips and he shows AQ and takes down the pot.Crippled and just before the break I then push all in 1st hand after break losing KQ to 55 and with 2500 left next hand same and my 88 holds against Ace rag. Eventually the same 55 pushes from early pos and I say "mid pair again" calling him with KhQh only for BB to ponder a while mmmm 2 all ins and eventually put chips in as well. 1st guy shows 55 again, I show KQ saying "the king hits this time" and pondering BB turns over ACE ACE lololol.
Just squeeze into cash game after spin of coin for last seat with the 55 guy and get placed seated next to Azi.
Game was very loose and plenty chance to make but nothing meaty happening with me. Eventually my BB of 9c6c sees a flop of Jc6d4c and my bet is raised so I decide fk it gamble time for me and push all my stack to his smaller and he shows 44.
I hit my club on turn and take down decent pot. That was it really, grinding after that and eventually leave £120 profit for the night including tournie buy in.

Friday night after grafting all day in garden trying to get decking rails finished I enter satellite for the last Virgin WSOP final and take it down so another cheap entry at 1st attempt, I then take down 5th in 3k Gtd and vul in couple of vital hands at vital stage late on. I push in sb with 66 and after age BB calls over 1/2 his stack with JQ off to hit QQ3 flop.
Rolling so play my usual 25e/50e micro cash and have enough after less than an hour leaving with 203 euro from my buy in. Not a bad night at all, "May" that keep rolling this month.
Only disappointment to night was another month and still no mention or sniff of a "Gatsby" award lolol

Teamdobbs line up for next months team challenge is named next week-watch this space although we got tough decisions to make.

NEWS AT 10.00

A journalist asked a neighbour " How long had he known Josepf Fritsells daughter Alice?

"Alice he replied", Who the f--k is Alice? Ya mean for 24 years............. Ive been living next door to Alice!!!!!!!!!!!


Guiness book of records also announced a new Hide n Seek champion application had been received by them.

An Old Austrian Proverb states that women are like a fine left to mature in the cellar

Josef Fritzel Ltd ....cellar conversions and soundproofing specialist a family business established 25 years

Apparently stag party bookings have dropped dramatically in Austria since it was announced fathers really do lock up their duaghters there

Apparently Austrian parents were advised by the Government that the best approach to sex education was to keep the children in the dark as long as possible