GUKPT Countdown

The 5th leg of the 2008 GUKPT takes place at the Grosvenor casino in Newcastle next week from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th May. The five day poker festival gets underway with a £200 NL Hold’em freezeout on Wednesday.

The other side events will run in tandem with the 4-day £1,000 main event, which starts at 2pm on Thursday. Marc Goodwin will be looking follow up his win in Manchester with another strong showing while runner up Nik Persaud will be looking to become the first player to make four GUKPT main event final tables. These two now head the tour’s leaderboard, but Brighton winner Julian Thew is not far behind in third place. Last year’s Newcastle winner Maz Nawab will also be looking to book his first GUKPT main event final table of 2008 and the field is sure to be full of many top UK players. Lets hope a few of the local talent make good showings. I think S2c is going to try and keep track of the local players and post updates at the local Poker Forum for the North East.

Festival Schedule

Date Buy In Tournament Start Time Length
14/05/2008 £200 + £20 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
15/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 1a of 3
15/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
16/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 1b of 3
16/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Freezeout 8pm 1 day event
17/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 2 of 3
17/05/2008 £300 + £30 NL Hold'em Freezeout 6pm 2 day event
18/05/2008 £1000 + £60 NL Hold'em Main Event 2pm Day 3 of 3
18/05/2008 £100 + £10.50 NL Hold'em Rebuy 4pm 1 day event

Eat Your Heart Out

At last year’s Newcastle event, the main talking point during the festival was the buffet.
Head chef David Tate has gave assurances that this year’s fare will be equally mouth-watering.

Buy In early

The capacity for the main event is lower than usual, with just 240 seats available over two starting days, so players are advised to buy in earlier than usual to avoid disappointment. Players can buy in from any Grosvenor or G casino in the UK. Please contact the cash desk of the Grosvenor Casino in Newcastle for any enquiries relating to buying into the main event or any of the side events taking place during the festival week.

Im playing the £200 opening event on the Wednesday and then day 1B on the Friday.

As you may recall I have sold shares in myself at £10 per share paying out 75% on any returns. As a thank you for the shareholders and the support they have shown I have decided to actually pay out 100% to them on any return I may be fortunate to get. A full list of the shareholders is shown below and any remaining shareholders who have yet to pay can you please get in contact with me please to arrange this. Leave a comment at this post and as the blogg is moderated by myself then rest assured that any private numbers or contact details will not be publically shown.
Also any late interest in buying last share then leave a comment.


Ed C Robson Laidler 2 shares £20 paid
Pirus Scouse Security 10 shares £100 paid
Lee Clifford Betfair 2 shares £20
Pete "Oranges" Smithson Howard Financial Services 5 shares £50 paid
Steve " Ill get ya the money back" Wills 10 shares £100
James "Stockbroker" Lewis 5 shares @ £50 paid
Jan Povey Fellsider Chief Lady 1 share £10 paid
Brian Povey Fellsider Chief Guy 1 share £10 paid
Mick "MPC Plumbing Services"10shares £100 paid
Soaps "Master Poker Guru" 4 shares £40 paid
Dreamdobb of DC Iron Parts 2 shares £20 paid
Paul "Mr Man Utd" Fenwick 2 shares £20 paid
Graham "Punters Lounge" Morl 5 shares £50 paid
S2C "Ebay Enterprises" 5 shares £50 paid
John "JDJNR" Devlin 2 shares £20 paid
Steve " Wildcard" Scott 1 share £10
Nat "HSBC" 2 shares £10 paid

Total of 69 shares

Special thanks to Pirus for coming in late with an extra £50.


gyposdog said...

not many with paid after there names mate, me included ill be along with the cash today x

TEAMDOBB said...

lol- there all good for it!

Amatay said...

gl for the GUPKT fishay. Im off to toon land in 2 wks for a piss up for my mates b'day. Got any tips on the best watering holes around geordie toon?

TEAMDOBB said...

Thanks appreciated m8y
quayside quayside quayside if u totty fans.
Jesmond is great starting point for happy hours and jumping as well. Yill luv it here and gis a shout if ya pokering.