One more needed!

Load up 2 games after quick profit from micro cash games and choose to play an under layed WSOP satellite worth 275 euro to a/c and also the Euro 3k Deep Stack gtd multi as played in previous night. Played these the last couple of nights as good practice for GUKPT coming up in couple of weeks.
Get heads up in satellite with Foxy from AWOP after playing alot of raise poker and its over quick when he obviouly has top pair n pushing and Ive got straight and flush draw that dont make up. Couldnt of lost to a nicer guy anyway!

Had been building nice and steady during this in the Deep Stack 3k and eventually slog it through to the final table where Im 7th or 8th. Soon lose a couple and before long Im 4th of 5 and AK on BB. The sb had pushed several times before and when he raises again I put them and him all in to which hes got KQ and happy days. Pot would take me virtually neck neck chip leader but he spikes the Q on river.
Gutter but I flop quads on a big blind with 10 2 then double up with AK v AQ against same KQ player. 4 left and chip leader apparently clicked call instead of fold and his A6 off is up against his nearest stack who has AK suited and the river 6 is a cruel exit for a solid player. Last 3 and with monsta stacked chip leader I could do with the other guys chips to even things up abit. Eventually get them and its heads up but 3/1 down. Bully tactics against me then get KQ suited and my raise is called to a flop of 224. Cant have any of that and I take chance to push n steal but get called and guy has 24 lololol. Bye bye wp gg ul. To be fair the winner had played solid throughout and got alot of stick for his A6 suckout but in my opinion played good poker throughout and I do actually believe he did press wrong button on his call.
So a nice 600 euro plus return but just also realised if I make final table on my next entry then thats 3 in a row and that gives an entry into special final table tournament of 10 with 10th place guaranteed 250 euro and the winner a cool 3500 euro.

Right zzzzzzz time as at a christening in morning then Grosvenor for 3.00 ko in Tournament for past months winners and a chance of free seat into GUKPT.

Been some good threads lately on Newcastle Poker forum especially by Looseman and we will soon be organising our 1st live game locally for registered members. See details there if anyones interested. Laters and get registered on forum.